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Yeah but like imagine the Winchesters bumping onto Shane and Ryan (Buzzfeed unsolved) during a demon case and then Crowley (or any other supernatural demon) appears and he looks terrified of Shane and the Winchesters are like ‘you are the king of hell dude what the fuck’ and it turns out that Shane is some bottomless pit for demons and all who posses him are simply lost forever and he is like invisible to any kind of possession. 

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because there aren’t enough fake dating aus (title from friends by ed sheeran)

- - -

Castiel pulled on his cuffs, readjusting his shirt out of nervousness. His thoughts were running amok and with every second that passed, his doubts in this stupid, stupid plan grew. 

“Woah there, buddy, you’re gonna pace a hole into my carpet.” 

Castiel looked up, an eyebrow quirking at Dean’s choice of shirt, his worries momentarily forgotten. 

Dean huffed, “Don’t look at me like that. Lisa got it for me for my birthday last year, and she keeps complaining that I never wear it.”

“No,” Castiel immediately shook his head. “It looks good. You look handsome, Dean.” 

And he did. The dark magenta shirt fit him well, accentuating his broad shoulders and complimenting his green eyes. Castiel practically had to drag his eyes away to not make Dean uncomfortable. 

Even so, Dean laughed shyly as he always did when Castiel got maybe a little too honest with his compliments. He changed the subject, “Ready to do this?”

Castiel was absolutely not ready to do this, and it must have shown on his face, because Dean stepped forward, putting a hand on his arm. “We don’t have to. I’m not gonna force anything on you, just think it’d be a good idea.”

Castiel’s stomach was still churning, but his heart settled as he looked into Dean’s eyes. “What if it doesn’t work?” He asked softly.

Dean replied in a voice that was just as soft. “Then it doesn’t work. It’s gonna be okay, Cas. Do you trust me?”

Castiel snorted, “Since when am I Jasmine?”

Dean grinned, lighting shoving his shoulder. “Didja have to ruin the moment?” 

Castiel shrugged. He felt lighter, but he still had his concerns. “You really think this will work?”

“Might as well give it a shot, right? Ain’t no harm in it.” Dean walked past him and hiked up his pants a little, putting on a pair of socks. 

Castiel tried not to stare at his ass. “I ummm, I feel bad lying to everyone.”

“It’s not lying. We’re just showing up together.”

Castiel raised an eyebrow. “What about the…touching?” He asked carefully. 

“You’re one of my closest friends, and I’m an affectionate guy. Now, if people happen to interpret that a certain way that stops them from pestering us about when we’re gonna find someone….that’s not our fault.”

Castiel frowned, unsure. “Isn’t that still lying by omission, though?”

Dean sighed, turning around to clasp his forearms. Castiel tried not to fixate on the warmth that was bleeding into him from Dean’s touch. “D’you know how many times Charlie, Kevin, and Donna have tried to set me up?”

“I -”

Dean cut him off. “Seven. In the last month. Something’s gotta change, Cas. I can’t deal with this any longer.”

Castiel tried to not let feelings of putrid jealousy get in the way of him asking the next question. He needed to know the answer. “Why…why don’t you just bring a casual date? I’m sure anyone in your department would be more than happy to step in.” Anyone with working eyes, he didn’t add.

Dean flushed, a slight amount that Castiel wouldn’t have caught if he weren’t looking right at him and hadn’t basically memorized every single line and freckle on his face. Not to be pathetic, or anything. “I don’t wanna lead anyone on y’know? Make ‘em think that I’m actually looking for something more. I have enough on my plate right now; no time for a relationship. ‘Sides, you’re so much more fun to hang out with.”

Castiel didn’t call Dean out on his bullshit, unsure of the real answer himself. He decided to go along with Dean’s plan. Even if it tore his heart out later, at least Castiel would get to Dean’s for one night. It was worth it, it always would be. 

“Okay,” he reluctantly said.

Dean’s eyes lit up, and Castiel cursed himself. He never stood a chance. “Okay? Okay! Man, this is gonna be so awesome.”

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Summary: Reader is Dean’s cuddling partner after his ruts. This time he claims her…but not to have a mate, only to make sure to not lose his snuggle buddy.

Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader, OFC’s, OMC’s

Warnings: fluff, ABO dynamics, pregnant reader, daddy!Dean, cute pups

Mine Masterlist

Around 5 years later…

“Charlene stop running around the kitchen counter. I told I’m trying to make the dough for your pancakes little devil!” You mutter as your daughter is chasing through the kitchen like a whirlwind.

Your little son is sitting on one of the chairs to help you with the dough. He’s silent and a bit shy, the complete opposite to his little sister.

“Charlie!” you call when she runs into you. The bowl with the dough slips out of your hands only to cover you and your daughter in the dough. “No!” You whine but your daughter keeps on running.

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7Okay, back on track for 14x20

Chuck just watches them from afar, he is scared of Jack. Wtf? Why would you be?

Dean tried talking to Sam but Sam doesn’t want Jack dead because he is family (DUH YES HE IS) and then Dean just went out to take matters into his own hands.

And now Jack is kneeling in front of Dean, and Dean is pointing the gun to Jack’s head.

Jack says he understands, he has killed people, he said that Dean was right that he was a monster all along.

Sam and Chuck are watching the whole thing. Sam wants Chuck to do something but he just stands there and enjoys the view.

Then Dean just lowers his gun, and throws it off to the side. He can’t kill him…?

Chuck demands he should take the gun off the floor and do this.


He has been playing them. Chuck/God played Dean and Sam. He did/wrote this because it’s his “favorite show” and he wants Dean to pick up the gun but he still says no. Chuck even promised to bring Mary back, but still Dean refused. His mom is his hero. He said she wouldn’t want this.


They confronted Chuck and then he snaps his fingers and Jack is dying. And then Dean demands him to stop but he just flings Dean off and then Sam takes the freaking gun and points it at Chuck and fires. But it just happenes to be a bullet in their shoulder. Sam tried killing God for every shit he did.

Now… Chuck is mad and said “That’s how you want it? Welcome to the end.” and boom! everywhere is dark.

Sam and Dean check for Jack and he is freaking dead. Because of a snap of God’s fingers.

Jack is in The Empty and he is awake and The Empty walks up to him and he is confused and then Billie is behind him and OMG DHE SAID “WE SHOULD TALK” AND THEN BACK TO EARTH: THE WHOLE CEMETERY VIBRATES AND SOULS ESCAPE FROM HELL AND FUCK, GOD REALLY GAVE THEM THE END. EVERYTHING FROM HELL COMES BACK.

All of the souls and buried bodies just escaped and Sam&Dean&Cas are being surrounded by them all. Oh, shit. This feels like their end.


wait- what? that was it? they get attacked by them and….. that was it? no more seasons? no more episodes?

I have to wait until October like everyone else now?

I am gonna miss you guys. I know I have about 2 months to wait until s15 comes but still……. This was so unfair. Chuck, you bastard. Just a writer, and writers lie. Damn. I’m crying. FML.

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I don’t know if the whole “morning sunshine” thing was meant to be sarcastic but it felt and sounded so genuine. Like I imagine Dean greeting Cas so casually with loving nicknames so much that Cas doesn’t look shocked or done with it. He just politely declines the offer and moves on. It all feels so domestic. I swear if I wasn’t familiar with the show and somebody just showed me this scene I would surely think the two of them were dating or something.

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Adventures of Maranatural: The Monster at the End of This Book


Sirius: what if we’re just fictional characters and someone’s writing all things we say

J.K Rowling: “sips tea”

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