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I like this blog because it offers me anonymity. I like it because I can express my emotions through writing, something I used to be very good at. I like it because I put effort into it, into the writing and even though it’s just 2 pieces yet, I am proud of it.

I like dogs because they are happy to see me, and some days I am not happy to see myself. Some days I don’t want to look at myself in the mirror because I look like a failure, something I am not ready to accept, and never will be. I like dogs because when they look at me, they pretty much only see treats and pets, they only hear words of affection spoken in silly voices. They hear the kissy sound I make to grab their attention and wag their tails in approval and excitement. I like dogs because they seem to like me. I like dogs because they are easier to understand than anything else. They will be there for me even when I am not there for myself.

I like my mother because she believes in me. I like her because she has always loved me. i like her because I can count on her support. Some days are bad days with her. We fight, often. She can be hurtful, but I think I have that in common with her. I like my mother because I can call her any time of the day or night, because I am her most precious thing. 

I like debating because it is a good exercise for my mind. I like it because I am good at it, and because I learn so much from it. I like debates because I get to meet new people who are articulate and the conversation with such people is never dull. Sometimes I will choose the side opposite to my natural opinion, just to broaden my horizon and help myself reason better. I am proud of this habit.

I like all of these things and so many more yet i am sitting on my bed in tears. It is because I like all these things but I do not like myself, not today.

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Por Heraclio Labandera

Hace tiempo que no se advertía tanta unanimidad entre los operadores mediáticos del FA, para decir que las ideas son defectuosas, que nada sirve o que prometen lo peor del Apocalipsis.

La divulgación del anteproyecto de la Ley de Urgente Consideración (LUC) de inmediato levantó una enorme polvareda en territorio de los que se van, tanto como para excitar durante el letargo estival a los críticos más adormilados.
Están los que se tomaron cinco minutos para opinar de modo negativo, a los que le llevó algunas horas más desglosar los 457 artículos del anteproyecto para opinar de modo negativo, a los que solo revisaron el área que les compete para opinar de modo negativo, y los que se prendieron a las críticas negativas de terceros para opinar de modo negativo.
Solo destacaron unas pocas actitudes de frenteamplistas como Carolina Cosse, que en el alud de opiniones negativas de correligionarios, colocó un tuit diciendo que pondría primero a estudiar a sus asesores, para luego recién opinar.
Deben haber más, pero el linchamiento militante parece silenciar a cualquier partidario del FA que pueda abrir una carta de crédito para lo que viene.
La fiebre de la negatividad develada contra esta norma, por derivada incluso ha salvado al Carnaval de la extinción, porque a los tablados ha vuelto la crítica a los gobiernos, aunque por ahora solo sean los del futuro y no los del presente, con murgas que auguran aquelarres de violencia “estilo Chile”, resistencias contra los riesgos de “privatizaciones”, y rebeliones contra demonios del “neo-liberalismo” y varios ogros más que la Coalición Multicolor parece haber soltado.
Y si se advirtiera que se habla de un gobierno que aún no gobierna, da una pauta certera de las furias que los fundamentalistas del actual gobierno esperan desatar en furibundo ataque, una vez que la promesa de que “se terminó el recreo”, se haga realidad.
Como en las filas de un ejército en armas al que se pasa revista, cada militante del FA alistado en esta “Santa Cruzada” contra el fantasma de un gobierno que todavía no llegó, lanzan en andanada una crítica tras otra como si se tratara de una lluvia de misiles contra sus propios terrores.
En este fabuloso exorcismo adelantado, los ultras del actual gobierno salieron con el mandoble pegando golpes en todas direcciones contra demonios imaginarios que se mantuvieron guardados durante 15 años.

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So a few months ago I was at a tournament and before the round I asked the judge if partners were allowed to talk during each others’ speeches.

He said no.

I was doing my final speech, when my partner turns to me, and tries to tell him something. I tell him to be quiet.

After the round, he tells me that I should have let him speak, as it looks letter for both partners to be on the same page.

Well I finally got around to checking the rfds (reason for decision) about a week ago, and the judge wrote “asking the judge if you’re allowed to speak during each other’s speeches, and doing it anyway is not appropriate behavior.”

Needless to say, we lost.

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Oh my god so I’m stuck in this argument

Are domesticated cryptids Gay or Goth?

I think goth. If you’re trailing fucking dollhead spooks behind you, unless they’re sucking your dick, that’s hardly gay.

Ok that’s all.

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Wasn’t feeling too well last night so I only caught a little of the debate.

Everyone was ganging up Bloomberg it was hilarious.

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asking my white friends who they’re voting for & preparing myself to be very very disappointed or deeply relieved idk which it’s gonna be !!

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Moderator: Bernie, you had a heart attack 5 months ago, and since then have published notes from 3 different doctors that all say you’re in excellent health and they have no concerns about your ability to continue. But don’t you think the American people deserve to hear about every doctor’s office visit you’ve had since you were born? Why have you been so cryptic on this very legitimate and pressing issue facing our country?

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What a shit show. Congrats to Warren and Bernie on a solid night. Félíćídádéś to Pete on not your worst performance yet, but I wouldn’t call this úñá víctóŕíá. Similar sentiments for Biden. You were mostly able to get some full sentences out and you refrained from spamming the Barack card! Sorry to Amy. This just was not your night.

But all of you are winners in Bloomberg’s eyes. What a fucking idiot. He never should have set foot on that stage, but he didn’t even prepare some semi-acceptable responses for literally any of his controversies. Eat shit Mike.

And rip to the DNC’s respectability. This whole primary is just, so awful

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So, pretty sure I slept wrong and messed up my ribcage, had my first not-caffeine-induced panic attack, and I got invited to a debate-watching party at Makers & Finders.

So, I decided to get a matcha lemonade from Starbucks and head home.

Regretted it later after seeing what kind of food is served at M & F.

Oh well, at least Brylee is home, which means Mom probably actually cooked.

But all that’s here is brussel sprouts, dry marinara shells, and a family who doesn’t walk the dog or appreciate that I came home to see them.

I don’t give a fuck about politics, but I wish I went to the debate-watching party.

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