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BakuDeku: Who would you say developed feelings first? Did they accept these feelings or deny them?

I think Deku probably developed feelings first when they were pretty young, and accepted them, but didn’t recognize that they were anything more than just, looking up to Bakugou? Bakugou probably caugjt feelings closer to either middle school and abruptly denied them, turning to acting harsh towards him instead, or better yet, Bakugou caught feelings when he started to see Deku grow from being a weak no body to someone who could hold his own and really stick up for himself finally. I think it would have clicked for him there, but he probably would have tried to deny those feelings, until Kirishima helps Bakugou process what they are and how to handle them.

Thank you for sending in an ask!!

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TodoDeku: What are All Might and the other’s thoughts on their relationship?

All might: He’d be like the doting father once he finds out about their relationship. Supportive and being the one to uh…give them talks. He’d also probably be the one who unintentionally embarrasses them both, Midoriya mostly.

Uraraka: She’d be like “Finally!” She got over her crush on Midoriya when he realized that they would be better of as friends because, if she was being honest, she found Todoroki and Midorita to be a much better couple due to how in sync they can be together, not to mention the fact that she may have slowly fallen out of her crush on him and drifted over to a certain blue-haired guy with glasses. She’d tease Midoriya and ask him how his relationship is going so far, laughing whenever he got red enough.

Iida: He’d be the “strict” dad between them, constantly reminding them that while he is indeed supportive of the two, public display of affection is not prohibited and are best suited behind doors or outside of school. Other than that, he’d give advice to them and assurance that they both deeply care for each other and that, “No, he most certainly is not going to break up with you because of something so small as forgetting to say hi to one another first thing in the morning.”

Bakugou: Whoo boy, this guy just thinks that the two people he hates the most getting together could be the worst possible thing ever. And if that isn’t enough, he now has to deal with them being all mushy and cheesy around each other. Gross. He could just gag. (No, he is not homophobic. His red-haired boyfriend can vouch for him.)

Yaoyorozu: She could not be any happier. Her best friend now has someone he could share his feelings with and be happy! She was supportive of this relationship before it even began, whether it was platonic or romantic, she knew they were perfect for each other. And on top of that, she now no longer has to hear about Todoroki coming to her and gushing/complaining about how cute Midoriya was and how he wished he could kiss him.

Inko: She would be absolutely ecstatic about her son dating someone. She’d constantly invite Todoroki over and would ask questions of them; how the first met, when it started, the simple things. She’d also be that one mom who would also embarrass her son by showing baby pictures to Todoroki (who may or may not have asked to have print out of them.)

Rei: She wouldn’t really know what to think at first, but she’d later be happy for her son. She believes that he deserves the love that he never really got to experience. She’d probably get emotional at how much he had grown from the once emotionally detached boy he once was, which then got him started, and then Midoriya too since he was invited to go with him to visit. It was really emotional.

Endeavor: Now, while he may not be the best person around, I don’t believe that he’d be homophobic. Yes, he has his preferences in thinking that offspring could be beneficial at times, but I don’t think he’d really care for who his children end up with as, “relationships are the least of my concern, all I care about is you getting to your goal in becoming a powerful hero.” Todoroki is a bit surprised but nonetheless pleased with it.

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Have we talked about the kind of urban legend Deku is gonna be when he’s pro and has full use of all his quirks. Everyone is going to think he has a different one and it’s going to be a topic of debate. Imagine the chat rooms. One person is going to insist it’s float because they saw him use it and another is going to argue that’s just his super strength and speed that makes it look like he can fly. And someone else will slide into the chat insisting it’s black whip only the get shut down because the public thinks the black whip thing was just one big hoax and is definitely NOT REAL because that would be way to weird.

I mean, it’s clear multiple quirks are extremely rare so Deku could just use the misconception to his advantage by using just one or two quirks in a fight and never being clear on what his actual powers are.

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So in this theory i gotta start out by saying its under the assumption that all for one is dekus father, and i dont want to delve too far into that (i think i already have in a post before) but one part is important- and its simply the fact that the doctor who told deku he wasnt going to have a quirk was the same doctor that you can see later treating all for one, and speaking to him like a colleague or a friend.

Of course in most theories it goes by the idea that one for all made deku for the purpose of taking his quirk. However.

Perhaps we go another route and say, maybe he had wanted to see if he could create a child with a quirk similar to his to take his place. He then would have decided to leave deku in this single parent house, hoping that the world would show him it was a bad place, and he would show up at an opertune time to ‘teach him his way’. However his fight with all might put a stop to that, and all might got to midoriya first.

Now on to the actual theory.

What if. Deku had the quirk that could enhance quirks around him?

My first and probably most obvious example for this is bakugou. He had what could have been a very powerful quirk, but, if we compare the overall power of his quirk to others, he had such a stronger and more adept understanding of his quirk with (and im assuming) not the same amount of training todoroki had. And yet it compares- it would be possible, if when he used his quirk, deku was around, he has been able to control and adapt to a higher level of ability to the point that it became natural.

And then theres also even todoroki, abd his explosion of power at the sports festival, his sudden ability to not only use the flames to such an extent after refusing to for so long (noting that, as the show has pointed out several times, a quirk works similarly to a muscle, in that it can get worn out, and then assuming that not using it could weaken it) but also being able to counter a blow from OFA and win. Theoretically, deku could have been using his quirk on todoroki without knowing simply because he doesnt know it exists.

On the other hand, we have the fact that one for all combines with the users own quirk to strengthen it or change the overall quirk in some ways. Now if we take the episode where he defeats overhaul into consideration, and the fact that he develops sort of extra quirks later on in the series, i think its possible. Especially when you think about the fact that his full coul sort of shows up in a visable green glow with the power litterally spilling from him in wisps of green lightning or from his eyes like in the episode. Not only would it allow him to surpass all might, like one would assume he be able to, but perhaps triple him in overall strength and power.

It would most definitly account for some if the feats he has pulled off, like being able to throw a 1,000,000% punch without pulverizing his entire arm.

Honestly, its a little bit of a stretch, but i like it.

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I wonder if the original user of One For All tried to have a kid to pass on the power, but it didn’t seem like the kid gained anything.

Maybe he stood over the crib and wondered. Maybe he put his hand out, hesitating just before reaching. Maybe he put his hand against his child’s face and willed for the power to pass on, waiting for the red sparks, waiting for anything.

But nothing happened except the child waking up and cooing. And maybe he moved his hand to gently hold the baby’s cheek instead.

He thinks himself selfish. Only wanting to pass on a quirk to have someone else finish fighting his battle.

Yet the danger for the child only grows.

He’ll find a way to pass the power on, he thinks, but to give the child a chance to protect themselves, instead.

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Inori Iida:

Biological parents: Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugou

Adopted parents: Ochako and Tenya Iida

Adopted parent’s occupation: teachers and underground heroes.

Biological parent’s occupation:

Izuku- the principle of UA and Pro Hero

Katsuki- The Number One Hero


Strength and speed heightened

(Inherited partial speed and strength from One For All)


After villains viciously continued to attack the young heroes and threatened to not stop even after the hero’s child was born; Pro Heroes Izuku and Katsuki gave up their newborn and fake a miscarriage. And asked their friends to keep the secret from everyone including the child.

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