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#denki kaminari

Jirou really looks at Kaminari every day and says “You have the IQ of a brainless fish and I love you.”

(Click for better quality and PLEASE consider being rad as fuck and rebloging this around and stuff cause I’m actually pretty proud of myself.)

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imagine you’re walking down the street and you see denki licking the charging hole because he didn’t have a charger

and when you go to say something he goes

“this could be you later”

BIG SHOUT OUT TO @lollybliz for telling me its from @anxioussailorsoldier from her art piece here from a fanfic here! please go support both artists :)

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[Denki taking care of Hitoshi after his wisdom teeth were removed]

Denki: Hey. Hey Baby, what do you think of Mr Aizawa?

Hitoshi, completely high on medication: hE nEeEdS to SmOKe sum wEEEEEED!

Denki: I know!

Aizawa: okay kids, I am right here

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yo Shirakumo! this is Kaminari! we have to team up some time! with your clouds and my electricity, we could come up with some sick combo super moves that have to do with thunderstorms! the public would eat it up!

Oboro: *He grins widely at the message and nods,* That would be awesome, man! 

Oboro: I never worked with someone with an electric quirk before! You must be quite…shocking! *He laughs a bit at his own bad joke before continuing.* 

Oboro: But yeah! I would love to try and team up with you Kaminari. *He give a wide grin to the camera.* 

Shouta: *He walks by in the background as Oboro says that and mutters in a monotone,* Careful, Oboro…Kaminari short circuits…*Shouta suddenly stops, a confused expression appearing on his face. Oboro blinks and looks behind himself at Shouta as he moves to turn off the camera.*

Oboro: Sho, how did you kno–

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“How they kiss; boys edition”

author’s note: this took me two weeks a month two MONTHS to write,,, i havent kissed someone in like?? 6 years so feel free to euthanize me at anything that makes you go ‘huh??’

Denki Kaminari

  • His lips are finely shaped, however they fit perfectly with the contours of his face. They hold a tincture of a rosy pink shade, like most of his features. Whether it’s from the high voltage of electricity running throughout him like the electrical lines of a telephone pole or your ethereal presence gracing his eyes…is still up for debate.
  • He’s always ready to kiss you! He can’t help himself but to swoop in and steal a kiss from those pretty lips of yours! He’ll kiss you anywhere, anytime-just say the words and he’s yours!
  • Like a track on repeat, whenever his lips meet yours, he tilts his head, kindred to a puppy tilting it’s head, and releases a content sigh. Just touching you-even ever so slightly, even just one of your pinky fingers brushing agaisnt the skin of one of his-feels like home to him. The actions itself bring a sense of relief and completion to his very soul.
  • Sometimes, you can hear the surface of his skin humming when you press a kiss to his lips, like a loud charger hungrily sucking up power. When his hands intertwine with yours, you can feel the thrumming underneath the tips of your fingers, like the static clinging to an old television screen. You can see golden arcs of electricity dancing off of his flustered cheeks when you pull away, his pupils dark and blown.
  • But on the other hand, there’s been one too many a time, that you’ve leaned in to kiss him without warning and the static buildup on his skin was just too much to bare. There’s nothing like a mild electrocution from Denki, both of you yelling ‘ow’ and colliding heads while trying to get away from each other.
  • He’s also ruined more than a few good hairdos kissing you, the static electricity traveling from his lips onto yours. He laughs at your floating strands of hair when the two of you separate.
  • His sunshine eyes crinkle mischievously as he covers your cheeks with as many kisses as he possibly can, all while his fingers mercilessly tickle at your sides. He loves hearing you laugh, seeing your smile stretch from ear to ear and tears budding in the corner of your eyes while you try to escape from his wrathful hands.
  • His smell changes commonly to whatever the most popular brand of body spray or cologne currently is, Denki follows the trends and does what is deemed ’cool’ without a second thought it seems. But, when he pulls you closer to meet his lips with yours, his faint natural scent is revealed to you, the faint and sharp burn of ozone.

Eijirou Kirishima

  • His lips are strongly sculpted, akin to a greecian statue brought to life. His facial features appear chiseled from one angle-high cheekbones that put even gods to shame and a jawline so sharp that it could be weaponized-but, from a different approach, he gives the impression of being so incredibly soft-warm carmine eyes gazing at you with more light and love than could ever be comprehended while the corners his lips raise ever so tenderly and forming into a sizable smile with his sharp fangs bared for all the world to see. Ah, the duality of man.
  • His lips-and face-are littered with scars and nicks of varying sizes from his teeth and the combat he’s seen. They’re not too entirely soft to kiss as his skin has grown harder from his Quirk overtime, but he makes up for it by kissing you with as much passion that he could possibly muster; which is a lot because Eijirou is passionate about you if nothing else.
  • He’s warm to the touch: his face, hands and lips are like a furnace that you can’t turn off. But, why would you want to turn it off? He’s a free space heater that can hug and kiss you?!
  • He always tries to ask for your permission as he leans in to kiss you, regardless of the situation or the amount of times you’ve exasperatedly repeated that he doesn’t really need to ask anymore. He insists he only asks because it’s the ‘manly thing’ to do!
  • Eiji is a sucker for cheek kisses, either it be receiving or giving doesn’t matter to him. He loves to throw his arms around you and embrace you as tight as physically possible while he stamps dozens upon dozens of kisses all across your face, mapping your features out with his lips. Inbetween the kisses, praise spills from his mouth like a waterfall-endless, noisy and forceful. He couldn’t stop himself if he wanted to-which he doesn’t. He loves you! He’s so happy that you’re his!
  • He’s the king of butterfly kisses. He lives for resting his forehead atop of yours, leaning his frame into you until there’s no space for even air to slip inbetween the both of you. His dark lashes fluttering along your skin while his ruby eyes stare deeply into yours, before leaning his head down ever so slighty to place a kind, tender peck on the tip of your nose.
  • I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Kirishima Eijirou is passionate. He doesn’t do anything half-hearted, especially when it comes to loving you. He loves you at 100, nothing more and nothing less. He can’t help but to let his eyes trail over to your frame and feel his heart clench as he becomes overwhelmed with an intense ardor, like kindling to a hungry flame.
  • He’s embarrassed by it, but sometimes he gets a little too wrapped in his affections for you-his hands trailing and grabbing at you while his lips ravenously devour yours-that his jagged teeth accidentally snag into your lips. He’s so sorry when it happens.
  • When he brings you in for a tight hug-his strong arms engulfing you and pulling you into his chest-you can catch the faint scent of something similar to petrichor, like a rock left out in arid air before the heavens rain upon it.

Hanta Sero

  • His lips are fairly average, nothing that immediately catches your eye at first, but you finally notice it once you get a good, lengthy glance at his face. He has a very nice cupids bow. It’s the perfect length and depth, a blessing from Aphrodite herself.
  • His lips-much like his skin-are incredibly supple and healthy, so soft to the touch that it nearly hurts to kiss him. The amount of effort he puts into himself is awe-inspiring, the way that lights catch on his lips, his cheeks, his whole being-almost like glass reflecting the sun and illuminating everything close.
  • Hanta’s kisses are slow and sweet, like amber honey seeping from a bottle. He wants to take his time with you. He’s all yours and he’s not going anywhere so there’s no need to rush. Even a single quick peck on your lips feels like an eternity.
  • It’s a visual you’ve seen plenty of times; the palms of his warm hands cusping your face tenderly-almost like how one would hold something delicate, holding it with all the care and love in the world-his thumbpads tracing imaginary circles into your skin while his warm eyes gaze down at you with obvious, obligatory love in them before diving in to close the gap between you, a rush of breath on your lips and a faint draft of oranges as his lips meet yours.
  • He always smiles into his kisses, grinning like a chesire, his lips lazily shaping contra to the form of yours.
  • But he isn’t always so pacified around you, as much as he wants you to think he’s cool, his nerves can get the best of him and he can get real clumsy, real fast.
  • Once while riding an uncommon romantic vibe, he spontaneously wrapped his tape around your forearm to reel you into a kiss, but pulled you far faster than he anticipated, colliding your skulls together painfully. Now stuck together, caccooned in so much tape that neither of you can tell where it begins and ends, chests smooshed together and heaving with uncontrollable laughter. His forehead pressed to yours, strands of ebony hair tickling your skin before he swoops in to steal a kiss, the sounds of laughter between you silenced.
  • He carries the scent of tea tree and wisteria-his prefered essential oils-with the faint yet heavy musk of incense. With his arm thrown around your shoulders and hugging you closer to him, his scent gradually trickling into your nose, you can’t help but feel relaxed.

Izuku Midoriya

  • The shape of lips aren’t anything particularly extraordinary, if anything they’re just as plain as the rest of his face. However, his bottom lip has a slight adorable pout.
  • His lips are firm however, just barely shy of any semblance of the word soft. It’s indistinct from view, but more than noticeable when you press your lips to his-the sensation of a series of diminutive scars decorating them. His skin is wreathed with them, all varying sizing and depth, yet all telling a singular tale. You can feel them when your hand is interlaced with his, the ridges and dips prominent under your fingertips and palms. You never hesitate to lay your love upon them-kisses on his shoulders, his arms, his hands, all the way down to his knuckles-he’s flustered naturally but these are his favorite type of kisses.
  • He loves to lock his fingers with yours when you kiss, his calloused hands holding yours ever so tightly yet gently while his rough thumbpad trails along your knuckles with rapt attention.
  • Deku’s kisses are all so different.
  • Meek and mild pecks graced upon your cheeks while he mutters quiet praise under his breath-a mile a minute with no end in sight-his cheeks dusted with rose. Eventually, it becomes too much for him-you’re so cute, there’s no way you could be this cute!-and he pulls away with nervous laughter, trying to hide his face away from the radiance you emit like a miniature sun and only braving to sneak a glance when you return your affection by kissing any open sliver of face that you can reach.
  • Torturously drawn out kisses that were clearly calculated and very deliberate. Lips molding against yours with a controlled yet voracious appetite, like a dam just barely holding back a flood of desires, while his hands explore your body with a meticulous curiosity, repositioning his hands and himself to your muffled hums and squeaks like a virtuoso diligently practicing a piece until they can play it to perfection.
  • Sweet and tender kisses, the tip of his nose tickling yours as Izuku gazes at you with warm and open eyes, his love for you genuine and transparent. His solid arms wrapped around you tightly and protectively, like a bird wrapping its wings around its mate. It’s entirely impossible for him to explain just how dear you are to him, how your sheer existence brings the sun into his life. He doesn’t ever want to let go.
  • His scent is normal and plain-soft fragrant lavender and clean laundered fabric-it’s so very him.
  • However, when you catch him after a long strenuous day of hero work-a bruised and scarred arm looped around you and pulling you into a defined chest-you can catch the faint metallic of blood under the sweet heavy fragrance of jasmines. The only explanation you recieve is that it’s his Quirk.

Katsuki Bakugou

  • The shape of his lips are absolutely perfect, with arcs and curves to match that of a supermodel. They are a blessing from the gods themselves, built entirely in their flawless imagery. Now, if only he could stop using them to be so callously cruel to others.
  • His lips are soft and supple, a juxtaposition to how hard and rough Katsuki is. They arch into a nasty and foul scowl-without fail, it’s practically instinct for him-whenever you lean in for a kiss. His tongue is poised with barbed jabs and teases as he slips a hand underneath your chin, shepherding you closer to his lips. His body language and words are like that of a poisonous creature-colorful and loud, a warning sign to everyone to stay the fuck away(how unfortunate that you never seemed to get the memo).
  • Just know that Katsuki will never pull away from contact with you, no matter how volatile his tone is or how scrunched up his face is in one of his classic grimaces. Katsuki does not run or hide, he will always meet you head on and match your affection times a million. It may not seem like it as he’s far too good at concealing his emotions and if he had it his way-and he always has it his way-he would never take his lips off of yours.
  • However, his Quirk demands otherwise. The high amounts of nitroglycerin running through him is absolutely near-toxic in high doses. As much it pains him, he can only sparingly shower with you so many kisses before he sends you into shock. Literally.
  • His kisses have a sugary sweet aftertaste, like an expensive burnt caramel sauce from a boujee parisian pâtisserie. It is one of the most delectable saccharine flavors you have ever tasted and he is absolutely aware how much power he has over you. However his kisses may taste sweet, but they’re anything but.
  • Katsuki’s kisses are hungry. He is voracious and insatiable in claiming you, like a wildfire leaping at dry kindling. You are defenseless in his death grip-like prey trapped with no visible way out and, he, a predator closing in with a contemptuous glare-and honestly? Do you really have any intention to escape? Frenzied and heated hands pulling and clutching at your waist to bring you in closer-followed by a heavy exhale-then shoving underneath your shirt, desperate for skin to skin contact.
  • But, his kisses can also be like the end of a fire about to give out-just ever so warm and fleeting. A quick and meaningful kiss upon your temple, lingering for just a moment to whisper a hushed ‘I love you’ into your skin and suddenly-like red hot embers extinguishing into ashes-the moment is vanished.
  • As much as he loathes to admit it, Katsuki smells like rich and sweet ambrosial caramel-overwhelmingly smokey and thick-it follows him like a cloud and increases in its strength depending on how many explosions he’s let loose that day. He can pretend to be disgruntled as he likes, but he does enjoy how you cuddle him so tightly when he smells good.

Shouto Todoroki

  • He has a charmingly full pair of lips that are tinted such a pretty shade of pink that could put even a rose to shame. They compliment his face perfectly as he is made of more soft and sloping curves rather than sharp and rugged angles. They stay fixed in what seems like a permanent glower most of the time…unless he’s looking in your direction with gentle eyes, a small smile blooming on his face.
  • Speaking of his face, his scar isn’t simply centered around his eye. It dapples and flecks down the side of his face, like the pattern that the sun creates when it leaks down throughout the wavering treetops. He loves when you ghost your thumb along the edges of his each and every blemish, your tender touch makes him feel a new kind of loved he has never known before and would happily spend the rest of his life diligently studying to know.
  • In the beginning, any kiss initiated between the two of you was awkward and robotic-teeth clunking noisily against each other and painfully bumping noses into one another-and he would even go to lengths to dodge or avoid kisses. It’s easy to think that maybe he didn’t quite like you as much as you thought he did, but eventually he bluntly admits that he doesn’t like to kiss you because he can’t figure out what to do with the rest of his body.
  • It takes him an incredibly long amount of time and so much very, very, very mortifying practice for him to become even remotely comfortable with the act of kissing.
  • Even still, he doesn’t leave kisses on your lips particularly often-rather, he prefers to save those other special occasions. He has other ways to show you his affections however.
  • He reverently holds your hands as if he’s a simple humble mortal falling to worship to will of an ethereal higher power-it’s you, you’re the light of his life-gradually threading his fingers with yours as he memorizes every bone, vein, muscle, scar, bump and ridge on your palms like it’s a map to all the secrets in the universe. When his thorough inspection is finally finished after what seems like ages, he raises your fingertips to his lips and presses an intimate kiss to the individual pad of each finger. His calico eyes never wander from yours, you have his full attention, all of his love and adoration and he never wants you to forget that.
  • With a deep and airy chuckle, he brushes the strands of hair from your forehead and leans down to place a chaste kiss on your forehead, lips forming words of praise and reverence into your skin like a mantra.
  • Any skinship shared with you leaves him floating on cloud nine and he’s not sure he ever wants to come down. Just let him waft in your love all day, please.
  • He has two distinct smells under his expensive cologne; one is like sharp and frigid ice, the kind of cold that pierces your lungs whenever you take a breath and the other is deep and smokey like a blaze at a smoldering rest but ready to leap out unpredictably.


Inasa Yoarashi

  • His lips are large and well-defined-unsurprisingly identical to his mountainous frame-it’s clear to see that they match him perfectly. And they are very soft. You don’t stand a chance against them.
  • Inasa’s skin is harder than his lips, however-to adapt to the cold temperatures from the air he weilds-you can feel the rough skin on his hands when he cusps your cheeks as he arches down to eagerly place a kiss on your lips with a broad and glowing smile.
  • He was so excitable the first time he kissed you. So excited, in fact, that he missed your lips entirely and instead smashed his skull directly into yours with a force that most humans shouldn’t be able to survive. He’s still sorry for giving you that concussion.
  • He loves to sweep you up into passionate kisses, wrapping his big and strong arms around you and pulling you into his muscular body until your feet are dangling in the air. Inasa’s lips are smashed into yours and he’s smiling like a madman into the kiss as the wind is picking up from his elated mood, pulling at the both of you like a playful child.
  • He always laughs so boisterously when you part from a kiss.
  • He carries the scent of cold, crisp and fresh mountain air. It’s from the wind that he controls with his Quirk, it wraps around him like a blanket.
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Shattered hearts and clean shirts pt 2

Sero Hanta x F!reader

A/N: Hello my beautiful readers! It’s your friendly neighborhood big tiddy goth gf here with shattered hearts and clean shirts pt2! It’s all fluff this time with some tones of flirting so please enjoy!

Taglist: @thedreadthread @queensynderella @trafalgar-temptress @kingtamakimurder thank you for all the love and support senpais 💖🥺💖

»»————- ♡ ————-««

It’s been a few months since things ended with Bakugo. The sharp pain in your heart now down to a rush of anger whenever you were near him. The squad (formerly known as the bakusquad) was still there for you. Always being their friendly and cheerful selves while comforting or calming you down when it was needed. The grinning boy being the main reason you didn’t go ballistic on the blonde during class at the regular rude comments he yelled.

All the stages of grief went through normally but you were still stuck on anger. You pulled yourself together after getting played by the blonde toilet brush with a bad attitude. Including going to train more, eating healthier, and healing your heart with the help of your lovely friends. You could rely on Sero the most when it came to emotional stuff.

‘HOW DARE HE PLAY ME LIKE THAT? LIKE I WAS SOME STUPID PRIZE TO BE WON. I AM A PERSON GODDAMNIT. I AM A PERSON WORTHY OF LOVE AND CARE LIKE MOST GOOD PEOPLE. I HOPE HE ROTS!’ you angrily yelled in your head as you took out your frustration on a training dummy.

Letting out all of today’s anger out on the dummy with the last slice of your blade like thorn, you sliced it so hard at the neck that you decapitated it. Oh shit, went a little too hard I guess.’ You thought with a shrug while breathing heavily from your workout.

“WOAH! THAT WAS SO MANLY (Y/N)! YOURE SO STRONG!” Kirishima exclaimed loudly from the other side of the room where he had his own training dummy. He was your workout buddy now, everyday you met him at a small gym down the street from the school to hone your skills and practice your hand to hand combat. You smiled at him brightly and gave him a loud “THANK YOU KIRI, BUT I CAN’T COMPARE TO THE MANLIEST MAN IN THE WORLD!” You shot back at him.

He blushed at the compliment, stopping his own workout to catch his breath. He shyly put a hand to his neck for a moment before walking over to where you were. His eyes widening at the damage you caused and sweat dropping.

He lowly whistled before he spoke. “Woah, that’s a lotta damage. You really tore into that thing like a wild animal. But that was super manly (y/n)!” Kiri commented excitedly as he did his signature red riot pose to emphasize on the manliness. The sweat on your skin started to become sticky and you wanted nothing more to take a shower.

“That’s the 3rd one this week, I’m broke from how many dummies I beheaded!” You moped dramatically. “Hey, at least you’re getting super strong!” Kirishima replied with a smile and a pat on your shoulder. You smiled at the statement. After training for another 30 mins, you and Kiri packed up your stuff and headed to the dorms.

The walk home with Kiri was always filled with laughs and smiles. He was such a nice boy that you couldn’t help the happiness that filled your heart. The two of you arrived at the door and keyed yourselves in. You both were walking through the common room when you heard Sero speak up.

“Hey gym rats, how was training?” He jested with his signature smile. You rolled your eyes at the nickname but smiled nonetheless. You each had your thing with the squad. Kiri had training, Sero had study sessions and movies, Mina had a few days of the week allotted for girl time and gossip, and Kami would just join in whatever he felt like. Some days it was study sessions, other days ‘girl time’ but very rarely training. (Damnit Denki, you could be the next ZEUS if you put enough work into it bby!)

“It was good, decapitated another dummy today, ya know the usual. I’m gonna take a shower and then we can study yeah? ” You spoke nonchalantly while walking towards your room. You took a glance at Sero who gave you a bright smile and a loud “Yeah”.

You set your stuff down and grabbed a change of comfy clothes to wear after your shower. Pulling out a random shirt and a pair of (f/c) sleep shorts. You folded them nicely before grabbing your shower basket and towel. On your way down the hall to the girls showers, you realized it was the shirt you accidentally stole from Sero. Your face heated up intensely as you tried to shake it away.

You developed a crush on the dark haired boy during those months of healing. The first few weeks, you tried to isolate yourself from everyone. Keyword: TRIED. Sero wouldn’t let you though. He always seemed to find you and he always seemed to soothe the ache in your heart.

The reassuring words spoke softly to you during lunch on the rooftop of the school and the comforting little touches he would give made the small spark of comfort turn into a small flame. That little flame he unknowingly added to until it became a full fire coursing in your veins. The thoughts about your crush continued even while you were showering.

‘He’s so kind, patient, and smart. Plus he just smells so GOOD! He’s cute and gentlemanly while still being fun and exciting. Heavenly beings only knows we have enough excitement in our group so I’m thankful he’s so chill and rational. He’s like the balance between everyone. I don’t see why he doesn’t see himself as special! He’s the most special out of all of us! He’s got a useful quirk (not that it matters) and a good heart! Plus he’s handsome! What more could you want in a guy?” The monologe continued in your head while you scrubbed away all of today’s dirt.

You soon finished, your body and hair now smelling like (f/s) and being squeaky clean. You stepped out of the cubicle (?) and wrapped your towel around yourself. Humming a random tune as you got dressed and brushed your hair, putting in all the usual products. Exiting the girls shower and making your way up to your room. You did your skin routine before swiping on your deodorant and spraying a bit of perfume after blow drying your hair.

Taking a good look in the mirror you have on your door, you gave yourself a smile and a approving nod before grabbing your bag and heading to Sero’s room. Nervousness was setting in as you neared his dorm.

You were wearing HIS shirt to your weekly study sessions! Did you want him to notice? Is it too late to go back and change? Oh god why didn’t you think about this earlier! Why did your stupid butt only remember this after you did everything?!?!?’ The little voice in your head scolded.

You knocked on the door three times, the nervousness weighing on you like a heavy blanket. Taking a deep breath, you tried to clear your mind of any nervousness and worry while putting on a small smile to keep up appearances. The door opened to a brightly smiling Sero, which made you internally scream.

‘Oh god that smile! I’m already nervous about wearing your shirt around you and then you have to greet me so happily I feel like I’m going to have a SEIZURE!’ The same voice in your head was screeching.

“Hey Sunflower! You ready to study?” He asked happily. You could only manage to give a nod while you felt your face heat up. ‘God why does his voice sound so good’ you whined internally.

He stepped aside to let you walk through the door and left your slippers next to his at the entrance. You made your way to his hammock and set your bag down beside it while you made yourself comfy in the oversized sling. He went and pulled out all his materials before making himself comfy next to you.

You studied like you would normally with him, taking notes and him asking you questions. Always answering them with a smile and explaining them thoroughly. He was surprisingly smart, but he just needed it explained differently than teachers and textbooks showed. That was another thing you loved about him.

The nervousness you felt was gone by the end of your study session, mostly thanks to his jokes, memes, and overdramatic whines of why math was needed to be a hero. He made you laugh so easily, the thought popped up that he might have a second quirk. Another thing you added to the list of why you had a crush on the dark haired boy.

“You did great today Sero, lets pack up and then we can watch whatever movie you want!” You happily said as you gave him a pat on the head, a habit you picked up from All Might. ‘His hair is so SOFT! I don’t regret doing it but I know I’m gonna think about playing with his hair all the time now’ you scolded yourself.

“Sure thing Sunflower! How does a bad horror movie sound? We can roast the hell out of those dumb teens……” his tone turned from his normal excited friendly to silence accompanied by a contented sigh leaving his lips. He felt like he was in heaven. Your smooth voice humming a sweet song he didn’t know just added to his fantasy. Your hands were so soft and felt so good, that his body melted as his dark eyes fluttered close.

Your hand was now playing with his hair, focused on feeling it now while you still could. You softly pet his hair, moving your hand down to play with the baby hairs on the nape of his neck. The short nails on your hand lightly scratching his scalp on instinct. You hummed a song, “Can’t help falling in love” cover by twenty one pilots. The song subconsciously chosen purely for the fact that you were so in painfully love with him.

You both sat there for a moment, wishing it wouldn’t end. Then your love dazed state was blown away and your actions hit you with like a BUS. You stopped humming and pulled your hand out of his hair as gently as you could while you were panicking. The embarrassment and guilt creeping in your body like a unsuspecting wave.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t ask and my hand just moved on it’s own, I-i…” you waved your arms around wildly, as if trying to make yourself fly away from this painfully awkward situation. The heat on your face climbed up to your ears in embarrassment. You were cut off with a chuckle from none other the man himself.

“It’s fine sunflower! It actually felt like- uhhh really nice.” His normal friendly grin returned also with the addition of a light pink blush on his cheeks as he shyly put a hand to the side of his neck while looking the other way. Your heart that was beating wildly calmed down at the friendly tone but picked back up when he said he liked it.

“O-oh! So it’s okay?” You questioned shyly. You received an equally shy look and nod from Sero in reply and sighed out a breath in relief.

“Go and pick out the movie while I clean up, and then we can watch while I play with your hair. If that’s okay with you?” Your shy tone never leaving as you took another shot at being closer to your crush.

“That’s sounds great! Bad horror movies still good with you?” He asked. You hummed in reply as you cleaned up both of your stuff. The excitement heating up your body as you neatly stacked his books and papers and set them on his desk.

Sero couldn’t tried picking out a movie if his life depended on it right now. His focus only on you as you gracefully moved around to clear the space you were both previously in. His mind drifted back to how you were so warm and inviting, like a freshly dried fluffy blanket on a cold day. How you cute you looked as you wildly flailed around when you apologize, not that you needed to. Plus the adorable blush on your face kissed the tips of your ears.

He shifted back his focus to movies and picked a random one while he put in the DVD player. When he turned back, he saw his floor clear and you laying down on his bed. The red on your face dimmed down to a soft pink that scratched at your cheeks. He made himself comfortable as you watched the start of the movie.

He decided to lay on his side with his hand supporting his head. His pining heart sang in joy because of the closeness and thumping in his ribcage like a overjoyed bird. He wanted to be closer, fuck he needed to be. Alone time with you was rare and he needed to take advantage of it. He summoned all the courage in his body and slung his free arm over your waist, pulling you closer.

You jumped at the sudden contact and then melted into his embrace. Platonic cuddling wasn’t new to you and the squad, always cuddling up with someone while the whole group watched a movie until all of you passed out on the common room couch. This felt different from all those other times. It’s because both of you were ALONE TOGETHER.

The movie playing on the small tv in his room was the farthest thing from your minds right now. The thumping of both your synched heart sand the pink blushes on your face were the only thing on them as you hoped the other couldn’t see it. You were just struggling to breathe normally.

Sero was feeling the same way, his brain tunnel visioned on you. There you were so painfully close to him. The smell of your perfume mixed with the floral scent of your shampoo drove him absolutely insane. He took his position behind you to his advantage, his eyes trailed your body slowly.

His dark eyes started at your plush thighs, they looked so soft and so warm that he had to hold in a groan. The sleep shorts you wore just accentuated your hips and backside, the tight shorts with yellow and white stripes on the side tempted him sinfully. He moved his gaze to where his arm was, slung over your tiny waist.

‘It fit so perfectly, it was almost like you were made for him.’ He thought with dazed sigh. His mind stopped dead in its tracks when he realized you were wearing his shirt. His heart kickboxed in his chest, his subconscious screaming at him to make a move now or get over it.

“Sunflower?” He tried. You gave a hum in reply, not trusting your own voice. He paused for a moment, trying to decide if he should ask you why you were wearing his shirt. He loved you wearing his clothes so he just decided to spit it out. To see if he wasn’t just imagining things in desperation for you.

“Is that my shirt?” He teased, pulling your back closer to his chest. His deep voice was right next to your ear as his breath tickled your neck. He knew what he was doing, the cheshire grin overtaking his handsome features as his eyes twinkled mischievously.

You’ve been caught red handed. The muscles in your body froze as a burning hot blush erupted from your cheeks. The organ in your chest nearly ripped itself out when he pulled you closer and it stuttered when he spoke.

“Y-yeah, it is. I just threw it o-on after taking a shower. I can give your clothes back after I do laundry.” You managed to speak out in your overwhelmed state. He was so close to you and the way his voice dropped had you nervous.

“Keep it sweetheart, it’s looks better on you than it ever did me. Plus you look so cute in it, how could I say no?” His friendly causal tone was back, but the impish grin on his face never left. ‘When did he get so smooth? And sweetheart? He called me cute!!!!’ Your brain scrambled trying to comprehend what just happened.

Something ignited within your spirit. A mischievous grin spread across your face as you thought of a battle plan. ‘Oh he wants to play like that does he??? Aight bet. Let’s see if he could take what he dishes out.’ You smirked at the thought.

You turned so you were facing him. Mustering all the innocence in your being, you pushed your chest against his and craned your neck up so your noses were brushing. Your eyes peeked up at him through your long lashes and a playful grin overtook your face.

“Sweetheart huh?” You teased as you ever so slowly got your plush lips closer to his. You felt his breath hitch before it stopped completely, the rapid beating of his heart thrumming against your chest. His dark eyes were locked on your soft lips and you decided to test his patience by biting your bottom one softly. The strong arm around your waist tensed and you felt his body freeze.

“If I’m so cute and your sweetheart then why haven’t you made a move yet, cellophane~?” You spoke softly before you actually reached his lips. You heard a strangled groan from the back of his throat and smiled playfully before you moved away and back to your original position. An evil smile on your face as you pretended that you didn’t even do anything.

A soft and frustrated “fuck it” came from him and suddenly and you were pinned down on the bed by your wrists. Sero was straddling your hips as he held your wrists down with a tight grip. You looked up at him and saw the bright red blush on his face as he breathed heavily. The shocked and doe eye look you gave him only seemed to make it brighter.

“f-fuck, I’ve liked you for the longest time sunflower so will you be willing to go out on a date with me sometime soon?” His tone and gaze was nervous despite his dominant position over you. He let go of your hands and moved so he was sitting in front of you with his leg folded.

He shrunk a bit under your surprised gaze, but despite his feelings his eyes stayed stayed on yours. You propped yourself up and sat in front of him in the same position. A wide grin and the shine in your eyes ever present as you looked back at him.

“Of course I would love to go out with you Hanta! I’ve liked you for a bit now but was nervous asking you out after that whole ‘situation’.” You grinned brightly, cheeks flush pink and eyes slightly crinkled from how happy you were. He breathed a sigh of relief and smiled back as you just as brightly.

He tackled you into a hug, the joy in his heart keeping him from being polite with you. The sweet giggles that rang around the room just made his love for you shine brighter than ever. With his face buried in your neck and his arms snaked around your waist, he squeezed you like a teddy bear.

You audibly let out an “awwww’ at the boy. He just so sweet you couldn’t help it. Your hand found it’s way to his hair once again, running your fingers through it and lightly scratching his scalp while the other rubbed his back soothingly.

Both of you spent the rest of the night cuddling and making plans for your date. Laughs and the soft sound of whatever movie playing in the background just made everything feel so warm and comfortable. It felt like all the pieces had come together and placed you with Hanta Sero.

He was feeling just as warm and fuzzy with you. As he cuddled and snuggled you through the night, he couldn’t help the adoring smile plastered on his face.

Who knew he would not only tape the last pieces of your shattered heart together but made it feel full as well?

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Holy crap I haven’t posted in ages and why not upload a picture I did of one of my favorite characters from My Hero Academia. Denki Kaminari I love him he’s is number 5 on my list of my hero academia characters.

Ps. I kinda over did it with the sparkles it’s just he’s a very spark-ling boy~♡

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