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#denver tweakers

I loathe small talk. Weather. The drive to a destination. The ramifications of something some horrid cunt said in the news. The news. Why religion is supposedly important. Phone sex. Text sex. Sports. Anything a president did before his term is up. What you’re hungry for.

When did people stop getting fucked up and riding/fucking faces? When did Colorado get so tame?

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I’ve been so high and touching myself all fucking day… It’s to the point my hand hurts.. There really isn’t a single female that’s interested in coming to kick it? We can chill and get high, watch a movie, go out, roll around naked and make each other cun. Whatever you want. Honestly I just need a home girl to spin with 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m handsome, clean, charismatic, well hung, have good dope and can host.. Let’s trade some pics and see if we vibe!

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