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hi everyone.

so sorry i’ve been inactive recently. life got busy and in the way of me making updates to my little blog but i will try to post regularly enough to keep you all updated.

right now, i’m just relaxing and catching up on Edith Hamilton’s Mythology for a lazy Sunday. thankfully, no school tomorrow.

i hope everyone is having a lovely day, the weather cleared up around here which has helped cheer me up.

although my posts aren’t as often, i want you all to know that my messages and inbox are open and if you have questions, are in need of support or encouragement, or just want to be friends, i will always be here.

love you all. happy (late) valentine’s day.

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It’s been a long while my friends! Tomorrow I finish my rotation in Pediatrics and I’ll be doing my final oral exam. We have to collect a history from a patient, organize it and write it down and then present it to an attending as well as answering a couple of questions. I’m a little nervous but I also know I’ve been working hard. Whatever happens tomorrow, I know I will do my best and that’s all you can ask for in clinic rotations.

Happy Thursday everyone and believe in your magic ✨

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January Study Challenge

day 24 - what’s on your desk? do you function best in a tidy or messy space?

here are very realistic photos of my desk ! i didn’t edit them or anything and i didn’t clean my desk after doing hw so ! um i would say it’s a good combo of tidy and messy. i have lots of things out, but i don’t have loads of trash or papers soooo yeah :)

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Shocking to say this is my first true post of the year! Acting on my new years resolution tonight with the help of Wigeon that cat: job applications.

My new years resolutions:

Job applications

Learn spanish

See more art

I was made permanent after working as a temp in property marketing and have been working so hard for the past few months. But I dont want to stop the search for my dream role. I’ll update this blog with my plans soon!

Xxx Emily

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since my last post gained me a couple followers i thought i might formally introduce myself and this account!

me: clara, she/her, 18 years old, hails from New York, bisexual, ravenclaw

what i do: studying artificial intelligence in the netherlands, currently in the first year of my bachelor

what i like: portraiture, photography, cinematography, listening to anything and everything on spotify, vintage things and people, dungeons and dragons

languages: english, studied spanish in high school, currently learning dutch

favorite book: frankenstein (what this account is named after)

favorite tv show: hannibal

reccomendation: marie curie is Very cool and you should read her biography by susan quinn.

what i plan to post: short updates from my day, what I’m working on at the moment, etc. as much as i love the dusty coffee inspired photos that are usually posted on studyblr accounts–i also really like color so my pictures will tend to the vibrant side

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