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#detective pikachu

A Detail I Just Realized was Hilarious in Detective Pikachu

When the hologram is playing of Mewtwo’s escape and it starts breaking out, this one doctor literally walks in front of it and reaches out like “omg no wait please stop you’ll break the glass”.

It happens around this scene here and you can see the character I am talking about (Dr. Laurant) in the GIF.

Originally posted by faeforge

I just realized how funny that pathetic attempt to control the situation was. Like, bitch, you think MEWTWO gives a fuck?!

Originally posted by damstevens


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I wanted to draw a picture from the detective Pikachu movie for a while now. So here, I decided to draw our world class detective the moment he face planted into Mr. Mime’s invisible wall. The original view was from behind, but it REALLY reminded me of the screen KO from Super Smash Bros, so I decided to draw him from the point of view of Mr. Mime. And what a view it was!

Hope you enjoyed looking at his smooshed face!

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Everyone says the ending to Detective Pikachu was predictable, but tbh I didn’t see it coming at all. Even when Mewtwo said “the father you’ve been looking for has been with you all along” I thought they were going to pull a Lion King with some “he lives in you” shit. That’s how dense I am.

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