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“Pokemon: Detective Pikachu” follows a young man named Tim Goodman who must team up with a crime-solving Pikachu to solve a mystery⚡️

As someone that really loved Pokemon growing up, I really enjoyed this movie, but I also know that it’s a mixed bag.

First I’ll try to judge it with my love for the franchise itself set aside. Looking at it objectively, I understand why the movie wasn’t loved by critics as much as regular cinema-goers, & I agree with those that say the story is pretty basic, with a weak script and cheesy dialogue. Those are totally valid points that I agree with and it feels like they could’ve done so much more with the movie in general.
But as a kid, it was my dream to see a Pokemon in real life (I literally Googled to check if they were real & believed the photoshopped images - don’t judge me, I was 7). And this was the first time we actually got a live action Pokemon movie! So despite its flaws, I really really enjoyed it. I think they perfectly brought our beloved Pokemon to life, from the animation to how they behave & their characterization (anxiety-ridden Psyduck? What they did with Diito? - PERFECT!) Plus when you combine that with the one you can’t help but love, a Pikachu chock-full of Ryan Reynolds charisma and humor mixed in with that cute little face, he was just perfect.
To me, all of those things trump the movie’s flaws and make your visit to see this movie such a fun time at the cinema, whether you’re a Pokemon fan or not.

As someone who was a huge fan as a kid and is more familiar with older Pokemon, I really enjoyed it. Maybe that’s why I liked it more than some do. That being said, I hope they produce another Pokemon movie. I definitely didn’t have enough of it & think they could do so much more. I know it was a contained story focused on Pikachu, which I didn’t mind, so I hope next time we see more from the other Pokemon rather than have them be background characters (they could’ve done so much more with Snorlax, Eevee, Jigglypuff, etc.) 

Overall, I recognize that this movie has flaws & I definitely think it could’ve been better, but I still liked it & really enjoyed it.

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(I’m still giggling about Chapter 12. Cabana boy.) Full chapter link to AO3 in comments.


“Leave me the hell alone.” Ali hated girls. She hated hanging out with them, interacting with them, pretty much everything because it always seemed to end up with cat fighting. Which, with her, usually led to fist fighting.

This girl, she didn’t know when to leave well enough alone. Typical reporter. “I know what you’re trying to do.”

“And what is that?” She couldn’t know. She couldn’t. There was nothing to know. Literally nothing! “Because last time I checked I wasn’t trying to do anything other than be a cop. But someone is trying to get in the way of that.” Ali wheeled around. God she wanted to shove that little blond. Shove her into the bricks, lay her out. Not with a Psyduck following her around, Ali was enraged. Thoroughly enraged but not stupid. “But what I am not doing is trying to get in the way of your story. You got one? Great! I’m not even trying to get between you and Tim.” Just keep moving, get the hell away from this girl. Maybe she’ll stop following. “I am not the one trying to ruin anyone’s career!” Clinic? How’d she end up at the clinic again. “Fuck!” Ali spun looking for an escape. She was face with Lucy or continuing up the street.

Bernie’s head came from the alley, taking out the trash, which had been considerable after the burst pipe.

“I really like Tim!”

“Maybe,” Ali groaned, “you should tell him that.” Evening settled in, the sky darkening fast. She needed dinner and a stiff drink. Many of them. Alone.

Lucy was brandishing paper in her face, phone out recording her. “Did you ever read the toxicology report from your Marowak’s death?” All said in that prissy way that reporters ask questions.

Every fiber in her tightened, ready to snap. “No.” Keep her cool. She just needed to do that. Which is much harder when Bernie stuck his nose into this, just like everything else with his good intentions.

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still shocked by how hot Sebastian the goth glam Charizard trainer from Pokemon Detective Pikachu was 😮

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