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#diego hargreeves

Setting: the academy are sixteen-ish and are on a school trip to a different country.

Allison: *listening to Land Down Under*

Klaus: *bursts into room from window* HE JUST SMILED AND GAVE ME A VEGEMITE SANDWICH.

Dave and Klaus: AND HE SAID, I COME FROM A LAND DOWN UNDER. *pulling beers out of their pockets for everyone in the room* WHERE BEER DOES FLOW AND MEN CHUNDER.

Five: *to Allison* why were we roomed with these knobs?

Vanya: How did you get beer? None of us are old enough to drink?

Luther: How the fuck did you produce them from your pockets?

Diego: how the fuck does klaus do anything?

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ok so here’s a thing i wanted to talk about for a long time and finally decided to do it

when i first watched the umbrella academy i noticed they screwed up a bit with the bedrooms sets

allison’s, five’s and luther’s bedrooms are all ok, they look pretty much the same in the present time and in the flashbacks, they don’t change location magically and etc., it’s all consistent

ben’s room was the one we never even saw

but when it comes to klaus’s, diego’s and vanya’s rooms it’s a bit messed up

let’s start with vanya’s/klaus’s room, and yes you read that right, that slash was intentional

in the earliest flashback we’ve got with grace walking down the corridor making sure children are ready for the mission vanya’s room is located here:


it’s the next room after luther’s and one before klaus’s and the door to the room is right in front of the little corridor that leads to the bathroom, and the room itself looks like this:


look at the wall behind vanya, it will be important later

so after her room there’s klaus’s and in this flashback it’s really small:


it has just one door that leads to this little hall and it’s basically opposite of the door to diego’s room:


in present time vanya’s room is missing, in it’s place is now part of klaus’s room:


the room that klaus occupies now has two doors, one that leads to the little corridor and then bathroom (so it’s the door that once led to vanya’s room essentially):


and one that we saw earlier that leads to the hall and is opposite diego’s door:


and we can also see in vanya’s memories as she destroys the academy that the room changed long before ben died:


so in conclusion this one doesn’t even seem like tua crew messed up, it seems like at some point vanya gave out her room to klaus so he could make it into a one bigger room for himself

not sure why reggie would even allow that or how klaus did it, but that’s what it looks like

so the question is where was vanya living since klaus took her room and before she left the academy? 

of course there were plenty of rooms in the house, but why leave the room she grew up in? for what? for an empty guest room?

we also know that there was one room that stood empty but wasn’t a guest room in this house and that was five’s room, so maybe, just maybe, she decided to live there as she waited for him to return? would that make sense? who knows, but that’s my theory, of course it will never be canon, but at least that’s how i explain all of it for myself

and now moving on to diego’s room and this one was clearly a mistake with the sets but anyway

both in the earliest flashback with grace and in the present time diego’s room is located next to klaus’s room and a little hall and the stairs that lead to five’s room:


it’s all consistent and doesn’t change: 


but in vanya’s memories when she destroys the academy diego’s room is somehow located where in reality bathroom is


and the room itself although it has the same furniture and possessions and color scheme is actually totally different:


and yes, diego has two doors to his room in the other flashbacks and in present time, but even if it was a view from that second door (which it isn’t, because diego’s room should be located in a different place anyway) it still wouldn’t look that way:


so for that i 100% know it’s just a mistake with the sets, i mean who knows in what order they built the sets and in what order the scenes were shot, but to myself i just explain it as… well vanya wasn’t in her right mind then so maybe her memories tricked her a bit, you know

anyway i just never saw anyone talk about this before and so i’ve decided to bring some attention to it myself

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and can i request another drabble with prompt 23 (“I’m not yelling, I’m discussing with you with a loud voice!”) w/ diego hargreeves from the umbrella academy? thank you again jenni and i hope you're having a fantastic day!

A/N: Fun fact: that prompt is actually a translated version of a popular line from a Finnish soap opera. :D I hope you’ll like this Sam!

Word Count: 438


Originally posted by c0ffeebee

A black figure walking through your kitchen was enough to tell you that your vigilante boyfriend was back from one of his jobs. You had talked about it for so many times that you could have just ignored it. You didn’t want to fight, but Diego had promised to quit over and over again because you feared so much for him - but every night when you woke up, Diego wasn’t by your side or in the house at all. He had started to sneak out to be a vigilante - that vigilante who you had asked him not to be because you feared for his life.

“Playing to be Zorro again?” you sighed from the dining table, causing Diego to throw a knife just beside your ear. You didn’t even flinch, you had expected that and knew Diego didn’t even aim to hit you. And as your eyes met, Diego let out a gasp.

“Y/N, I could have killed you! You promised not to do that ever again!”

You let out a mocking laugh. “Yeah, and you promised to stop being the vigilante.”

Diego didn’t answer and turned to the cupboard. You shook your head, fixing your position so you’d face Diego more as he poured a glass of water for himself. You rubbed your face, before raising your eyes to look at your boyfriend again.

“We’ve talked about this.”

Diego spun around, looking at you with furrowed eyebrows. “It’s not my fault the police can’t do their job properly. I have to help the families in need!”

You closed your eyes, trying to stay calm. “Please don’t yell.”

He groaned. “I’m not yelling, I’m discussing with you with a loud voice!”

Silence ensued, before you rolled your eyes and left the table. “Whatever, I’m going back to bed.”

“Do that.” Diego muttered under his breath and listened as the sound of your bare feet headed for your shared bedroom. And as the silence conquered the house once again, Diego rubbed his face in frustration - he knew you didn’t like how he was being the vigilante in this city, but he also knew that the police didn’t have time to help everyone in time. Diego wanted to do what was right, but he understood your fear about it. You only wanted that he wouldn’t get himself killed.

And as he gulped the rest of his water down and took his knife belt off, he was already thinking about how he could apologize to you. And he - reluctantly - promised himself he wouldn’t lie anymore, he would continue being a vigilante, but he wouldn’t lie about it anymore to you. He knew you’d understand.


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So everyone probably went this direction with the prompt but uh, I’m gonna pretend this is original ao3 link here! @tehmoonofficial

Summary: Dave and Klaus try to have a date. It does not work out so well. Modern day Dave doesn’t die au

Warnings: quick nsfw joke, but that’s it


Klaus ran.

He sprinted down the open street, losing balance every so often by slipping on the ice. He was too excited to care about his safety. But really, does he ever?

He burst through the door to the apartment he and Dave shared, startling his poor boyfriend awake.

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The Umbrella Academy As People In My Lit Class When There Was A Wasp

Luther: The sub with a chair and a meter stick moving around the front of the room trying to knock him down

Diego: One of the kids sitting at the desks in the back corner, armed with a pencil

Allison: The kid at the door volunteering to go get maintenance or something but also making it clear they will not be coming back until the wasp is gone

Klaus: The other kid at the back corner desks, armed with nothing, but claiming this is too traumatizing and we have to give up for the day

Five: The one staying at their desks doing their work in the middle of the room, near the wasp, because, “If I get stung, I get stung”

Ben: The one moving their work and themselves to the back table and calling out encouragement to the sub

Vanya: The one hiding in the back of the room between the bookshelf and the computer cart, clearly not wanting to be stung and wanting it out of the room, but asking the sub not to kill the wasp

Reginald: Our teacher, who didn’t show up and abandoned us to our fate

I had trouble placing the first four so if you disagree, feel free to debate!

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Klaus: So Five was our designated driver last night.

Diego: Yeah? How’d that go?

Klaus: We passed a McDonald’s and Allison and I started chanting “McDonald’s! McDonald’s! Mcdonald’s!” So Five pulled into the drive thru, and we started cheering but he just ordered one black coffee for himself and kept driving.

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