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I’m currently trying to get a larger following (thanks to my 15 so far, y’all are real homies) so I thought what a better way than doing a few free portraits of people or their characters!


  • follow me
  • Maybe try and boost or promote me

I really wanna be able to have a small career in art but I don’t think I’m gonna get anywhere alone.

ALSO feel free to message me and be friends (especially if you’re in the art community!)

I have the right to refuse any requests!

This is my second time doing free commissions and probably won’t be the last so even if I’m full feel free to still follow and maybe you’ll make it for the next round!

here are some examples of my work:

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Feb 23rd’s Drawing (kind of):

Today’s post is a little different. Skipped my regular #28drawingslater prompt in favor of putting the final little touch on this to get it finished and posted. I think this piece has been a good growing experience for me & I’m pleased with the results.

I do feel that it kind of represents both books more than just Seraphina. But I love how it sets up a cast of characters without showing their faces. Obviously there’s both Seraphina herself, who is too backlit to see properly and her representative in St Capiti. Then we see St Ogdo, St Eustace, and St Clare, representing, respectively, the part of society that hates dragons, the death that sets the events in Seraphina in motion, and Kiggs, the person who is most central in Seraphina transformation. The image in the ceiling of the apse is not a particular saint so much as a representation of the conflict of Seraphina’s two races (ethnicities? Somehow seems an odd word to use in relation to dragons). And above that yet is a dragon… Maybe Imlann? 😉

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Feb 22nd’s Drawing:

“Who am I, that you should love me?“

"You are My Queen,” said Eugenides.

She sat perfectly still, looking at him without moving as his words dropped like water into dry earth.

“Do you believe me?” he asked.

“Yes,“ she answered.

“Do you love me?”


“I love you.”

And she believed him.

Another visit to my fav book series. Spent too much time on this one too, but I was having such a good time listening to the @attolianarchives podcast as I worked on this!

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Feb 21st’s Drawing:

Veins of Gold was a really enjoyable read, and it felt pretty unique too. I’ve rarely seen magic meet the old American west, and there’s a thoughtful romance at the heart of it.

Today’s drawing got away from me. I meant to keep it simple but then I started experimenting & it grew into this almost full fledged thing. I’m pretty pleased with it on the whole. A good chance to experiment. Though I didn’t intend to spend a ridiculous amount of time on this… 😅

Fun update: Charlie saw my art and reposted it! ♥️

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Feb 20th’s Drawing:

“I am early in my story, but I believe I will stretch out into eternity, and in heaven I will reflect upon these early days, these days when it seemed God was down a dirt road, walking toward me. Years ago He was a swinging speck in the distance; now He is close enough I can hear His singing. Soon I will see the lines on His face.”


Blue Like Jazz is a book that’s hard to encapsulate well. It can be beautiful, but it’s also often funny and weird. It is enlightening and surprising. It’s not like any other book of its kind that I’ve read. Maybe its tag line sums it up best: “Nonreligious thoughts on Christian spirituality.”


I really struggle with landscapes, but it’s fun to do something different. This piece isn’t polished but it does what I want it too, so that’s a win. I’d be interested to revisit this one. First though, I think my next learning thing for art will be landscapes… 😁

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Feb 18th’s Drawing:

“I rose to standing, like Lars upon the barbican, the dark city spread at my feet. Lights twinkled in tavern windows, bobbed at the Wolfstoot Bridge construction. Once I had been suspended over this vast space, hanging and helpless, at a dragon’s mercy. Once I had feared that telling the truth would be like falling, that love would be like hitting the ground, but here I was, my feet firmly planted, standing on my own. We were all monsters and bastards, and we were all beautiful.” .

My favorite book ❤️

Not a polished piece today, but that’s ok. 🙂

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Feb 17th’s Drawing:

I love so much about Japanese culture, so I enjoyed reading the (somewhat inaccurate) Memoirs Of A Geisha. Here’s an interesting link I found about Geishas (& it touches on some of the inaccuracies of the book):

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