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Holy moly me oh my you’re the apple of my eye

Another fruit boy has arrived in town

[ID: a drawing of a boy with red hair squatting. He is wearing a round multicolored sunglasses, a green jacket with an apple pin and a lemon pin, that’s rolled up over his elbows, grey pants rolled up beneath his knees, yellow and black boots, and a red turtleneck. His fingernails are painted the same color as his clothing and he’s loosely holding a red lollipop. The background is a yellow-green with an apple over it.


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This is my baby Maurice from my book that I’ll be publishing soon, it’s nearly complete!  This is actually the first piece I’ll be posting of him to Tumblr and Instagram.  So no information about him is gonna be given until the book has been published for a little bit.

I know this looks like a traditional piece, hear me out.  Basically what I did was, I took pen line art from my sketch book, edited it to make it completely black and white, and then used that as line art for my digital piece.  Y E E  E E!!

And if you want to see the traditional version, go visit my Instagram, you’ll need to wait a moment if you’re early though.

My instagram:

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@handoodlets said:

“You should go shopping and, while you do, gather more information about the area and the count.”

@luzuli-dreams​ said:

“Gather more information!”

You ask Arvena if perhaps she might want to come along, but she says she is waiting for her husband’s ship to get back to Leyawiin. “I’m not leaving the docks until he gets here.” She explains. You say your goodbyes to Arvena and make your way into town with Ra’dirsha.

As you walk past buildings and houses of various sizes and colors, Ra’dirsha occasionally points and explains what they are. You walk past a towering, stone building and you ask if that is Castle Leyawiin. She shakes her head and explains that it’s the chapel.


“Leyawiin is home to many Argonian and Khajiit so you should not feel out of place.” Ra’dirsha notes as she leads you towards a store. The sign reads ‘Best Goods and Guarantees’, a general store if you’re to guess. Ra’dirsha says that she’ll wait for you outside; the proprietors don’t like her going inside unless she plans to buy something.

You tell her you won’t take long and step inside.


You are immediately greeted by two Bosmer, one short and the other tall. The short one introduces himself as Gundalas, and the tall one introduces herself as Elsynia. Gundalas asks if you are looking for anything specific or if you just came to browse. You tell him that you are looking for a dress, preferably one that’s suitable for formal events. 

Elsynia lights up and says she has just the thing you’re looking for. She tells you to follow her and she leads you to a small back room. She opens a wardrobe and pulls out a red velvet dress.


It is quite possibly the prettiest dress you’ve ever seen.

Elsynia explains that she bought it for elf prom. You ask what elf prom is. “An elf thing.” She says.

She goes on to explain that she hasn’t worn it since and that it clashes with her hair. But she thinks it would look lovely on you and that it would compliment your eyes nicely. You thank her for the compliment.

“How much is it?” You ask, ready to uncover your coin purse.

“I’m willing to part with it for fifteen gold.” Elsynia says.

[Leave suggestions/comments in the comments or submit them through the link on my blog.]

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This is Sarah she lives in 1987 and is 19 years old. She loves horror films and likes to hang out with a rough crowd. Her best friend is Joyce who is also her sister. Sarah doesn’t trust anyone but her younger sister who is her only family member. Sarah loves to wear tight reveling clothes to show off her strong body, if anyone tries to touch it they will not be spared.

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