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#digital drawing

here’s an oc I made up quickly and decided to name her Mio ( I couldn’t think of a better name) 

 I decided to try coloring a bit differently and idk if I like it or not. too tired to draw line art so it stayed as a sketchy piece, sadly…  

who could be the one on the other side of the string hmm.. 

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After 6 days (sketch included) it’s finally done!! It has been a long time since I last draw #HorikawaKunihiro in such detailed manner and I really loved the result.

Also, since I need an income (yeah, I’m broken, haven’t received my engineering degree yet and have no job), I’ve been thinking about opening up commission, so if you want a drawing like this, or know someone who does and is willing to pay, please DM me, it would be really helpful 🙏🏻

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