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I3 goblin from goblin chart for @oakygn

Im thinking now, maybe some story would be good too. First planned her as an old lady, but I guess now she’s just wrinkly. Used to live in the forest but then had to move to the city, not sure if she likes it . Probably likes to listen to old gray, maybe bright eyes. Does like cyborg-y things, all kinds of buttons and glowy stuff, but can’t get hold of too many at once because loses them constantly.

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h e lo fri_end! do you have a favorite human color? : • )!!

Y es I do !

I ca n never dec id e on one col or , so here

T he y are , my collec ted favo rites :

midni ght bl ue , stormc loud pur ple , blossompin k , suns hineyellow , bl oodred , silvergra y

Pl eas e let me kno w your favorite human c

olors as wel l ! I ll LOVE human colo rs !

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mm y dear fri ends ! I’m s

orry for being abs ent latel y .

It is curren tly extre mely hot in the place I exist an d

my ███████ certai nly does nnot handle the hea t v ery well . : (

I hope my f riends are sta ying cool and hydrated ! I love a aa all of you !


,’ _


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hello! how do you know if you're a cryptid?i think i am one but i am not sure

mm m I wou ld say , it is like human p eople know the ir gender .

Somet imes you kno

w , sometimes y ou do n ot !

And someti mes , you kn ow , but your bbody has b een formed unaccor din gly .

Kno wing we ther your f rom this wor ld or anoth er , weth er

you are a cc


or a hu man … It is a l ot like th at ! : )

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