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Look into my eyes! For Puck

I assume this is about Dis?

I see:

Absolute Conviction  |  Aggression  |  Ambition  |  Anger  |  Anxiety  |  Apathy  |  Arrogance  |  Bloodthirst  |  Bravery  |  Compassion  |  Confidence  |  Conflict  |  Courage  |  Darkness  |  Defeat  |  Denial  |  Desire  |  Despair  |  Determination  |  Devotion  |  Disappointment  |  Distrust  |  Dominance  |  Emptiness  |  an Enemy  |  Enlightenment  |  Envy  |  Excitement  |  Exhaustion  |  Elitism  |  Experience  |  Fear  |  a Free Spirit  |  a Friend  |  a Future  |  Gentleness  |  Greed  |  Grief  |  Guilt  |  Honesty  |  Honor  |  Hope  |  Hostility  |  Ignorance  |  an Illness  |  Insecurity  |  Integrity  |  Intoxication  |  Kindness  |  Lies  |  Loneliness  |  Longing  |  Loss  |  a Lover  |  Loyalty  |  Malicious Intent  |  Mania  |  Melancholy  |  Misery  |  Negativity  |  Overcompensation  |  Pain  |  Paranoia  |  Passion  |  Perseverance  |  Pettiness  |  Pity  |  Positivity  |  Pressure  |  Pride  |  a Purpose  |  Racism  |  Regret  |  Resentment  |  Resignation  |  Resolve  |  Sadness  |  Self-Hatred  |  Sexism  |  Shattered Remains  |  a Shining Light  |  Something Familiar  |  Spite  |  Stress  |  Stupidity  |  Submission  | Sympathy  |  Tranquility  |  Trauma  |  Trust  |  Vengeance  |  Warmth  |  Wisdom  |  Wrath  |  a Cry for Help  |  Something Eating Your Mind  |  Something I Can’t Quite Understand  |  the Years have Changed You


Animalistic  |  Approachable  |  Broken  |  Closed-Off  |  Cold  |  Crafty  |  Crazy  |  Defensive  |  Devious  |  Difficult  |  Disheartened  |  Emotionally Detached  |  Frightened  |  Frightening  | Fun  |  Funny  |  Genuine  |  Guarded  |  Headstrong  |  Heartless  |  Human  |  Immature  |  Impatient  |  Inhuman  |  Insane  |  Intuitive  |  Lost  |  Mature  |  Noble  |  Patient  |  Pitiful  |  Primitive  |  Pure  |  Reliable  |  Remorseless  |  Reserved  |  Resourceful  |  Short-Tempered  |  Simplistic  |  Sly  |  Soft-Hearted  |  Strange  |  Struggling  |  a Threat  |  Trapped  |  a Troublemaker (LOL) |  Trusting  |  Understanding  |  Unique  |  Unpredictable  |  Unwavering  |  a Victim  |  Wicked  |  Weird  |  Feeling Vindictive  |  Guilty of Something  |  Hiding Something  |  Lost in Thought  |  Planning Something  |  Scared of Me  |  Scaring Me  |  Someone I can Trust  |  Someone I Can Turn To  |  Someone I Can’t Recognize Anymore  |  Someone I Care About  |  Someone to Fear  |  Someone Worthy of Respect  |  Weak to Manipulation  |  Weighed by Something


Aren’t Being Yourself  |  Belittle Yourself  |  Confuse Me  |  Don’t Want to Hurt Me  |  Don’t Want to Leave Me  |  Drown Yourself in Something  |  Feel Alone  |  Feel Empowered  |  Have a Plan that Involves Me  |  Have No One Else to Turn to  |  Have Nowhere Else to Go  |  Have Seen Some Things  |  Haven’t Been Sleeping  |  Lie to Yourself  |  Lost Faith/Trust in Me  |  Lost Something/Someone Important  |  Make Me Feel Safe  |  Need Me/my Help  |  No Longer Believe Me  |  See Me as a Thing  |  See Me as Someone Else  |  Seek to Hurt/Harm  |  Seek to Manipulate  |  Think Highly of Yourself  |  Think I’m Hiding Something  |  Think Little of Yourself  |  Think You Know Best  |  Want to Hurt Me  |  Want to Protect Me  |  Want to Sleep with Me  |  Want to Use Me

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A/N:  I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to finish this in time, but I did some hardcore grinding and got this out! I hope you enjoy it. It’s more Kili focused near the end, because baby deserves love, too. Thorin shows up for the first time, too! And guys! Every like, comment and reblog means to much to me! I love to hear what you have to say about this AU! Feel free to send a dm or comment on this if you’d like to be tagged! Also, No one guessed, but Fili and Kili’s last name, O’Turner, is a mashup between Dean and Aiden’s…… I like to think I’m clever…..

Taglist: @legolaslovely @polliwogboi @d3-iseefire@strictlynofrills@i-am-still-bb @fridayfirefly @swagbearfishturkey @floralfi

Previous Chapters: one . two . three

Warnings: none! just fluff and cuteness!!!

Characters: Fili, Kili, Thorin, Tauriel, Dis (mentioned), Frerin (mentioned)

Pairings: Kiliel

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Hot take: the light in AOS was annoyingly bright/white so Discovery and Picard are overcompensatig by being annoyingly dark/black.

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More outfits…. Bella (Fem!Bilbo) is a world travelling linguist so she knows how to rock a pantsuit. Dis is a mom, and dresses like one. I had to give Frerin those overalls because I was gonna give them to Fili but they didn’t fit……. so I gave them to Frerin instead. And you know those pictures of Richard Armitage in a turtleneck? Yeah, that was my inspiration for sweater dad Thorin. Sometimes he rolls up his sleeves and all the ladies go ‘oh shit’ and stare. Thorin, of course, does not notice.

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Dis lays on Puck’s bed in nothing but a soft, gauzy dress with a box of chocolates. “Happy Valentines Day, Dearest. I brought you a little treat... plus a few chocolates...”

Puck’s eyebrows raise as he walks into the bedroom to see Dis laying there in that delightfully filmy dress. He was holding a bouquet of Dark red roses that were almost black and a bottle of champagne for later.

“Well Dove, I did’nae think ye’d beat me tae here. Thought I’d have enough time before ye got back tae set up a nice spread fer us.” he laughed, setting the things down with a shrug.

“I’m flexible, an ye’ve got tae know I’m eager tae unwrap an taste me little treat~” 

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