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aesthetic collages requests are OPEN!

hey everyone!

since i’m back from my hiatus, i’m opening my aesthetic collages requests!

if you one from the characters/universes/tv shows/movies/whatever from the following list, send me a request!

  • avengers
  • supernatural
  • titans
  • marvel’s agents of s.h.i.e.l.d.
  • marvel’s runaways
  • disney princesses

also, check out my latest post for more aesthetic collages or search #outerspacemariaesthetics!


mari xx

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Headcanons for Aladdin falling in love with a female palace guard?

A/N: I hope you like it!


Originally posted by disneyliveaction

- Seeing Aladdin the first time when you catch him stealing some food.

- You run after him, and follow him to the rooftops with ease.

- “Hey, mister, would you please give that apple back?”

- “Us street rats need to eat too and it looks like…” he shoved the apple in front of his monkey who took a bite from it “Abu has already started eating.”

- If you had been any of your colleagues, you would have taken your sword and put it on Aladdin’s throat, but you weren’t them - you just couldn’t hold back your smile.

- It was a surprise for Aladdin, since he thought you’d get mad and then he’d get to escape you again.

- “Okay, fine, I’ll pay for the apple. Thanks for the show, “street rat”.” you say, and he blinks, still not believing that you weren’t chasing him.

- “Hey, what’s your name?” he calls after you as you start to descend from the roof. “I’m Aladdin.”

- “Y/N. Nice to meet you, Aladdin.”

- He starts falling in love with you when he notices you don’t have the features most of your colleagues have - your colleagues tend to be rough and mean, but you? You can be sassy and kind.

- “Abu, I think I’m having a crush for that lady guard…”

- *Abu frowns and shakes his head while making disapproving noises*

- “But she’s so kind and I just… I don’t know how I would stop thinking about her if I had to.”

- A few days later, you save Aladdin when he’s being threatened by your colleagues.

- Aladdin knows his way to be cool and smooth, but at that moment he’s mesmerized at how you scold your colleagues and how they just stutter back at you before they quickly make their way off the scene. He just stares at the events with an open mouth.

- Abu reluctantly approves you after that.

- …and especially when you give him some food.

- Aladdin constantly finds himself staring at you with a dreamy look on his face.

- And that’s where he knew it - he was in love.

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Originally posted by yezinyl

requested by @sacredwarrior88​ | GoGo & reader | Big Hero 6

A/N: There weren’t any fitting gifs of her for this imagine nor any hospital gifs, but I hope you still like it!

Go Go was usually cool with everything, but when it was someone she dearly valued, she was a completely different person. She rushed to the emergency room, fearing that she won’t get to see you, that she won’t get to say goodbye.

But the time she got there, you were in a surgery, and Go Go had to sit in the hallway, holding her head, drumming her feet to the floor as a nurse told her everything she could about your situation. She thanked you in her mind - you had stated her to be one of your contacts and that’s why the nurse could tell Go Go about you.

“They hit their head pretty badly, despite the helmet. Both arms are broken, as well as their left tibia-”

GoGo lifted her hand to stop the nurse from talking. “They’re gonna make it, aren’t they?”

The nurse sighed, and Go Go’s mouth twitched.

“We don’t know. The brain damage… it could be fatal.”

And with that, the nurse left, telling Go Go that if she needed someone to listen, she could come to the front desk.

It had been weeks since your accident. And Go Go had sat beside your bed every single day. Some nights, she had slept in her chair, she had been determined to be there when you woke up, you were one of her best friends - if you were to wake up. Every sunrise and sunset, she sat there, either sleeping in her

But that day came, and Go Go snapped awake at the moment she heard you groan.

“Doctor, we need help here!” she exclaimed and grabbed your hand. “Y/N, Y/N, can you hear me?”

“Go Go?” you muttered and tried to lift your hand, but winced in pain before you could do that. “What happened…?”

“It’s okay… you’re awake, you’re safe…” she muttered and brought her hand to touch your arm gently. “There was an accident, but you’re okay now.”

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Beautiful Shop!! 🎼🎸
Coca Cola bubbles at Disney Springs!!!
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[x]requested by @sacredwarrior88​ | Colette & reader | Ratatouille

A/N: I hope you like it!

Colette stared at your jacket, which had your biker gang’s name and logo printed onto it. “So… don’t you think that’s going to affect your chef career? Y/N, you have all the ingredients of becoming one of our top chefs-”

You interrupted her, knowing what Colette thought how it was. “Colette, it’s not any criminal gang. We… we just hang out, go on small road trips and our members are all lawful and nice people. They just may seem tough but… they’ve been my friends for years. And if someone commits a crime and they’re found guilty, they’re kicked out on that instant.”

“So you haven’t beaten anyone?” she asked, a little bit shocked that such a biker gang exists which isn’t a bad kind.

You snorted at her question. “Colette, do I look like I like to beat people? Trust me, it’s a good gang and I joined them when I was eighteen.”

She sighed and lifted her hands up. “Alright, I’ll trust you.”

“Come to visit sometime, I could give you a ride and-” your talking was interrupted and Colette turned around and huffed, holding a spatula in front of your eyes.


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Love love The Mandalorian and it was the best Christmas gift of 2019 to us Star Wars fans, the series definitely has created that wonderful nostalgia we once experienced with the original trilogies, please bring on the next season Disney+!

Here’s my fan art as a tribute, apologies for the late post but hope ya’ll like it nonetheless!

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[x] requested by @sacredwarrior88​ | Li Shang x reader | Mulan

A/N: You know what you’ll get? That’s right, angst!!

Warnings: angst, the reader is dying

When you first heard that your illness could never be healed and you’ll die from it eventually, you were devastated - not because you were afraid of death, but because your lover, Li Shang, had lost so much and now he was going to lose you too. But you just had to swallow the news and tell him - he deserved to know now, and not when you were on your deathbed. You’d still have time, just not that much of it.

So when you approached the man you had loved for all these years - your heart wanted to pull you back, it wanted to remind you that you would break his heart by telling that you’d die. That you’d leave him. Just like his father did. He wasn’t angry at this father, but you could see he thought about it every once in a while - how he didn’t have a chance of saying goodbye. With you, he would have a chance - and that was a thought that kept you going.

The spring was beautiful. Cherry blossoms bloomed all around you, and it reminded you of the day you had met Shang. It had been under a cherry tree, all those years ago when you were just two teenagers, crushing at each other almost immediately. The memory made you smile. It had been so many years since that moment.

“Shang?” you breathed, and he smiled at you, standing up from the bench. You just stared at him with a sad smile.

“What is it, my love? What did the doctor say?” he asked, but you could see a glimpse of worry flashing in his eyes. You swallowed - part of you wanted to lie, to not to torture Shang more with bad news. But you knew that by not telling, you could torture him even more. It wouldn’t be right to do it for your lover. He had been there for all these years, standing right beside you after all your storms, and you had helped him through his storms.

And now he was going to lose you.

“Shang…” you whispered, and you felt a tear making it’s way to your eye. I’m dying. Say it. You tried to get those words out, but you couldn’t, which got Shang looking even more worried.

“Y/N?” his voice was uncharacteristic now, you could hear how he already knew what you were saying. He was a strong man - but even the strongest tree can break under pressure. And you saw the realization hit him, and you could see hope drifting away from his eyes. “No…”

Your lower lip trembled, and you reached forward, but Shang retreated before you could touch him. “I’m sorry Shang… I’m-”

Don’t say it.” his voice shook, and he brought his shaking hand to his face. “Not you, please, it can’t be you…”

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Epic USA Birthday Adventure

My birthday is in April. For the first time in a number of years, I wanted to do something to celebrate my birthday. So the decision was made - I was going to spend my birthday at Walt Disney World.

From there, plans were made for an Epic Birthday Adventure….Four Australian girls taking on (select parts of) the USA.  Come along as I recap our adventure!

Part 32 – Walt Disney World Day 4, Part 2

Animal Kingdom

Next up, Kelly & I had a date with a Yeti as we rode Expedition Everest – a lot of fun. We met up with the other girls and all headed to see Up! A Great Bird Adventure with Russell, Dug and Friends. It was interesting seeing the different breeds of birds at the park.

Afterwards, we took some respite in the air-conditioned stored for a spot of shopping. As I came out to head to lunch, the Great Bird Adventure continued as I spotted Kevin, standing heads over the crowd.

I have noticed that there are quite a few bridges in Animal Kingdom, all of which offer amazing photo opportunities! We had a very nice lunch at Harambe Market. I particularly like the quote painted on the wall next to our table.

Kupoteya njia ndiyo kujua njia – To get lost is to learn the way.

…to be continued…

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“He’s so full of himself, rude & conceited…” 😒

Beauty and the Beast (1991/2017) © Walt Disney Feature Animation & Walt Disney Pictures

Beauty and the Beast (1740, originally written) © Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve

Joo & Ayrton © as myself & former ex ⚠

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So I did a art style challenge, what my siblings did that I have to write the three different Casey’s on paper and put It In the hat, so for each style I take out a piece of that Casey

1.) Over the garden wall

2.) Tim burton

3.) 1900’s cartoon or Batim

4.) Steven universe

5.) My style

6.) Hazbin Hotel

7.) Disney

8.) Mystery skulls

9.) Adventure time

And yay let me know what Is your favorite show or art

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