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I’m back from my hiatus for a bit. What a wild week huh?

Trump’s cheese has slid off all the crackers. 

Many parts of the US are Hades hot. 

The government is not giving migrants flu shots which I’m sure will be fine. 

The doctor said my rash might be fungal in nature. I asked how can that be? What causes that? He said many people carry the propensity to get them in their DNA along with other factors. Anyway, we are trying this medication to see if that helps. It doesn’t itch much any longer, but my skin still looks like I was slightly dipped in a vat of really hot water. 

But, some bright spots in some of the fandoms I enjoy and am excited to watch.

The Mandalorian looks wild. That IG-88 scene, wow. And, Werner Herzog in a Star Wars series? Who would have thought that? I know I didn’t. 

The Lady & The Tramp live-action, I’m okay with it, ‘cause it’s dogs, but it made my heart squeeze & get all emotional so I’m not sure if I can watch it. The original made me cry too. But, the dog cast as Tramp, he’s a rescue from a city in my state. 

I got rid of my live TV app and got CBS All Access so I could watch Star Trek: Discovery. I had not read or seen much about this show so I am starting it with an open mind and fresh eyes. I watched two episodes yesterday and I like it so far. Plus, I’ll be able to watch ‘Picard’ when it premieres early next year and the remake of ‘The Stand’ is supposed to happen sometime in 2020. I have mixed feelings about this because I loved the original mini-series so much that ABC did back in the 90s, but I’m going to have an open mind about it. 

So many Marvel things. Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, She-Hulk. (The man-babies are already complaining saying it’s too leftist and I’m like, she’s been around since 1980??)

Black Widow movie is coming along. Black Panther 2 will have Coogler at the helm again. The Eternals looks cool. I am going to have to read the digital comic through the library’s platform. They only have some of the 2006 series that was written by Neil Gaiman. 

And, the Loki series! So excited to see Kate Herron at the helm of this. They picked a woman to do this and that is awesome. She will definitely be bringing a new perspective to the Loki from the alternate timeline after the battle of New York. Not everyone is happy about Herron and are screaming already. Why I don’t fully understand, but I’m not going to concern myself with it. There will be content here about it so if you don’t want to see it please use the unfollow button. I will be tagging but there might be an occasional slip-up on my part. This is MY blog so the stuff on it is my choice. 

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me, the other day: disney probably isn’t gonna do anything about southeast asian cultures because they probably think mulan, the remake, and bh6 already fills out their asian quota, so i’m just gonna have to cope with my theory about a filipina princess showing up in eoa but disney and people will still dismiss her because she won’t ever be in a mov–

disney: there’s gonna be a movie inspired by southeast asian cultures but without colonial influence, also the main character is voiced by an actress of filipina descent, the mc may or may not be a princess but she’s a warrior like mulan, and the other mc is voiced by awkwafina.

me: checkmate atheists. this is proof god is real.

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