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#disney descendants

In other words, as good a reason as any to tease some new excerpts from the Descendants/Jaylos WIPs I’ve been juggling. Decidedly more than six sentences because I do what I want. Anyways, here’s some proof of life:

Motherless Child (Come As You Are): Chapter 3

Jay slipped a short knife out from the sheath in his boot, then gingerly lifted the bottom hem of Carlos’ blood-stained t-shirt. “Make you a deal,” he murmured, cutting a slit into the fabric, and carefully working the blade up. “Tell me who did this and I’ll kill them.”

STATUS: Roughly 1K/3K drafted (gotta wrestle some bits I wrote at 3 AM).

Rats des Villes (City Rats): Chapter 6

Mal quirked an eyebrow, and [Jay] scoffed at her, slumping heavily into the doorframe with his arms crossed. “I’m not good with emotions either,” he muttered, his stare fixed purposefully on something outside the closet. “You’re not special.” (His lips twitched up into a smirk as he said it.)

“Ouch,” Mal said drily, suppressing her own smirk.

STATUS: Roughly 2K/3K drafted (editing 5ever because #perfectionist).


“Hey, be patient,” said Jay with a wink. “It’s multiple choice.”

Carlos groaned in mock exasperation, wriggling under Jay.

STATUS: Roughly 2.6K/??? typed + 5 more notebook pages to be typed. I wanted to finish this for V-Day, but tbh it’s just expanded so much (this excerpt is purposefully cutesy and vague because I don’t want to spoil the serious stuff). Pretty sure this will end up being 2 or 3 chapters, but who knows? Not me.

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MAL: One time I got caught manipulating my mom and she sent me to my room for three days straight. She would slide food under the door, and she stopped talking to me. I wasn’t exactly sad, though, just lonely. But whatever. I never cry.

JAY: Before we left the Isle of the Lost, I got caught stealing from Artem’s store and he threatened to file charges against me. But I wasn’t really sad—more scared, I guess, because I would have to stop stealing and it probably would’ve cost my dad a ton of gold to get me out of trouble.

EVIE: Growing up I had a doll that I’d made of rags. I named her Jocelyn. I sewed dresses for her and took her everywhere with me, but then one day a vulture ate her.

CARLOS: A lot of sad stuff happened to me. I don’t get upset about it, though, or cry about it. I guess I just try to forget. (And writing about it here isn’t going to help.)

(Source: Mal’s Spell Book, pg. 123)

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So Carlos got turned into a baby

Typical accident. Experiment backfired. Now he’s a baby in a purple and green onesie clinging to Mal’s side with all his memories I text but no way of articulating. This is how everyone reacts

  1. Ben immediately melts. Whenever Carlos isn’t with Mal he’s with Ben being spoiled absolutely rotten. Ben just takes one look at his giant brown eyes and gets wrapped around his tiny little pinky finger. Carlos knows this and he is sure to take advantage.
  2. Mal is sort of dumbstruck. Babyfied Carlos isn’t who she’s used to dealing with. He’s got no scars she has to heal. He doesn’t flinch when she goes near him. He’s always always warm. She gets almost as protective as Ben. And of course she’s the one who dressed him in the onesie
  3. Jay keeps his distance. He’s not good with babies. He roughhouses with the twins. But that’s because he knows they can overpower him. With a baby. Well they’re very easily breakable. But Mal shoves Carlos Into his arms and they don’t get him back for two days. Carlos is returned to bal in a miniature hells angel outfit. And jay looks very pleased with himself
  4. Evie doesn’t hold Carlos. She just sets herself up in the lab and works on an antidote
  5. Doug takes care of the supplies. Makes sure his girlfriend is eating and drinking. And arranged a trip for Jane
  6. Jane has a two month holiday in Cinderellasberg courtesy of Doug. Looking after you boyfriend when he’s a baby is not a good thing.
  7. Gil is Carlos’s favourite person other then Ben. He’s a natural. And especially adept at the funny faces
  8. Lonnie got caught putting Carlos in a maze to test how much of regular Carlos is exhibited by the baby version. Carlos loves it becaus she was the only one who still treated him the same
  9. Uma once gets stuck with baby sitting duty. And Carlos made sure he never left the changing station
  10. Harry isn’t allowed near him. Carlos cries the moment he senses the pirate in the vicinity. It soon turns into a tweety vs Sylvester situation. Except more violent somehow
  11. Audrey got conned into babysitting by Mal. And has to by an entirely new wardrobe after Carlos has “accidents” as she bounces him on her knee
  12. Chad is treated the same as Harry. Just a lot more angry crying from Carlos
  13. Dizzy dress him up and makes a fashion show. He was not impressed
  14. Celia tries to teach him shadow magic. Which makes bal terrified cause now he’s prone to disappearing at the drop of a hat
  15. The twins want to hold Carlos but they’re too small. So Uma has two crying twins on her hands
  16. Verna has no idea what happened. And bal are intent on keeping it like that

After two months Carlos is back to normal. And now has photographic evidence Mal is a big ol softie. A fact that dear old mother will never live down

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You know what I like?

I like the idea that because hades saved Audrey’s worthless little life she now has to be nice to Mal and company or else she forfeits life. If hades can semi jokingly threaten Ben. Then why can’t he add a little stipulation to his saving the school bully turned homeland terrorist? Because he’s god it’d be so laughably easy to take back what he returned. Sadly though I think mal would stop him. She’s always been to docile for her own good that one. I love her. But she needs to learn to cut out the tocix people in her life. Like the bitch that tried to destroy her home because she was jealous she wasn’t going to be queen any more. I still say that the best ending for Audrey was either life imprisonment or death. Death being my favoured option. Dont argue with me. I’m right. She deserved nothing. Least of all forgiveness.

TL;DR: I love the idea that hades now probably controls when and how Audrey dies. So she best be nice or the thread will be cut

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Harry: people like you irritate me

Chad: I’m not one of Mal’s idiots

Uma: he means straight people

Chad: so you’re…?

Uma: no. I’m not into women. I’m straight.

Chad: but he like you

Harry: I sold my soul to her long long ago

Uma: sold nothing, you begged me to take it, along with everting else of yours

Chad: ok I’m going now

Harry: thank fuck for that (to Uma) I didn’t really beg you did I?

Uma: you never really stopped. You’re needy person Hook. Always have been always will be

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