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I’m assuming this is for a distraction, which I thank you for, because I don’t remember reblogging any ask games that had a snowflake. God I’m not a huge fan of the snow and I’m surrounded by it right now here in the Midwest, but it’s melting, which I like. The global warming and climate change though that goes along with this crazy weather I absolutely don’t like.

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Mornings hide in darkness to an untrained eye.
Light fills the mind. Who needs a sunlit sky?
Wheel’s always turning; they get us here and there.
Thought moves us forward, making us aware.
Hate infects the soul, love mends a heart.
Memories fill the void at times when apart.
Words can flow like water, but not all fit to drink.
Edits smooth the surface the deeper that we think.
Actions set in motion the motives of our will.
Results always happen regardless of our skill.
Infants of the night, stars will guide the way.
The universe is infinite or so our eyes will say.
Seeing is absolute, visions much less clear.
Plans are two dimensional stumbling on a sphere.
Life’s full of surprises, full of good and bad.
Time is unpredictable, why would some choose sad.
Poets make predictions, half are mostly true.
Honesty measures accuracy, what shade of gray are you?
Poems can be too lengthy with no end in sight.
I’m predicting this is one, so I’ll say goodnight.


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Hi! I’m kind of lonely on this case so I would like to tell you this.. I suffer from a lot anxieties, that causes me a lot of stress. This month was exams month, and I guess all that built up stress hit me and now I’m stressed out all the time, tense, i headaches and lost my appetite. On top of that my period is late. (Which gives my sick mind another reason to worry about) yes, i had protected sex, but it was 3 days before my expected period. My mind is literally killing me. Please help me.

Hi friend,

Thank you for writing an ask into us here at MHA. I’m sorry that you are struggling with anxiety, I know how super tough that can be, I hope I’ll be able to give you some advice and reassurance.

Stress can definitely make mental health issues like anxiety worse, I also used to find that during exam time, my anxiety was even worse. So I think it’s really important that you try and find time every day, even when you’re busy revising, to try and de-stress and practise some self-care. Try to take at least an hour or two a day for yourself; fill that time with doing things that you enjoy and make you feel relaxed and at peace. For example, I take the two hours before I go to sleep and try it fill that time with things like art and music, I’ll also take the time to have a bath, wash my hair, look after my skin, etc. Practising self-care also involves things like making sure you are getting enough sleep, eating well, and staying hydrated.

I do think the best option for you right now is to speak to a professional, such as your doctor or a therapist. They will be able to help with a diagnosis, if applicable, and will start treatment with you. They will also help you to begin understanding what is causing these feelings, or lack of, and hopefully, give you some coping mechanisms which you can apply to your daily life. Even if there is no diagnosis necessary, sometimes venting can really help to clear your mind. I know reaching out for help can be really scary, but you deserve all of the help available to you, lovely. Here is a link to our page about getting help. Professionals are there to help you in any way they can, they won’t judge you, or make you do or tell them anything you don’t want to. 

In terms of managing your anxiety there a few things you can do. Some simple self-help tips would be: avoid caffeine, make sure you’re getting enough sleep, do some easy exercise such as Pilates, keep a mood journal. Here is our page of self-help methods for some more inspiration. To help you with calming down when you feel anxious, breathing techniques and mindfulness are really effective. I also really recommend progressive muscle relaxation -  this is where you slowly start to tense each muscle in your body individually and then feel that tension flow away. Start with tensing the muscles in one foot for 10 seconds, then move onto the other, and then make your way up your body until you feel more relaxed. We have some more suggestions here. Furthermore, distractions and grounding techniques can be really good to stop you overthinking a situation and to keep your focus on reality. I find something that keeps my hands busy can be really useful, such as playing an instrument or knitting, something like that.

To challenge negative thoughts that come with anxiety, I found it really useful to stop, acknowledge my thought, and then ask myself whether I have any evidence to support that thought. For example, if I find myself thinking ‘he thinks I’m stupid’, I stop and ask myself ‘Are you just mind-reading? What evidence do you have to say that he thinks you’re stupid?’ Normally, you will find that you don’t have any evidence to support that thought, and challenging it can help you to dismiss and move over the thought. Journalling is something I always suggest to people who are struggling because it is something which really helped me - writing down both the negative /and/ positive things from your day can help you to recognise patterns and triggers, but it can also be great to look back at when you had a really good day and remind yourself that you can overcome the anxiety.

I hope this has been of some use to you, lovely. Please remember that you can always get back in touch with us if there is anything else that we can help you with! Take care!

‘’Keep fighting, people, and your little monsters will never get the best of you.’

Rhiann xo

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Hey guys! I’ve been having to take some time off of work and school to get my mental health back on track. Luckily, this has given me some time to spend with the family I haven’t gotten to see much since I moved out.

My sister and I were both big QinniArt fans and it was one of the things that really brought us together, which is something we struggled with as kids. We just have very conflicting personality traits and it’s sometimes hard for us to see eye to eye, so having something we have in common is really great. My other sister is at college, and the sister at home had happened to just get her wisdom teeth removed, so she got to be home with me some this week.

One thing my family has always really bonded over is Ghibli movies. We all watched them our whole childhood. Whenever we needed a pick-me-up, or were just bored, or for any reason, really.

This week, my sister and I happened to bond over watching “Kiki’s Delivery Service” and “The Secret World of Arrietty,” while we scrolled through Qinni tribute art, and worked on drawing our own. It just felt so wholesome.

This got be thinking that, along with drawing, Studio Ghibli movies have a lot of great mental health benefits in my opinion. I’ve always loved how they focus on just small daily things and how special they can be. They spend time showing the beauty of wind blowing through a flower field, or the preparation of ramen. Things that anyone can relate to and enjoy. The characters are also typically very realistic. The heroes in most Hayao Miyazaki films are mostly young girls who are inexperienced and finding their way in the world, as I was when I first began watching Ghibli movies. No one would expect those characters to act as adults, and they don’t. Ghibli movies depict a positive story of a journey of self growth and improvement. I think that having positive stories like these are great for people struggling with mental illness to get out of their own heads for a while and see a story that can calm and relax them, while giving them hope, and teaching them to appreciate the little things.  

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Been spending my day doing tafe work and working on my iPad. Here’s something I worked on earlier 😊. I call it Blue moon under Red sky. It is an edit. I hope you like it! Red is a big mood for me atm. But so is Star Wars. And I wanted to encorperate a little of both into this 😊.

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surprisingly enough, once i’m actually in the zone i can stay on task easier on my least favourite subjects more than on my favourite cause my least favourite subject is boring enough to me that i won’t get distracted by the other chapters in the textbook.

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I just want to keep writing my second chapter so I can finish it and Audible is like oh here’s your next credit, Darth Maul: Lockdown is on your wishlist, want it?


BISH stop distracting me with your rippling abs, cunning and intelligent personality and crazy shenanigans :’(

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