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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Have you run across the book 'Dress in the Age of Jane Austen, Regency Fashion' by Hilary Davidson? I received it for Christmas and would def recommend!

I have not seen that one - but I think there might be some space for it in my Regency reference collection…

Thanks for the pointer!

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pisces: how do you visualize scenes? do you see it like a movie in your head, or do the words just flow?

I am very visual, as both a reader and writer. I often ‘see’ important scenes in my fic long before I write them. For example, I know exactly what the final scene of the current Coffee ‘verse fic looks like, and have done for quite some time now… ;) 

Sometimes the words just flow, too. It’s not an either/or for me. So long as I always know what the next five or so words are going to be, I can just keep writing and writing. Of course, that doesn’t always happen…

But yeah, when I’m writing, I’m always very conscious of what the scene looks like, even - especially - when there’s a lot of dialogue. I find long dialogue scenes that read like two disembodied voices in a white room very hard going as a reader, and I always try for the opposite of that as a writer.

Zodiac Writing Asks

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Hello! I appreciate your J/B fic recs, thank you! Could you spotlight the fic Extracurricular Activities by divine_twig, I think it's grand!!

First, I’ll link to the fic: Extracurricular Activities by divine_twig, which is great and I have recommended this multiple times before.

*sigh* okay. I don’t mean to single you out or hijack this entirely well-intentioned ask, but I’ve decided to do a preemptive post about my stance on messages like this in relation to the Fic Back Friday/Spotlight Saturday series. You can read this here, or don’t. Essentially I won’t be entertaining requests to feature specific fics for those two series, sorry! It’s important to me that I make these decisions on my own.

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End of year: #1, #38, #50!

1. First things first, did you have a good year?

It was better than last year. I did some really cool things. I said goodbye to some really cool people too, but that doesn’t have to be a lowlight. 

38. What was the best moment of the year for you?

Going to that Moomin park was something. Moomin everywhere. I bought overpriced pancakes, got my picture taken, what more could I have asked for?

50. What do you wish for yourself?

I want to write more this year. And I want to move out of my comfort space and have a relationship.

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#2, #5, #8 ask meme

2. When you’re writing a new story, what is the one thing you need to know before you can start?

Before I can start writing, I need to be able to ‘hear’ a line from the story - dialogue, description, whatever. It doesn’t have to be the opening line, but the idea needs to be present and alive enough in my head that it’s talking to me.

It isn’t necessarily a story at that point, though. It only becomes a story draft, rather than an idea I’m playing with, when I know where and how it ends.

5. How do you know when a story is “done”?

As I said above, the end point is something that I need to have very early on. I need to know where this thing is going. The road it takes is the bit that I can only discover by writing it. When I get to the end, the question is how to find the right words to express the ending, rather than whether or not this is the ending. Luckily, I’m usually fairly good at ending lines, but that’s because I’ve been mulling over the ending all the way along.

8.  How do you feel about epilogues?

Sometimes a story needs an epilogue, and if it does then I’m fine with writing one. The most recent story of mine that had a true epilogue was More Than a Memory. Unfortunately, it turned out to be 10,000 words long - about twice as long as any of the chapters - because, while I’m quite good at identifying the need for an epilogue, I remain terrible at estimating how long anything I write is going to be.

Author asks

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Oooh! For the phone sex worker!J ' verse, could they maybe meet irl in the coffee shop? Maybe B is waiting for her friend Margaery, and B sees the Warrior fella she often sees ordering his usual frostino (such a J choice), and as he turns her way she looks away, but then M arrives and calls out, 'Hey Brienne!' and J somehow just *knows* this Brienne is *his* Brienne, and he goes over to the table to introduce himself? And B recognizes his voice? Maybe?

THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA! My current thinking had Jaime going to see Doctor B Tarth give a lecture at Storm’s End University, and he recognises her voice instantly (and gets a hard-on in the lecture hall). 

I haven’t quite decided how I want to wrap up this verse yet; I still feel like there’s so much to play with!

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So does Chef!J take over for Addam? Does critic!B have to eat her words?

You’ll have to wait and see! I have the next prompt written; should be up in a couple of hours or so :) 

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F/up LC!verse: so, does Renly know the kiddos are LC!J's, or what does Q!B tell him? I would think he would be cool with them being LC!J's, seeing as if R has no intention of consummating the marriage, he's gotta know B would still need an heir, and the LC is as discreet a choice as could get?

Oh, yeah, Renly totally knows that the kids are Jaime’s. Brienne goes to Renly (pregnant with Jaime’s child) and finds her husband about to have sex with a hedge knight. It’s an awkward conversation but they come to an agreement: Renly will be her husband in name only and enjoy the benefits of that; Jaime will be hers in every way but that. 

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#5, #6, #7!

5. Books or authors that influenced your style the most.

Markus Zusak and Alice Hoffman. Both use such precise imagery and their books are deeply emotional and I’m a sucker for crying, I guess. I’ve tried to emulate them in a lot of what I’ve written. One of Hoffman’s books actually made an appearance in a fic I wrote ages ago lol

6. Favorite character you ever created.

For a creative writing class years ago, I wrote about a teenager at war with her parents, and her hiding out in the garden shed. She was such a brat and I love her.

7. Favorite author.

Right now at this moment I’d say Neil Gaimen, but the above two are in close running.

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The word game: fire, tears, blanket

I have nothing for either fire or blanket, but you won’t be surprised to know that there are a few for tears :)


He had turned to face her, and was watching her with dark eyes, his expression something she couldn’t quite interpret.  Love, perhaps, though God knew she had done nothing to deserve it.  Love tinged with sadness, with quiet desperation.  It made the well of tears inside her rise up, threatening to overflow and drown her in sorrow. - from the next chapter of Things Left Unsaid.

He swallowed hard, tears stinging his eyes, a lump in his throat stopping the outpouring of emotion. - from the next part of Drinking to Forget

She was silent, and he could feel grief rising up within him, threatening to spill over and drown him in tears.

“I can’t bear this,” he said, his voice trembling.  “To - to have her back in my life, always out of reach, never able to touch her?  To have her a - a polite stranger?  The gods wouldn’t be so cruel!” - From a future chapter of Homecoming

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Where are you finding all these books for Belle? They're amazing, I love old books:-)

The blog that I reblog the book posts from, michaelmoonsbookshop, is an antique bookstore in the town near where I grew up.  It’s been there since I was a kid and it now has a tumblr!  I squealed when I saw that!

Anyway, I figured Belle would want a lot of those books in her library.  Or maybe they’re in Gold’s shop…

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Congratulations on your TEA wins! Thank you for posting!

Aw, thanks!  I know it’s sure a lot easier to scream into the void when you know there are at least a few folks screaming back about how much they enjoy your screaming.

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Fanfic ?: #10, #15, #20

10.  Is there a fandom you read fic from but don’t write in?

Yes. Recently, Game of Thrones. But there’ve been a lot over the years because I don’t write fic unless I feel really comfortable with the material. 

15. Is there an obscure ship which you love?

I don’t think so? None of my pairs are particularly rare. 

20. Any ships which you surprised yourself by liking?

Not really. I definitely have a type when it comes to ships. I usually see them coming a mile away and know I’ll be trash for them. I suppose an exception to that is Swan Queen. I didn’t really see it until season 4 and then it clicked and I was like  “oh of course”. 

Sorry my answers weren’t more interesting! 

Fanfiction Questions

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#30, #35, #48?

what’s your favorite candle scent?

Woody scents are lovely

who is your celebrity crush?

I very much have a thing for Tig Notaro

who is your role model?

Hannah Gadsby. Really admire and look up to her

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TMI Tuesday: How are A Real Hero Belle & her knight faring? Have they succeeded in their pursuit of the next generation of leadership for Colliure? Is the little one learning about governing from mama and self defense from Papa? Anyway, love that story, thank you for posting!

Aw, thanks for asking!  I don’t exactly know what ARH!Belle and Rum are up to.  I kind of had an idea for something once, but I’ve decided to use that for another fic later on.  You know, a little while ago I found myself contemplating some headcanons for ARH!Rumbelle kids.  I came up with an eldest daughter named Lucy who has Rum’s coloring and whose true passion is travel.  This may become an issue if she’s to be the heir of Collioure because there’s a younger sister named Rose with Belle’s coloring who is a born politician- charming, ambitious, perhaps a bit ruthless.  And Gideon’s there too, the youngest, and by early adulthood well on his way to becoming a master wizard.  Naturally they all learn every solitary thing their parents can teach them.

Also, if I can say one more thing about ARH, I haven’t watched “Beauty” and I don’t intend to, but everything about Belle in this scene is so ARH!Belle in twenty-ish years, I love it.

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Hi, you marvelous person, you! I apparently suck at responding to emails in a timely manner, so am now spamming all points of entry with hopes that you are doing well, gratitude for your marvelous postings & fic , and abject apologies for late response :-)

Oh no worries whatsoever! I’ve practically been on hiatus myself with work going nuts … will feel more myself (and get back to posting fic!) once some major deadlines pass. Thank you so much for this lovely message ☺️

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