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Frozen love

Izuku had no particularity so I hope that in his other life he was much better. Who would think that the God of the mountain would take pity on his soul?
Now in her new life as a girl, to become a woman of complete snow and obtain a particularity forever, she must freeze who her former childhood friend was and … first love.

Katsuki Is it worth fucking you to then be frozen for you? … hell yes. (I’m not very good at English xD)

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Soulmate!AU: How would Katsuki react to seeing his soulmate mark matched Izuku? Would he tell him or would he keep it to himself?

oh i love this

so it depends on *when* he sees it

- if he sees it in ms: he definitely doesn’t tell. fuck the nerd, this is bullshit anyway. he would be furious. why this useless nerd? why him? deku looks down on him anyway, they cant really be soulmates! and whats a tiny patch of skin anyway? he’ll live his life how he wants to.

- if he sees it post bkdk fight 2: he still keeps it to himself but he’s also.. acting very differently. he’s not angry just bitter, feels ashamed of how he treated his own soulmate… bc fuck, he is bad for his own soulmate, what kind of person is he really?? he would be too ashamed and embarrassed to tell deku but he’ll figure it out eventually.

either case they do end up happy and together :D 

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I made a thread about short/cute!fem!deku / bakufem!deku on my twitter, if you’re not following me you should! I post lots of twitter exclusive stuff there ;)

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‪So. They’re in their early 20’s at a party.‬

‪Deku is very drunk and just won’t stop staring/saying how amazing Kacchan is.‬

‪(His T-shirt says drunk, ripped it straight from google soz if it’s wrong)✨‬

‪Kacchan’s tipsy and shhhyyyy 😘‬

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What makes my heart clench is that Deku was actually frozen like the other bystanders, but the moment he saw Katsuki’s face, his feet just start flying towards Kacchan. Not only is this Deku’s first rescue but it’s also when All Might considers Deku worthy of being a hero. Katsuki and Deku’s fates are so intertwined, both pushing each other to be better not only as heroes but as human beings. Their complex relationship I find so beautiful and poignant.

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Watch Deku scoot closer and closer to Bakugou


You can see him scooching over, is he trying to be subtle or is he unconsciously wanting to be closer


He wants to see what Bakugou is doing to, not only be close but to engage with him


He takes the book from Bakugou, is finally able to talk and goof off with his feral crush



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