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A No Good, Very Bad Day

He wished he never got out of bed that morning. He should have gone right back to bed when he accidently gripped his glass of orange juice too hard and shattered the cup, cutting his hand. Tony cleaned the mess while Stephen tended to the teen’s hand, and then Peter left for school without a word.

It only got worse.

He missed the subway, so he had to take the next one which made him late for school, and when he got to his locker he realized he forgot his book report at home. That was at least easy to fix. He could call Stephen and ask the man to portal it to him.

Ned was absent so getting through the day would be harder without his distraction, and he even managed to fall off the rope in gym glass. Very Spiderman like. He still wasn’t sure how it happened.

He would have been able to brush all of that aside, but then Flash happened. Peter tried to leave as fast as possible as soon as the final bell rung, but he must have been waiting for him because he tripped Peter as he was walking around the corner to the main doors. Flash laughs when he swan dives to the floor and his next words shatter Peter’s heart.

“Hey Penis! I’m surprised Tony Stark is still alive considering your curse.” Peter pushes himself to his feet. “It’s only a matter of time until you kill him too. Then you’ll have no one. You’re just a charity case Parker.”

Tears spring to his eyes but he blinks them away. He wouldn’t give Flash the satisfaction. It would only spur the other teen on and he didn’t want to hear any more insults. So he rushes off and through the main doors and blindly climbs into the familiar Audi in silence. Peter ignores the concerned look Happy gives him through the rearview mirror and elects to look out his window to avoid conversation.

You’re just a charity case.

That wasn’t true was it? Tony and Stephen seemed to genuinely care about him…but maybe it really was for the public. Tony Stark taking in and caring for an orphan from Queens? It would definitely give a positive impression.

Or maybe it was because he was Spiderman. Maybe Tony wanted to keep him close in case he need his powers.

Even if all of that wasn’t true, something else bothered Peter.

A curse.

The teen was inclined to agree with Flash in that regard. Peter had two sets of parents already and they all died. He was legitimately terrified of losing Tony and Stephen. They were the only parental figures he had left and if something happened to them…

Peter chokes on a sob as he jumps out of the car when Happy pulls up to the tower, and hangs his head when he steps into the elevator. He needed to push down his emotions and lock them away. It wouldn’t do to worry Tony and Stephen anymore.

“Are you alright Peter? You seemed distressed.” FRIDAY asks.

“Just tired.”

The AI says nothing as the elevator doors open on the family floor and a trembling hand immediately grabs his chin as soon as he steps off. Stephen tilts Peter’s chin up and to the side, and frowns.

“Did someone hit you?”

Peter pushed the sorcerer away. “I fell. I’m fine.”


“I said I’m fine!” The teen shouts. “I’m just a charity case anyway!”

Stephen narrows his eyes. “Charity case?! You are anything but! Where did that even come from?”

“So I’m here because of Spiderman?! Is that why Tony took me in?!”

“Spiderling what is going on? Do I need to get your father?” Stephen reaches out but Peter flinches away.

“He’s not my dad…and neither are you.” The sorcerer recoils and the teen looks away from the elder man’s hurt expression. “Just leave me alone.”

Peter rushes into his room before Stephen collects himself to react and he slumps against the wall after slamming the door. The hurt he saw in the sorcerer’s eyes hurt him too but he decided pushing them away was the best decision. He’d rather they hate him and be alive than be dead because Peter cared about them. He couldn’t lose another set of parents.

With another choked sob, he fumbles to take his watch off and he throws it, his phone, and his Spiderman suit into the closet. He was going to leave and didn’t want his parents to track him. No. Not his parents anymore. He didn’t deserve them. He wasn’t going to take anything except the clothes on his back and whatever money he had, and maybe his web shooters. Peter wasn’t about to risk another confrontation with Stephen or Tony, so his exit was going to have to be his bedroom window.

He would climb his way down.


Tony whistles as he strolls into the living room and he pauses when he finds Stephen sitting on the couch with his head in his hands. Scarred hands were very obviously shaking and that told the billionaire that his boyfriend was anxious, so he rushes to sit next to the sorcerer and rubs his back.

“You alright? Did you have a nightmare or something?”

Stephen laughs half-heartedly. “If only. I’m still waiting to wake up.”

Ok. Now Tony was really worried. “Where’s Peter?!”

“He’s okay. Physically at least. He’s in his room.”

“What do you mean physically?”

Stephen takes a shuddering breath and lowers his hands into his lap. “Peter came home looking upset. I saw a bruise and asked him about it, and he told me that he just fell and he was fine. I was going to ask him if he wanted an ice pack…and he went off about being a charity case.”

“Where the hell did he get that idea?”

“He didn’t say. I asked if he wanted me to get you and…he said…” Strange swallows. “That you weren’t his father…and neither was I.”

Tony curses. “I bet you everything that Flash kid said something. Just give Peter some time to calm down. I’m sure he didn’t mean it.”

Stephen nods and Tony gets up after pressing a kiss to his temple and makes his way into the kitchen. Peter must have had a terrible day if said something as hurtful as he did, and to Stephen no less. It made him wonder if there was more than what was said because his son was too nice for this world to say something so heartbreaking without a reason. Peter was hurting more than he let on and that also meant the kid was thinking too much. Tony didn’t know what about though.

A few hours pass as the engineer plans and makes dinner, and when their meal is finished, Tony asks Stephen to get their son. The sorcerer does with some hesitation, before racing into the kitchen in a panic.

“Tony, Peter’s gone.”

Tony freezes. “What? Are you sure?”

Stephen holds up the Spiderman suit, cellphone, and watch, causing Tony to blanch. “When did Peter leave FRIDAY?”

“Shortly after his argument with the doctor. He told me he was getting some fresh air. Shall I check neighborhood surveillance?”

The billionaire swipes a hand through his hair. “Its too dark for that. Stephen did you check for hair?”

“He thought of that too.”

“Okay…we’ll just have to look the good old fashioned way. He won’t be getting very far at this hour.”

“I’ll check bus stations and…alleys.”

Tony nods. “I’ll call Ned and look around Queens.”


It was nearly two o'clock in the morning when a thought came to Stephen. Tony had called to let him know that Peter wasn’t at his friend’s and that he was going to check his usual haunts, and Stephen had checked bus stations, subways, and any other place of transportation with no luck. When he recalled his rather one-sided argument with Peter he remembered the teen renouncing he and Tony as his parents.

Wasn’t his family buried?

With that in mind, Stephen opens a portal to the graveyard they went to for May’s funeral and immediately begins his search for Peter or specific graves. He found his parents graves first. Ben and May were right next to them but Peter was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps this was the last place Peter would want to go. It was, after all, a reminder that he was the last remaining Parker, and he probably thought he was alone if Stephen knew him well enough.

A sneeze from behind Richard’s grave startles Stephen from his thoughts, and he steps around the large stone marker to find Peter huddled against it. The sorcerer falls to his knees in front of him and reaches out to brush away brown curls, waking the dozing boy.

“You’re freezing.” Levi moves from his shoulders and wraps around Peter’s shivering form.

“What are you doing here?” Peter whispers.

Stephen grabs the boy’s face and forces him to meet his gaze. “I’m here to take you home. You had us worried.”

Peter pushes his hands away. “I don’t want to be a charity case.”

“I already told you, you are anything but. The moment you called us when May…” Stephen sighs at the younger’s flinch. “Tony called his lawyers about adopting you. He…we…didn’t want you to go anywhere else. You are important to us and even if we aren’t your parents, you are our son. That will never change.”

A tear falls down Peter’s face and the sorcerer gently wipes it away. “I don’t want anyone else to die because of me.”

Stephen pulls the boy into his chest and gently strokes trembling fingers through his curls. The cold was starting to affect the pain in his hands but he would ignore it for now.

“Peter…no one died because of you. They were all terrible accidents.”

Peter sobs. “You and Tony are all I have left. What if something happens?”

“You still have the rest of the Avengers, Happy, and even Pepper. But,” Stephen pushes Peter away just enough to look at him. “Tony and I don’t plan on dying anytime soon. At least Tony isn’t. I’ve died thousands of times already.”

Peter looks at him incredulously. “What?”

Stephen chuckles. “I annoyed an other-worldly being with a time loop.” Peter actually laughed at that. “Now please, let me take you home.”

Peter nods after a moment and the two move to their feet, but before Stephen can start opening a portal, strong arms wrap around his waist and the teen buries his face into the sorcerer’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry Mom.”

Strange sighs with relief at the familiar term as he returns the hug, and then adjusts Levi around Peter’s shoulders when he finally pulls away. He turns and opens a portal, leading the teen through, and Peter sits at the table while Stephen heats up their dinner. It was halfway through their meal and the sorcerer was drinking his tea mid-sip when he remembered an important detail and spews his tea.

“I forgot about your father!”

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It’s not your fault”.



I’m so sorry I know it’s been a while but I’ve been busy with work and besides I needed a break to recover from Avengers Endgame, you know? But I’m finally here, out of that hole of dispair(?) ready to ignore cannon and keep drawing Ironstrange.

I just wanted to say: STOP BLAMING STEPHEN for what he did (you know what I mean) It wasn’t his fault so stop putting the blame on him.

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Playpen Protocol

Pounding headache. Sore throat. Stuffy nose.

He was pretty sure he had a fever too.

Peter muffled a groan into his pillow. Today was not a good day to get sick. He had a Spanish test, a quiz in Chemistry, and had to turn in his English essay about some garbage book he barely paid attention to. With a sigh, Peter crawls out of bed and listlessly makes his way into the connected bathroom to take a shower. It helped clear his nose at the very least, but hiding the rest of his symptoms would be an issue. If his parents noticed his off behavior when he went out to the kitchen to grab breakfast–the thought if food made his stomach churn–he might be able to convince Tony he was fine. Stephen on the other hand…

…he would see through him in a hot minute.

He didn’t call himself a doctor for shits and giggles.

Peter scrubs at his face with his towel after he gets dressed, tames the nest of hair on his head, and grabs his backpack on his way out of his room. He slinks into the kitchen and sits on one of the barstools as Tony turns from the cabinet and sets the teen’s favorite cereal in front of him. Ignoring the churning of his stomach, Peter pours himself a bowl and painfully swallows each spoonful. It was hell on his throat.

Peter clears his throat. “Either you didn’t sleep or you’re miraculously up before Mom.”

Tony peers at him curiously over the rim of his mug at the boy’s hoarseness. “Stephen was up late reading. You know how he is.”

“You have no room to talk.”

Stephen yawns as he joins them in nothing but pajama pants, and Peter shrinks into himself when his icy blue gaze settles on him. This was it. He failed. Stephen had an uncanny knack for knowing when the Spiderling had something as simple as a tickle in his throat, and his narrowing gaze confirmed his fear. Something quickly followed by a cool hand on his forehead. Peter couldn’t help but sigh at the coolness.

“By the Vishanti…go back to bed. Now. Tony, he has a fever.”

Peter couldn’t really tell you what happened in the following ten minutes. Only that his protests fell on deaf ears and that he suddenly found himself wrapped like a burrito and tucked tightly into bed. He literally could not move.

“It’s just a cold! You’re overreacting!” He squirms himself out of his burrito form with some effort. “I have tests today!”

Tony pushes him down. “You can make them up. I’ll call and let the school know you’re sick.”

The billionaire pulls out his phone as he sits in the teen’s desk chair and props his feet up at the foot of the bed. Stephen hands him a couple of pills specifically made for the vigilante by Bruce, and Peter accepts them in defeat after a second attempt to sit up. Thankfully his parents didn’t push him down again. Taking medicine while flat out on his back wasn’t easy.

Tony pockets his phone after making the call that Peter didn’t even realize he already made. “Lay back down Underoos.”

Peter opens his mouth but Stephen beats him to it. “He’s fine.”

“You know how he is Stephanie.”

“I’m sorry, who is the doctor in the room?” Stephen passes the sitting engineer and walks out of Peter’s room.

“If we’re being literal then me since you just walked out.”

The sorcerer rolls his eyes and steps in just enough to grab the front of Tony’s and drag him out of Peter’s room before closing the door on the surely scheming teen.

“FRIDAY, activate Playpen Protocol.”

“Yes Doctor.”

The sound of locks echo from within Peter’s room and the teen groans loudly.

“SERIOUSLY?!” A couple of coughs. “You guys are the worst.”

Tony grins. “Love you too Pete.”

“I’ll bring you some soup later. Go to sleep.” Stephen rubs his eyes and walks back toward the kitchen.

“Did I ever tell you how hot you are when Mama Bear comes out?" 

"Tony…you think it’s cute when I sneeze.”

“Cute, yes. Mom Mode is arousing.”

“Insufferable douchebag.”

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Peter: When Freud said bisexuality is what happens when you don't fully develop a brain, he was right and I'm proof.
Stephen: Freud is a 'lil bitch, my idiocy doesn鈥檛 have anything to do with bisexuality and all to do with my own hubris.
Tony: I get offended when Freud says I鈥檓 a dumbass because I鈥檓 bi, because I feel like he鈥檚 overlooking all the other perfectly valid reasons I鈥檓 a dumbass.
Stephen: I'm bi and a dumbass, but those qualities are unrelated.
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PETER: Hi Dad,,,,,,,
Stephen: 3 AM!!!
PETER: uh okay
NED: then the cops came.
Peter: bye ned!!
Peter: I GOT GO
Peter: OH COME ON!!
Stephen: You are grounded until the end of time
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Love Changes One’s Views

“Oh…eww. Slime. Not cool man.” Peter shakes a glob off his arm. “This suit isn’t easy to wash.” He webs the alien against a building and ejects the empty cartridge from his web shooters and replaces it.

Sam laughs over the comm. “Looks like Mom has laundry to do.”

Stephen grumbles at the nickname. “I hate you.”

In truth, he really didn’t. He was sadly already used to the Avengers calling him some form of  ‘Mom’, and while they said it to tease, Peter meant it. He would be lying if he said that it didn’t make his heart melt. Sure, it was kind of different being referred to in a feminine term but it grew on him. Much like Peter did.

The doctor shields himself from an attack from an alien tentacle while at the same time hearing a shout of surprise from Peter over the comm. Before Stephen can even open his mouth to question Spider-Man’s health, Tony curses.

“Mama Bear. Spider-Baby is down.”

Strange restrains an approaching alien with his whip. “I’m a little occupied at the moment. Can it wait?”

“Oh sure. He’s not going anywhere with REBAR COMING OUT OF HIS STOMACH!” The genius shouts.

Stephen throws the alien away and dispels his whip as he flies to Tony and Peter’s location. Once he lands by the unconscious teen, the scene before him had his stomach rolling. He may have been a doctor, but seeing Peter impaled on a metal rod…it was different when the injured party was someone you loved.

He actually froze.

His hands trembled.

The doctor was out.

Tony’s repulsor was what brought him out of his momentary panic. That and the fact that the man was actually smacking his cheek with his other hand. Stephen inhales sharply and finds himself looking into dark brown eyes full of concern.

“You back?” The sorcerer nods. “Good. Mama Bear needs to take a step back and let the doctor through.”

Stephen studies the rebar and glances back at Tony. “Cut the base. I need to pull it and take him to the Med-bay.”

Tony does so and with a nod from the sorcerer, extracts the metal rod from Peter’s abdomen. Both men wince when the boy cries out, motivating Stephen to open a portal as he tells the Cloak to gently pick the boy up. It wastes no time going through the portal once it picks up the boy, and Stephen looks back at Tony after stepping through himself.

“We’ll finish up here. Just worry about getting the kid patched up.”

Nanites reconstruct Tony’s mask and the billionaire flies off, leaving Stephen to close the portal and rush to Peter’s aid. He knew that the teen would be fine once the doctor tended to the majority of his wound and eventually Peter’s enhanced healing would take care of the rest. It still frightened him though.

“I’m going to go as grey as your father at this rate.”


Scarred hands tremble as Stephen rinses blood off of them and he looks up when the door to the room slides open. Bruce quietly slips into the room with Tony and the former joins Stephen at the sink while the latter pulls a chair up to Peter’s bedside and sits down. Silence hangs on the air when Strange turns off the faucet and he accepts the towel Bruce offers him.

“Tony said you froze.” Bruce mutters.

The sorcerer sighs. “What kind of doctor does that?”

“Stephen…he’s your kid. I’d be worried if you didnt.” Bruce smiles. “Now you can let Mom back out.”

Strange groans at the term but nods in agreement as he drags a second chair next to Tony’s and deposits himself onto it. Bruce leaves and they spend the next couple of hours in more silence–at one point Stephen leaned to rest his head on the genius’s shoulder–until Peter finally wakes. No noise of discomfort was made. He simply opened his eyes, watched the couple at his bedside doze, then proceeded to scratch his cheek lazily.

“Did you get the license plate of the semi-truck that hit me?”

Tony and Stephen jolt to attention at the teen’s question before the eldest scowls at the youngest. “I don’t want to hear sass from you. You scared the shit out of us Underoos.”

Peter looks down at his hands and picks at a string on his blanket. “It’s not like I meant to get hurt.”

Tony sighs tiredly. “I know kid.”

“Any pain?” Stephen asks quietly.

“Just sore. Can we watch Star Wars?”

Tony chuckles. “Sure kid. IF Mom says you can leave the Med-bay.”

Stephen predicted the look before Peter even turned his Bambi eyes on him, but he still visibly deflated. Even he wasn’t immune to the look and that was troublesome.

“As long as you take it easy.”

“Yes! Whoa!” Peter clings to Tony when he scoops the teen up. “I’m not a baby! I can walk!”

“Yes you are. My baby. I won’t carry just anyone so you should be grateful.”

Tony carries Peter out of the Med-bay and to his and Stephen’s room, and the sorcerer opens the door. The billionaire walks in and carefully lays Peter in the middle of the bed before turning back to the door and leaving the room again. Peter turns the television on while Stephen takes the time to change into more comfortable clothing, and Tony returns a couple minutes later with Peter’s pajamas.

“I’ve taken the liberty to dispose of your Captain America shirt.”

“Oh come on!” Peter catches the clothes thrown at him and only grimaces once while changing. “It was the only one I had!”

Stephen winks at the teen while Tony changes. “It’s a blow to his ego when you have something that isn’t Iron Man related.”

“Not true!”

Tony chucks an oil-stained shirt at his boyfriend before slipping into bed and Stephen throws the offending article in the hamper. He joins the two after the Cloak settles in the corner of the room and Peter curls into Tony’s side when he starts the movie. The genius dozed off halfway into the movie and Stephen kept most of his attention on watching Peter. With how often the teen watched the movies, he could probably quote them word for word so he instead watched for any sign of discomfort from his kid.

There was none.

Peter fell asleep toward the end of the movie, still tucked into his father’s side, and Stephen settles onto his side facing his family.

“FRIDAY turn off the television and set the lights to Spiderling levels please.” The doctor whispers.

The television goes black and the lights dim until Stephen can barely make out the furniture in the room. It was dark enough to not disturb Tony or Stephen, but light enough for Peter in case the teen woke up from another nightmare. Some light seemed to help stave off any panic from waking from one so Tony made it a custom setting.

Peter slept better because of it.

“Stephanie, I can hear you thinking. Go to sleep.” Tony grumbles and wraps a protective arm around Peter and falls back asleep.

With the knowledge that Peter was alive and safe…he did.

But not before threading trembling fingers into the waves of their son’s hair.

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Mom Mode

It was a known fact to everyone to never disturb Stephen Strange when the sorcerer was taking a nap. Granted, he very rarely did so, but when he did, it meant he was exhausted. Battling interdimensional beings took it’s toll.

Not to mention living with Tony and Peter.

They were also the only ones who could wake the man without consequences. At least Peter. Tony was still the occasional asshole and would wake his boyfriend with a sharp object just to get a rise out of him. That usually found the billionaire portaled away and falling for a couple of hours.

Currently, the sorcerer supreme was passed out on the couch in the common room, with his back to the rest of the room and dressed in a loose t-shirt and sweatpants. Rhodes was reading in an armchair, Clint and Sam were playing a video game, and Natasha was sitting on the back of the second couch flicking Clint’s ear in an attempt to distract the man from his game. Tony was thankfully holed up in his lab, but Peter?

He had just entered the common room looking a little dazed, muttered something unintelligible and made his way over to Strange. The others watch curiously as the teen wedges himself between Stephen and the couch, and then roll their eyes when the man merely huffs and pulls the blanket down from the back of the couch and covers them.

“Not feeling well Spider-Baby? You’re warm.” The sorcerer murmurs and Peter answers with a grunt.

Rhodey smirks at them over his book. “Mom mode activated.”

Clint pauses the game and turns to the colonel. “I’m sorry. Did I just hear you say Mom mode?”

Peter whines at the archer’s volume and Stephen glares at them over his shoulder. Rhodey and Clint immediately return to their previous activities while Nat says something about getting the teen some water and something for his fever. It was also likely she would inform Tony.

The colonel would of course tell Clint that calling Stephen the teen’s mom was a running joke. Peter had called him that one evening after patrol, practically asleep on his feet, and was completely mortified the moment he said it. Strange didn’t even bat an eye when he led the boy to bed, and Tony laughed so hard that tears were streaming down his face. The billionaire then sent Friday’s recording to Rhodey and Happy, both men hell bent on making it a thing.

Telling Clint would definitely speed up the process.

Both Peter and Stephen were quick to fall back asleep, and Tony walked in about an hour later. He stared momentarily at the pair on the couch then points at Sam and Clint.

“If you wake them up, I’ll kill you.”

Sam snorts. “Dad mode activated.”

Tony responds by throwing a nearby pillow at the man.

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Peter teary eyed: Mr dad doctor dad something terrible has happened :(

Stephen and Tony: what’s wrong Pete?

Peter: grumpy cat the first internet icon has passed away :(

Stephen hugging peter: aw peter it will be okay

Tony hugging them both whispering into Stephens ear: you better use that overpriced emerald and bring her back so Peter can feel joy again

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Peter: hey mr dad finals are almost here and if i memorize one more formula I’m gonna lose my marbles :(

Tony calling Stephen: yeah get here now it’s finals season we gotta get Pete out of the house

Stephen walking through a portal in casual clothes: Tony start the car we gotta get him somewhere stress free

[Like 15 minutes later]

Peter in the lab eating ice cream while Tony and Stephen struggle to decide what to watch on Netflix: hehe nice :)

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Peter: Today I learned that 鈥渙nly鈥 20 people have been boiled alive in Yellowstone National Park.
Stephen: But with your help, we can change that. For just a small monthly donation, you can help us sacrifice a tourist to old faithful every single day.
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