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#dog anatomy
hi I wasn't sure whom to approach with this but them I thought of you and when I opened your blog I was greeted with your latest alpha/omega smut.. how realistic would it be for sesshomaru to have a knot seeing as he's a dog demon?? omg sorry I'll return to my trash can 🗑

You know, it’s entirely possible since he is technically an actual Dog Demon lol. But Kagome is Human (in a sesskag situation) so her anatomy doesn’t contract to hold him in place either so I’m not sure how the knotting thing is actually supposed to work in a human/inu youkai situation. But I’m sure that’s not going to prevent him from trying or doing things anyway. But if you’re asking purely if Sesshomaru could have a knot it’s entirely in the realm of possibility. I wonder if Rumiko Takahashi ever got asked this question.

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Does any of the dogblrs know what the purpose of the dogs’ “second ear” is, or have a theory about what it might be?
I tried to find something about it online, but couldn’t find anything.
It doesn’t seem to have a purpose at all to me, and my theory is that it might be a trace from earlier canines (?)


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she still had her collar on when we pulled her out of the trash bag she was in. my school got the recently euthanized dogs (and two cats) from the local animal shelter so we could dissect them. the dog my group got was a little black and white terrier mix. she was covered in fleas and feces from where her bowels emptied after she was euthanized and put in the trash bag. the first anatomical part we had to identify were muscles in the head and neck, so we had to skin her head. by the end of the lab, one entire half of her body had been skinned and she had been opened from neck to inguinal region. she was a little chunky and she had been spayed. the kid in the group beside me cut his dog’s front leg off just for the hell of it.

i cried a little after i left the lab. those poor dogs, and millions just like them every year, have to have their life ended early because of selfish people. this is why i think people who allow their dogs to breed are assholes (there are very VERY few cases where i think it’s okay). seeing pictures in anatomy books of skinned dogs is one thing, but having to personally skin the dog yourself is a whole new experience, and it’s an experience i’d like to never have to do again.

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Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend.
Inside of a dog there’s a bunch of wet red stuff and bones and shit. I haven’t quite figured out how to put a dog back together, though. To be honest it’s more complicated than I expected. Maybe I should look it up in a book. 
Don’t worry, Scruffy! I’ve got a copy of Virtue’s Household Physician somewhere around here….

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Subcutaneous Musculature of the Canine Forequarter


Deep Musculature of the Canine Thoracic Limb, Lateral View


Deep Musculature of the Canine Thoracic Limb, Medial View


Subcutaneous Musculature of the Canine Hindquarter


Deep Musculature of the Canine Hindquarter


(Piermattei, Donald L.- An atlas of surgical approaches to the bones and joints of the dog and cat)

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