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Flower Asks

Aubrieta: Favorite drink?
My favorite drink is actually a throwback to another time (so I’ve heard.) So I’ll say hot chocolate instead XD But the kind you mix with hot milk as opposed to water. It’s creamier.

Black-Eyed Susan: If you could be any animal for a day, what would it be?
Honestly I don’t really want to be an animal. Maybe a bat or a little dog just to see how they view the world, process thought and communicate. That way I’d be better able to understand my pets.

As for the bat, well…this is me we’re talking about.

Blazing Stars: What are you afraid of? Is there a reason why?
I’m afraid of a lot of things for a lot of reasons. Most prominently that my ambitions and aspirations will never come to fruition. Try saying that five times fast.

Common Boneset: What are you looking forward to?
Right now? Checking out Target on my way home. 

Cyclamen: Did you have a favorite stuffed animal as a child? What was it?
I did! A cute bunny plushie I got for Easter one year. I still have her :)

Freesia: What are three good things that have happened in the past month?
1) I finally got Sweet Screams Ghoulia and Creepateria Draculaura (although I was disappointed in the latter doll)
2) My dog is *knock on wood* cancer-free.
3) I drew fanart for an author and she loved it.

Gladiolus: What is something you hope to do in the next year or two?
I want to finish the first draft of my stupid novel and also publish and write more short stories.

Glory-of-the-Snow: What are ten things that make you happy/you’re grateful to have in your life?
This one sounds like a Game of Thrones title XD
2) my doggies
3) spooky/halloween monsters 
4) the spooky/halloween monster community
5) the doll community
6) world building
7) within temptation (seriously)
8) my dolls/collecitbles
9) sunbutter/sunflower seeds and all the allergin-safe snacks that incorporate them
10) the teeny tiny circle of fans I have

Plantain Lilies: If you could go back in time, what is one thing you would stop/change?
You know…that’s a tricky one. Sometimes I wish I could go back and live the college life in full as opposed to just existing. At the same time…would I be the person I am now if I changed who I was then? I kinda like who I am now.

On a lighter note I’d try to convince the Hasbro writing team to incorporate Sunset’s subplot in “Friendship Games.” We seriously needed that.

Tropical White Morning Glory: Describe your aesthetic.
My entire blog is my aesthetic XD
1800s gothic fiction, 1930s horror/THE ORIGINAL Dark Shadows, Monster High+Equestria Girls/Sailor Moon.

Tulip: What would be the best present to get you? 
Literally anything from any of my fandoms, especially the spooky ones~

Wisteria: How many books have you read in the past few months? What were they called?
One :’D “The World of Ice and Fire.” Great book, fascinating book but it takes a while to get through. Almost finished though!

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