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So these are my dogs’ current ribbon walls.

I took all the flat ribbons off if Haley’s rack because it was too crowded. I’d like to sew them into a quilt or something, but can’t decide on a pattern I like. But Haley’s wall is a huge mess right now. Even the shadow box display is falling apart lol. And I have more certificates and pictures to put up there. Though I’m thinking I might just put the certificates in a book, and make a scrap book or photo album with pictures of her whole life. But I need a better ribbon display than a rusty x-pen panel. I think I want to make or get some kind of wooden or metal rack with her name along the top, and a series of neat bars or panels below. First bar or two would be for title ribbons, and lower bars for Q’s arranged by sport. Then I might get some of those stick on photo panels of some of the professional photos I’ve bought of her doing disc and agility. And I leave the poster of her herding photos probably.

For Bree I want a similar rack for her ribbons, with her name along the top. She’ll have significantly less ribbons so it doesn’t need tons of extra space. For some reason I’m really set on hers being made of stained wood. Then l’ll get her agility photos framed or put on those stick on canvases.

But yeah I gotta figure out designs for ribbon racks. Anyone know anyone who makes custom ones? I might get my dad to help me make some wooden ones, since he made a rack for my horse show ribbons. But what I want might be too complicated for us to figure out?

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I am so proud of Roma today!

1). She let a stranger handle her like a vet would with only mild avoidance (and gave the woman a free ear clean 😂)

2). Stood literally centimetres from other dogs who kept sniffing her and ignored them (with the help of some treats)

3). Stood waiting for rest of our group and with one who was already there. He then started saying Roma’s name and making kissy noises at her. Roma glanced at him and then just ignored him 😂 his response was “alright then!” He then actively encouraged his dog to engage with her. So I reminded him she’s not fond of dogs. I rewarded Roma generously as he kept letting his dog touch Roma before pulling his dog back. This happened several times with Roma lip licking before his dog reached to steal the treat I was giving Roma!!!!! Roma snapped at the dogs face before I called her along and rewarded her. She brushed the interaction off really well and didn’t let it ruin her day. (I know to avoid him next time!)

4). Met a teenage golden retriever, who she seemed ok with (I warned them), she briefly went stiff so I recalled her and she came straight away with no bad interactions. I *think* she would’ve been ok but she’s done this before and will either attack or play bow. But always with the stiffness first. So I didn’t want to risk it as this was before class.

Even though it wasn’t all good she handled it very well and was very patient with rude dogs!

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