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this is me and my little man the day we put him to sleep. 1.17.20. The worst day ever. It feels and sounds so weird to say. He’s not at the door anymore waiting for us and it breaks my heart. 16 years and 4 months to the day. I love my teddy bear 💙

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The other day, I had a tug training session with Juniper out in our front yard, during the day, with distractions of other people down the street. She blew me away! She was so lovely and focused and drivey, and it’s indescribable but I could just see…Who She Is. She’s becoming such an awesome little dog!

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Juniper turned 6 months old this month. It’s hard to accept that she’s not a small baby puppy anymore. The time has flown by and somehow she’s already halfway to a year old now! She’s still very much a puppy, but she has SUCH a good heart and I can just see the dog she’s going to become. I’m emotional. My little puppy is growing up ; w;

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“Everything the light touches is our Kingdom”

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Let #sleepingdogs lie, but also be sure to #video them, #amiright? I just love #thesounds #tommybeaner makes 😍 💤 🐶 😴 😘 #dogsofinstagram #dogs #chihuahuasofinstagram #chihuahua #chihuahualove #chihuahualover #sleepypuppy #doggydreams #dogdreams

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