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Will you ask if anyone of your flowers lives in the jackson missippi area or anywhere close to that area ? Visiting this area now and trying to see if there's anything here

Any of you guys in the Jackson Mississippi area or close to it?

Also submit to the Nodsquad page and check the opiate pages on Reddit. There’s a huge opiate community on there with people from all over! You’re bound to find someone on there if you can’t on here. Or if worst comes to worst just go to a bad part of the city and try to cold cop. Could be risky, but it might work out? Ya never know.

Honestly this is how I met N. She messaged me on here in 2017 needing help picking up since she just moved here, we met up the same day, stayed in contact since, and now we live together and she’s literally sleeping next to me as I type this, lol. Talk about Tumblr/picking up off a random person bringing people together. 🤣

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We are back open today as normal 9:30am - 4pm so come on over and get yourself some goods,level up and get creative.

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¦¦ #Dope #Neon ¦¦

#Repost @blottermedia
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Animated the intro for the top 10 on Season 16 of @sytycdtour total approx 1,300 frames. Music is Party Bus by rich the kid. Animation assist @kayeon_25
Dancers: @themariahrussell @ezra.sosa @madisonrosejordan @eddie_hoyt @sophie_sparkles @bailrok @stephychica @benjamincastro01 @annvchristine @gino__cosculluela
#dancer #2d #dancedance #rotoscope #dancers #adobe #digitalart #art #dancelife #dancehall #animations #aftereffects #cartoon #creative #oddlysatisfying #viralvideo #drawing #satisfying #mograph #motiongraphics #viral #artwork #explore #editing #edit #neonlight #sytycd

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Lately I have been coming to the realization that the drugs i choose to do are terrible, Theyre causing enormous strain in my life and do nothing but damage. I keep having moments like these. I can’t stop thinking about what I’m doing. I can’t stop thinking about how fucked up it is. These drugs are horrible, both mentally and physically. They are deteriorating me at an alarming rate yet i continue to use because i live for the rush. I need an escape.. even just a release. I’ve hurt people and myself and broken countless relationships. im just not the way i used to be, and isn’t that fucked? i am completely destroying myself for something so horrible and temporary. And the most fucked up part is that it feels like the only way i can fix it all is to get high

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The world is lazy

But you and me

We’re just crazy

So when I’m with you, I have fun

Yeah, when I’m with you, I have fun

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