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I want a touching one-shot that has has Squirrel Girl go through a bit of an identity crisis regarding her origins, only for her to stumble though a Krokoan Gate and learn that she is truly a Mutant. She is then accepted, like most Mutants, into the Krakoan family.

Have her then be on something like a new Unity Squad. I like the idea of the Unity Squad.

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deadpool: too soon? infinite comic #1-8 (2016)

written by joshua corin, pencils by todd nauck and reilly brown, inks by reilly brown, colours by jim charalampidis. last panel is second printing cover art by pepe larraz.

two takeaways from this book: i still desperately want a punisher/squirrel girl crossover, and proving that once again i would love a dilf cable/frank punisher three issue team-up drawn by mr larraz in the same way a flower loves the sun. 

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Young Marvel Titles of 2010s part 2

Year 2010 Titles

1st pic - Shadowland: Power Man #1-4 (2010) (this mini-series has the first appearance of Victor Alvarez as Power Boy…I mean Power Man)

2nd pic - Firestar v2 #1 (2010)

3rd, 4th and 5th pics - Age of Heroes #1-4 (2010) (It’s basically an anthology mini-series with the appearances of the Young Masters, Gravity, Squirrel Girl, Shuri as Black Panther II, Cloud Nine and Death Reaper)

6th pic - Galacta: Daughter of Galactus #1, 2010

7th pic - Thor and the Warriors Four #1-4 (2010) (this one is an AU comic with the Power Pack having their own adventures and it’s drawn by Gurihiru) 

8th pic - Ultimate X #1-5 (2010) (Jimmy Hudson’s first appearance in this comic, this series takes place in Ultimate Marvel AU)

9th pic - Chaos War #1-5 (2010-2011) (This event storyline has Amadeus Cho playing a major supporting role)

10th pic - Siege: Young Avengers #1 (2010) (this one-shot comic is part of the tie-in to the event storyline, Siege. It has Young Avengers on it) 


Part 1 of Young Marvel Titles of 2010s

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Just some superhero kids on their day off at Disney California Adventure! :D

Tomorrow’s my first day at a new job so it’s time to properly announce that I finished up at Marvel Animation a couple months ago. It’s been an INCREDIBLE journey working on Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel Rising over the last three and a half years! There are no words to describe how grateful I am that they took a chance on me and taught me everything I know about boarding. I’ve made wonderful memories with the crew that’ll be close to my heart forever. My life changed for the better since I started at Marvel and though I’m sad to leave, I’ll continue to grow and one day I’m sure I’ll be back better than ever!

PS Marvel Animation shows are now available on Disney+ so be sure check it out! 

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Doreen was always a bit clumsy, way before being officially Squirrel Girl, meddling with paint and always exaggerating on glitter. She remembered her first treehouse, filed with all her art projects.

It stood proudly outside her house in LA for a big portion of her childhood, and squirrels would always pass by and see her make more and more art. Her mother would leave some hazelnut cookies for the “visitors”.

The last art piece she made was a family portrait, with a glitter-filled frame. Before she could hang it in the treehouse however, it started to rain. Really bad.

Hiding into the treehouse, she couldn’t see a path to crawl to, and all her furry pals were getting soaked… Like all the paintings she made through the years. Once her father brought the ladder, she and the squirrels were able to climb down, the lightnings came, and it made the tree fall. It didn’t hit the house, but it crashed down on the street

Doreen looked at the surviving artwork of that tragic incident, still covered in glitter. She wiped her eyes at the sad memory, and the many lost “treasures” on the treehouse. Then, she looked at how happy her and her family seemed at the portrait… Along with all the furry friends cheering with them.

She missed that treehouse, but she and her family still stood strong. This thought comforted her heart and snapped her out of that gloom. Tippy Toe and Mister Lieberman played with the glitter falling on the floor.

She was standing stronger now. They all were.

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