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#dorm life

~February 18, 2020~


Last midterm of the quarter today! Have to wait all the way until 6pm & although it allows for more study time, it also gives more time for nerves to kick in. 😬

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Originally posted by undertheniall

Last we left off: the secret is out, but no one is talking about it. 

Cassie splurged on the expensive wireless headphones and was actively ignoring the team. Everything she did, everywhere she went, she kept the headphones on. And although the team pitied the girl, her inability to cooperate was leaving everyone irritated. Even Reid. “We’re not going to get anywhere if she refuses to help.” Hotch began the conversation once Cassie had left for class. 

“You have to think of how this might be for her.” Prentiss felt for the girl the most, “I mean, her roommates were all murdered and she was intentionally left alive. This is hard for her.” 

“I understand that, but we still have a killer on the loose and the sooner we solve this the sooner we’re out of her hair.”
“Maybe she doesn’t want us to leave,” Reid announced. Cassie had confided in him earlier saying that the company helps her feel safe. He’d noticed that she stopped sleeping with the lights on and was no longer locking the door obsessively. “Her behavior has changed since we got here. She got rid of the night light and isn’t locking the door while she is here and awake.” 

“So she likes the company?” Morgan asked

“I wouldn’t doubt it.” 

“It doesn’t matter if she likes the company, we need to solve the case.” 

Conversation halted when the door opened and Cassie walked in holding a yellow envelope. Her class must have gotten out early. Garcia gave her a small wave as she approached the three desks that sat next to each other. Cassie ripped open the envelope and pulled out the paper. She gasped when something fell out of the envelope and dropped with a thud to the floor. 

“Don’t touch that,” Prentiss demanded when she bent over to pick up the object with a glove. 

“What is it?” Morgan asked and Prentiss held the object up between her gloves. It was a finger. Reid looked over at Cassie and noticed the note on her desk. Quickly, he grabbed it so she couldn’t read it His girl was frozen in place, jaw dropped. 

“Why would someone do that?” She sobbed and unconsciously turned into Spencer. He allowed her to hide in his body and held the letter behind her back so she couldn’t read it, but he could. 

They didn’t respect you, I respect you. You deserve respect.

Spencer set the paper face down on the table and shook his head at the teams questioning glances. “Garcia, I heard they have ice cream in the cafeteria. Take Cassie to get some, would you?” 

She became flustered, “Oh, okay. Let’s go, sweetie.” She dragged her away from Reid. 

“What’s going on, Reid?” Morgan asked. 

“She’s barely holding it together, knowing that this guy is killing for her won’t help.” 

“Knowing this is going to help us on the case, but we need her help too,” Hotch said.

“I know, but she’s struggling right now-”

“How do you know so much about her?” Hotch yelled. “Seriously Reid, what is going on?” 

Reid was overwhelmed but the yelling and couldn’t stop himself from exclaiming “She’s my girlfriend.”


“We’ve talked on the phone every night since I gave my guest lecture. We write letters, I’ve taken her on dates. She’s my girlfriend.” The silence that followed was deafening to Reid. All his teammates stared at him. He feared the outcome of the information he just gave because he knew he was emotionally too close to the case. 

“That’s it, you’re off the case. I want you back at the BAU within the hour.” Hotch broke the silence with the demand that Reid feared to most, but he also knew what he would say in response. He had run through all possible conversations when he realized they would be working closely with Cassie. 

“With all due respect, sir. I’m not going.” 

“Excuse me?” 

“She’s going to cooperate better if I’m here and she needs me right now, so I am not leaving.”

The two had a staredown. Hotch wanted Reid off the case because he had already fucked it up, but Spencer was determined to be his girl’s hero. 

“What did the note say?” Hotch finally asked after thinking over how he would have reacted if his wife was in the same situation. 

“The unsub seems to be killing people that don’t respect her, he said she deserves respect and he would respect her.” 

“Killing out of respect?” Prentiss asked

“Not uncommon” Hotch replied. 

“Yeah, but it’s typical for celebrities or political figures not college students with a few friends,” Reid explained. 

“So the killer must hold her high in his mind.” Hotch determined. “We will have to ask her if anyone fits this profile.” 

“I’ll do it,” Reid suggested. 

“No, Morgan will. You can be there, but Morgan asks the questions.” Defeat flashed through Reid’s eyes. He wanted to argue but knew it was useless. The team disbanded to look back through the evidence with the new information and Reid went to cool down in the bathroom. 

Morgan approached Reid in the bathroom as he was splashing cold water on his face. “Girlfriend, huh?” He smirked, in reply, he was expecting a laugh or smile, but Reid only sighed. “Come on, kid, it’s not that bad.”

“I jeopardized the investigation,” Reid mumbled. “I was emotionally attached.” 

“There’s nothing wrong with that, Reid” 

“Yes, there is, I’m an FBI agent. I can’t let my personal life get in the way.” 

“That’s your girl, Man. You want to protect her.” 

“I did,” Reid agreed. “I mean, I do. She’s only alive because of our lunch, but the killer was there, under my nose and I didn’t see it.” 

“How could you, Reid. You had no idea about the murders. “
“That’s not the point.” 

“Yes, it is, Reid. You’re being too hard on yourself.” 

“I have to be. I need to catch this guy.” 

“Then you need to help us, you need to tell us what you guys talked about two months ago.

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My college bookshelf. It’s nowhere near all of my collection, but I feel so naked when I’m living in a place without at least a few books on a shelf somewhere. Classics, kids’ books, dime novels, thrift store bargains, and everything else are all living side by side here. It makes me feel like I’m keeping in touch with more than just my academia, but whether that’s actually true or not remains to be seen. It’s my last semester, too, so I’ll have to pack it all up in a few months. Until then, this bookshelf is my home base.

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For reference, I live in a single dorm:

Today I heard an object at my bedside (between the bed and the wall/vents) clatter to the floor. When I checked behind all the crap under my bed and saw it was an object I didn’t value, I just left it there and put all the other crap back.

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Journal entry #44📝

Date: 2/13/20

Today’s mood:😬

Amount of water (cups): 9

Skincare routine:✅✅

Dental hygiene:❎✅



Today’s talk: Today started super early. Had work at 7:30 and I was so tired. My shift ended at 10, got home at 10:30, and then slept for two more hours. Got lunch from the pod market with Sarah about 12:40, ate, and then got dressed for the gym. The gym was rough today. My knees and hips hurt a lot like usual, shoulders and chest hurt from carrying all my supplies to class yesterday (like 20 lbs), my left side started killing me during Russian twists, back hurt after bicycle crunches, and overall it felt like my body was shutting down. I’m never like this at the gym ever so it was an experience. Showered afterwards and chilled at the dorm because we finished early due to my pain. Got our AC checked out finally and turned out our thermostat was bad. The room was hotter and more humidity than outside and it was a clear 30 degree difference between our room and the hallway and every other room on our floor. They are coming back tomorrow to see if it worked. Also had my second exam of the week today and it was super simple. We were given the exam on Tuesday and just had to find and learn the answers.

Once my exam was over, Sarah and I went to museum nights at the Harn Musuem. Got a cool picture together, saw my friend Carl(y), and looked at cool fucking Asian art. We then went to Burger King and got the impossible whopper. Sarah’s a vegetarian and has had it before while today was my first time. It was actually pretty good and I couldn’t tell it was a burger alternative. Once back at the dorm, I showered again (had to shave for tomorrow 😉😉) and packed to leave tomorrow.

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Journal entry #41📝

Date: 2/10/20

Today’s mood: 🙃

Amount of water (cups): 4

Skincare routine:✅✅

Dental hygiene:✅✅



Today’s talk: This one will be short because nothing really happened. Class was short and boring today because we start speeches on Monday. I practiced my speech a few times then just laid in bed until volunteering. I’ve decided to stop volunteering after my spring break. My butter is spread way too thin and I’ve been exhausted these past couple of weeks. After volunteering, I went to the Reitz Union to print off everything for my public speaking class and all my notes for my dinosaur exam tomorrow and got subway for dinner.

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• 2 tbsp uncooked white rice

• ¾ cup water

Directions (microwave times may vary):

1. Pour rice into a large, microwave safe bowl. 

2. Add the water and stir. 

3. Microwave for 3 minutes. 

4. Remove and stir. 

5. Microwave for 2 more minutes. 

6. Remove and stir. 

7. Microwave for 1 minutes. Remove and stir.

8. Repeat step 7 six more times, for a total of 12 minutes.


Not super tasty on its own but if you add a little olive oil and taco seasoning, you have one component of a pretty good burrito. You can also increase the quantity of rice and perhaps make more of it but I have no experience with that myself. Also I should mention that it makes a mess of your microwave if you don’t keep an eye on it so don’t just throw it in for 12 minutes and think it’ll be fine. It won’t be fine.

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~February 9, 2020~


Accounting is lowkey fun just not when I have 2 other midterms to study for. 🙃

p.s. y’all responded extremely well to my last post so thanks lolll I’m appreciative. (‘:

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Journal entry #34📝

Date: 2/3/20

Today’s mood:🙃

Amount of water (cups): 0

Skincare routine:✅❎

Dental hygiene:✅❎



Today’s talk: A pretty average Monday. Class went well and I didn’t have work today. Got the shift picked up so I could go to office hours. After class, I worked on my public speaking outline in the library then went to PS office hours to get help on it/have it looked over. Once that was over, I went back to the dorm for a bit and just relaxed. Was gonna take a nap but that didn’t happen. Got lunch, dropped off my scholarship packet, got some advising, did more homework, then went to volunteering. That was good. Girl I tutor is a little difficult but it’s fun talking with her. I then got dinner, went back to the dorm, sat with Sarah as she made more cookies, ate a couple, and now I’m getting ready for bed. Cried myself to sleep yesterday night and not gonna let that happen tonight.

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Journal entry #33📝

Date: 2/2/20

Today’s mood:😶

Amount of water (cups): 6

Skincare routine:✅❎

Dental hygiene:❎✅



Today’s talk: Today started off rushed but the rest was kinda chill. Went to the gym with Giselle and Alana for thirty minutes of cardio at 11. Showered and ate quickly to catch a bus to work at 1. Work went by fine.

Still in a shit mood from yesterday with the whole Dylan situation. Sarah made snickerdoodles while I did homework on the kitchen counter. Encountered some of the worst type of girls in the kitchen. The type that are in a sorority, from New York, rich enough to go to college out of state in florida but her family also has a home in South Florida. They were all complaining about eating carbs and needing to go exercise now (hella triggering). The snickerdoodles were delicious and Sarah and I hate so many.

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Dorm Room Drama Part 2


Originally posted by matthewgrayhair

Dorm Room Drama Part 1

Part 2 of dorm room drama! Last we saw the two secret lovers they were laying down for a nap in her dorm lounge. Let me know what you think.

They napped a bit longer before heading back. Cassie decided to skip class because she was so overwhelmed. Spencer also told her more about the case and why she was so important. “This killer typically doesn’t leave people behind,” he started. “Any roommates he doesn’t kill the first time he kills at most 48 hours later. It’s been two months and you’re still here. He broke the pattern with you.”

            Cassie looked up at her boyfriend in fear “He doesn’t want to kill me?”

            “I don’t think so. If he wanted to, he would have done it a while ago. You make him tick.” Spencer’s eyes locked on the wall as he thought. “You didn’t have to replace any of your belongings after the murder.” Cassie shook her head even though Reid wasn’t asking. “Everything was clean, nothing damaged.” He sat and thought for a while longer before jumping up and dragging her along.

            He raced back to her room while she trailed behind. The team jumped when the door slammed open. “Reid,” Morgan started but was ignored as Spencer frantically shifted through the crime scene photos. “Reid, what is it?”

            “None of Cassie’s stuff was damaged or stained.” He said quickly, “All the other scenes, everything was a mess. All the roommate’s beds, desks, everything. It was all damaged bloodstained, but Cassie’s wasn’t. He left it all clean.”

            “Couldn’t that just be a coincidence?” Morgan asked.

            “It could be, but it’s highly unlikely.” Prentiss argued, “Everything is the room was lined up in 3’s. The two closets had blood on them, but Cassie’s, the middle one, was clean.

            “He didn’t want to damage her belongings” Hotch offered an answer. “It would make sense considering he didn’t come back to kill her.”

            Cassie had begun to shake and fell into a chair. The killer cared about her but still killed her best friends. “Cassie,” Reid called out to her. “Are you alright?” His voice was muffled in her ears. She could hardly hear him over the ringing in her ears. Reid could sense her nerves rising and knelt in front of her. He grabbed her hands and the warmth in his brought her back to reality. When she met his gaze he spoke, “You’re going to be okay this is not your fault.

            She glared at him, “Yes, it is. He killed them and left me. I should have died too. I’m usually back by then.”

            “You’re usually in your room at the time they were murdered?” Hotch asked, “What’s the time of death?”

            “1 pm, I’m typically napping at that time. The only reason I wasn’t is that I was-“ She stopped abruptly and looked at Reid.

            You were what?” Hotch pressed, “What were you doing?”  

“She was with me,” Reid admitted with a defeated sigh. “It was the day of the lecture when we had lunch together.” 

Morgan cursed, “Damn it, kid. This isn’t good.”

“A murder, double homicide, happened right under your nose.” Hotch criticized, “How could you let this go unprofiled? Now we need to know everything you two talked about.” 

Reid began to try and look small. “Leave him alone,” Cassie demanded and stood in front of Hotch. “This isn’t his fault.” 

“He was at the scene of a murder, practically a mile away from the killer and didn’t think to tell us about it.”

“So what?” She was getting upset while Hotch maintained his calm. 

“He’s an FBI agent,” Hotch exclaimed, slamming a fist on the table.

“He’s human.” She mirrored his stance and volume. 

“Listen, Cassie,” Hotch started. His voice was low and calm. “We’ve got a killer on the loose. He’s killed four people so far, all of which you know. And he intentionally left you alive. We need you to start cooperating or I’ll charge you with compromising a federal investigation.”

“That’s enough, Hotch.” 

“Okay,” Cassie surrendered. She grabbed a blanket that Reid had used before. She wrapped herself in it and revealed in his scent. He always calmed her down. She sat back down at her desk and tried to sit as close to Reid as she could without drawing attention. 

“The first two girls, Maddy and Kate, I didn’t know them well. I worked on a group project with them. They were killed before the assignment was finished. My roommates, Laura and Katie, we’d been friends for three years and living together for two. We were best friends.” 

“I’m very sorry for your loss, Cassie.” Prentiss sympathized. “We’re gonna catch this guy, I promise.” 

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Journal entry #32📝

Date: 2/1/20

Today’s mood:😭

Amount of water (cups): 1? Maybe 0

Skincare routine:✅✅

Dental hygiene:✅❎



Today’s talk: Happy first day of February! Today fucking sucked. Was on set again today and we were outside all day. So fucking cold. Thankfully it was a short day because our main actress had to leave early.

An ex-friend that is still friends with Sarah came to visit her with her sister and it just brought my mood down. On top of it, Sarah had promised to bring me dinner and forgot to. Couldn’t even stop at a fast food place to get me something quick. First cry of the month. Let’s see how many we have this month. Woo

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