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#double trouble

Some more work doodles of my fave bois and enbies!~

Left to right: Randy March- Shall We Date? Wizardess Heart, Double Trouble- She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Yuri Plisetsky- Yuri!!! on Ice, Shuzo- Show by Rock!!, Qrow Branwen- RWBY, Battam- Solanaceae

(Psst, Battam is from a very good webcomic by @dcsart, go read it)

So, while I’m very happy with most of these, I tottaly butchered Qrow. That’s what I meant by not being able to draw men!! His hair was a nightmare. I’m sorry for doing you wrong like this, Qrow ;;

The rest of them, however, look great! I’m very happy with these little doodle sessions ^^

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«Vuoi fare l'amore o vuoi solo godere?
La linea è sottile, la posso intuire
dal modo in cui mi mordi il labbro superiore,
dalla tua bocca che stringe e non mi lascia scappare…
e chissenefrega se è sesso o se è amore,
conosco la tua pelle, tu conosci il mio odore..
che poi chi l'ha detto che è peggio un culo di un cuore
e che serve una canzone per parlare d'amore…»
instagram @chicagiordano

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  • I’ll write for most of the characters from the show
  • Sfw asks only please
  • I may only be able to do headcanons and very short imagines
  • Please clarify what you’re looking for, for example things like gender and such
  • Angst is not my strong suit so I’ll most likely stick to fluff, but some slight hurt is fine
  • That’s all for now, I’ll update this if I think of anything else, but my ask box is open so feel free to send in your requests
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Catra, highfiving Double Trouble: T-minus, that is EXACTLY what I’m talking about!

Lonnie: T-minus? What is that, your rap name?

Catra: is this what depression looks like, Lonnie? ‘Cause if so, get that stuff away from me.

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“Glimmer, you’re so pretty when you’re posed like that,” Bow mentioned, cheek propped up in his palm, half draped on the couch near the door. She cast him a smile over her shoulder, her stance broad, solid, her hand outstretched in front of her, violet magic dancing off her fingertips.

“UGHHHH,” Double Trouble groaned again, resettling themself on their oversized chair and grumbling under their breath. The truth spell passed over them with little more than a squinted wink on their part, but to Glimmer’s credit, she wasn’t overly focused. Not with Bow in the room, making doting eyes at her and spewing his endless drivel of affection and praise. Not when she had ample opportunity to show off the soft curve of her muscles, thick with exercise and rounded with charming fat, while Bow kept up his insipid prattling.

Read on ao3

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I love how well spop characterizes the (best) alignment; Chaotic Neutral

It’s a rare alignment to see, and especially to see done well. But the RANGE of spop’s chaotic neutral characters is incredible really impressive.

Entrapta and Double Trouble are both true Chaotic Neutral but for entirely different motivations. The post about Double Trouble’s self preservation says everything I could and more. I think it’s funny that Entrapta’s motivation is knowledge even at risk of her own self preservation (there are so so many references to her being a danger to herself and everyone around her i love it)

I really hope they get to interact in s5 because I need to know what happens when these two chaotic energies collide!

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OK I’m apparently not done talking about this. Here I’m going to expand on my meta that DT’s motivation = survival and all else is just a byproduct.

Lots of people have commented that Double Trouble does what they do purely for drama, or chaos, or because they just love destroying lives. It’s as valid an interpretation as any, I guess, but I don’t agree with it. They are certainly manipulative, but I don’t think this trait is incidental to their personality; it’s very much intentional on DT’s part. If put together with other clues, I think it reveals something very different about them.

What I propose is that ultimately, DT’s goal in life isn’t to cause drama or have fun at other people’s expense (bear with me). Their goal is to survive - or more accurately, to maximize survival chances - and they have a very meticulous way of going about it.

First I want to take a broad look at the elements that shape DT’s personality and motives. This might involve some speculation, since we don’t know anything about their early life and very little about their internal thoughts, but I’ll stick to onscreen evidence as much as I can. What we do know is that they first appear in the Crimson Waste. I choose to assume they live there and have done so for an indeterminate time before their first appearance. And in the Crimson Waste, the strong make the rules. Not everyone can be the “strongest in the Crimson Waste.” Most people just have to be strong enough to survive on their own, or else join up with the strongest like Huntara’s goons or Tung Lashor’s lizard gang. Since DT isn’t ostensibly allied to any group in the CW, they’re probably the former. And their strength isn’t muscle; it lies in deception, observation, and manipulation. As a shapeshifter, they’re naturally predisposed to that sort of skillset. They probably started their career of deception by shifting to blend in and escape danger, and then expanded the applications of that ability into eavesdropping, information gathering, and eventually espionage. Their best strength is knowing more than everybody else, and knowing how to use that information.

Let’s go back to S4E2 for a moment. This is the first time we see DT:


They’re looking down at Adora, Bow, Huntara, and Perfuma. In retrospect I thought this was odd, since they then proceed to approach Catra, not the heroes. They don’t interact with the heroes until Catra has them do their “audition.” Why show DT watching them? I think, in this moment, DT is choosing which side to join. For at least a moment, they consider offering their services to the Rebellion instead. We also know this because they mention the possibility to Catra.


Now my opinion is biased towards a morally gray interpretation of the character, but to me this is a pretty big hole in the popular rhetoric that DT is evil for the lulz. Why even think about joining the “good guys” if all you want is chaos and destruction? The Rebellion is about stopping all that noise. And why consider them first? We don’t see DT watching Catra and sizing her up.

But before we get to that, we have to ask: why get involved in the war at all? What would drive them to leave the Crimson Waste and seek employment in the wider wartorn world of Etheria? I posit that it’s because the Waste is no longer survivable.

In that episode, we see that the Valley of the Lost is crawling with Horde soldiers.


They’re terrorizing the denizens of the desert. Now these are mostly hardened criminals who aren’t easily terrorized, but the Horde has armor and weapons and numbers on their side. As Huntara puts it, “It wasn’t always like this. It used to be a great place, where an honest criminal could carve out a life.” When she says this, it’s news to her; from what we can tell, she’s been living in Bright Moon for awhile. But everyone else there has just been living with this new state of affairs however long the Horde has been in their valley - and it’s probably been awhile since they have a whole warehouse set up. It’s reasonable to assume DT has been suffering from the Horde’s presence as much as anyone else who lives there. How can you make a living gathering intel when there are soldiers around every corner interrogating everyone?

It’s simple, actually: if you can’t beat them, join them. Or maybe join their enemies.

I think they don’t have great choices at this point - either keep working and hope that business picks up while ALSO avoiding the aggressive soldiers, or get involved in a war that you and your home have avoided thus far. The choice that gives them the best chance to keep making money - and, you know, living - is to get involved with the war one way or another.

So then, why pick the Horde way? Also simple.


From where DT is standing, the Horde is winning. They have sophisticated technology, abundant resources, and enough soldiers that they can afford to station a few dozen in a remote desert town. Who does the Rebellion send to steal the ship back? Three kids and a former gang leader. And oh sure, one of them is She-Ra, but what’s one superpowered princess against an army? Any way you look at it, the Horde’s forces are more impressive.

So they offer their services to the Horde first, with the rebels as a backup in case the Horde says no.

So, let’s summarize up to this point. Pretend you’re DT. You make your living as a spy, but suddenly a powerful presence takes your town by storm and completely disrupts everyone’s daily lives. Finding clients becomes difficult, and actually doing the work is next to impossible when the streets are clogged with armed aggressors. Your income starts drying up. You can’t avoid the war anymore - the war has come to you. So you decide to join it. You spot a handful of outsiders trying to avoid attention and figure this must be the Rebellion’s forces. It’s four people versus dozens of armored soldiers with enormous resources. You pick the stronger side. But now you’ve gone from working with petty thugs to working with literal warlords, and that’s a hell of a dangerous position to be in. If you piss off your employer, you just might die. So. How do you cover your ass?

By getting the dirt.

Because that’s your strength. That’s how you survive. By manipulating the people who could hurt you. By gathering information that could hurt them so bad they couldn’t even retaliate. And, hey, you don’t necessarily gather this information with the intent to use it - but if the crap hits the fan and you do something that’ll get you on a tyrannical world leader’s naughty list, well, you need something to defend yourself with. For you, information is the best weapon.

That explains why they’re so determined to get in Catra’s skin. They want to know what makes her tick, her strengths, her weaknesses, her obsessions. It’s not just for the love of acting. These are all bullets that they can use to bring her down if need be. And when they decide to switch to the other side? Need be.

Giving Catra that devastating speech has multiple effects. I think a part of them really does care about Catra and wants to be honest with her. But my theory is that they’re mainly trying to get one important message across:

Don’t try to retaliate for this betrayal. I know enough to destroy you without throwing a single punch.

As an ending note, I want to examine that line above. “The best way to survive is always choose the winning side.” As amusing as the “would sell you to satan for one corn chip” memes are, that’s not actually the sort of attitude they have about betraying Catra. They’re not talking about getting a reward here. No mention of superior pay is made. They’re not saying they destroyed everything she’s worked for on a lark (although they may have had a lark in the process). They’re talking about literal survival. The basic gift of continuing to stay alive. That’s what they betrayed Catra for. They do the math in that cell in Bright Moon, figure they’re on the losing side of the war, and decide what they’re getting from the Horde isn’t worth getting killed over. Anything else they get out of it is incidental.

Mind you, none of this is meant to imply that they don’t enjoy messing with people’s heads. There’s abundant evidence that they do. Rather, my point is that they probably learned how to manipulate people not as a hobby, but as a vital survival skill… and probably long before they learned to enjoy it.

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[id: screenshot of Double Trouble and Catra from she ra season 4 episode 12. the two are standing in the Fright Zone’s locker room. Double Trouble is standing in the foreground, occupying the left half of the image, shown to the end of their thighs. their big hands with claw-like fingers are resting on their hips. their legs are positing pretty far apart, and DT is leaning on one of them more heavily. they’re looking down and away from Catra, their mouth hangs open as they’re saying something. their eyebrows are raised and halfway-together, upper eyelids lowered; their expression is kind of emphatically unamused/slightly disappointed. Catra is in the background, looking at them with a strict expression, eyebrows furrowed; she’s shown to her knees, her hands hanging down along her body. end id]

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