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wip tale except i can’t write characters correctly

“It was a hell of a way to die.

But I was used to it; and I just come right back as I watch my other body get carried into a secure storage compartment. Every month this happens, and I know that all of my past bodies still possess my knowledge.

I don’t find peace in that fact.

It haunts me because I can never truly die, I’ll only be transported to another body and my work begins again.

Oh, what I would give to die and just stop the torture 963 and the Foundation has put upon me.

But it’ll never happen.


Dr. Glass looked at me with a look woven into his eyes that directly told me that he was fed up with this story; it was all I talked about, “look, Jack; I know that having this… ability is ha-“

I cut him off.

“It isn’t a goddamn ability, Simon; it’s a curse and fucking hate myself for it.” Glass looked at me with the same look in his eyes; “please do not cut me off, and as I was saying; you need to try and not pay attention to it.”

I played with the steel chain around my neck, thinking about his words toward me, thinking about how I’d snapped at him about how my immortality and connection to SCP-963 was a curse.


I’d appreciate any sort of opinion and/or crictism and just so I can get the best opinion, @iamnotadamnedmonkey

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Glass, showing up to his last never-broken-a-bone-club menage a trois in a cast: sorry lads i failed you today. it was a pleasure.
Kondraki: begone glass boned calcium deficient scum
Gears: good riddance
Iceberg: i hope gravity doesnt pulverize whats left of your shitty ass bones on the way out
Clef: get lost cracker bones get lost cracker bones get lost cracker bones get lost cr
Mann: dont shout too loudly it might shatter his sternum from the vibration
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