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Species in my SCP AU so far.


(What Glass, Gears, kondakri, and L.S/ Allison Gears is.)

•Basically us.

•can sometimes have anomalous properties.

Light being.

(What bright, Mikell, and TJ are)

Inspiration: phoenixes.

•Light beings have brid tails, wings, and when they are younger they have arched legs with bird like claws. They normally grow out of this.

•Light beings are made of a light that can produce fire around. Their bodies are normally surrounded in fire so the light is protected. You can still see the light through their eyes.

•Light beings life depend on their light. Based on how much fire their body has is how powerful the light is. Once the light goes dark the Light being has died.

•Light beings if exposed to water can be severely injured or die. The water will extinguish the flames and if it can get to their core it will result in death.

•Light beings can have special anomalous properties that vary between them. While most can control fire and turn into a human form. Others (such as bright and TJ) have special abilities that they naught be born with or given.

•Light beings tend to be protective of their Friends and family, but are also quiet kind. They also have a short temper.

Ice beasts

(What iceberg is.)

Inspiration: Ice giants

•Ice beasts get their names from their use in rings for battle and they animal features.

•Ice beast usuing have features of animals like bears, foxes, and wolfs. Their skin is light blue with dark blue markings on their skin. These markings often glow when they use their powers.

•They are loyal, but aggressive creatures. They can easily get attached to someone who treats it well. They also liked to help others.

•Ice beasts came form ice, freeze water, and can cause severe snowstorms. Wherever a Ice beast is believed to go it said the area will become cold.

Dark beings

(What darke is, he’s from MC&D btw if you don’t know much about the GOIs)

Inspiration: Nine tail foxes

•Dark beings can become invisible to the naked eyes. They can also go into a smoky form to goes through objects. They can use this to attack people.

•Dark beings look like humans with black arms and legs. They have sharp claws and teeth with luminescent yellow eyes. They usually have dark purple smoke coming from them. They have fox like tails that are flat

•They are tricksters usually tricking humans to give them money or valuables.

Feathered beings

(What Gerald is)

Inspiration: Angel and spirits

•Feathered beings usually have wings on their ankles, wrists, back, ears, and shoulders. They have pale luminescent skin. They also have feathers on their neck, elbows, and the back of their legs.

•They can use their feathers as weapons due to their feathers being quite sharp. They also have immense strength and can fly. It’s believe they can fly very fast even as fast as light.


(What Dr. King is)

Inspiration: Ent (So it stays the same)

•Ents usually look like trees from far away, but when getting closer you can see they are in the shape of a human. Ents trees types are normally birch, oak, Cherry blossom trees, and apple trees.

•Ents abilities have shown to help nature grow. Normally other trees. They use the advantage of them looking like a tree to protect them from predators.


(What Dr. Rights is.)

Inspiration: The tale of Arachne. (A Greek mythology tale.)

•Arachnes are human usually with four black eyes. They are attached to a giant body of a spider.

•Arachnes can hide the bigger part of their bodies and lure males in before trapping them in their webs and eating them. Normally Arachnes eat meat from smaller animals.

The Serpent God of Lies

(This is what clef is and it isn’t even a species)

Inspiration: Gods from Greek and Japanese mythology.

•Clef body is 50% covered in flowers. He has a 3rd eye and mechanical spider leg legs that come out of his back.

•Clef stays in forests due to his distrust in humans. He also has shown a likeness to trees and a ukulele.

•Clef is seemly a god, but he has shown to be a powerful reality bender who can warp places around him.

•not much is truly known about clef, if you want more about him ask kondakri. Yet no one knows where he is.

(So that is all for now. Feel free to request a character or species from a mythology I will draw these characters later. Anyways have a older picture of Light being Bright I drew.)

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