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Any of my followers play Pokemon Sword and Shield? I’m getting close to completing my Galar dex but I’ve spent days looking for another fossil drake to no avail in order to get a Dracozolt. I’d be happy to trade any Sword exclusive Pokemon (minus Zacian, I don’t have him yet) for a Dracozolt; the IV and level doesn’t matter to me, I just want to complete my dex 😭

Let me know if you’re interested in trading in a comment and we can arrange the details in PM.

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So. Now that you're back home and settled... What are your opinions on those "interesting" Galarian fossils?

I’ll be frank. I am ever in support of experimentation, but something about these pokémon unsettle me. Perhaps it’s simply because I can tell, even as a human, that they aren’t quite happy…

In any case, yes, I have a few choice words for those who believe they can use science to do whatever they wish. Which I’m sure is rather shocking to some of you, but yes, I have my limits.

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So I added a new character to the list that I call ‘Team Galar’.

As you can see, her name is Finale, and she’s a shiny Alcremie who is able to Gigantamax. 

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yeah so im sORRY for passing away so suddenly i lost my grip on the toombler
BUT!!!! i got shield for christmas and i absolutely adored it
and since i liked it so much and i am STILL the splatoon nerd i was heres the obligatory crossover

meet inkozolt!!! my obsession with dracozolt is reaaaaaaaalllllyyyyyy obvious

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And once again I find myself coming to tumblr for the last bit of help I need.

I’m three pokemon away from completing my dex.


I just need Arctovish, Arctozolt and Dracozolt. I have been playing this game for hours, trying to get the dino and bird fossils but since I’m on shield, those are very rare. I have also tried using surprise trade to get these three but of course no luck.

I’m trying to complete a live dex so I also need a Basculin with the red stripe as well as the Type: Null.

Any and all help would be appreciated. I have Shield exclusives as well as any Sword exclusive because I do have Sword as well.

If you don’t want to trade, I have another proposition which includes just getting someone to act as a middle man and helping me transfer the remaining pokemon I need, from Sword to Shield. Either way, any help is welcomed!

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