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Ayla, Queen of Jhova 

Mother of Nox, the baby that died far before his time; and mate of Om, the King of whom froze to death within very moments of reacting to the scream of his mate. 

Ayla is survived only by herself, her kingdom has fallen, and her people writhe in chaos as she has vanished from her throne, Om has been slain, and the prince beheaded. 

Though her memory is extremely clouded by the assassin that devoid her of her family, and stole her from her people, day by day she grows a little stronger and remembers a little more than she did the day prior. 

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The knight scratched his head, puzzled. There was an obvious loot box there, right in front of him, in full view and unguarded!

Why would such a treasure unclaimed in an otherwise completely abandoned ruins?

His instincts were apprehensive.

Maybe there was more here than what was obvious. Maybe this was a…. trap?

Meanwhile the dragon watched with great interest. Would the knight’s greed made him a lunch item or would this be the first knight that knew how not to trip themselves over glittering things?

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Smolder: Buh… Huh…. Wha…?

Silverstream: I think you broke her. Stop teasing her now ‘Celly!

Ocellus: Huh? I’m not using any magic.

Gallus: *flicks her horn* Seriously?

Ocellus: Ouch! And Yes seriously.

Gallus: Huh. Who’d’ve thunk.

Yona: *sips her hot chocolate* Yona have friends

Sandbar: And friendship is magic!

Smolder: *facedesks*

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