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After trying to keep the headcanon appearance fairly similar to the game, I’ve decided to change some things for Luna’s 5th year.

She has experienced a lot and I feel like that’s the age where she’d shake things up and try some new things.

So…The new hairstyle was an obvious one.

I also wanted her to have a piercing and I went with septum piercing, because I remember in high-school, all the kids that wanted something they can easily hide from their parents/teachers got this.

And a bit of make-up, because why the hell not?

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My girl Sirene 💜 pirate Captain Widow Grey, conquerer of Tuska, Champion of Sifkesh, flirt

From the start of the 1st high level campaign to ancient being slayer to being taken away by the demon prince she made a deal with to now encountering her in our sequel campaign! She now wears a mask as she’s a champion of Sifkesh, the one she made a deal with to get wings. My character now (who was an NPC in the 1st game) knocked off her mask to find Sirene emotionless and I cried! Bonus fancy version is how I imagine she goes full pirate for fancy events like meeting the queen in our very first session!

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