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It’s been a while since I last colored with markers and, honestly, I had a lot of fun! I’m planning on buying alcohol markers, since it’ll look better than these school markers djdjdjdjdj

Anyway, u guys finally met my Puppet design. In my Sentient Animatronics AU, Puppet = Lefty, but before his transition (kind reminder Lukas is trans boi)

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Here we are. Together. - Jean-Paul x Kyle (fanart © malisvaart)

[…] why do I wake up reaching across the bed for him? […] I instinctively wake up reaching for this unknown man, only to have my heart crushed upon finding myself alone in an empty bed again. So then… Is my ghost someone I knew? A man I loved? Did he die? Why can’t I remember his name? […] Bobby… What has been done to us? What has been taken?
- Northstar “Age of X-Man: X-Tremists #4″

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Why would I draw men if drawing women is so much better???

People always ask me “why do only draw women figures?”, and the answer is simple: women are just prettier. Like, all the curvey lines and stuff… and the hair and lips… long eyelashes UGH. And then drawing men is just like… bOx. SqUarE.

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In my ponderings of which art piece to upload first, I decided to show you my most recent project, the Jade Kingdoms OC portrait series! 

…It’s a mouthful but lemme explain. XD

Many old followers might remember, I’m still occupied in writing my nove Jade Kingdoms and its a serious yet very personal project to me. Jade Kingdoms has many characters, lore and a worldbuilding that gives me life. I’ve got larger OC character descriptions in my tweets making short threads about each of them explaining some of their background and role for my novel. 

In their right order they are Marduk (Jade Knight, not MIA), Yuki (dead), Calhoun (subject of Vandrake’s obsession, status unknown) and Isolde of Beriach, the vicious mortal whom ensnared the unholy force of the distance to herself.

Also, you can read Jade Kingdoms on my Tapas and AO3. :)

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