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Vera (2003)

Directed by Francisco Athie

Doomsy’s Rating: 74/100

Centuries of ancestral mysticism play out in the hypnotic journey to the other side, filled with spirits and apparitions of such wonder that the world seems to oscillate and lose shape and sense. Vera is a very hard film to even describe. It is at the most base level about the peace and eternal rest death brings, approached with the same loving warmth of Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives but only this time the deities that surround aren’t the most physical of manifestations. We are treated to animated and trippy mise-en-scene, head-scrambling butoh dances by skeleton-like entities with green skin, past and futures colliding and fading into each other literally in the same scene, ancient Mayan prayers, and then at the end with the promise of love. This deserves to be seen for its considerably singular style alone, and the way it sucks you into the dream that it elucidates. Definitely on the weirder end of the films I’ve come across in my life. Don’t watch this high

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A short dream, but still one I’d like to share.

I’m in the void and call Kore. Can she hear me? Her voice responds, yes. I ask if she’d like to hang out? No. Oh, okay.

I call Ariel, would he like to hang out? His voice responds, no. Alright.

I don’t want to call Ring, so I ponder for a moment of who I should call? I think of Kore and Ring’s daughter. Ara, if that’s your name, do you want to hang out? A voice responds, yes!

I wake up, in the dream, on a floor with someone nudging my shoulder. I sit up and see it’s Ara! She’s sitting next to me, bouncing and has a huge smile!

I see we’re in a child’s room, hers I assume. The lights are off but some light comes from the hallway. This makes me wonder, did Kore and Ariel say no because everyone’s asleep? Yet asshole me woke up the kid haha.

I ask Ara in a child friendly voice what she wants to do! She tells me first, I have to pull back my hair into pigtails. Much like her hair that’s in that style. I have no idea how to pull back my hair in any style. A skill I never learned haha.

I begin pulling back my hair but wake up.

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It overlooks an ocean of calming teal waters, but I am being pursued. By my mother, of all people. But she is evil in this one.

The building is white, with two archway entrances leading to the outside from an open area, like one of the Spanish or Greek households with a garden in the entranceway. The main floor is outside, uncovered, busy with vendors selling their wares to locals and visitors alike. Two American soldiers, dressed in camouflage, are perched upon a platform on a second level, above the rest of the scene. A set of sloping stairs lead up to the platform. Children run up and down. From up top, you can get a better view of the sea.

I plead with the soldiers, they are the only ones who can understand me, everyone else is speaking a different language. I imagine I am somewhere in the Middle East.

There is another part of the market, inside the white building. The area is smaller and slightly cramped, busy and alive. I hide here, cowering behind the stalls. I know she is searching for me, I can hear her calls.

She offers me food. I want nothing more than to embrace my mom in my arms, it’s a feeling so strong my throat tightens up and I can feel the pressure behind my eyes building up. But she’s betrayed me before. I don’t know who to trust, I’m so confused.

I take it. We have lunch together and I cry.

The market is beautiful, and the ocean matches the cloudless sky.

I wake up.

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Yo I had a fucking dream that I was at walmart and they had No Rome funko pops. And while I dont like funko pops based off real people, you bet I grabbed like 2.

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i don’t even go here anymore

last night’s three consecutive dreams were horror movies. the first and least significant (but not unimportant) was about a serial killer, but details aren’t clear to me now. the second turned my big buff coworker into a vampire who mentally terrorized boys with purging and prayers before eating their heads. it sounded like he was munching on peanut brittle. the third dream led my ex out of jail to find me and JB. i then had to flee the country instead of standing up to him, by way of hot air balloon. before that, though, i told a fictional friend of his/combination of all his old high school friends irl that i always looked up to and wanted to be friends with them. they gave me a piece of candy before i left.

there was a party happening during all three of these parties. party with the usual gang. i feel like that means something here  

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