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È che nonostante tutto, mi immagino tu che arrivi sulla tua macchina blu e vieni a prendermi.

Mi immagino seduta a fianco a te con la testa appoggiata alla spalliera del sedile con un mezzo sorriso sulle labbra.

Mi immagino le nostre conversazioni: io che ti dico che sono arrabbiata con te per chissà quale stupido motivo e tu che mi chiedi un modo di farti perdonare.

Mi immagino i tuoi occhi che mi guardano, come fanno tutti i giorni o forse un po’ più intensamente, e mi chiedi all’improvviso se puoi baciarmi.

È che alla fine, mi immagino tante cose che non saranno mai.

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I had a dream Yunho was squeezing my nipples and he would giggle everytime I would say, “that hurts”. I was hoping that he would eventually stop but I had to tell him to stop. Then he apologized and started sucking on them and kissing me all over my boobs and upper chest. I was melting from pure satisfaction in my dream.

omg ouch lkkkjdsfkjdf but of course our dear baby yunho would apologize afterwards and he would take such good care of you after because he would never intentionally hurt you and feel so so bad if he did hurt you. but damn you all get the thirst dreams and i never get aNY i just want another ateez thirst dream i’ve only had 2 ✋😔😭

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Hay dos clases de personas, los que pueden ser felices y no lo son, y los que buscan la felicidad sin encontrarla…

Yo espero que tu seas de los que encuentran la felicidad aún sin poder ser feliz o sin haberla buscado. Atrapen los sueños que anidaron en su mente y no los suelten hasta concretarlos…

Que tengan Dulces Sueños y un buen descanso!


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Last nights dreams were weird.

I woke up and the dog was snoring and my sleep brain was hearing it as screaming so I thought I was yelling in my sleep.

I woke up and someone outside was yelling?

I woke up, and dog outside of the room was causing ruckus.

Then in this dream I experienced what falling in a collapsing building would be like 5x or so. Kind of like a roller coaster. You get that thing in your stomach and then you feel it again and you brace. But, now that I recall because the dream also involved video games, a car trip, and puzzle sports turf that I started to put away, was that after the 5th building collapse it seemed more serious and these people were able to bring back the dead, and I just sort of waited and wasn’t sure if I was back or not, que road trip part. I dunno it was an odd one.

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No se puede mantener un sueño sólo con la intención de quererlo; se ha de entregar la propia vida para darle el poder de manifestarse, de otra manera sólo se estará sosteniendo una idea vaga de lo que se pretende soñar.

Esu Emmanuel©️, You cannot keep a dream just with the intention of wanting it; life itself has to be given to give it the power to manifest itself, otherwise it will only be holding a vague idea of what it is intended to dream.

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I’ve had two dreams about the future and afterlife and they were both incredibly beautiful though terrifying

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bones, wind, sword, crow, fae for the nature ask thingies ❤️💜

Hey sunflower thanks for the ask, hope all is well and I love you and remember you’re worth it and you’re amazing and loved. 🌻🌻😊🌻🌻

Bones 💀. What’s a hobby you quit doing? Do you miss it?

Sewing and yes I do but can’t find the time.

Wind 🌪. What music do you normally listen to?

Sad, deep, heartbreaking, rock, pop, alternate indie, etc

Sword 🗡. Is there anything you always carry with you?

My phone if it’s to loud to read it’s my escape. And a necklace.

Crow ✳. Do you have a signature accessory?

My earrings and necklace.

Fae 🌠 - what’s a fact about yourself that you don’t know how to explain?

Well sometimes I have dreams that come true they’re not that often, but I’ll give an example. So before my mom and step dad announced that my mom was pregnant I had a dream that I had another baby sibling/sister and a couple days later they told me that she was pregnant and so i was like weird and then I was like if it’s a girl I’m gonna be even more weirded out and she was a girl and looks how she did in the dream too even though it’s faint, and I have had interactions that happened in dreams happen in real life and conversations. And I don’t know how to explain this.

Thanks again dear 💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤

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Go checkout my new song Big Waves ft @jsuntheprophesor @bigtree4real @o4hippie produced by SouthSide Hippie The link to the album is in my bio!!! Let’s get wavy!!! 🌊 🌊 🌊 #bigwaves #wavy #water #ocean #waves #trill #yuh #dreams #doingitbig #chhk #chhk512 #indie #label #record #recordlabel (at South Padre Island, Texas)

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TOMORROW NIGHT. We do it. See you at The House of Red Velvet. THE DARK WINTER with new twists and turns. 👁Tickets in bio. #thehouseofredvelvet #houseofredvelvet #euphoricdarkart #artists #lovers #dreams #losangeles #lashows #laperformanceart #nightmares #thedarkwinter #losangelesperformanceart #performanceart #barlubitsch 💡 by @jfoxlighting 🎥 by @mattodomcreative (at Bar Lubitsch)

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The human brain is independent and wild, but prone to suggestion: Combine seeing Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey with the trailer for A Quiet Place Part II and playing Borderlands 3 lately, and you’ve got my nightmare last night about fighting monster-demons* while an ally tries to get back to the time travel spot  (IDK where that element came from), but we don’t know another ally is trying to kill them before they fix everything.

*While isolating a monster in an outdoor swimming pool at night, my squad wanted to knock out and tie up a little kid (I knew as an adult?) to keep him safe, but, I’m, like, no, man, you run to the kitchen and get yourself a snack and meet me back here.

Then the dog woke me up to go potty and I had Billy Ocean’s “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car” in my head for the next hour - Wouldn’t have been my first choice, considering the trailer for A Quiet Place Part II.

If you want some 80′s nostalgia, check out that music video.

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Note 163

My mind needs to understand that my life isn’t a movie or book cause you’re not gonna suddenly appear while I’m at Starbucks writing about you.

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Yesterday, I forgot to set the “sleep timer” on my music when I went to sleep.

Then I woke up to use the restroom, realized I had more than 2 hours left to sleep, and turned on the timer (I fall asleep better to music than I do to silence, but if there are less than two hours before I have to get up, I’ll leave the music off).

I had an interesting dream (and, on this rare occasion, not a nightmare).

I was with someone who had a pet orangutan. And this was a picky orangutan (not unlike one I met when I worked at Universal Studios Hollywood).

It didn’t take to me right away. But then the song “Sirens” by Pearl Jam started playing, and it motioned me to sing along.

At first, the orangutan wasn’t a fan of my singing. But as I got more into the song, it liked me more, until it came up and gave me a hug.

I remember the song stopping at that point – wasn’t sure why in the dream.

When I woke up, out of curiosity, I pressed “play” on my iPod (which I play through a clock radio designed for this), and I was partway through the song when the sleep timer turned it off.

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