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In This House, We Don’t kill Anything

Felt like writing something sweet and one of my headcanons. Enjoy!

“Papa!” a scared scream pierced through the quiet of the lakeside cabin, startling Stephen out of his peace of reading a book. 

It was Morgan who screamed. Morgan never screamed. It wasn’t as if she was quiet, it was just that nothing scared her. She had Iron Man for a father, Rescue for a mother, the Sorcerer Supreme for another father, Spider-Man for a brother and a cyborg alien for an aunt. By this point, the girl wouldn’t bat an eye at anything. The fact that she screamed made Stephen very alarmed, and he rushed up the stairs to his daughter’s room. 

“Darling, what’s wrong?” he asked her.

Morgan pointed to the floor. Stephen looked at what she pointing at. It was a spider.

Stephen nearly laughed, but stopped himself in time. He wasn’t that mean, he shouldn’t make fun of his daughter’s fears. 

“Kill it, papa! Before it bites me like it bit Peter!” the girl said, panicking and shielding herself with a blanket she pulled up to her chin. 

Stephen is sometimes at such awe of the fact that this is his domestic life. The biggest threat that can come up today, is probably this spider. Stephen was kind of grateful. He used to think he wanted to have a fast-paced life, no dull moment, but now, he finds that this is enough. This parenting Morgan, this waking up with Tony’s head uncomfortably buried in his chest, this kissing Pepper before she goes to work and this ruffling Peter’s hair fondly. Tony used to go through the exact same thing. Sure, Tony is retired and he isn’t, but these are the best parts of his day.

Stephen tilted his head, “I’m not going to kill it. The spider didn’t do anything.”

Morgan pouted, something that always reminded him of Tony, and something she rarely did. Before the girl could protest though, he materialized a piece of paper in his hand. He crouched down to the floor, and gently put the spider on the paper. He then stood, walked to the window, opening it, and flipped the paper so the spider could fall down to the garden beneath. 

“Thre you go,” he walked back to where his daughter was, and sunk onto Morgan’s matress, tucking her in, “safe and sound.”

Morgan relaxed into the warm bed, but furrowed her brows, “why didn’t you kill it?” 

“I didn’t kill it because you can’t just kill anything that is in your way,” Stephen said, answering those big brown eyes, “right?”

Morgan mulled it over for a second before saying with a teasing tone, “Is this because you took an oath, papa?” 

Stephen chuckled, “not only, wise-girl. This spider has a life. It isn’t just meant for you to kill it.”

Morgan looked away from his, guilt evident in her eyes. 

“It’s okay, though, not such a great life,” Stephen amended quickly.

Morgan giggled, “you’re right, papa. I shouldn’t kill it.”

“Just call me next time,” he offered, giving the little girl a squeeze on the shoulder, “enough with insomnia, it isn’t healthy. Go to sleep.”

Morgan nodded and closed her eyes, “you know, dad doesn’t like to kill spiders either. He asks mom to do it.”

Stephen chuckled. It’s true, Stephen had witnessed it.

Stephen left the room after Morgan fell asleep, the smile on his face proud and happy.

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so i finished it

i’m never going to do any more of this, i didn’t put enough effort in, the framing is terrible and i drew the coffin waaaay to small in that second to last frame in the first pic, but like… i feel really accomplished

also, just pretend pepper and stephen are in all black, i can’t be bothered to shade anything

the story goes:

stephen and pepper are both dating Tony, but they don’t know about each other

they find out

they kill him

they get together afterward because they want to and they deserve to be happy

also they’re both a little bit insane, but who isn’t, really?

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Hi, Southern Girl here

So… Carrie Underwood’s “Two Black Cadillacs” with MorallyGrey!Tony and Wife!Pepper and SideGuy!Stephen.

I’m probably not going to write it, but I just wanted to put it out there. For reasons

(Also Pep and Stephen get together after because… duh)

((Edit: Also also: the video for this song is here and… it’s fucking weird and i love it!!!! (it’s magic! How perfect is that????? I’m dying!!!))))

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Three-sentence Drpepperony tidbits

[Just passing time between urgent work things.]


He wasn’t sure what to think of the man at first, but somehow, trust was instantaneous; he just knew he could put his life in this man’s hands and it would never be wasted.

The attraction came later, on the donut ship, as they stood almost nose to nose, neither backing down, egos and ideas clashing. And the first thing that entered his mind when the feeling hit was God, Pepper is going to love you.


He had never met the man, but he remembered her, of course. Plus, he’d seen her face with his - on TV, in the paper and in his visions - so seeing her in his company really shouldn’t have been a surprise.

He didn’t know he was going to fall for them both in due time, which was why there was a slight, very slight twinge of pain in his chest as he said to her, without calling her by name: “Congratulations on the wedding, by the way.”


She wished she’d told Tony before about the boy she knew in university: the One Who Got Away, the one she would have married first if he’d only asked, the one whom Tony reminded her of, in her unguarded moments.

She couldn’t avoid comparing her first fiance and the boy from her past sometimes, and when she did, she told herself she must be a magnet for driven men with giant brains and giant egos.

As the three of them lay in bed, one man on either side of her, and as she looked sleepily down at the hands meeting over her growing belly, she finally realized: three wedding rings made perfect sense.

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Polyverse DrPepperony Get Together Fic

So, I think my new OTP might be DrPepperony. Expect more pepper/Stephen/Tony content in the future.

It feels really good to be writing again.

Part 2 coming maybe? Warning! For Stephen having a panic attack at the very beginning. I don’t know how accurate it is, but that’s the intention of the scene, and I feel I should warn for it. I’m posting on mobile, so sorry that there’s no cut. I kind of should be in bed. Will post to Avengers Polycule Series on AO3 eventually.


Stephen takes a deep breath through the non-existent restraint around his neck. He knows it’s not real. He’s touched his neck with shaking hands and felt that there was nothing there. He’s reached out with his magic and has sensed that no one is attacking him. He forces himself to breath through the non-existent restraint and closes his eyes to focus his energy on his breath.

Panic attack, his doctor hindbrain supplies, but it’s ignored. Stephen barely has the composure to keep breathing. He can’t analyze the root of his problem, not while he’s in the middle of it.

He forces his chest to expand and contract, to take in air despite his mind telling him that he can’t. His throat is not constricted. His blood needs to be oxygenated. He needs to breathe.

He jumps when a hand touches his shoulder. His eyes open and he’s staring directly at Tony Stark, who should not be able to come into his room without his knowledge, but apparently had.

“You’re doing good.” Tony says and it exasperates Stephen. He doesn’t need coaching. He doesn’t need help. He’s been handling it perfectly fine on his own. He’s always handled it perfectly fine on his own.

He forces himself to breath through the non-existent restraint around his neck.

“You’re doing really well, Strange. Let’s do another one.”

Tony is following along with Stephen’s breath and Stephen finds his eyes focusing on a glowing blue and metal beacon in Tony’s chest, watching it move with every one of Tony’s breaths. It’s easier to look at than Tony’s eyes, eyes that are too familiar, shouldn’t be but are.

“There you go. Whatever helps.” Tony keeps breathing, in time with Stephen’s breaths, not any faster or slower. “You’re doing good, Steph. Pep, yeah, I got him, don’t worry.”

Stephen doesn’t see Tony answer his phone, but he must have, at some point, because he doesn’t sense Pepper in the room. He throws his energy out like a beacon and can’t sense her. He wishes she was there. “Yes, we’re good. Keep breathing Stephen.” Tony squeezes his shoulder and Stephen looks up at him helplessly. He was. He had been. What more did Tony want?

Tony kissed Stephen on the temple, but immediately pulled back when he realized it hid his arc reactor from Stephen’s view. Stephen wished he wouldn’t pull back.

It’s only a few minutes later that Tony pulls Stephen in against his chest, resting his head in the crook of his neck. “That’s right. You got through it. You did good, Stephen, you did good calling me.”

“Didn’t.” Stephen mumbles, still forcing himself to breathe in a regular even meter, not trusting his body to breathe on it’s own just yet.

“Sure you did. Friday alerted me when you hit the panic button on your phone.”

Stephen doesn’t know when he did that, but he’s glad he did.

“You alright for now? Want to stand up? We’ll get you some water.”

Stephen can only nod, his mind still spinning and trying desperately not to end up back where it had been.

They stand together, and Stephen is leaning more on Tony than he’d like to admit. Tony doesn’t mind, could probably pick Stephen up and carry him all the way to the elevator, but won’t. Wouldn’t.

Stephen is eternally grateful to Tony, and Pepper, for the kindness and consideration they show him. Tony doesn’t ask what triggered it. He doesn’t ask if Stephen is “done.” He helps Stephen to sit down in a plush chair and squeezes his forearms before he leaves the room for a glass of water. Stephen follows his life-force to the small attached kitchen in his tower apartment, and then back again. The glass of water is tall and has a straw, which Stephen is grateful for.

“Thank you,” he manages to say when Tony sets the glass near enough to the edge of the table sitting on his side that he can just lean over and sip from it.

“Of course, anytime.”

Tony takes a seat in the identical plush chair on the other side of the end table his glass is set on, and pulls out his phone. Stephen watches him, because the movements of Tony’s hands are a good distraction from the still-racing thoughts that he’s trying not to focus on.

And then Tony starts talking. Stephen breathes a sigh of relief that releases tension he hadn’t even realized he was still holding as Tony explains the intricate details of his more recent schematic, things Stephen probably didn’t have a hope of understanding even if he was in a good headspace. As it stands, he focuses on Tony’s words, makes sense of the ones he knows, lets the rest of them string together meaninglessly as Tony’s voice chips away at the last of the panic.

“And that’s the wife.” Tony smiled, looking at Stephen as the holo-screen of his phone turns into a caller ID for Pepper. “I’m gonna take this, okay? One sec.”

Tony hit “accept call” and was immediately greeted with a hologram of Pepper’s face.

“Tony!” She smiled, and she didn’t look outwardly frazzled except the corners of her mouth were too tight. “I hadn’t heard from you. Everything alright?”

“Yeah, Pep, everything’s all good. Want to say hi to Stephen?” He asked, but didn’t wait for a response before he turned her to face him.

Stephen smiled half-heartedly and the tension in the corners of Pepper’s mouth relaxed. “Stephen, it’s good to see you. I didn’t know you were spending this weekend at the tower.” She didn’t sound accusatory. They had told him that the apartment on their penthouse floor was always available for him, and he’d made use of it before without consulting with them, but it still felt good to have the little reassurance.

“Yeah. The other Sanctum Masters were… concerned that I was overworking myself.”

“You probably were.” Tony said, and Pepper nodded along with him.

“We’re always happy to see you, Stephen. It’s Avengers team night, if you want to stop in? I think it’s…” She glanced away from the screen and focused somewhere just to the side. “It’s Clint’s turn,” she smiled, “He’ll probably bring the kids, which means it’s a Disney or Pixar night. We’ll make extra popcorn.”

She said it so certainly that Stephen didn’t have the heart to turn her down. That had been Pepper’s intention, even if she hadn’t said so.

“It’ll be good to get the team used to you. You’re officially an Avenger in, what, less than a month?” Tony added, “Assuming someone doesn’t screw up the paperwork at the last minute.”

Pepper sighed. “If you just jinxed us, I’m going to throw you off the balcony.”

“Stephen, Pepper is making me feel unsafe. Protect me.” Tony pouted, and Stephen laughed and he felt a little less like a cardboard cut out trying to pass for a sorcerer.

“If she wants to throw you off her own balcony, I don’t have any right to stop her.”

“Thank you, Stephen.” Pepper smiled at him, and Stephen smiled back at her, her eyes bright even over the blue toned hologram. Stephen didn’t think of himself as a romantic, but she seemed to be glowing, and he could have gotten lost in her eyes.

Tony cleared his throat and turned the phone back towards himself. “Pepper, stop making eyes at him, I called dibs.”

“I thought we agreed to share.” Pepper said with a raised eyebrow and a mischievous lip bite. Stephen was a bit caught off guard, eyes widening as they… flirted? With each other through him? But… they were also flirting with him. Maybe. Pepper had the same sort of look that she’d had when she was threatening to throw Tony off the balcony, except it was different in a way Stephen couldn’t quite put a finger on.

“You’re gonna scare him off, Ms. Potts.”

Well, that didn’t answer any of Stephen’s questions, but it did make a mark in the “they’re flirting with me” column of his mind.”

“We tried it your way, all the passive romantic gestures a man could ask for. It didn’t work. Now we’re trying it my way. Turn me back to Stephen.”

Stephen glanced from the hologram to Tony, and back, not exactly following even as the hologram Pepper looked him directly in the eyes. They were flirting with him, but not just flirting. They were also-

“Stephen, we want you to sit with us during the Avengers movie night. Would you like to?”

Stephen stared at her, still not entirely down from the panic attack he’d had just a few minutes before, or maybe it was longer? How long had he been sitting there?

“Don’t keep us in suspense, please.” Tony smiled, just a trace of nerves in the crease of his forehead and the tension in his hand that held his phone.

Suddenly Stephen realized that they were serious. Completely and totally serious. The realization hit him like a truck and he knew he had to accept their offer. He would never forgive himself if he didn’t.

“Su-Um, yes.” Stephen finally said, and when he saw the twin looks of pleasure on Tony and Pepper’s faces he straightened his posture a little bit. “But I’m not looking for a serious relationship right now.”

That was true. He wasn’t. He couldn’t. He wouldn’t even like it. Probably.

“That’s fine.” Pepper smiled brightly. “We know you’re busy, we just… want to spend more time with you.” Her eyes were mischievous, and Stephen forgot how anxious he’d been (three hours) earlier. He forgot that he shouldn’t be letting himself get caught up with personal affairs. He was the Master of the New York Sanctum. When does he have time to maintain a relationship? But a little bit of time having some fun with Pepper and Tony… couldn’t hurt. Probably.

“By more time, she definately means sex.” Tony cut in and Pepper rolled her eyes at him.

“Subtlety, Tony. Believe it or not, it works for some people.”

“Boring people.” Tony stood up and turned the phone back towards himself. “I’m going to get back to work, you,” he raised an eyebrow at Pepper, “Have a company to be running. Get to it, chop chop.”

She laughed and Tony turned his gaze to Stephen, his look softening. “And you need to have a nap. You look exhausted. We’ll catch you at the movie night, alright?” Tony stepped around the table and rested a hand on Stephen’s shoulder, squeezing it gently to reiterate his point. Stephen nodded mutely, not quite ready to move while he processed what was happening.

“Will that be all Mr. Stark?” Pepper asked and Tony smiled at her.

“That’ll be all Ms. Potts. Say goodbye to Stephen.”

“Well turn me around then!” She laughed, and she was still laughing when Tony turned her to face him. “Have a good nap, Stephen. If you’re not ready by the time team night starts, don’t worry about it. It’s a come and go sort of thing. Friday will direct you where you need to go.”

“I’ll see you then.” Stephen said quietly and she smiled a genuinely pleased smile at him.

“I look forward to it,” with that she hung up and Tony put the phone back in his pocket.

“I was serious about the nap.” He shook a non-plussed finger at Stephen who rolled his eyes.

“I don’t need to be told when to sleep. I’m not you.”

“You only dream of being as amazing as I am.”

“I usually call them nightmares, but sure.”

“God I like you.” Tony said with a smirk and then a small salute. “See you tonight, Steph.” Before he goes he pecks the sorcerer on the cheek, quickly to keep Stephen from trying to fend him off

Stephen couldn’t even be irritated by the annoying pet name Tony had taken to calling him because he was too busy thinking about that small kiss, those twin smirks. Stephen Strange was in trouble from the likes of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, but maybe just this once trouble wasn’t such a bad thing to be in.

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Your account really just hit me with a double kill like damn ok. Not only did you make me love Ironstange more than I already did,,, YOU CAME BACK FOR SECONDS AND SHOT ME WITH DRPEPPERONY. IM BLEEDING OUT. YOUR ART IS SO AMAZING AND THE SHIP IS SO CUTE, THERE ISNT ENOUGH OF IT AAAA A A A A. Thanks lmao, I'm trapped now

welcome to the ignoring endgame’s existence club😭😭👌👌👌👌👌💕💕💕 infinity war ended with thanos dying and tony asking pepper if she found that one wizard they met hot too

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