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Actual fic is still no really happening but this little scene ambushed me on the way home from work and I don’t want to lose it. Have yet more bullet points. This time in the drpepperony flavor. 🤍

  • Tony comes home and finds his two loves on the couch; Pepper lounging with Stephen’s head in her lap.
  • “Shh”, she says when Tony’s starts to speak and points down.
  • “Migraine?” Tony asks very, very quietly and Pepper nods.
  • “Wong called me to get him home, he was being useless.”
  • They both smile at that bit it’s tinged with worry.
  • “Did he take anything?”
  • Pepper just shakes her head and Tony isn’t surprised.
  • “Hello, honey,” Tony moves in to kiss his wife hello before he goes to his knees in front of them. “Hello, sweetheart,” he whispers and, after making sure that Stephen’s really asleep he gently kisses the bit of cheekbone he can easily reach.
  • After a quick shower and some careful repositioning all three of them find their place on the couch. (The thing is enormous; custom made to fit three tall adults with extra room.)
  • When Stephen wakes up a couple of hours later he finds himself on his side, with his head on a comfortable pillow, face half pressed against Pepper’s hip, his hands elevated on yet another pillow in front of him.
  • Tony is a warm weight on his other side, one arm around Stephen’s waist and his breath keeps tickling Stephen’s neck.
  • Stephen can feel Tony’s slighly irregular heartbeat and it comforts him like nothing else.
  • Tony actually wanted to work, but fell asleep within minutes of cuddling up to Stephen.
  • The lights are low and FRIDAY is playing some music but it’s so faint that Stephen can’t even recognize what it is.
  • Pepper’s working on something on a dimmed holographic display but notices immediately that he’s awake.
  • “Hey, feeling better?” she asks with a smile and reaches out to stroke his hair.
  • “Yes.” His head still hurts but it’s not as bad as before, he’s not dizzy right now and he‘s sandwiched between the two people he loves most.
  • “Much better.”
  • He falls back asleep almost before he finishes speaking.
  • Pepper soon stops working and joins her men in the late afternoon nap.
  • FRIDAY continues to keep watch over her family and mutes every incoming call to let them have their well-deserved rest.
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Uploaded my extremely short stuff to AO3!

1) His Storms

Notes: First posted on Tumblr as “ironstrange ficlet.”

Summary: When Tony was little, he was scared of storms. But he told himself he wasn’t scared. It was Mr. Bear who was scared. Mr. Bear, a plush toy gifted by Aunt Peggy, was smaller than himself, and needed his protection.


2) Aesthetics

Summary: A very short exploration of the visuals I associate with my hc’s for Tony, Stephen and Pepper.

Excerpt: Tony: loud colors. Colors to be seen in. Colors that would make him stand out in a room full of people with all of his ego but none of his talent. Red. Gold. Colors he had loved since birth.


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tony: loud colors. colors to be seen in. colors that would make him stand out in a room full of people with all of his ego but none of his talent. red. gold. colors he had loved since birth. colors of glory and conquest and romance. as well as anger, rage, elation - everything he’s not afraid to feel. the shinier, the better. an eye-catching accent in drab formal clothes. silk. purple. elegance. polished chrome.

stephen: dark colors. deep as they go. as close to black as a color can get - but not black. never black. black is dreary, expressionless. black is the void, the emptiness, the end. there are so many colors in the multiverse, some that no words on earth can capture; the darkest among them draw him in, make his curious mind race. gray, when he wants to feel his feet on the ground. rich velvet. a love for luxury so deeply ingrained, no amount of ascetic training can take it away.

pepper: muted colors. earth shades. pastel, sometimes, why not? she loves looking at loud and dark colors, but shies away from the thought of wearing them regularly. colors that allow her to slip between the noise and the discord and quietly, steadily, weave things into order. suits in colors that make her feel needed and powerful and efficient. dresses in shades that make her heart feel full and relaxed. white. black.

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Avengers Polycule thoughts are keeping me up.


The Avengers Polycule, like the MCU, begins with Tony Stark (and James Rhodes).

Rhodes and Tony’s schedules used to line up where they were spending more down time with each than without (university). As their lives and the schedules grew increasingly more hectic, they made the mutual decision to step things down a notch, still allowed to be affectionate, still allowed to be in love and call each other boyfriends, but there was a pressure taken off of them to be perfect boyfriends. They still loved each other, but they showed it in a more casual way. I’m writing the fic for this, and I promise it makes sense to me. Like… Maybe they haven’t seen each other in a month, and spoken not very much in that time, but Tony’s still giving Rhodey a “glad to see you” kiss and means it. They’re still together, but there’s less obligation to be present physically. They become emotional home bases for one another. “Maybe we can’t go on a date tonight, but here’s a cute picture of a cat I saw in the street today. You’re welcome, I know it’s a treasure.” (Tony) “Buy yourself a pizza from me tonight. You deserve it. Good job on your presentation.” (Rhodey)

Tony meets Pepper and Rhodey immediately proposes something more open. Tony thinks it’s because Rhodey wants to date Pepper, which, fair. Rhodey does it because he can see that Tony and Pepper are going to get along great, and he doesn’t want Tony to be Tony and screw it up for the sake of his relationship with Rhodes.

He still screws it up for a while, but it’s not for the sake of his relationship with Rhodes, so it almost works.

Tony and Pepper are serious, like, serious serious. It scares Tony at first, just a little because he expected it to be like with Rhodes. Where he was in love, but like… casually. There is nothing casual about Pepper, and when he tells that to Rhodes, Rhodes has to hold his tongue to keep from saying, “Obviously you idiot,” because it’s not helpful and also might come across as more confrontational than he means it to be.

Pepper demands exclusivity that Rhodey never did. “I don’t care if you have relationship with other people, but you’re not going to sleep around just for the sake of it if you want to be with me.”

Tony agrees to those terms readily. Who else does he need when he has Pepper and Rhodey anyway?

The answer is he needs a wizard. A stupidly handsome wizard with great cheekbones, blue eyes, and so much sass Tony could kill him as soon as kiss him.

It both surprises him and pleases him that apparently Pepper needs a wizard too.

With Stephen, things are great. Tony’s had two successful and happy relationships for years, but the triad experience is something new entirely. The dynamic that bringing Stephen into he and Pepper’s relationship gives him is something Tony wouldn’t trade the world for. It’s just his luck that he gets to have it twice.

Maybe luck is the wrong word. Perhaps two genius heads put themselves together to woo the former Winter Soldier into their bed and their relationship. Pepper’s at capacity and not really interested, but she does her best to encourage them.  (She tries to keep quiet about the fact that she’s the one who made the subtle nudge at the two of them to go after what they obviously wanted, but when they get too proud of themselves she can’t help but mention it, just to humble them a little. Bucky is amused.

Tony has two triads, and one Rhodey bear when Morgan comes along. Bucky likes Morgan, likes the idea of children, but isn’t really down for raising them. (Stephen and Tony had kind of assumed that if Bucky ever did do the raising kids thing it’d be with Steve, so they’re not surprised or offended.) All of Tony’s partners love Morgan to death, and would probably kill for her, and that’s all he could have asked for.

His little family isn’t so little anymore, and when their various extended partners get together it’s a pretty large group. (Mostly because Steve is a whore, but also because Tony is an unapologetic romantic.) 

When Tony finally gets to recline on the front porch of his lake house, his child and nesting partners are near by, and Bucky and Rhodes are just a phone call and a portal away. He’s content, and he’s at capacity. There’s nothing more he could ask for.

Sure, four times the partners also means four times the disagreements, but what’s a relationship without some strife? Some hurdles to jump that will ultimately bring them closer together? Even on bad days, Tony is grateful for the people in his life, and for the love they give him and allow him to give them. He’s grateful for his daughter, and his partners, and every single misstep that brings him to the front porch of a lakehouse, sipping lemonade and surrounded by his loved ones.

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The Mystery of Tony’s Good Cooking

Tony has all the qualities of a good househusband, except that he sucks at cooking. So I decided I’ll gift him the gift of good cooking. 


Stephen has recently noticed that everything Tony has been giving him to eat, was good. If it were any other person, Stephen would pass it off as someone improving in their cooking skills, but Stephen knows that Tony can’t improve since he tried teaching him himself. 

He paid no heed to it, however, and brushed it off as Tony buying takeaway, no matter how much Tony insisted that he cooked it himself.

His mind was changed, though, when he came home one day to find Tony standing in the kitchen, next to the stove, and cooking. 

“Nothing’s on fire,” Stephen noted as he came closer. Tony was really cooking, making noodles that had a rather nice aroma. Could this be store-bought, and he was just pretending to cook it?

“Thanks,” Tony said and turned around to give him a peck on the lips, “want a bite?”

That’s when Stephen started getting suspicious, “it’s not ready yet.”

“The sauce is, though,” Tony pointed at some tomato sauce that was cooling on the counter. 

Stephen frowned. Maybe the sauce was store-bought, and Tony managed to make some pasta. “I don’t want sauce with nothing else.”

“Your loss,” Tony said and took a dip of the sauce, putting his finger into his mouth. 

Pepper walked into the kitchen, and took a look at Stephen, and pointed at Tony, “dear, are you seeing this?”

“I’m still not buying it,” Stephen said and took his own peck from Pepper. “Something’s not right.”

“No, no, he started cooking when I got home. This isn’t some trick.”

“Will you guys stop talking about me like I’m not here?” Tony complained, “I can cook now, deal with it.”

“Maybe he learned some magic?” Pepper asked Stephen. 

“He sucks at it, too, but it’s more plausible than him learning how to cook.”

“Hey! I’m not bad at magic or at cooking, now call Morgan to tell her dinner’s ready.”

Stephen followed Tony’s wish, but he still wanted to know how he did it.


FRIDAY would not share how Tony can cook, so Pepper went through Tony’s bank accounts, looking at his expenses. 

“No takeaway food, he’s actually buying groceries.”

“Well, what else did he pay for?” 

“He wrote a check for George Richards.”

“Who’s he?”


Turned out he was a private cooking teacher, and Tony was seeing him when Pepper and Stephen were at work. 

Pepper and Stephen decided to ask Tony why he was doing this, and tell him he didn’t need to prove a point. But Tony’s answer was sweet, and he didn’t get that kind of response at the end. 


“Hey, Tony, do you know anyone named George Richards?” Pepper approached the topic gently, while Tony was busy fixing the lamp.

“Rings a bell,” Tony answered cheekily.

Stephen rolled his eyes, “come on, Tony, we know already. Why did you want to be taught cooking?” And who’s the genius who succeded, Stephen didn’t ask.

Tony stopped his work and looked his partners in the eye, “I love our family, I just wanted to not waste your time. While you’re both busy at work, someone has to take care of Morgan’s lunch. I didn’t want her to eat leftovers from your cooking at the weekends every week, so I decide I’ll make the food for her, and you guys will have something at dinner to eat. Plus, there isn’t much to do, now that I’m retired.” 


Pepper and Stephen decided Tony had good intentions, and let him continue meeting his very expensive tutor. 

But turned out Tony’s cooking lessons, weren’t all smooth sailings. So they watched Tony’s amusing failed attempts at cooking when FRIDAY lets them see the security feeds. 

Rhodey, Peter and Happy all found it very entertaining as well. Which is how a tradition started, that before every big meal Tony made, they all laughed about how he got there. 

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When you think about it, Peter/MJ/Shuri kinda is the teen version of DrPepperony.

Inventors : Tony, Peter, Shuri

Doctors : Stephen (Shuri in a way)

The down to earth (sarcastic and straight to the point) one : Pepper, MJ

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Warning that this is just an idea and not thoroughly fleshed out. Also no sexy times because my ace ass can’t write sexy times to save my life

Its early in the relationship. In an inversion of the norm its actually Pepper and Stephen who get along really well and Tony and Stephen who - while genuinely liking one another - seem to have a wall put up (internalized homophobia? a deep misunderstanding of one another as people? You decide!) between them. 

One day, while Stephen and Tony are attempting to get to know one another better they take Peter and Morgan to the Sanctum, where he shows them some of the safer relics and explains their functions. He lets Morgan fiddle around with an amulet that does nothing but protect against the effects of magic - meaning that its essentially harmless - and shows a piece that was created using residual energy from the time stone (which no longer exists, so its kind of a big deal). While doing so he and Tony get into something vaguely resembling an argument where the two men disagree on what to do with it, and i the process, activate it

Thus, Tony, Stephen, Peter and Morgan are all tossed back in time, to roughly 1996-97. But thats not all, since im a sucker for Kid! Peter, all except Morgan - who had that amulet that protected against the relic’s effects, are de-aged by roughly a decade, though its hard to tell. Stephen is now in his “just got out of med school” look, Tony is back to his state when he was in IM2/Avengers - fluffy hair and all, and poor peter is about 6 or 7 - still older than morgan but barely taller ((Morgan is confused but delighted, calling Peter her “older littler brother”) 

Its basically a fic where the A plot is Tony and Stephen navigating the situation with Tony’s parents (because i have to get “Howard stark being an asshole” in there somewhere) and the B plot is Wong, May and Pepper working together to get these idiots back. 

By the end of it we get some nice DrPepperony cuddles and Stephen and Tony better understand each other - also we get some Mama Bear/Protective Stephen Strange and Tony Stark which is one of my all time fav tropes

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Inktober 2k19 Day 6: Husky

Nothing better than cuddling with your comfy boyfriend on a lazy Sunday.

I ship Tony and Stephen with Pepper and Thor and I am not ashamed and I will not apologize.

Fics in the works, because again, I am shameless.

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“in the middle” by dodie but it’s tony talking to stephen and pepper

It could be weird, but I think I’m into it. You know I’m one for the overly passionate. I like you, and I loved him, we could all be the best kind of friends. You said you’re into closure. Shake hands like you’re supposed to. I’ll be in the middle while you two get along.

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