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Last night was really good. It was exactly the release I needed. I think that was probably the purest mdma I’ve had before. I was so euphoric. Really good stuff man fuck.

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Okay so I did lsd and weed two nights ago

I’m pretty sure I put the tab in my mouth at like 7:10 idk but I swallowed it at 7:45 so idk rn

I don’t like tripping on acid with drunk people around. not a decent vibe like. Especially when you’re the only one who hasn’t been drinking and you roll blunts quite frequently so,, you’re asked to roll. but you’re hands are shaking real bad and there’s like almost ten drunk people shouting and asking for weed. Dont recommend. I was decently scared.

But when I was doing it in private with time on my side it was fine. I did some decent rolls for all the shaking.

Probably shouldn’t of done drugs last minute but eh idm

It was really good fun

Anyway 5am I started seeing shit and that was real fun. (I’ll probably talk about this later bc I made some notes and did a drawing)

But all I can think about two days later is how good it made me feel and how I just wanna keep doing it,, I’m at work today so I won’t but like

LSD is so much fun I was buzzing all yesterday as well when I was coming off cus I was still a bit over sensitive to light and colour still so when I went to sleep after not being asleep for 24hours ,, it was really funky. Just felt really good.

Now I’m pretty much fine, I’ve got a buzz still because things just feel a lot clearer bc of doing it.

So yea, my first trip on acid was awesome.

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two : AM

i wish i was cool enough & bad enough to pull the shit you did.

i wana be disgusting, do absolute wrong and get away with it.

i want to be evil enough to kill all the precious parts of you and not give a single fuck.

teach me to murder; show me how to get blood on my hands but remain sustained.

ill destroy you.

ill change you.

ill emotionally erase you.

you’ll be starving for an answer but i won’t take the blame.

if you’ve never known death, knowing me will be the closest thing.

ive never known death, but knowing you was the closest thing.

when’s my turn?

where’s my crown?

when will you know pain?

when the fuck will you realise you had nothing to gain?

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These Glendale (AZ) cops PISS ME OFF.

A passenger in this car had legal medical marijuana, he admitted to it and showed the cops his medical marijuana card.

The cops then ordered him out of the car (NO reasonable suspicion of any crime) and illegally search his wallet for others drugs.

HIS having medial marijuana DOES NOT equal the cops having the ability to do an illegal search of his person.

Absolutely disgusted by the cops in this video.

The man having other drugs does not matter, it’s an illegal search based on his being a medical marijuana patient.

Proof we need to legalize ALL drugs and stop these abuses

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I’ve seen a lot of shit here on tumblr but THIS beats it all…

Selling meth, shards, ice coke?

WTBF is wrong with this world!?

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sincerely hope death is not as terrifying as when i was having a bad trip depersonalizing/disassociating and almost called 911 with ollie right beside me because i was completely convinced i was about to experience heart failure or be taken away by some higher power. laughing like maniacs sitting naked in the bathtub together was pretty fun though

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