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A new beginning. To cut your ties with your old life, with your old ‘friends’, with your family and basically everything you knew. Armed with nothing but a backpack full of necessities and your purse, you set off to the city called Ikebukuro, hoping to find the feeling you’ve been looking for for the past couple of years. You didn’t really expect anything special from Ikebukuro, as you had moved here on a whim, but it proved to be a lot more than you could ever have dreamed of. Especially since you are thrown into the action the moment you arrive. - Part One

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Hi there! I’ve been really looking to practice character story and creation. I only have 2 rps going at the moment and as wonderful  ( and fucking so fun) they are I am looking to do up to 3 more! 

I am also willing to work with fandoms and i’m open to really anything. I’m alos up for making OCS. 

I am a lit/para rper and I tend to do semi large posts, but it varies. I’ll tag the fandoms i’m in below. 

It doesn’t have to be romance, but I do enjoy having a couple or a poly relationship in my rps~! 

Message me if youre interested~!! 

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Soo, i finally watched the german dub oft drrr, and was pleasantly surprised how well they did izaya and shizuo. I did actually prefer german shizuo too the JP vers. …it also reminded me how mich i like izaya. I mean, he’s even douchier than i remembered, but i still think he’s a great villain, with just enaugh subdelty

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