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Chapter 1 - The Beginning

This is the story of Steve Harrington, of his family, his 7 children; very clever, and all very, very naughty.

The most recent nanny, Nanny Byers, ran out of the house screaming. Nanny no.17 this one is. They managed to scare this one off quicker than the last.

The strictest, most fearless nanny at the local organisation.

As he went to work the same morning at Scoops Ahoy, he was confident that there was absolutely nothing his kids could do to scare her off.

“They’ve eaten the baby!” She screamed as she ran into Scoops Ahoy.

“I-I gotta go Robin.”

As he drove home, he was mentally cursing at his children.

Michael, the eldest of the 7 kids, was sitting at the window smirking to himself as he saw his father pull into the driveway.

Dustin, Lucas, Will, Jane and Max were eating the chicken (which Nanny Byers thought was the baby) and giggling amongst themselves.

Holly was lying in the dish where the chicken was, covered in gravy and cabbage.

Steve opened the door and glared at the 6 older children, Jane the youngest of those 6 and Mike the oldest.

“Where’s Holly?” He asked Mike, Lucas and Dustin.

The three boys just looked amongst one another.

Their father knowing that she was in the dish the entire time, lifted the lid off of it and took Holly out.

“Oh look at you, covered in gravy and cabbage.”

He turned to the 6 elder kids and said, “There are no more nanny’s to look after you. Nanny Byers quit because of your bad behaviour. And you are…to go to bed immediately!”

“Before supper?” Will asked, dumfoundedly.

“Without supper.” Steve corrected.

He walked out of the room carrying Holly.

“Did he say without supper?”

Dustin and Mike walked up to the board where they calculated how fast they got rid of their nannies.

“Ok, this one took 24 hours and 30 minutes. Which is-” Mike started.

“48 hours and 38 minutes quicker than the last.”

“I say that’s a mission well accomplished.” Lucas congragulated themselves.

Jane agreed with her older brothers, as did Max and Will.

Allie walked into the room, placed Jane on her lap and asked Max, “Max, what’s this word?”

“Lovingly,” Max stated. “He took her lovingly by the hand.”

“What’s it about, Allie?” Asked Dustin.

“It’s about the daughter of a nice man who remarries after his wife dies, and the stepmother is horrid to her.” Max explains.

“Why doesn’t the man stop her being horrid?” Allie asks to no one in particular.

“Fathers all turn bad once their wives die. They don’t care anymore.” Mike scowls, looking out the window.

“Michael, yours does.” Allie comforts him.

“No he doesn’t. Does he read to El or play D&D with us like he used to? He doesn’t even sing lullabies to Holly anymore! We hardly see him.”

“He loves you, Michael. You know that. He’s just had a lot on his mind since…”

“Since mother died.” Mike confirmed.

“You two used to be close as anything.” Allie stated.

“Not anymore, all he cares about now is getting himself a nice new wife.”

“Well…I don’t know if that’s true of not, but it might be nice to have a new mother.” Allie tried to convince them.

“Don’t you know anything about the world?” Max asks, “Whoever he marries will be vile and treat us like slaves!”

“You don’t know that.” Allie reassures her.

“Plenty of evidence that states otherwise.” Lucas brings up a book of fairy tales, “there isn’t one stepmother in there who’s even halfway decent. They’re an evil breed. Anyway, who ever likes other people’s children-”

I like you.” Allie states.

“Yeah, but you’re a servant. You’re paid to like us. Doesn’t count.” Dustin corrects her.

Allie walks out the door, closely followed by Will.

“I really am hungry, Allie. Could you maybe get me some secret toast and marmelade?”

He didn’t get an answer.

“Alright! Forget the marmelade! Just some secret toast!”

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Stranger Things - A Nanny McPhee AU

Summary - Steve Harrington, father of 7 kids. Michael, Jane, William, Maxine, Lucas, Dustin and Holly, widower of his late wife Nancy. His children are VERY ill behaved, he needs Nanny Hargrove to help his children become well behaved young people.

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

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🧟‍♂️ We’re searching for our Max Mayfield, Ben Hanscom, Jonathan Byers, Lucas Sinclair and Dustin Henderson!! 🧟‍♂️


Originally posted by violadvis

Like Stranger Things? IT? How about Zombies and Roleplaying? Well do we have just the Discord server for you!

Quaranteend is a Zombie Rp discord with a twisting addition of Demodogs, Pennywise and the Mindflayer! We’d love to finish off our Party and Losers Club, so please join us! 💕💕🧟‍♂️

We’re looking for;

  • Ben Hanscom
  • Lucas Sinclair
  • Max Mayfield
  • Dustin Henderson
  • Jonathan Byers

Along with other characters from the show/movie/book!!

Read our Bio to find out Navigation and join us!! 🧟‍♂️


Originally posted by mikejane

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It took another forty minutes to get this trash heap battle ready; most of our time spent turning the bus into a makeshift bomb shelter to withstand the wrath of some inter dimensional creature that, lets not forget, we weren’t even sure actually existed.

At least Steve had finally managed to get the boys to pitch in, though they’re idea of helping seemed more like arguing over petty shit that really could wait till later; maybe after we weren’t counting down the seconds to a monster attack.

Still; me and Steve had managed to corral the troops onto the bus, and pour a gasoline trail from the door to the meat pile to guarantee we can light up this fucker like a barbecue with minimal risk to the kids.

Now all that was left to do was wait, something that was easier said than done considering keeping the kids calm and on the bus was like herding toddlers, but not because they were nervous.

The kids seemed far too eager for this show to start; as if it was one big fucking game of laser tag rather than a potential life and death situation.

Despite the risk and the newfound responsibility; me and Steve remained pretty damn calm all things considered.

We were sat on the bus seats next to each other; my feet propped in his lap and my shotgun nestled in my arms, looking very ma and pa for two ragtag teenagers waiting on a monster battle.

Steve kept fiddling with my lighter, flicking it on and off in a visible nervous tick that disrupted the illusion of coolheaded leader.

Across the aisle, Max sat alone, watching us with contemplative eyes, as if us being here at all confused her.

“So you thought one of these things before?” She asked; no disbelief in her voice, just interest.

Yup.” Steve confirmed nonchalantly, popping the p with insane casualness as if we were talking about the weather or something.

And you’re like; totally one hundred percent sure it wasn’t a bear?” She continued to question, and look; there was that disbelief I was waiting on.

“If it was; it was a pretty fucking freaky looking bear then.” I chirped, though my words fell flat; coming out clipped and tense.

Shit. Don’t be an idiot, okay? It wasn’t a bear.” Interrupted Dustin from the back of the bus, finally breaking his silent sulking.

It seemed the kid still hadn’t gotten over the fact he might lose her to his best friend, and decided that the right person to be mad at was her; rather than his romantic rival sat on the roof.

Why are you even here if you don’t believe us?” He continued to spit, rising from his seat to walk up to her face on.

Just go home.” He barked, and I kinda wished he had that kind of confidence in the first place; would’ve saved him a lot of heartache if he’d just confronted her about his feelings all along.

Sheesh! Someone’s cranky. Past your bedtime?” She retorted sharply, before getting up from her seat and climbing up the ladder to the roof.

Poor girl. She didn’t even know why Dustin was so mad; had no idea of the massive crush on her.

Why did boys have to be so damn constipated when it came to feelings?

Fuck; if I knew.

That’s good. Just show her you don’t care.” Steve praised Dustin, and I had to hold off slapping him around the back of the head, because really?! That’s what he got from this?!

“I don’t.” Dustin replied, already pacing up and down the bus, and I was beginning to think I’d missed a big part of the picture back in the woods; because when did this become Steve’s advice?!

I’m sorry; did I miss something?” I asked; mainly directing my question at Steve.

If we survived this we were gonna have a serious question at setting an example for the kids, and Jesus; I was sounding like a mother again!

No. Nope. Nothing.” Steve lied blatantly, and believe me when I say Steve was a terrible liar.

We were so having this conversation when this was over…

And why the hell was Steve winking at Dustin?

Why are you winking Steve? Stop.” Dustin spoke my thoughts, because at least someone here had some emotional maturity; even if that person was thirteen; and Jesus; Steve was doing it again!

Enough, Steve.” I instructed, holding the lighter shut whilst I was at it, because Steve was becoming annoying, and I don’t think I could go the rest of the night without braining him if he kept this up.

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The In-Between Chapter 9

Stranger Things x It Crossover

with some Bill Denbrough x reader

Word Count - 5,340

Warning - none

A/N - I’m so sorry it’s taken so long for me to update :(( as some of you know, I had an allergic reaction recently and have been so sick and out of it that I wasn’t able to really write anything. and I didn’t want to just post something to post something so I had to wait until I was feeling better which turned out to be today. anyways, this chapter is back to the normal length I had started out with at the beginning of this series simply because I don’t want this series to end yet and the next chapter might be a little long because it is going to be action packed! I hope you all enjoy this chapter and please leave me comments letting me know what you think so far!!

if you would like to be added to the tag list, let me know!

T H E I N - B E T W E E N

Intro The Losers’ Club The Party Prologue 1 2

3 4 5 6 7 8 9


When Eleven opened her eyes she was met with nothingness. All around her was just the empty black void that usually surrounded her when she tried to use her powers, the ground below her covered with water that was invisible to the eye but still made the sloshing around sound when she moved.

She began to walk forward with no destination pinpointed in her head. All she had guiding her along was a feeling, a feeling that told her Y/N was close.

Eleven let the feeling guide her as she silently walked through the void, only ever breaking the silence to let out a small sigh of relief when something began to appear in the distance. She didn’t know what had her doing it, but Eleven found herself breaking into a run, the thought of Y/N being so close even if it was only in her mind enough to move her along.

As she grew closer, she realized that the thing in the distance had been none other than Y/N herself, the young girl hugging her body and trying to make herself as small as possible as she quietly sobbed. Eleven felt her heart drop at the sight and she didn’t hesitate to slide to her knees in front of the girl, the invisible water splashing up onto her jeans as she did so.

Y/N let out a small sob as she hid her face against her knees that she was hugging close to her chest. It was obvious she was hiding from the way she kept her cries to only above a whisper level and how she kept her body as small as possible.

Eleven didn’t like thinking that Y/N was actually hiding from something and that she was no one near enough to help.

Eleven stared at her friend for a moment before whispering out, “Y/N?”

The girl tensed at that, her cries silencing as her body shook less. Y/N pulled her face away from her knees and let her eyes flicker around her before they landed on Eleven. A look of utter fear was on Y/N’s face, but she still managed to whisper out, “El?”

Eleven felt the tears begin to fill her eyes as she looked at her friend, nodding her head almost eagerly as if to tell her that she was here. “We’re coming for you,” Eleven told her. “Me, Bill, the Party, and the rest of the Losers. We’re all coming to save you.”

“I don’t want you guys getting hurt,” Y/N whispered, the fright in her eyes ten times worse now that she was thinking about her friends coming after her.

“We’re coming to get you,” Eleven stared firmly, tears falling down her cheek. “You’re going to be okay. Just wait a little longer.”

“Please hurry,” Y/N finally said, nodding slightly as she realized there was no way she could change her friends’ minds. There was silence before Y/N perked up, almost as if she had heard a sound.

Y/N began to shake, her eyes flickering over to Eleven as her lip started to quiver. Y/N let out a soft sob and desperately reached out for Eleven as she whimpered out, “El.”

Eleven didn’t even hesitate to reach out for the girl, wanting nothing more than to be able to rip her friend away from the situation she was in. But just when their hands were about to touch, Y/N let out a scream and her image dissolved before Eleven’s eyes.

Eleven’s hand fell through the air and hit the ground. It was like everything hit her all at once and Eleven let out a scream, her whole body shaking as she desperately touched the area around her.

“Y/N! Y/N!” Eleven cried out, the water splashing everywhere as she tried to get her friend back. The tears were freely flowing now and she was sobbing as she grabbed at nothing.

She was woken awake at that moment and Eleven came back to reality with a loud gasp, the tears in her mind a real representation of how she looked now. She was hyperventilating and she desperately looked around, barely being able to focus on Wheeler or Max who were kneeling down before her.

Their lips were moving, but Eleven couldn’t register what they said. All she could do was scream and cry out her friend’s name as hot tears rolled down her cheeks.

The sight of her was making everyone freak out except for Bill who had gone as white as a sheet, his eyes glossing over as she stared at Eleven helplessly…heartbrokenly.

Wheeler eventually just pulled Eleven close to his body, the hug he gave her secure enough that she began to calm down and was able to hold him back. It took her a couple of more minutes, but her screams quieted and she was left just softly crying as Wheeler held her.

Bill was the first to say something, finally breaking the silence with, “W-W-What happened? Is Y/N o-o-okay?”

Everyone looked to him, the desperation in his voice for needing Y/N to be okay enough to tug at their heartstrings. Eleven locked eyes with the boy and wiped at her tears as she whispered, “I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Steve asked a little aggressively, the thought of the girl being anything but okay not able to process in his mind.

“She…she disappeared,” Eleven said, those words earning confused looks from everyone. “I saw her. She was hiding and she was scared. I told her that we were coming and then she screamed and disappeared.”

Eleven began to cry again and a heavy silence fell among the group as they tried to think of what could’ve gotten her. Whether it was Pennywise or a demogorgon, neither would be good.

Bill clenched his jaw and looked to the ground before saying, “So she’s alive and needs our help.” Everyone looked to him, wondering if he wasn’t quite understanding what Eleven had said.

But when they saw the tears in his eyes, they knew he had heard but didn’t want to listen or believe anything other than Y/N was alive. And maybe they were the same way.

Richie nodded in agreement before clapping his hands to gain the attention of the others. He smirked at them, “Let’s get to work, motherfuckers.”

- - -

The Losers and the Party spent the rest of the evening preparing for their journey into the Upside Down. Having gone into the Well House late that evening, the groups were only able to get the necessary weapons they needed and plan out how to teach the other group to fight their enemy. So the next day all of the Losers had to come up with some excuse for not being able to go to school just to be able to get to Y/N’s house.

Luckily Y/N’s parents were still out of town, so they had no idea that their little girl was missing. As for the Losers’ parents, they all believed that Richie had mono, Eddie was having a bad asthma day, Bill had strep, Beverly had bronchitis, Ben had a stomach bug, and that Mike was fighting a fever. So after their parents all left for work and the kids locked their doors, they climbed out their windows, got on their bikes, and pedaled towards Y/N’s house.

They were there by nine and the game plan for the day was that the Losers would tell their story to the Party before teaching them how to fight off Pennywise before lunch. After lunch, the Party would then tell the Losers about their story before teaching them how to fight the Upside Down and the mindflayer.

That’s how the Losers ended up telling everyone about what had happened to them two years ago, starting with the disappearance of Georgie Denbrough and ending with the pact they had made as they showed the others their hands.

“You guys were fifteen and decided to make your own blood oath?” Steve asked in shock. The Losers were silent as they stared at the boy before they nodded. “Well, shit. When I was fifteen, all Y/N and I did was make pinky promises.”

That earned a small chuckle from the others, finally breaking some of the tension that had fallen on them since the previous night.

“So how do we defeat this thing?” Lucas asked, leaning back in his chair as he let his eyes flicker over the Losers.

“Do one of you have a secret power you aren’t telling us about?” Will questioned, the look in his eyes almost hopeful as he wished for nothing more than it to be that easy. Then again, nothing ever was.

“Sadly, no,” Stan muttered with a sigh.

“It feeds on fear,” Beverly explained. “Two years ago, we were able to defeat It because we weren’t afraid.”

“So we just have to not be afraid?” Dustin asked.

“That’s simple enough,” Steve muttered with a shrug, not understanding why fighting this clown was so hard.

“You don’t get it,” Mike insisted as he shook his head. “It changes into your worst fears. It will take all of your willpower not to be afraid of what it shows you.”

The Party all froze at that, their fears flashing through their head, before they all shuddered in sync. “How the hell are we going to be able to stop that stupid clown from scaring us if it changes into our worst nightmares?” Max asked.

“How did you guys do it?” Wheeler asked, his eyes flickering over the group before he stopped on Richie and gave him a questioning look.

“I just imagined your mom and I wasn’t scared anymore,” Richie said almost instantly before he grimaced. “Sorry, it’s about instinct. But in all seriousness, you just have to think about what’s most important in that moment. For us, that fucking clown was literally holding Bill hostage, so all we could think about was saving our friend and then getting the hell out of there.”

“It had killed so many kids just like us that all we wanted was for it to end,” Eddie agreed.

“I think we were more angry than anything. It had captured Beverly and then was threatening to kill Bill right then and there. We were mad,” Ben added.

“You have to take your fear and then it into anger,” Stan explained.

“Th-Th-Think of Y/N,” Bill said, the mention of their friend’s name making everyone tense. “Think of h-h-her and how she’s b-b-being tortured down there. Th-Th-Think of how much you w-w-want to save her and h-h-how angry you are that th-th-they would even think of h-h-harming her.”

The Party all nodded, completely understanding what Bill was telling them. Getting angry wouldn’t be the hard part. Sure they were upset about what had happened, but they were pissed at the prospect of It or the Mindflayer touching and harming their friend.

“Don’t let It g-g-gain control and w-w-winning this thing should b-b-be easy.”

- - -

“Welcome to Dustin’s Fool-Proof Five Steps to Defeating the Upside Down and Saving Your Friend seminar,” Dustin announced as he stood before the Losers’ Club with his hands clasped together. It was just after lunch and Dustin had insisted on everyone sitting down while he started the next session off.

The Party stood behind him and rolled their eyes gently while the Losers all stared at him in surprise. Richie glanced over at Eddie who was sitting beside him and gave him a look to which Eddie returned with a shrug before they turned their attention back to the boy before them.

“Let’s begin with a crash course on everything you need to know about the Upside Down. It all began when Will over here went missing,” Dustin began before he started rambling his way through the story, talking about how they had first met Eleven and Y/N had insisted they help her out and ending with the Fourth of July where they defeated the Mind Flayer and then Y/N moved.

Dustin clapped his hands and looked to the group before saying, “Any questions as of right now?” Eddie began to raise his hand, but Dustin ignored him and just smiled, “Great. Let’s move onto the five steps, shall we?”

Eddie let his hand slowly fall while Richie chuckled beside him, which earned him a punch in the shoulder.

“Step one is knowing what you’re dealing with, which I just told you so you’re already partially there!” Dustin told them with a smile while Richie looked to Wheeler in disbelief. Wheeler just shrugged and Richie looked back to Dustin.

“Step Two is-”

“Okay, buddy. I think that’s enough,” Lucas said as he patted his friend’s shoulder.

“But they haven’t heard steps two, three, four, or five,” Dustin complained.

Lucas just ignored the boy before gently pushing him aside. “What you guys need to know is that literally anything can be a weapon when it comes to fighting the Upside Down. I mean, we used shitty fireworks against the Mind Flayer! If we distract him long enough for Eleven to use her powers, then we will be golden,” Lucas explained.

“But whatever we do, we have to be quiet. The Upside Down is the Mind Flayer’s territory. We so much as slip up once and he will be on our tail as will all the other demogorgons and demodogs,” Wheeler said.

“So basically we just need to protect Eleven and stay quiet so that the Mind Flayer can’t sense us?” Stan asked.

“Pretty much,” Steve replied with a small shrug as he messed with the nails on his bat.

“We have to make sure to close the gate,” Will added. “If we don’t close it, there’s no telling what will happen. You guys said that It has been in our world before and we know that the Mind Flayer has been in our world too. If we don’t close the gate and stop them from returning, then the two working together could be a lot worse than any of us will ever realize.”

“Will’s right. We get Y/N and get the hell out of there. As soon as everyone, and I mean everyone, is out, then I will close the gate and we should be home free after that,” Eleven said.

“How are we going to know where to find her?” Ben asked.

“W-W-We won’t. We will j-j-just have to look a-a-around,” Bill explained.

“We’re going to split up again?” Eddie questioned, his voice a little high in fright.

“No,” Bill shook his head. “W-W-We can’t. It’s easier to st-st-stop us if we aren’t t-t-together, so we have to stay i-i-in one big group if w-w-we want to save Y/N.” There was a silence before Bill asked, “Anymore qu-qu-questions?”

Richie sighed, “I’m sure I’ll have some later, but I’m good for now.”

Bill smiled ever so slightly before glancing at the others. They all remained silent and Bill nodded before picking up the crowbar he was going to use as a weapon.

“Let’s g-g-go get, Y/N.”

- - -

When Y/N came to, the first thing she noticed was that she was still alive. How that was possible? She had no idea, but she was alive and that was all that mattered.

The next she noticed was the incredible amount of pain coming from her head, a head throb so intense that she must have hit it before she was knocked unconscious.

Then she remembered everything that had happened leading up to her waking up in a strange place. Y/N had been talking to Eleven who had been able to communicate with her with her powers before a demogorgon had found the young girl and snatched her away. Everything had gone black after that before Y/N had woken up in the situation she was in.

Lastly she realized just where she was—her school cafeteria.

Not a very frightening place for the young girl, but the decay of it all was still enough to make her shudder. The only really weird part about the cafeteria was the fact that she had not been in there before she passed out. In fact, she had been near the quarry, so how she ended up in her school cafeteria without becoming a demogorgon’s lunch was beyond her.

There didn’t seem to be any demogorgons in sight and Pennywise was no where near by, so Y/N slowly got up from where she had woken up in the floor before she began to walk around, her eyes darting all around her as she carefully surveyed the area.

Ever since she got trapped in the Upside Down, It and the Mind Flayer had been toying with her, messing with her mind and her fear just for pure entertainment. Y/N wanted nothing more than for it to end.

Just then the door to the cafeteria burst open, the old doors swinging open so fast that they fell off once they hit the wall.

Y/N jumped in surprise before quickly turning to state at the doorway, freezing once she realized what was standing before her.

Her crush and best friend Bill Denbrough.

Y/N froze in her tracks at the sight of the boy before her bottom lip began to quiver. “Bill?” she whispered in disbelief, her eyes drinking in his appearance as he stood before her in the jacket she had recently started wearing.

Her eyes had filled with tears and her breathing was a little erratic as she shook her head in disbelief. She didn’t even think twice before beginning to run towards the boy, wanting nothing more than for him to wrap his arms around her and help get her out of there.

However, to her surprise, Bill’s eyes widened at the sight of her and he turned before bolting away.

This action caused Y/N to slow down a bit before she furrowed her eyebrows and ran faster to catch up with the boy. “Bill?” Y/N called out as she ran out of the school, only to see the boy running towards the woods nearby.

Y/N’s heart leapt into her throat at the thought of the demogorgons or It getting to the boy, so she broke out into a sprint, too focused on making sure that he was safe to wonder why he was running away from her in the first place.

“Bill!” Y/N continued to yell, the confusion and worry evident in her voice as she followed him through the woods.

She didn’t know why, but it seemed like he was running at an inhuman like speed. Every time he disappeared from view, the moment he was in her line of sight again, his distance from her had doubled.

She didn’t stop yelling for the boy until they had reached the familiar cliff that led down to the quarry, Bill having stopped just before the edge, an observation that made her heart beat erratically as worry coursed through her whole body.

“Bill?” she whispered almost hesitantly, her head tilting slightly as she stared at the boy ahead of him. “What’s wrong? Are you okay? How did you get down here? Where are the others?”

The questions were falling from her mouth so quickly that she knew Bill wasn’t able to process it fast enough, but she was just so nervous and so relieved that he was here that she couldn’t control her own mouth.

Only when Bill turned around suddenly to look at her did she fall silent, his honey brown eyes licking with hers making her mouth fall open slightly at just how mesmerizing the boy was. Then again, he always was. She had always been able to just stare into his eyes forever, a small thing she would do whenever the boy was rambling to her about one of his favorite things all while she just watched him with a small smile on her face.

However, something seemed to be off with the way he was staring back at her. It wasn’t like normal and was enough to make her flinch slightly from how harsh and cold it looked. It was like he was disgusted by her, the very look making her heart drop and her whole body grow ten times colder.

“Bill?” she whispered again, but the boy merely snarled in response before turning away.

“I-I-I was running away f-f-from you for a reason. C-C-Can’t you take a hint?” he asked harshly, the words shocking Y/N to the point where she stumbled back slightly.

“I’m sorry. What?” she questioned, her voice as small as she felt.

“You h-h-heard me,” Bill replied emotionlessly.

“I don’t understand,” Y/N muttered as Bill began to walk towards her, the look in his eyes making her instinctively take a step back. “Why would you-?”

“R-R-Run from you? What? W-W-Were you expecting me t-t-to embrace you with open arms? D-D-Declare my undying love f-f-for you?” Bill asked, the last question making him laugh so hard that Y/N felt her heart break.

Y/N’s eyes began to water and she swallowed thickly. “N-No…I just thought you were here to save me,” she whispered, still confused about where this attitude towards her was coming from.

“W-W-What? You think I c-c-care about you enough to s-s-save you? That I maybe l-l-love you? I could n-n-never love you, Y/N. I mean, ha-ha-have you seen yourself? I’m b-b-better off with s-s-someone like Beverly th-th-than you.

"You…you don’t mean that,” Y/N whispered, her voice cracking slightly as she backed up, not realizing that Bill had circled her so that she now had her back to the cliff of the quarry and was beginning to walk towards the edge.

“I’m g-g-glad you’re stuck down here. Ev-Ev-Everyone is actually. W-W-Why do you think it’s t-t-taken so long for even m-m-me to show up down here?” Bill questioned, ignoring her previous words.

“If you’re happy, then why are you here?” Y/N asked, a few tears escaping her eyes as she struggled to keep it together. Her body was shaking at this point and Bill seemed to notice from the cold and amused laugh he sent her way.

“Oh, Y/N, f-f-for one reason and one r-r-reason only,” Bill replied, stopping short and causing Y/N to stop walking as well. She didn’t seem to notice that she was on the edge of the cliff now, one more step meaning she would plunge over the side. Bill smirked at her, sending shivers down her spine.

“To m-m-make sure they finish the j-j-job.”

Then, before Y/N could even process what was happening, Bill had reached out and shoved her, the action causing her to fall back and over the cliff.

It was like everything was happening in slow motion as she began to fall. Her hand flew out, desperately trying to reach Bill as she fell back. The air was filled with her scream as the stomach dropping feeling of falling hit her all at once.

And all she could see was Bill staring at her from the cliff, a smile on his face as he watched her fall into the murky water below.

Y/N hit the water with a loud splash, the force of it all knocking the breath from her lungs and causing her to gasp and inhale the disgusting water that surrounded her.

All she could see was black as she tried to claw her way out of the murky water. It took a minute but she finally broke the surface, a loud gasp escaping her lips as she wiped the goo from her face and coughed to expel the liquid from her lungs.

Laughter could be heard and the sound of Bill’s laughter hit her so hard that she shook from fright and begin to cry. She didn’t understand what was happening, but something like this had always been one of her biggest fears.

Bill leaving her was one of her biggest fears.

Y/N finally brought herself to look up at the cliff and she let out a gasp and fell back in the water a little once she saw that Bill had been replaced by Pennywise, the laughter in the air being nothing but a mockery of the laughter of the boy she cared about.

She wanted to be relieved that Bill hadn’t been the one to do those things, but it was like the fear in her body only increased tenfold once she had realized it was Pennywise.

Y/N was crying harder now and she turned and quickly began to try and swim out of the water. However, she hadn’t gotten far before the laughter suddenly stopped. Y/N froze and looked back over her shoulder to find that the cliff was now empty. Pennywise no where to be seen.

Y/N’s breathing was erratic at this point as she frantically looked around her, but she froze instantly once she heard what sounded like a groan coming from the murky water. The girl slowly turned around, her eyes widening at the sight of a hand covered in decay and the goo of the water shooting out from the surface.

Another hand soon followed and before Y/N knew what was happening people were starting to break the surface of the water, their attention on her. Y/N let out a gasp once she realized they were all messed up versions of her friends, each of them looking like zombies as they groaned and began to swim near her.

Y/N let out a cry of horror before turning and swimming as fast as she could. She was almost to the shore when a hand grabbed onto her leg, nails as sharp as knives digging into her calf and making her cry out in pain.

Y/N looked behind her and screamed once she came face to face with a rotted version of Will, bugs crawling out from his mouth as he yelled at her. Another hand grabbed onto her arm before another one grabbed her other leg. In a matter of seconds, a rotted version of Will, Dustin, Ben, and Mike were trying to drag her under the water, their hands clawing at her and scratching her so bad that she began to bleed.

She was full on sobbing and screaming at this point and she desperately kicked and pulled away from the boys as she watched the other rotted versions of her friends swim closer to her. Somehow she managed to kick rotted Ben in the face, the action shoving the boy back into Dustin so that they both had to let go of her.

Y/N took the chance to yank her arm away from Mike and kicked Will in the stomach before she desperately turned and lunged for the shore. Hands tried to grab at her, but they did nothing more than scratch her before she pulled herself out of the water and away from their grasps.

Y/N scrambled onto her feet before breaking out into a sprint, ignoring the pain in her legs as blood trickled from her wounds. She managed to look back once to see It standing solely in the water before she turned back around and entered the woods once again.

The young girl didn’t know where she was going as she ran, only ever thinking about how she had to get out of there while tears streamed down her face. She was just about to turn when a demogorgon jumped out from behind a tree, a scream escaping the girl’s lips while the eerie sound of the demogorgon filled the air.

She turned to run the other way, but another demogorgon appeared, its face opening up like a flower like the other’s as its whole body shook from the sound it produced.

Before Y/N knew it, she was surrounded by demogorgons, the creatures circling her so that she had no where to go.

Y/N had never felt as helpless as she did in that moment, the creatures in her nightmares stalking around her like she was their next meal, which maybe she was.

A helpless sob fell from the girl’s mouth as she hugged her body. She shook her head and whispered, “Please, no. God, please, no.”

As if hearing her words, the demogorgons suddenly stopped and stood straight up, doing nothing more than blocking her from escaping. This didn’t change Y/N’s demeanor at all and another sob shook her body.

But then Pennywise was walking out from behind the demogorgons and into the circle they had created, causing the girl to scream and take a step back. The demogorgon behind her didn’t like this and growled so that Y/N jumped forward to the middle.

The interaction made Pennywise laugh and he hopped from foot to foot before he was suddenly right in front of the girl, his face inches from hers as his dirty nails dug into her face. His eyes flickered over her and he grinned before whispering, “Tasty, beautiful fear.”

Y/N couldn’t help but be afraid as she stood there, another soft cry falling from her lips as more tears escaped. “Why?” she managed to whisper. “Why me?”

“Cause you’re important,” Pennywise replied almost immediately. “You fall and so do the others.”

“Please don’t,” Y/N whispered as she struggled against the clown’s grasp. Her pleading cries doing nothing but make the clown smile more. “Please.”

Pennywise grinned evilly, drool beginning to fall from his mouth as he stared at the girl. “Hungry,” It merely said, the demogorgons making sounds that almost sounded like they were agreeing with the clown.

It’s mouth opened slightly and Y/N quickly closed her eyes as a whimper left her lips. She had never felt so weak and helpless in her life, but it was like all of her courage had been sucked out of her after having seen Bill push her off a cliff and her rotted friends trying to drown her.

When death didn’t come, Y/N opened her eyes and locked on It who was staring behind him blankly as if he was sensing something that she couldn’t.

The clown frowned before looking back to Y/N in what looked like frustration. He took a finger and drug it down her face, his nail drawing blood and causing the girl to wince in pain.

“I’ll save you for later.”

Then, before Y/N could question what exactly he meant and what he was going to do with her, his mouth began to open up. Y/N’s eyes widened and she desperately tugged against the clown’s grasp until It put both of its hands around her neck to hold her in place.

It was going to fucking eat her. It was going to fucking eat her.

A light suddenly seemed to come from the clown’s mouth and Y/N tried to look away, but It held her so that she was forced to look into its mouth. Y/N felt herself relax almost instantly at the sight before her, her body going limp although her mind was screaming at her to fight.

The last thing she saw was three bright balls of light before everything went black.

* * *

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Bill, Jonathan and Georgie are now open in our Rp!

Our masterlist will be updated soon (: We’re looking for new members now who’ll be active and rp with us! ♥️♥️

Read our bio for a Info Navigation link!!


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Fighting all the time. |S.H| |x Henderson!Reader| 2/2


Originally posted by dailystrangerthings

Summary:You and Steve simply hate each other. Or do you? Part 2.


Note:hullo hullo brotharz send in som stranger things requests,i am sorry for the time skips i love y'all

“There you are!Jesus Y/N are you okay?” Will found you hiding behind the counter of some lingerie shop.

“I am fine,being useless as always.” You say and that’s when Will notices how sad you are.

“Hey."He kneels down next to you."I’m sure Steve didn’t mean it.”

“He meant it.He means everything that he says to me and i’m out here crying about it while all of you are fighting against that monster!"You say between sobs.

"You are not useless!Remember last time, you talked the Mind Flayer out of me!”

“Yeah but he possessed you again, didn’t he?There was no point.”

“He did it because you stopped talking to me! Listen.."He waits a little. "Do you hear those loud noises?"You nod.

"That’s the sound of our friends trying to kill that monster using fireworks!”

“Sounds like they’re doing a great job.They don’t need me."You say but still think about what Will said.

"Why do you care so much about what Steve says?"Will rubs your shoulder.

"I…i don’t know."No. You can’t say out loud that you’re in love with him."Just..i’m gonna prove him wrong.Prove him that you need me”

“That’s the Y/N i know!"Will smiles and helps you up.

"I’ll talk to Billy."You smile at the idea.

"Are you crazy?He is going to kill you!"Will’s facial expression is quick to change.

"Well,you didn’t!It worked for you, why not work for him?"You ask.

"There has to be another way to prove yourself, this is too dangerous!”

“I don’t care.” You start walking out of the shop and towards the fight.

“What are you going to say to him anyways?I mean,you knew how to approach me, but Billy?You don’t know him!"The kid yells over the last fireworks.

"Trust me,Will.You guys don’t know everything.” You keep walking.

“We’re out of fireworks!"Lucas says and Will gives you one last look.

"Quick Dustin,we’re running out of time!"Steve yells and suddenly he sees you.

Everything feels like it’s running in slow mo. You’re alive.Alive and well.Oh how he wants to yell your name but not to insult you this time.He wants to yell that he didn’t mean what he said.And that..he loves you. He always has.But…what are you doing?

After the last firework goes off and the colors disappear, you look at the scene unfolding in front of you.Eleven, pinned down by Billy.

"Y/N!"You hear Steve’s voice faintly behind you.You don’t turn arouns though.

You start walking closer and closer.

"What is she doing?"Nancy asks Jonathan.

"What the hell is she trying to do?"Steve runs to Lucas,Mike and Will.

Max walks a little forward.You turn around and look at her in the eyes.She tears up, nodding knowingly of what you’re about to do.

You look back at Billy and El again.

"Don’t be afraid.It will be over soon.Stay still.”

“Billy."You call his name softly, walking closer with slow movements.

His head snaps towards you.That’s not Billy. You have to bring Billy out. The same way you’ve done it with Joyce when Will was in the same situation.

"I know you can hear me.."You say just as softly.

Steve starts fast walking towards you but Max is quick enough to grab his bicep.He stays still.

"We were sitting in your car…"You remind him. "I was sad after a fight with Steve that night when we were all gathered in your house…and you were sleeping in your car,you couldn’t stand all of us.”

The monster lets out a shriek and Billy walks dangerously aggressive towards you.You don’t move.He stops right in front of you after he sees your soft and not scared expression.

“You told me everything."You start tearing up and see the black vains slowly disappearing from his face.

He takes another step. The Mind Flayer shrieks loudly again, and Billy grabs you by the throat, vains appearing once again.

The others shout your name, but no one is able to do anything. Eleven tries to use her powers but there’s no point. She can’t.

"Seven feet!"You say through your chokes. "You told her the wave was seven feet.”

“That’s the memory Eleven saw.."Mike whispers but the others heard him."He…said this to Y/N?”

“You run to her…on the beach."El continues and the black veins start disappearing for the second time today.He slowly puts you down."There were seagulls."She adds the details.

"She wore a hat, with a blue ribbon. You showed me a picture and..a long dress.” You say as his hand leaves your throat.

“With a blue and red flower..and yellow sandals,covered in sand.”

Billy starts tearing up, looking between you and El.

“She was pretty."You add."And you?You told me that you were…happy.Truly happy.”

Your hands cup his face.

You had admitted your love for Steve.You had told him how much it hurt you when you fought.You even told him how sometimes, you really feel tired of living. He related to some of the things you said so he opened up as well.Not before he threatened to kill you if you told anyone though.Billy was still Billy.

A piece of the Mind Flayer gets closer to Eleven.Unable to do anything she just cries.

“Close the damn gate!"You faintly hear Steve yell again.

"Billy, how do we distract him?"You ask but he doesn’t say anything.

He turns around and just as it’s about to attack El, Billy stops it with his own bare hands. Screaming in pain,sadness and angriness.

"Billy!"His sister yells and it doesn’t take long for Billy to fall back, bitten by the creature.Max runs to him.

Soon enough the gate closes and the Mind Flayer falls dead.

Steve runs to help you leave Billy’s dead body.

"I’m sorry.” He says after you walk a little further.

“It’s o-”

“-no it’s not okay.I crossed the line today, i shouldn’t have. I did not mean anything i said, ever.”

“You’re telling me that out of all the things we said these past few years, you didn’t mean a thing?” You ask and he takes two steps closer to you.

“Exactly.And i know that you hate me but at least know tha-”

“-i don’t hate you.i’ve never hates you.All the times we fought i just…i managed to fall for you even more.” You confess but Steve completely ignores it.

“You did amazing.With Billy.No one else would be able to approach him like this.Even Eleven was hesitant but went for it.”

“I had to help him.And he sacrificed himself to save her, that’s something not everyone would do."You shake your head."Also i confessed that i’ve fallen for you and you straight up ignored me.”

“I love you.” Steve says and you freeze. “Was that too soon?Of course that is too soon we haven’t even kissed yet.”

“Steve."Your hands sneak around his neck. "It’s never too early or late to talk about your feelings.I love you too.I always have.And i’m sorry too for saying all those things.”

Steve leans down and you raise your head a little, meeting him halfway.When your lips finally meet, you curse yourself for wasting all this time yelling at each other.

When you pull apart, Steve picks you up and throws you over his shoulder.

“Steve!What the hell!”

“Every minute that you get angry, 60 seconds pass during which i dream about kissing your mouth shut.”

“Put me down or i’ll bite your ass!"You say and Steve puts you down.

"Why do you have to ruin the moment, i’m trying to be a cute boyfriend!” He says in a sassy tone.

“Do i have to be upside down for you to act cute?"You ask and Steve starts laughing. You laugh as well,shaking your head at your stupidness, forgetting everything that just happened a few minutes ago.

"Mom!” You are brought back to reality after hearing Will’s voice.

You see Joyce crying onto her child’s shoulder, as El is searching for Hopper. He did not make it.

El turns to look at you in the eyes, waiting for you to say something. You run and give her a hug,crying along with her.

“They left."You say and Steve sees your tear stained cheeks.

"It’s okay.El’s gonna be fine with Joyce. And Will along with Jonathan will help her a lot.” Your boyfriend gives you a hug and leads you towards the couch.

“I’m glad i have you,Steve.”

“Even though we fight all the time?”.

“Yeap.” You laugh out as you lay on top of him.

“Call your brother over.”

“He’s talking with Susie.”

Turn around.."He starts singing. ”Look at what you seeee!!“

"That was the most amazing moment of my life, trully magical, crying in a lingerie shop while this song could be heard through a broken walkie talkie!” You laugh.

“We were being chased by the Mind Flayer, almost dying and these kids were like ’the anwer to our never ending stooOOoOOory!aaaaaaah!!” Steve sings through laughter.

After your laughter calms down you give Steve a soft kiss on the lips.

“We’ll get better,right?"You almost whisper.

"We will.Just as long as we don’t fight all the time.”

“Hey, we haven’t fought since that day!” You playfully slap his shoulder.

“I know babe, i’m just playing.”

You smile at each other before you kiss again.

Let’s just hope that this is all over.




“Wh-what?"You wake up from his yelling.

"I need to tell you something really important, it’s serious.”

“Steve,you’re scaring me, what is it?”

“…..turn around..look at what you seee-ouch!Why did pull my hair?”

“You are so annoying, don’t ever interrupt my sleep for stupid shit like this.”

“Don’t get mad at me again!”

“…it’s our never ending stooryyy!”

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Fighting all the time. |S.H| |x Henderson!Reader| ½


Originally posted by strangerthingsedits

Summary:You and Steve simply hate each other. Or do you?Warnings:language,sexual comments.Note:hullo hullo brotharz send in som stranger things requests,i am sorry for the time skips i love y'all

Part 2 is up

“What the actual fuck are you guys doing in here?” You angrily walk into the kitchen only to see your brother along with Erica,Steve and some other girl. What is he doing with them?You always hated Steve.His whole “i’m handsome and i know it” attitude got on your nerves.Even when fighting the demogorgons-you were fighting with each other.Sharing those scary memories with him doesn’t help though.

“Oh..Y/N,my lovely sister,weren’t you supposed to be out with Nancy?"Dustin asks,giving you a toothless smile.

"Well,something came up at her work so we canceled…The question is why are you making a mess in the kitchen?How am i supposed to clean up all of this?” You walk around and start picking up knives and stuff off the floor.

“Did you leave the cooktop on with nothing on it?Is that why it smells like something burnt?” You almost scream and run to turn off the stove.

“Y/N.” Your brother raises his hands,while the other guys remain quiet. “Before you yell at me, just know that ,because i am responsible, i brought Steve and Robin here to watch over us.” You turn to look at the girl who smiles at you.Then you look at Steve. They’re both dressed in blue uniforms.

He gives you a wave and you look back at Dustin.“You are expecting him to watch over you?He can’t even serve ice cream!”

“Hey!"Steve says,offended by your words."That was one time!I didn’t mean it, it was an accident!” Robin looks at the both of you with furrowed eyebrows.

“I should add another one in your ‘you suck’ list, Steve 'the hair’ Harrington!” She laughs and you point at her.

“I agree with you-you’re awesome, and DON’T!"You point at Steve this time."Even TRY to tell me that you 'accidentaly’ straight up threw an ice cream cone-with the ice cream on it- at me this morning because i will grab you by the hair and throw you out of this house myself!” Everyone stays quiet with wide eyes.

“Hold on a second!"Robin says."You were the one he threw the ice cream at?”

“Everyobody stay calm!"Dustin yells."Y/N, i’ll tell you why and how that happened..”

“You know about it?"You ask and see Erica roll her eyes.

"Honey please sit down so your stupid brother can explain to you the 'child endangerment’ plan!"She crosses her arms in front of her chest.

"Child enda–Dustin what is going on?” You sit down on the couch while the others sit opposite of you.

“So-"Steve clears his throat.

”-she don’t wanna hear it from you mr.crowned crane-looking boy!“

"Guys!"Robin interrupts."You need to explain it quietly,slowly and calmly so she doesn’t freak out.”

“You’re awesome-did i tell you you’re awesome?” You say to the girl that seems to be the only one using logic in this group.

“Yea you d–”

“–i accidentally overheard and recorded a secret russian conversation while i was trying to contact Suzie and we translated and decoded it and we are trying to break into their secret base which is under the mall.”


“…i uh…"You try to process what you just heard.

"Dustin!"Steve smacks your brother on the back of his head.

"You okay?"Erica asks.

”…count me in.“ You say and Dustin says a loud "woooo!!"while the others look at you.

You get up,throwing a hand over your brother’s shoulder."So what’s the plan?”

“How is she so calm?"Robin asks.

"Yeah,why are you just casually agreeing to break into a secret russian base,Y/N?"Steve asks you.

"Oh come on Steve,i’ve done worse things with you at night than breaking in a place!”

“Woooah!"Robin raises her hands.

"Ew guys why tell me like this?"Dustin cringes.

"My mom would kill you if she knew you’re talking like this in front of her child!”

“Y/N that sounds SO inappropriate!"Steve looks between you and Erica.

He makes your heart beat faster,with every look and every thought of him.But,he hates you, and you’re supposed to hate him back.

"Wait wha-i meant when we were fighting with the demogo–”

“–i may be young but i know what sex is.” Erica says and you all remain silent.

Steve speaks up.“That not what she mea–”

“Just stop!"Dustin yells."We have a mission!”

After they explain the plan,you grab everything that you needed and go back to the mall.

“Help me open this!"Steve looks down at you while trying to find a way out of the elevator you’re stuck in.

"No,i’m good."You ignore him.

"You won’t be if you don’t help me open this,because i am likely going to pee in my pants right here in front of everyone and then we’ll die!"He yells and you just lose it.

"Hey,watch your tone Harrington!I dare you to yell at me like this again and you’ll never be able to pee because i am going to cut off your–”

“Hey hey hey,calm down you two!We’ve been here for 30 minutes and you haven’t stopped fighting!"Robin stops you.

"Welcome to my world!"Dustin says."My whole life i’ve been listening to them yell and fight.”

“Ugh,i just wanna relax and maybe take a nap or something.."You say and Steve sits down next to you since there wasn’t room anywhere else for him to sit.

"Boooring!"He says and you let out a 'tss’

"Why did i agree to this,i just wanna go home.” You feel your eyes closing of tiredness.

“I am going to agree with you on that one."He notices your sleepy face."Hey,you should rest.”

You look at him and then hesitantly rest your head on his shoulder.Steve does the same, resting his head on top of yours,closing his eyes as well.

“I think that’s cute."You both open an eye to look at a smiley Robin."You guys fight but at the same time,you kind of care about each other.”

You raise your head to meet Steve’s eyes.In just a second,you both pull apart at the same time.“I don’t care about him!”

“Oh yeah,and what makes you think i care about you?”

“Here we go again.."Erica rolls her eyes.

"Ride it Y/N!"Steve says between laughs as you’re driving a small red vehicle after rescuing him and Robin.

"Hehe we aaall know you want her to Steve” Robin laughs as well and you thank yourself for not letting Erica and Dustin come back with you,making them wait at the cinema.

“I was talkin bout the carrr but mehh i would not mind you know what im sayin"the drugged boy replies to the drugged girl.

As much as you hate Steve,you can’t help but start thinking of him a little differently.He always protects you when something bad is happening,making you believe that you could feel something else for him.

But when it’s all over,he starts yelling at you all over again,so you have to yell back.You never really understood what was going on between you two.

"Keep talking,keep her awake okay?"Jonathan says and runs away.

"Go help Jonathan!"You yell at Steve while El is screaming in pain.

"I am helping!"He yells back.

"Guys stop!"Nancy says.

"How exactly are you helping?Looking at El being in pain?"El squeezes your hand tighter.

"I am resting her head on my thigh i can’t just get up and leave her on the floor!”

“Calm down!"Mike says along with Lucas.

"We shouldn’t leave Jonathan alone!”

“Then go with him!"Steve gets interrupted by another scream coming from El.

"I am supporting my friend!”

“Oh and El’s not my friend?”

“We weren’t supposed to let anyone leave alone!”

“She is right on that one."Max says but Steve isn’t able to hear her.

"FUCKING GO FIND HIM THEN!LEAVE!Do something around here rather than screaming at me and being extremely USELESS!"He yells at you louder than ever before.

No one talks.Even El gets quiet through her pain.

For the first time in years, you don’t know what to reply.

"Okay then."You say softly and let go of El’s hand.She reaches back for you,begging with her eyes for you to stay but Mike takes your place.

You leave, and a couple minutes later,Jonathan comes back with all of the supplies.You’re nowhere to be seen.

"Where is Y/N?"Dustin asks.

"What?"Jonathan asks."I..i don’t know,where did she go?”

“She was not with you?"Max asks.

"No.."a confused Jonathan replies but then is brought back ro reality when El lets out yet another scream."Now,it’s gonna hurt like hell okay?"he says and El nods.

Steve feels his pulse rising and his stomach sink.Oh God what did he do?Where are you?He didn’t think you would take him seriously.

He doesn’t realise what happens until Hopper comes up to him.

"Where’s Y/N?"Hopper knows you well since he would call you over pretty frequently to cook something,or clean up with El or even watch over El and Mike.

"Steve,where is Y/N?”

“..i…i don’t know.."Steve replies.


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Originally posted by salamispots

Guys, what even is sleep? I don’t even know anymore.

I just got home not that long ago and it’s almost 1am and I have a meeting tomorrow at 11 that’s like 30 minutes away from my house and I have to get up earlier than normal so I’m gonna be hella sleep deprived…

Also my dear brother also coughed in my face this evening and he’s sick and I’m not so I guess I’m also screwed for that (or not since I’ve been feeling like I’ve had a little bit of a cold at some points but my body’s being its badass self so I’m barely feeling it)

Anywho, I should get sleep now so goodnight!

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andi mack/stranger things

crossover that i think works, if you ship ambi and tyrus AND elmax and byler ( i tried so hard to fit in muffy and i couldn’t find any way! )

tj kippen - mike wheeler

the so called “asshole” of the group. obviously in love with his best friend.

cyrus goodman - will byers

the kindest one out of the group and means well all the time. is also in love with his best friend

andi mack - el

a sweet bitch who cares about her friends alot. will dump your ass

amber kippen - max mayfield

a rebel asshole who is the strongest there is. actually secretly cares.

buffy driscoll - lucas sinclair

competitive and cool. is chill under pressure. practically the best.

jonah beck - dustin henderson

babey. he means well yet will be sarcastic as fuck.

libby - suzie

also babey. deserves better and just wants to be happy uwu

cecilia mack - joyce byers

bad ass mom. very protective of everyone and kicks ass.

marty - steve harrington

total adorable dumbass. probably uses more hair spray than any girl. is just trying his best man.

add on any others, or even change it up!

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