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Caught in the Middle (Steve Harrington x Reader x Billy Hargrove) Ch 2

Chapter 1

Ch 2 .:Poor Sportsmanship:. 

Your first class was fairly uneventful. English with Mr. Strobert consisted of him lecturing about 17th century Italian literature and their religious influences, which was every bit as thrilling as it sounded.

When the bell finally rang everyone practically flew out of the room, the doorway packed with students trying to get out as fast as possible. You packed up your things and slung your backpack over your shoulder, making your way back out into the chaotic hallway. 

As you were walking someone suddenly jumped onto your back and you yelped out in surprise. The laughter you heard as the weight lifted off your body was unmistakable. 

“Kyle, I swear to god,” you seethed, shoving your brother away from you. 

“Works every time,” he chuckled. 

You shook your head, but you were unable to fight the smile on your face. He might be annoying as shit, but he was your brother and you loved him all the same. Despite how much you bickered you couldn’t be closer. 

“How was first period?” you asked. 

“Boring,” he said, “But not all that bad. I met a cute girl~”

“Jeez, you don’t waste any time, do you?” you scolded him.

“Hey, time’s a tickin’,” Kyle said with a grin, “Anyways, her name’s Tina and she invited me to her party next weekend. You should come too!”

You didn’t have to say anything, the unenthusiastic look on your face said it all.

“Oh come on, you said yourself you wanted to go out more,” Kyle countered, “Here’s your chance!” his voice took a sly turn, “Besides, you might meet someone there. What about that leather jacket guy from earlier? He seems like your type.”

That wasn’t a compliment and you knew it.

“Fuck off,” you laughed, hitting him on the shoulder. 

“I’m just saying, history repeats itself,” he said, “However, if you ever consider dating someone who isn’t an asshole, Steve seems to have changed a lot.”

Harrington?” you stared at your brother like he’d cracked, “We’ve never talked before that day at the mall. He didn’t even know I existed when we went to school together.”

“Yeah, you were real torn up about it,” Kyle said casually.

“Shut it,” you said, your face flushing slightly, “I’m way past that. And besides, he’s with Nancy.”

It was no secret to your brother that you had a huge crush on Steve Harrington in middle school, but he never even spared a glance your way. You got over him quickly, especially after Mike told you his sister was now dating Steve. You were in New York and weren’t planning on coming back to Hawkins, so you figured you’d never have to see Steve again, but life had a funny way of changing your plans completely.

“Look, as much as I appreciate you trying to set me up with literally anyone you see, a night filled with shitty grain alcohol and horny teenagers has to be a hard pass for me,” you said. 

“Suit yourself,” Kyle said, “But whether you like it or not you’ll be there, because you’re my ride.”

Before you could protest your brother was gone, expertly slipping away into the sea of other students.

“Son of a bitch,” you grumbled under your breath. To be fair you should’ve seen that one coming. You hadn’t been to a party in a while, or at least a ‘get so wasted you throw up in the yard’ kind of party, which is exactly what this one sounded like. You did your best to clean up your act in New York, and you didn’t want to fall into your old bad habits again. 

As you walked into the gym for P.E. you were greeted with the smug smile of Billy Hargrove.

'Speaking of bad habits,’ you thought grimly.

Billy was the exact type of asshole you’d dated time and time again with the same outcome every time- a mistake you were determined to not make again. He sent a wink your way right on queue and you rolled your eyes so hard the gesture was almost audible.

You scanned the room, looking for a quiet corner to settle into until you spotted a head of hair too voluminous not to notice. You knew you shouldn’t be surprised you had some of your classes with Steve, it’s not like there were a lot of students in the senior class.

Against your better judgment, you walked over to where he was talking with one of the other guys on the basketball team. 

“Ahoy,” you smiled, stepping in front of him.

Steve looked up at you in surprise. 

“Oh, hey,” he smiled back.

Damn it, he was still cute. 

“Mind if I join you guys?” you asked. 

“Not at all,” the guy next to him said flirtatiously, “Damn, Harrington, how’d you land a girl like this?”

Your faces flushed simultaneously and you hurriedly talked over each other.

“It’s not like that-”

“She’s not my-”

“I was just kidding,” the guy chuckled, “I’m Johnny. It’s nice to see a new face around here.”

You relaxed slightly as you shook his hand, not bothering to explain you probably went to the same middle school too. You weren’t exactly well known around school back then.

“Nice to meet you,” you said.

You hadn’t really noticed before, but you didn’t know a whole lot about Steve. Despite your playground crush on him, it was just superficial considering you’d never really talked, so you decided on the one thing you knew about him. 

“How’s Nancy?” you asked. 

He seemed to stiffen up at your words, a little surprised. 

“Oh, um, we’re… we’re not together anymore, if that’s what you mean,” he said, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly. 

Okay, well maybe you didn’t know anything about him.

“Shit, sorry,” you said, “I didn’t mean for- well, Mike told me last year…”

“It’s okay,” Steve said with a weak smile, “You didn’t know.”

Your gaze fell into your lap, feeling bad you’d brought it up since he clearly wasn’t over it yet. The thought made your chest ache slightly. You groaned inwardly as you tried to snap yourself out of it. The last thing you needed was to fall for Steve fucking Harrington again. You had enough to worry about.

You were snapped out of your thoughts as Johnny tapped you on the shoulder to whisper in your ear. 

“You know that means he’s single, right?” he teased. 

Your face went red and you shoved him away playfully. He laughed as you did, grinning back at you. Steve looked between the two of you slightly before the coach entered the gym and started yelling like he usually did. 

“Alright, listen up!” the P.E. teacher boomed, “We’re playing basketball today. Girls on the left court, boys on the right. Split into teams of five and we’ll rotate. I want a nice clean game, okay? No funny business. Now get changed and get going!”

Everyone filed into the locker rooms to change, no one particularly eager to start the game other than the guys on the team. The coach threw out a couple basketballs and went to sit down on the benches, a newspaper in his hand.

“Real hands-on teaching, huh,” you muttered under your breath. 

“Tell me about it,” Steve said, coming up to you, “He’s a great coach, though. Believe it or not, I’m the best player on the team.”

You smiled, shaking your head slightly. You could see a glimmer of the old Steve’s confidence shine through his words.

“Is that so?”

A gruff voice interrupted your conversation as you both turned around to see Billy tossing the ball up and down in his hands. 

“We’ve all seen how you play, Harrington,” Billy said, “Saying you’re the best player on the team isn’t saying much.”

His stupid minions laughed behind him while the basketball team glared daggers at them.

“Come on, Stevie,” Billy goaded him on, “Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Steve grit his teeth. If there was one guy that never ceased to piss him off it was Billy Hargrove.

“You’re on,” he said. 

Billy laughed dryly.

“You’re gonna regret that, pretty boy,” he said.

Steve’s eyes narrowed as he pushed himself off the wall and set foot on the court, staring down the Californian as he did. 

The second the game started you could tell this was not going to be the 'nice clean game’ the coach said he wanted, not that he was even watching- too engulfed in the latest issue of the Hawkins Post.

Steve didn’t waste any time, dodging past one of Billy’s underlings as he made his way across the court. He found a clear shot, but before he could do anything Billy’s shoulder slammed into his chest, knocking the air out of him. While he was off balance Steve’s feet were swept out from under him and his back hit the ground hard. 

Billy kicked up the ball with his foot and bolted towards the opposing basket, shoving another player to the side by the face as he scored a point. He shouted out in victory and his deadbeat friends, including Tommy, went up to congratulate him.

You gently nudged Johnny with your shoulder as you sat on one of the benches.

“I’m no pro player, but that looked like it was against the rules to me,” you said.

“It is,” Johnny said, his eyes narrowing, “It’s always like this, though. I don’t know why the hell Steve keeps taking the bait.”

Steve groaned from the floor, his lungs burning. He staggered back up to his feet as Billy smiled dangerously, a wild look in his eyes. 

“Gonna give up, Harrington?” he taunted, “Your reign is over.”

“Do you ever shut up?” Steve huffed, charging at him. 

Billy smirked as one of his friends passed him the ball. He caught it effortlessly before tossing it up in the air and spiking it like a volleyball at full force right into Steve’s face. It hit him in the nose with a 'crack!’ and you gasped as Steve fell to the floor, groaning in pain. 

You shot up from the bench and ran over to him. You knelt on the floor beside him and tried to get a better look at the damage.

“Shit,” you said under your breath. Steve Harrington had definitely seen better days. His nose was bleeding a lot, and his eyes were glazed over as he looked around.

What irritated you the most was the fact that the game hadn’t stopped. Billy and Tommy were still going at it against the basketball team, completely ignoring the fact that Steve was bleeding onto the floor. 

You got up from Steve’s side and marched over to where they were playing, aggravated as hell. Billy went to pass the ball to some other dickhead when you snatched the ball out of the air, making everyone’s attention turn to you. 

“Are you out of your mind?!” you shouted at Billy, taking him aback, “And you,” you said turned to the P.E. Teacher, “Are you seeing this? How is this allowed?”

The coach put down his newspaper and looked at Steve in shock. 

“Oh, Harrington, what happened?” he asked in confusion.

You scoffed and shook your head, throwing the basketball at Billy who caught it on reflex. For once, no snarky retort left his mouth. You managed to help Steve up off the floor and started to walk out of the gym.

“(L/n), where do you think you’re going?” the coach yelled after you. 

“The nurse’s office,” you yelled over your shoulder, not bothering to look back. 

Billy said nothing, just staring at you- trying to figure you out. 

“Guess Harrington needs his stupid bitch girlfriend to take care of him now, huh?” Tommy laughed, leaning on Billy’s shoulder. 

“Shut up,” Billy said, shoving Tommy off of him before leaving the gym himself.

“And where are you going?” The coach shouted incredulously.

“Out for a smoke,” Billy said, a cigarette already out between his fingers and irritated for some reason he couldn’t place.   

Meanwhile, you had helped Steve down the hallway to the nurse, sitting him down so she could stop the bleeding. It seemed like the worst of it was his nose, but there was a nasty bruise on his chest where Billy had crashed into him and on his shoulder where he had met the floor.

“Could you hold this for a moment, dear?” the nurse asked, handing you an ice pack.

“Of course,” you said, holding it up to Steve’s face while the nurse went to get more antiseptic. 

Steve groaned at the pressure and you let up on it slightly.

“Sorry,” you said, pressing down a bit lighter.

“It’s okay,” he said quietly. His head was still spinning and the brightness of the lights made him want to vomit, but having you there was comforting for some reason.

He found himself staring at you subconsciously, taking in your features. Your eyes held so much concern for him as you dabbed at the blood on his face with a damp cloth. He didn’t get it. You didn’t even know him that well. He shouldn’t have mattered to you at all, but you stood up for him- and now here you were in the nurse’s office, seemingly caring more about him than his last girlfriend ever did.

“Thank you,” Steve said, cutting through the silence in the room. 

You stopped wiping away the blood for a moment, your eyes meeting his.

“It’s no problem,” you said, feeling your face heat up.

A smile crept onto your lips and Steve couldn’t help but think about how it lit up your face.

The moment was ruined by the ringing of the last bell, both of you jumping back slightly when you realized how close you’d gotten. 

“Um, well, I hope your nose heals up fast,” you said, grabbing your bag. 

“Yeah, thanks again,” Steve coughed out. 

As you left the office he let out a frustrated sigh.

“Yeah, great answer, Steve,” he grumbled to himself, “Stupid…”


“Ready to go?” you asked your brother. 

“It’s about time, let’s head home,” he said, tossing his backpack behind him, “Where were you anyways? You’re late.”

“I was in the nurse’s office with Steve,” you said, immediately regretting that you’d told him.

Kyle smirked at you, and you had to fight the urge to punch him. 

“Don’t you start,” you warned him.

“I didn’t say anything,” he said, his hands up in mock surrender. 

As you were about to get in the car you heard someone arguing nearby, one of the voices all too familiar. 

“I fucking told you last time, didn’t I?” Billy seethed at his step sister. 

“What happened to you being stuck taking care of me?” Max practically spat in his face.

“You’re not gonna die,” he scoffed, “I told you, you’re late again and you’re skating home. You like that fucking piece of wood so much? Then use it!”

And with that, he slammed the door to his Camaro shut. He locked the doors before Max could get in, speeding away and leaving a cloud of dust in his wake. 

“Asshole!” Max shouted after his car, flipping him off even though he was already long gone. 

You frowned as you watched the scene unfold. 

“Still think he’s my type?” you narrowed your eyes at your brother, walking up to Max. 

“Unfortunately, yes,” your brother said once you were out of earshot, shaking his head.

“What a dick,” you said, making Max turn around in surprise, holding her skateboard behind her. 

“Need a lift?” you offered. 

And that’s how you found yourself driving in the opposite direction of your house with a 12 year old you’ve just met in the backseat of your car. 

“Just take this right and go all the way up Old Cherry Road,” Max said. 

Silence consumed you as you took her directions, the passing houses gradually becoming farther apart from each other. After a moment Kyle spoke up, cutting through the tension.

“Does he always talk to you that way?” Kyle asked Max.

She was quiet, deep in thought as she looked out the window. 

“Kind of,” she said, “He… wasn’t always like that, though.”

You glanced at your brother and made the silent agreement to not push the subject any further.

Eventually you pulled up to a white and blue house on the street corner. Even from inside the car you could hear the heavy metal undoubtedly coming from Billy’s room. 

Max hopped out of the car, getting her skateboard from the trunk. She stopped at the door before closing it.

“Thanks for the ride,” she said.

“Any time,” you smiled, “I’ll see you this weekend for the mall. Lucas is excited to spend some time with you.”

She blushed, looking down as a small smile of her own graced her features. With a tiny wave she disappeared into the house. 

You took a deep breath, about to pull away from the curb and go home when you heard the music suddenly stop. Instead you could hear a man’s yelling voice replace the sound. 

A male figure stepped into your view through one of the windows who you could only assume was their dad. You could see Billy backing up into his room and you could hear Max screaming something as their dad’s shouting got progressively louder. 

You quickly turned away, putting your car into drive. You already felt like you shouldn’t have heard that, and you didn’t want to pry into their personal lives any more than you already had.

As you drove away the sound of their dad yelling echoed in the back of your mind. Now that you thought about it, it wasn’t really a surprise Billy acted the way he did if this is what he had to go home to every day. He was an asshole, there was no doubt about that, but maybe there was more to Billy Hargrove than what meets the eye.

(Chapter 3 coming soon!)

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Look how he is cute GGGG

And an amazing singer

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I hope you liked this, the prompt list is here  if you guys want to see it or send me requests from it. 

Request-Hi! Can you do Steve X Reader (Suzie’s Sister) with 44, 48, 49 Maybe they came to visit Dustin and Steve again and both guys realizes some shirts are missing and the girls like to take stuff with them to remember their boys
44-“Is that my shirt?”
48-“This is new.”
49-“Take off your shirt.”

I will never forget the day that Suzie sat me down at her desk, told me that someone wanted to talked to me and pointed to her radio. She and Dustin had been trying to set up Steve and I all summer, I guess they thought if I had a reason to go to Hawkins then they could see each other. At first it just started as Steve and I talking about Suzie and Dustin, trying to make plans for them see as we both drove but is soon became more than that. We would call each other on that radio ever night, sometimes over riding Suzie and Dustin’s calls. It was the last week of summer and Suzie had convinced my parents into them letting us to go Hawkins to go a science camp that didn’t exist. I promised that we would be in a week, no more and no less.
“You all packed?” Steve asked me over the radio as I looked around the room, making sure we hadn’t forgotten anything.
“I think we have everything.” I responded with a sigh, nervous to see the boy that I had talking to for a month.
“I can’t wait to see you, I didn’t even believe Suzie was real, let alone that her sister would be the girl of my dreams.” He complimented earning a barfing sound from Dustin that Suzie giggles at.
“I think it’s their turn to talk.” I complained making Suzie nod at me with a wide smile.
“I suppose you are right. I will see you tomorrow, okay? There is nothing to be nervous about, my feelings about not change for you, I know you are probably over thinking what I will say when I see you, don’t.” Steve trailed off as Dustin yanked the radio from him, taking over he conversation, Suzie taking my place, making me fall back and look at the ceiling. Steve knew I would be anxious, after all from how Dustin describes him when Steve isn’t listening he is the hunk of Hawkins. Tomorrow I would meet Steve Harrington, the boy that I had fallen for over a radio.
As we drove down Dustin’s street from the hand written directions that he gave Suzie when she left camp, my hands couldn’t help but start to clam up.
“What if he doesn’t like me? What’s if he thinks I’m ugly or I don’t live up to his expectations…” I asked Suzie, her head snapping towards me, not realizing how nervous I was until now. She was excited, beyond excited but it was easy for her, Dustin knew what she looked like from the first day that he met her.
“(Y/N), stop, he will love you.” Suzie tried to reassure me as we got closer to the house. Why was my younger sister more versed in love than me? Before I knew it I could see two boys standing outside in a lawn, one shorter than the other, the shorter one holding a big sign. It was Dustin and Steve no doubt. As soon as we got close enough to the curb Suzie jumped out of the car before I could even put it in part.
“Dusty bun!!” I heard her yell making me shake my head with laugh as I turned the car off. I took a deep breath as I took a step out of the car. I walked around the front of the car, flattening down my shirt trying to get the wrinkles out from driving, my hands shaking slightly. I looked up, meeting the gaze of the other boy on the lawn, Steve. He just looked at me, eyes wide and mouth open, wow he hated me. He was tall, handsome and had better hair than me, which cane as no surprise. He looked like the hunk of Hawkins, like the boy every girl would want. I was too scared to speak so I stood there, like a deer in the headlights. Less than a second later Steve sprinted towards me, our bodies colliding in a tight hug, making my heart flutter.
“You are even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.” He whispered as he hugged me making me let out a watery chuckle.
“Hi, Steve.” I whispered back making him pull away just enough to look me in my eyes, our foreheads resting in each other’s.
“I love you.” He smiled, those three words being said for the first time between us.
“I wanted to say it in person, but Ive felt it for a while.” He confessed making me giggle, cup his face and bring his lips to mine. I wasn’t the girl that everyone wanted, but I was the girl that Steve wanted.
Today was our last day, we had spent all week sleeping at Steve’s house, his parents out of town, and our days at Scoops Ahoy when Steve had to work. I met Robin who promised me that she would try to keep Steve out of trouble, Suzie and I both met everyone in the group and were accepted with open arms. I woke up with the sun coming in from the windows, Steve not in bed next to me. I looked around the room, looking for any of my clothes that were discarded from the night before, only finding one of Steve’s shirts. I slid it on over my head before getting out of the bed and walking downstairs towards the kitchen. I could hear Dustin and Suzie laughing, the smell of breakfast flowing through the house. I walked into the kitchen, seeing my boyfriend in an apron and both kids eating breakfast.
“Good morning, sleeping beauty!” Steve announces as I walked towards him, Dustin and Suzie. I just smiled in response as I waked over to him and hugged him from behind.
“(Y/N) I was thinking maybe you guys could stay another week? School doesn’t start for me till then and Suzie is home schooled, you guys could stay at my house my mom said it was okay.” Dustin pleaded, holding onto Susie’s hand in his, both kids waiting for my answer.
“I already told them the answer, they didn’t like what I had to say so they said they would wait for you.” Steve explained as he turned, putting one arm around my shoulders, my arms now wrapped around his waist.
“You guys know we can’t stay, as much as I would love to.” I groaned out making everyone in the room shift to an unhappy mood.
“Is that my shirt?” Steve asked, turning to me making me look down, remembering that I couldn’t find my clothes. I went to defend myself but Steve shook his head.
“No, no, it looks good on you.” He kissed my forehead and cleaning up the kids empty plates.
“Do you think they will notice?” Suzie asked me as we shoved a few of Dustin’s and Steve’s shirts into our suitcases. We wanted something that smelled like them, that reminded us of our boys while we were separated.
“I think they will.” Steve said from behind us making us both gasp and turn around to see Dustin and Steve standing in the door way.
“I love you?” I pouted making Steve shake his head and walked over to me to look in my suitcase. He opened it my and gasped, taking out his one and only graphic tee with his name and The Scoops Ahoy logo on it.
This is new. Shirt Thief” Steve gasped making me roll my eyes and take it from his hands and put it back in the case. He smirked at my attitude and sighed, shrugging his shoulders.
“Fine, if that’s the way you want it, take off your shirt. You have mine, I want one of yours.” Steve compromised making me nod and smile, taking off my flannel and handing it to him, now just in shorts and a tank top. I didn’t want to say goodbye, I didn’t want to go back to talking to Steve through a Radio but maybe this would help, maybe being able to sleep next to or with a shirt that smelled like him would make it better.

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a/n; this title is gRoSs but i couldn’t think of anything else. also, i wasn’t sure what setting you had in mind, so i just winged it lol. enjoy!

summary; steve x henderson!reader where they’re making out or something and the party walks in and dustin is grossed out

word count; 819

“Bye, Robin!” You waved goodbye, watching the wavy-haired girl get smaller and smaller as she walked out of the mall.
It was closing time, and Steve had just about finished closing up the individual cans of ice cream. You had stuck around to take all of your kids home without them having to squish together in Steve’s car. You sighed, turning to face Steve. “Ready?” You ask, alluding to having to actually find your kids before taking them home. 

“Actually,” Steve said slyly, a mischievous glint in his eye, “I think we have some time to spare.“


"Where are they?” Dustin asked impatiently, scanning the empty mall for any signs of his sister and her boyfriend. “Maybe they’re sucking face in a storage room.” Mike jokes, nudging Dustin and earning chuckles from the rest of the party.

“Yeah, just like you and El. Oh, El! I love you so much, I just wanna make out with you for the rest of my life! Muah!” Lucas made kissy noises in Mike and El’s direction. Mike glared back, while Eleven tried to force the blush creeping up her face away. Everyone else laughed, but Dustin just focused on the words that left Mike’s mouth.

“Don’t say that.”

“Why not? They’re dating. What’s stopping them from kissing?” Mike questioned. 

“I said, don’t SAY that!” Dustin said, louder this time. Even if his babysitter was smooching his sister, he didn’t wanna know. It was hard to imagine them together, even if they technically were. Dustin would always turn to them when he had trouble, needed advice, or if everyone else was ignoring him. He could always count on his two role models, but now that they were together, would they forget about him? Would they be too involved in each other to notice him? Though Steve’s and Y/N’s relationship was fairly new, Dustin was certain that one day he would truly be left alone.

“Dude, chill out, I was just messing around. They’re probably still closing up.” Mike backtracked, seeing the anger in Dustin’s features. “Whatever, let’s just go find those two assholes. I wanna go home.”


“Steve!” You yelped as Steve pushed you into the back room and placed you on the counter.

“What?” He grinned before attacking your lips with his. You kissed back, of course, not being able to resist your boyfriend. You pulled your lips away, but that didn’t stop Steve from showing affection. He left kisses all over your face and down to your collarbone peeking over your shirt.

“We shouldn’t be doing this! Our kids will come looking for us soon!” You gasped as Steve kissed a sensitive spot under your jaw. Steve’s heart might have melted when you said “our kids,” but he pushed the comment away to overthink later.

“Really? Because according to my calculations, we have at least 10 minutes before they get sick of waiting and come looking for us.” 

“Is that so? And how did you come to that conclusion?” You giggled in response, knowing Steve’s “calculations” were probably way off.

Steve pulled his lips away from your neck, making you squirm from lack of contact. “I would explain… but I’d much rather just kiss you.” 

Steve placed his lips on yours again, cupping your face in his hands. The kiss was gentle but filled with passion, summing up your relationship with the beautiful dork in a sailor’s uniform. Running your hands through his soft hair, you wrapped your legs around Steve’s waist, forgetting everything you said before. Right now, you just wanted to be as close to Steve as possible.


The party trudged toward the Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlor in uncomfortable silence, everyone thinking back to Dustin’s outburst. No one could figure out what was up. It wasn’t like Dustin hated Steve for dating his older sister. He was always trying to set them up together. Max wondered if Dustin was still upset at the group for abandoning him with Cerebro on top of that hill, indirectly leading to Dustin getting stuck in a top-secret Russian base. Maybe he was still upset when Steve and Y/N forgot to pick him up from the mall last week because they were too busy with each other. Whatever it was, Dustin was sick of it. 

Hearing movement in the backroom, Dustin motioned for everyone else to follow him. Mike was right, he thought to himself, they are just cleaning up! They didn’t forget!

He was proved wrong when he opened the door and turned on the light, only to find Steve all over his sister, lips swollen. His hair was messier than usual, and Y/N’s clothes were crooked. 

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME, HARRINGTON?” Dustin screamed, catching the attention of everyone else. As everyone entered the room, a chorus of “ugh,” “my eyes!” and “seriously?” erupted.

“WHY IS THERE A MARK ON HER NECK? Gross, dude! Seriously!” Dustin roared, stomping out.

part 2? maybe where steve and reader assure him they’ll never abandon him? let me know what you think!

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prompt time!! message me on here if you have any mileven fanfic ideas that you’d love to read :)

-full credit will be given

-it can be either an AU or based off of the series

-if you suggest a multi chapter story it will take more time to finish (obviously😉)

i really want to write but i’m experiencing a little bit of writers block, so i would LOVE some help from the fandom. message me here or email me:

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