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#dylan o'brien imagine

Warnings: SMUT, fingering, unprotected sex, language, car sex

You should be happy with a little bit of nerves on your wedding day. But I wasn’t. I wasn’t happy. I was debating whether or not I was making the biggest mistake of my life. All I could think was that this was all happening so fast.

Chase asked me to marry him less than three months ago. We had only been dating 10 months when he asked me. Even when he was on bended knee and said those four words, I had a uneasy feeling in my stomach. I cared for him and I told him I loved him, but in that moment I wasn’t 100% certain that he was who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. And I have one person to blame for that doubt.

Dylan O'Brien.

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“Hey, you weren’t answering your phone…”  I stopped in his doorway when I saw him writing rapidly on his board. I watched, my heart sinking as he continued to write illegibly.

“Are you okay?” I asked slowly.

“I’m fine.”

“Really? Cause you haven’t spoken to me in three days. And… And you look like you haven’t slept in that long either. Stiles, what’s going on? Are you okay?”

When he didn’t answer, I reached forward and gently put my hand on his shoulder. I gasped when he jumped away from me, my hand staying in the air. I slowly lowered my hand back to my side as Stiles turned away from me.

My heart sank as his whole body tensed and his shoulders started to shake. I quietly walked up behind him. He took in a breath as I reached up and pulled the neck of his shirt aside, revealing his shoulder.

“Stiles!” I gasped when I saw the circular bite mark on his shoulder. He quickly stepped away, facing me. “What the hell happened to you?”

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Mitch Rapp x Reader

Word Count: 2,758

Warnings: Angst



Saturday, May 26th

Y/N: Hey. I heard there was a raid at the warehouse. What the hell happened?

Lester: Yes, there was. Many people died.

Y/N: Did they find SHE?

Lester: No. Luckily, I thought to move them.

Y/N: That’s good. Smart. Where are they now?

Lester: Safe

Y/N: Let’s meet up. It’s not safe to talk over the phone.

Lester: 1520 Fort Lane. 5pm

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A/N: Well, as my first post, I decided to repost this writing. It’s one of my favourites. It may be short but I think it’s strong. I changed some things from the original and corrected some grammar mistakes. I really hope you like it. Feedback is highly appreciated so if you can comment on what you think, it’ll be great! The gif is not mine, credits to the owner.

Warnings: blood, death.

It was Wednesday morning, 5 a.m. to be exact, when I received a phone call from one of my dearest friends, Scott. He told me he was in danger, that Tamora Monroe and her army had him, Malia and Lydia running for their lives and they needed help. I told him I’d find them as soon as possible and then hung up. As I got up from the bed and got dressed, I called Liam, Mason, Cory and even Theo. We needed all the help we could get. However, I told him that if he did anything evil again, I myself was going to send him back to hell.

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I wasn’t sure exactly what happened to Sheriff Stilinski. All I did know was that Stiles refused to leave his father’s side.

“Hi Sheriff,” I whispered as I carried the tray into his room.

“Hi Y/N,” he whispered back with a smile on his face.

“How are you feeling?” I asked as I put the tray on the table.

“I’m okay,” he shrugged. “I’d be a little better if you could convince my son to go home and get some sleep.” He looked down at Stiles who was leaning on the end of the bed, asleep.

“I’ll try,” I laughed as I gently patted his shoulder.

I walked over to Stiles and knelt in front of him. “Stiles,” I said softly as I ran my fingers through his hair. I smiled as he slowly started to wake up.

“Hi Y/N,” he mumbled. He quickly sat up, making me jump as he turned towards his father. “Is he okay? Dad, how are you feeling? What’s going on?”

“He’s fine,” I smiled as I looked between the two Stillinskis.

“I’m fine, Stiles. You should go home and get some sleep.” Sheriff said, looking between me and his son.

“I’m not leaving, dad.”

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“You coming?” Neha asked me as everyone started to get ready to leave the office.

“I guess,” I shrugged. When the group decided to go to the strip club, I would’ve rather stabbed myself in the eye with a fork.

I put my bag over my shoulder and started following the group out of the office. “Hey,” Stuart said as he started walking alongside me.


“You okay?”

“I’m fine,” I said, rolling my eyes. “Just super excited to go and watch as a bunch of topless women dance together under a fake-ass rain machine.”

“It’s just a club, Y/N. It’s fun.”

I stopped walking, making him stop too. He opened his mouth to say something, but I brushed past him and started walking by Nick.

“You okay, kiddo?” He asked when he saw the look on my face.

“I’m fine,” I said under my breath. He sent me a knowing look but didn’t push me.

When we got to the club, I cringed the second we walked in the door. The stench overwhelmed me and I didn’t even want to know what it was. While the group headed straight to the dance floor to dance, I headed straight to a booth to start drinking.

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 Summary: Stiles/Male!Reader Request: Reader is almost killed/attacked by hunters

Stiles wasn’t exactly thrilled when you’d asked to go on a mission with him and the wolves. Scott was all for it; assuring Stiles that everyone needed more bonding beyond the lacrosse team and the occasional research sleep over.
You knew it was because Stiles was worried; that he was aware how human you were; despite Derek and Scott having giving everyone the okay to explain the supernatural creatures. You mostly tried to stay with Lydia; Stiles viewing her as the ‘safest’ out of all of them. Not that you were sure how safe she was; considering she was a Banshee but you were content to let her play babysitter if it meant you got to travel with everyone else on the scouting and patrol missions they’d pass off as camping trips.

“Stiles I-“ You cut yourself of , pressing yourself against a tree and trying your best to not lose your shit when the figures continue to stomp around the camp. Everyone was off patrolling; you weren’t sure where the non-wolves were but when you feel something cold on the side of your face you try not to turn into it.
“Didn’t know they had a new wolf.” The voice almost hisses before you can feel yourself being thrown forward.

“Who bit you boy?” “We know you ain’t alone”
“Wheres the pack?” “No teenager can eat that much food.” You cringe at the round of talking; the three figures taunting you as best they know. You’re surprised they manage to argue with themselves enough to not notice you trying to sneak away.

Of course when the knife lodges in your shoulder you realize that it was most likely a ploy. When you still try to stagger away from their laughter; when you can see Scott rushing in to save you; you can see Stiles in the background looking one part distraught and one part furious. Through the pain you can sense that both those emotions are directed at you; and you’d wilt if the pain wasn’t enough to make you pass out.

You’re trying not to give away you’re awake but you know that Scott and the other wolves in the room can sense it. When you can hear their voices clearly you can’t help but make a mental note to thank them somehow when they don’t give it away you’re awake and aware of the conversation.
“You can’t be serious Derek! That did not go well at all!!!” Stiles hisses.
“Y/N wasn’t even that hurt; the knife barely went in and it was just a little bit of muscle; we fixed it right up. Stiles you’re overreacting. He’s fine.”
“Will you shut it; don’t wake him.” Lydia scolds and you can hear Stiles make an annoyed noise in his throat.

“If you had been doing your jobs instead of playing chase with a stupid squirrel.”
“What would have happened is we all would’ve gotten hurt and we all know those weapons would have done more damage to us than y/n. He’s just a human which means a silver knife is just a knife; he’s vunerable as a human but safer when we’re running around.” Scott snaps and you can hear Derek sigh.
“Stiles; we’re not biting him. Like we won’t bite you. It’s just not practical. If we’re all supernatural we have no baseline for how humans need to act. No, hunters aren’t really human Allison; you’ve been trained to hunt; can’t deny nature.” You swear you can hear Dereks smug smile.

“Like that’s the real reason.”
“I don’t think your dad would like the whole werewolf and law breaking we’re doing. To say the least.”
“He’s fine with Y/N.” Stiles tries to defend.
“Everyone’s fine with Y/N.”
“It’s cause I’m fine. Seriously I’m-“ You don’t finish Stiles practically dog pilling you and partially strangling you with how tight his hug is.
“Stiles, baby; I survived the hunters but I might die from the hug you’re giving me.” You laugh when he pulls back face pink.

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Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 7270

Summary: Being one of the only humans in the pack is taking a toll on Stiles. Having been through a lot and barely coming out of it alive on numerous occasions, the lasting effects have been detrimental to his self-esteem. Feeling like he can’t handle  the way he’s been feeling any longer, he decides to express his emotions after much deliberation. Luckily, his girlfriend Y/N is there to help him.

A/N: The fic is set sometime after the events in 5x05 with Stiles and Donovan. The idea for this came from my annoyance towards the teen wolf writers for not exploring the ptsd that the characters will have very much gone through, especially after what they witnessed and experienced. It was only supposed to be a short 2k fic, but once I got into it I couldn’t stop until I was genuinely happy with it, I guess. That being said, I am nervous about posting this since: a) I haven’t written anything this long before, b) I haven’t posted a fic in a while, and c) this is my first Stiles x reader fic. Because of this I would really appreciate any feedback, please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think! Also, I’m tagging @dylinski in this, as I promised her a long time ago that I’d send her the fic when I was finished with it and a promise is a promise, no matter how late it is, also I’m sorry for how long it took me to actually finish and post this.

The title is based on this song, which came up on my Spotify randomly one day after I had already started the fic, and I thought it was perfect :)

Warnings: themes of depression, anxiety, dark thoughts, mentions of death, low self-esteem, angst, swearing probably knowing me, and fluff.


GIF not mine, credit to @stilesedit​, go follow for amazing high quality gifs :)

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Part 1, Part 2

Warning: language, daddy kink, fingering, unprotected sex, SMUT

One day I was just a trainer for MMA fighters and the next I became a profiler for the CIA, specifically Orion. Things between Rapp and I were a little complicated. Nothing too bad. Since he was always out of town, we rarely saw each other.

Even when he was around the facility, we couldn’t spend time together. An agent who was as high up as he is shouldn’t be with a simple profiler like me. Which is why we kept our relationship a secret. Although we’re both pretty sure Hurley knows about us.

While Rapp was out saving lives and kicking asses, I was safely at the Barn sitting in my office putting files together on potential targets. Mitch says he likes having me at the Barn because he knows I’m safe there, surrounded by agents. I looked up when I heard a knock on my office door.

“Mitch,” I let out a sigh of relief when I saw him smirking in the doorway. He quickly stepped inside and shut the door as I stood up and jumped into his arms. He laughed as he easily caught me.

“Hey, babe.” He whispered as he held me.

I pulled out of the hug and looked over his shoulder before turning back to him with a smirk on my lips.

“What?” He laughed. I grabbed his face and pressed my lips to his. Our lips moved in sync as he wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer and deepening the kiss.

When I pulled out of the kiss, Mitch smirked down at me. “I missed you too, babe.”

I grabbed his face and roughly pressed my lips to his. I felt him smirk into the kiss as his hands slid down my back, finally cupping my ass. I moaned as he squeezed. I let out a grunt as I pulled away and jumped into his arms, instantly wrapping my legs around his waist. I moaned as I started to suck on his neck.

“Easy there, baby,” he said, purposely using his deep sex voice. “I missed you too but if we’re too loud, we’re gonna get caught.”

“I don’t care,” I moaned between breaths. “Just shut up and fuck me already.”

He smirked at me as he gently set me down on my desk.

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author: wittystiles

word count: 2k+

relationship: Mitch Rapp x Reader

warnings: none

A/N: Hello there! I’m back - sorta - finally. I got a weird urge to write this the other day, after not thinking about it for months. And I wrote this in two days. It isn’t edited, so if it’s terrible, that’s why. Please enjoy! Feedback is crucial, as well, so… Please reblog, comment, etc. I’m a whore for validation.


Originally posted by dylan-robrien

Turning his back to the shower head, Mitch closed his eyes and let the water beat on his face as he leaned his head back. He had spent a good portion of the beginning of his shower with the water beating down on his chest while he thought. He hated that he was doing that. Just /thinking/. Hated standing there going over everything in annoying detail, trying to pick apart every thought he had.


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Stiles Stilinski x Reader-Circles

Warnings:Strong Language(what’s new)

Pairings: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Summary: Ghost Riders are being little shits, they’ve got the whole McCall pack running around in circles as Stiles returns home

This is a rollercoaster, and I even got confused writing it🤡


Originally posted by stilesedit

“You don’t understand how happy I am to see you guys”Stiles breathed out a sigh of relief as he brought Scott and Liam together for a tight hug, reuniting after the Ghost Riders had swiped Stiles up from the safety of his jeep.

“It’s good to have you back”Scott smiled over at his bestfriend who was shaking his head at the state of Beacon Hills.

“Where’s y/n?”Stiles asked hurriedly, all he’d wanted was to get back to you, it had taken him a long time to realise it but over time he had fallen for you. Distance does make the heart grow fonder.

Scott glanced over at Stiles quickly, the true alpha had been by your side from the day Stiles disappeared and he knew that you would be looking for Stiles. You had been endlessly for months.

“We sent them to find Peter, I’m sure they’ll be on their way over here”Scott answered as the three boys followed the train tracks through the woods.


Meanwhile over at the High school you had been split up from Malia and Lydia, you found yourself wandering through the dark deserted halls soon coming to the empty car park. The others were trying to avoid the ghost riders but you were just trying to find Stiles, desperately.

You hadn’t seen him in months, and his absence had taken a toll on everyone. You especially.

Your eyebrows furrowed and your eyes narrowed when you caught sight of the Jeep that stood alone in it’s parking spot. The door to the jeep was wide open and this was suspicious considering you had the keys after Lydia had managed to bribe the tow truck guy into not taking the Jeep to the scrap yard.


Originally posted by ugirl

Breathlessly you sprinted towards the jeep, jumping into the drivers seat, holding your denim jacket against your chest so that your dress wouldn’t fly up in the air with the stormy winds that the wild hunt had conjured up. Your hands traced over the steering wheel as you bit your tongue angrily. If Stiles had been here then you’d probably just missed him, you missed him.

Your head fell onto the steering wheel, letting out a sigh of frustration, you had to keep going, you couldn’t just give up now when you were so close to him.

Lifting your head you decided to jump into action, maybe Scott had found Stiles already. You were about to leave Roscoe and carry on with your quest however your whole body froze up when you saw it. It stood tall next to the jeep and you were certain that it saw you too.

The ghost rider stared straight in your direction, almost daring you to take a step out of the vehicle. Your breathing became hitched as you fumbled around for the keys quickly trying to start the engine, your efforts to escape were cut short when a big gust of wind slammed the jeep door open, exposing you to the ghost rider who cracked his whip.

“This is definitely going to hurt”you grimaced, clutching the keys tightly in your hands as you shut your eyes ready to feel the blow of the Ghost Riders weapon. A cloud of green smoke was all that was left behind in Stiles’ jeep.


“I’m going to the school to find y/n”Stiles uttered out, not wanting to waste anymore time.

“I’ll come with you”Liam nodded.

“I have to wait here for Malia, she won’t be long”Scott nodded, telling his two friends to go on without him.

“Oh no, we are not splitting up again”Stiles shook his head quickly.

“We have to, don’t worry we’ll see eachother again”Scott reassured Stiles. Stilinski hesitated for a second, grumbling out a few profanities before patting Scott on the shoulder.

After Stiles and Liam disappeared down the train tracks the woods fell silent around Scott, an uneasy feeling washing over him as his senses began to pick up an unusual sound.

A cloud of green smoke appeared in the bushes, making Scott growl involuntarily.

“Holy shit, that was not fun”he heard a voice groan from behind the trees.

Y/n?”Scott called out to the empty space where the green smoke had just been.

Scott?”McCall watched as you sat up from the floor, your head only just appearing through the long grass, twigs sticking out of your hair in all directions.

He immediately sped over to you, grabbing your hand so that he could help you up off the floor.

“Are you okay? What happened?! Where’s Lydia and Malia?!”he bombarded you with a tonne of questions.

“I’m okay I think, but I got split up from Malia and Lydia and then i found the Jeep with the doors wide open”you shook your head confused.

“And then a ghost rider found me and I somehow ended up…here?” You looked around trying to see where here actually was.

“I think Douglas is trying to merge the worlds together to help the Riders cross over, I mean you technically got taken but you ended up back in Beacon Hills”Scott tried to put the peices together.

“How do we stop him?”you began to pull twigs out of your hair.

“I don’t know but Lydia mentioned something about him wanting a supernatural army in this world”Scott revealed.

Not good, not good at all how can we stop this?”You asked, terrified.

“The train, it’s coming”Scott’s eyes flashed red as they flickered around you.

“Scott, rifts are opening up everywhere we all have to be careful”you agreed.

“Where’s Liam?”you continued.

“He’s gone with-

Scott began to answer but his head snapped towards the train tracks, out of nowhere a bullet flew through the air turning Scott into the same green smoke he had seen moments earlier.

You were about to scream out but you realised that Scott could have reappeared somewhere close by, you also took notice of the fact that whoever shot Scott was still near. Cringing at the sound of the leaves cracking underneath your shoes, you sped towards the hospital hoping that you’d find one of your friends.


“Stiles you’re back?!”Lydia chirped, briskly walking down the corridor.

“Nice to see you too Lyd, do you know where y/n is?”Stiles asked.

“I thought she was with you? She was definitely looking for you”Lydia frowned.

“Well Scott said she was with you and Malia?!”Stiles whined.

“You’ve seen Scott?!”Lydia raised her eyebrow.

“Y/n’s looking for me?!”Stiles huffed out smiling and the thought of you.

Stiles felt a slight burning on his leg, the strawberry blonde’s eyes widened when she realised what was happening. A ghost rider nearby had caught Stiles with one of their ominous green ropes.

“Stiles, your leg…look at your leg”Lydia motioned worriedly.

Stiles took a glimpse of his foot, rolling his eyes as he looked up at Lydia who had her gaze trained on the ghost rider behind him.

Not again, Lydia if you see y/n tell her to meet me at the-

And with that Lydia was left alone again, her mouth falling open in fear at what had just happened in front of her, Stiles was gone.


The lights flickered above you as your shoes squeaked against the hospital floors. Empty, just like you thought it would be. You stomped your foot angrily. If you had your phone that would have made things alot easier.

Loud banging coming from the cleaners cupboard next to you jolted you from your thoughts, a small voice telling you to run as fast as you could out of that hospital but your feet were saying something completely different.

You hesitated before clutching the door handle swinging the door open violently.

“What the actual f-

“Hi y/n, I don’t actually know how I got here but hey”Liam mumbled sheepishly from underneath a pile of boxes.

“Y/n?”Another familiar voice called out. You and Liam both lifted your heads to see Malia storming towards the two of you.


Originally posted by holytw

“What the fuck is going on, one minute I’m stood in the school library with Scott the next thing I’m falling onto a hospital bed?!”Malia growled furiously.

“It’s the Ghost Riders, our worlds are merging together the rifts, there’s a train it’s coming and we have to divert it as soon as possible”you ran your hands through your hair, stressed.

Within seconds you blinked once and suddenly you were on the floor in the science lab. Looking around desperately for Malia and Liam your cheeks grew red with anger.

SERIOUSLY, I WASN’T EVEN WARNED THAT TIME?!”you screamed out to no one in particular, clenching your fists as you pushed yourself up off the ground.

“Y/n?”Your bestfriend’s voice grew closer.

Thank GOD Lydia, hold my hand right now, hold it”you demanded swiping up her hand holding it tight.

“Y/n how many times have you been through the rifts?”Lydia frowned at your appearance, your hair was all over the place, twigs were falling off your clothes and you looked exhausted.

Too many times I think my brain is scrambled”you sighed tugging on the banshee’s arm.

“Why is this happening?”Lydia asked quietly, trying not to draw attention to yourselves.

“It’s like they are trying to keep us all apart, they want to take everyone but they know they can’t with us together, we’re strong as a pack the more of us there are the less chance they have”you explained, that being the only theory and the truth.

“If they take me again, you’re coming with me this time”you warned her.

“They won’t take me remember?”Lydia spoke in an apologetic tone as the two of you came to a halt in front of yet another pesky ghost rider.


Originally posted by msmischief101

“Oh for crying out loud”you grumbled, feeling the same tingling sensation throughout your body before you turned into green smoke once again.


“Y’know the Ghost Riders really must not like me if they rifted me here, with you”Stiles hissed as he glared over at Theo who stood with a smirk plastered on his face.

“And you think I asked to be magically transported here?”Theo snarled back, pushing himself off the wall.

“I don’t care, I just need to get out of here”Stiles waved Theo away, dismissing him as he pulled on the doors.


Originally posted by stilinskiraekens

“You’re looking for y/n aren’t you?”Theo hummed.

“Have you seen her?”Stiles quipped back.

“Can’t say I’ve seen her today but I have seen a lot of her these past couple of months whilst you’ve been gone”Theo lied, taunting Stiles.

Stiles lunged towards Theo pushing him up against the wall forcefully.

“If you’ve touched y/n I swear to god-Theo fell to the ground, Stiles had practically just been vapourised in front of him. The ghost rider had stalked off obviously not caring about Theo.

Before Theo could even exhale another rift opened in front of him, your body collapsing on the ground.

Just the girl I was talking about”Theo smiled.

Mmmmshutup Theo”you mumbled out, your face still pressed onto the floor eyes closed. Your energy and your patience wearing thin, you were just about ready to throw in the towel when Theo piped up again.

“This is going to be entertaining”he sang out.

You scowled, lifting your head so that you could tell Theo where to shove it louder and clearer. Instead you came face to face with what seemed like two Ghost Riders, at this point you didn’t know if it was real or if your eyes were playing tricks on you.

Your fears were confirmed when you were shot in the chest with their phantom bullets, your body crashing against the lockers in the corridor. You took a moment, blinking your vision back into existence as your eyes focused on the ceiling.

The sound of scuffling and lockers being smashed against made you flinch almost instantly and you sat up slowly turning your head to look to the end of the science block. Flashes of Checkered flannel caught your attention.


Originally posted by stilesedit

Your mouth parted slightly, your hand absentmindedly reaching up to rest on the locker to help you balance your weak legs. Stiles watched in shock as the girl in front of him dragged herself up off the floor. Stilinski couldn’t believe his eyes, he had been looking for her all night and she had just appeared out of thin air right in front of him.


Originally posted by seiimei

“I have been through hell and back trying to get to you”you breathed out, taking a step towards Stiles Stilinski who had frozen up at the sound of your voice.

Three months , two weeks and four days felt like an eternity without you and I hated every second”Stiles mumbled, licking the corner of his lip. He began to take quick steps towards you, hesitating after seeing you sway back and forth unintentionally. Going through the different rifts was taking its toll on you.

“H-hey are you okay?!”Stiles asked worriedly.

“There’s only so many portals you can go through before you start to feel abit woozy”you replied trying to lighten the mood.

The two of you were pushed further away from eachother when a green bullet flew through the air in the middle of both of you. Missing you by inches.

The familiar thudding of the Ghost Riders boots echoed down the hall towards you and Stiles.

“Stiles”your head fell at an angle, sending Stiles a knowing look. You weren’t quite prepared to let him go especially after you had just got him back.

“I know. Not again, I’m not leaving you again”Stiles leapt towards you pulling you into his chest, the sound of another gunshot being let off pierced your ears as you felt his arms around you almost hiding you from the bullet that was hurtling towards the two of you. The last thing Stiles felt was your head burried into his shirt.

When you opened your eyes all you could see were stars, it took you a minute to regain sensation and feeling in your body. Normally when you went through a rift you would feel the cold rush through your body, but all you felt was warmth.

You emerged out of Stiles’ checkered shirt, hearing him let out a sigh of relief as he felt you move about. You met his gaze, asking him questions with one simple nod.

“I’m okay, are you okay?”he answered aloud, brushing the hair out of your face.

“I’ve been worse”you mumbled, checking out your surroundings, back in the woods again.

Suddenly Stiles’ lips crashed into yours, making your eyes widen with surprise. After a second your eyes fluttered shut and you gave him twelve years worth of kisses in one. Figuring you could make up for lost time.

He rested his head against yours as you pulled away, the two of you cuddled into eachother in the middle of the Beacon Hills preserve.

“I-uh-I really missed you, never leave”your voice still caught up in your throat after your first kiss with Stiles.

“Never again”Was all Stiles could say, he was still trying to gather himself after kissing you with such passion.

“I can hear them both, they’re okay, they’re together”Scott’s voice could be heard approaching you and Stiles. The crunching of leaves became loud and you were now surrounded by your friends.

“It’s about time they’ve been chasing eachother all night”Lydia added.

“They’ve been chasing eachother for twelve years”Scott snorted.

“We get your point now hurry up and get over here”Stiles raised his arm, waving the pack over.

“If I get poofed into the atmosphere one more time I’m going to turn full coyote”Malia complained as she appeared in front of you alongside Lydia, Scott and Liam.

It was obvious you all had been rifted unintentionally to the same place.

“They definitely didn’t plan for this to happen”you dusted yourself down using one hand, the other was intertwined with Stiles’

“Since we’re all present now, how about we try and divert that train”Scott announced, pointing towards the bright train headlights that were advancing in your direction rapidly.

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Author: @writingsbychlo

Character(s): Thomas/Reader, Newt, Minho, Gally, Brenda

Word Count: 15,944

Notes: This is just some cute stuff for my baby, because honestly, he probably has some prettyyyy bad PTSD from dealing with all that he dealt with. A little shout out in thanks to @fan-child​ and @fortheloveoflamp​ for their ideas when helping me brainstorm! 


Originally posted by gladersmaze

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I bounced my leg as Dylan drove to my parent’s house. The radio played softly as we got closer and closer. Sure, my parents have met Dylan over Skype and talked to us hundreds of times over the phone, but this was the first time they were all meeting face-to-face.

Dylan and I met on the set of the first Maze Runner. He, of course, was Thomas. I was an assistant costume designer. Mainly, I would make alterations so the costumes fit the actors better.

Although we met during the first one, we were just friends. By the end of Scortch Trials, Dylan finally asked me out. We’ve been dating since. Now, they were filming Death Cure.

After hearing me talk about Dylan, my mother pestering me till she ran out of breath, I finally gave in and set up a night that Dylan and I could drive to my parents’ house and have dinner.

“You okay?” Dylan asked as he reached over and grabbed my hand.

I nodded but stopped when I saw the look he sent me. “No,” I sighed, looking down at our intertwined hands. “I’m nervous.”

“That your parents won’t like me?” He asked when I didn’t continue.

“They are super picky about who I date. My dad is so protective that I never bring guys home. The first time I did… Let’s just say the boy never spoke to me again.”

“Y/N,” he sighed. “I love you and nothing is going to scare me away from the woman I love.”

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A/N: I have NO clue what this, I listened to the song an figured it would write something else for it. SO this is not with the actual series that I am doing now. Just something fun for Tomuary 

Description: The song I used for this is Losing Your Memory by Ryan Star. Y/N and Tommy have a moment before being separated into their mazes. 

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Call all your friends

Tell them i’m never coming back

Cuz this is the end

You were tired. It was almost as if all the energy had been sapped out of you at the last escape attempt. You knew that wasn’t it though, it was the drugs that were already working through your system. Making you easier to handle, to change…to erase. The beeping is what caused  you to open your eyes. The last thing that you remembered was being ripped away from his arms, but now all you felt was the chill in the room. Looking around at the brightly lit room, you could see figures moving around and talking. Seeing movement to your left, it felt like all the breath had been knocked out of your lungs. 

Tommy was laying on the bed next to you with his eyes closed. He looked like was barely breathing. Cuts covered his face and your mind flashed back to him trying to protect you as the guards took you away from him. If he was here then what did that mean for you guys? Trying to look around more without drawing attention, you finally realized the room you were in. It was where they brought you to prep you for the maze. 

Your body started shaking, not from the cold in the room but from the fear that was coursing through your veins. You knew what this meant…your mind was going to be wiped and you would have no recollection of who Tommy was. Hearing your name be called, your head looked to the right and saw Teresa’s wide eyes staring at you. She hurried over as she undid the straps that held you to the bed and helped you up. 

“What the hell is going on?” She asked as she put a blanket around you. You knew better than to try and run, it didn’t work out in your favor before. 

“We tried to escape…I guess they are tired of it.” You said quietly. You stared down at your hands in your lap as you felt Teresa’s arms go around you. You could feel the girl shake as she realized what this meant.

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A/N: Hey there, so I have been wanting to write on here a Dylan O'Brien imagine and I wanted to make it into a little series but I have to figure out how this imagine will go if I can even make it into a series. So here we go! :D Let’s give it a shot! Hope you will enjoy reading this xD

Warnings: 18+, lemon, fluff, parties, drinking 

PSA: I am new to the writing world of smut so please bear with me if anything sounds weird or off or doesn’t make sense I am still learning xD also, feel free to message me if you see a wild mistake haha

Word count: 4,779



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(I already used this GIF, but I had another idea for it.)

-I’m scared-

Mitch Rap x-reader

    “Hey,” I sighed. I was on a call with my sister who lives all the way in Florida. “Everything okay?” she asked. “Yeah, um…” I trailed. I sat on the couch, “I haven’t heard from Mitch in awhile.”

“I’m sure he’s okay,” she said, “What does he do again?” My best friend and I keep his job as a secret. Mitch is an assassin. “F.B.I agent.” I replied. “How long?”

“2 years actually,” I laughed and took a pause, “Allison, I can’t do this anymore.”

“Why do you mean?” she asked. “I can’t keep telling myself that he’s going to show up. Everyday I wait in excitement to see his handsome face….”

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-I live here!-

Mitch Rap X-reader

    My dad held the punching as I hit it as hard as I could, I stepped back catching my breath. “Why’d you stop?” He asked.

“Because I needed to,” I took a sip of the water bottle I set aside. I sat down on the bench and held my shaking hands.

“I can’t do this,” I said. He knelt in front of me, “Why?”

“I can’t be a innocent person at home and then an assassin on the field,” I said, “I understand that you want me to be strong, but I’m not like your other recruits.” I stood up and paced around the room. He crossed his arms, “You’re right.”

I looked up at him, “Really?”

“Yeah,” he sighed, “You deserve a break!”

“Wait, seriously?” I laughed with excitement. “No!” he yelled, “You need to learn to control your anger. Think about something that really..” He’s interrupted by a knock at the door.

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