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#e3 2019

(Summary - the video above shows Rachel Leigh Cook’s voice of “My Turn” as pulled from Dissida NT voice lines. Explanation below)

Rachel Leigh Cook voiced Tifa Lockhart in the Dissidia NT DLC and while listening to the new voice lines, something caught my attention. She uttered the SAME line that Britt Baron did from the E3 trailer, “My Turn”

Woah - why would she happen to voice that line for Dissidia? Although it can fit into the environment and battle talk, why that exact line? 

I edited the voice clip from Cook over the E3 trailer and it fit the motion cap timing PERFECTLY (SEE ABOVE). Why would a voice actress who went in to record for Dissidia NT be able to voice that line at the perfect timing as the E3 trailer? Why would they have her look at the E3 trailer, dub the voice, and then put it in Dissidia NT?

My hypothesis? This is a reused/unused voice clip from FFVIIR. Using the information from Maxamilian Dood, they already recorded the entire first part with the original voice actors before replacing the cast which leads me to question whether that facial recognition from the E3 trailer belongs to the new voice cast OR the original voice actors - Cook included. Is the new voice cast  actually dubbing the motion capture of the original voice cast in the E3 trailer. 

That’s a haunting thought to entertain. 

And that isn’t the only clip that is mysterious from Dissidia NT……

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Medicine (ft. French Montana) - Jennifer Lopez

“Medicine,” is one of the latest singles from Jennifer Lopez, featuring French Montana. I like the color scheme of all white, almost like a representation of rebirth. Speaking of birth, it’s J. Lo’s 50th birthday! Yes, you read that right, five-zero. Fifty. I don’t know whose blood she;s drinking to maintain that level of youth but I’m here for it! The song is about how she can be a person’s remedy for their heartache or pain. I love the scene where she is the topper on the cake with the dancers dancing below her. That image is beautiful. I also really like the scene where the dancer is leaning forward on the harp while another performer plays it. Although I’m not that into the song itself, I can appreciate the elegant imagery in the music video. Happy 50th, J. Lo!

  • Song: 6/10
  • Video: 7/10
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I realize the Q&A is really long and kind of a pain to read through, so I picked out some of the biggest tidbits in a cleaner, shorter list. Note that this is not everything the Q&A talked about.


  • There will be more humans and less zombies this time around
  • Antizin is totally gone, but strong UV light keeps the infection from progressing
  • Aiden has no idea who Kyle Crane is or that he exists
  • Aiden is not from The City
  • Aiden will be customizable
  • Projectile weapons, but no guns
  • Something special for DL 1 owners
  • Steam trading cards
  • No loot boxes
  • No characters from DL will return
  • GRE are the ones who made the biomarkers, but there is no sign of them now
  • All zombies from DL are returning, but there will be more
  • Screamers will be different

  • You can hunt animals
  • You do not have to side with just one faction
  • The City alone is four times larger than the entirety of DL, minus The Following

Discussed but Unconfirmed

  • DL Companion
  • Dockets
  • Legend levels
  • Hunger and thirst bars
  • Infected animals
  • What happens when your biomarker hits 0
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Gooigi; a lookalike of Luigi only with disturbing twist that I checked on IGN facts. BTW, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is rumored to be coming in October 2019. Good fitting of month of Halloween, but for Luigi not so much. ^^*

Sorry, L…

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Last month, another successful segment of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or better known as E3, was held in Los Angeles. The trade event is known for its wide display of video games from industries all over the world. The three days that separate each event gives every major gaming company and studios the opportunity to display new products and games that will be featured as early as the holiday season for gamers to purchase and play. In the recent years of E3, there has also been more focus on the future of competitive play in eSports. The growing momentum of eSports is moving quickly and is about to hit its pinnacle with the amount of competition available for gamers to play in. E3 capitalized on this feature in order to bring their gaming audience up to speed on what is yet to come in the future of major competition.


The grand lobby of this year’s E3.

The transition where this meets video games that features competition for sports games are reaching a new group of audiences everywhere that brings “stat nerds” to a whole new meaning. The largest eSports competition for any major sport is association football (or often called soccer) through EA Sports’ popular title FIFA and holds, more competitions than any other sport video game on the market. Amongst the other popular brands from the EA studio, the tournaments for hockey and football were just created within this past year for NHL Hockey and Madden NFL. The studios of 2K Sports are responsible for the hit title of the same name for the NBA, and started their own league for players from different cities with NBA franchises to compete against each other. It will not be long before 2K can follow through with contributing with the variety of tournaments designed for fighting games with their partnership with WWE 2K titles. The visionaries for all of these sports video games and competitive leagues have pushed the envelope by changing the diversity of sports fans and having them contribute to the passion of each individual cultures, but there is one specific league and video game franchise being left out of this eSport movement: Sony’s MLB: The Show

The Show has been the dominating baseball game on the video market for over a decade since being introduced by Playstation in 2006. Despite the game being a major hit for the MLB, it seems to lack a major following in any competitive nature. To make matters even worse, there is no eSports league or any competition that is for MLB The Show domestically or internationally. In a time where baseball continues to be criticized for its lack of audience, the MLB could be taking advantage of this new movement of an audience by inserting their product into the eSport market.

MLB: The Show is not the only baseball game in the video game market. It is known that the MLB is not the only country that recognizes baseball as a national sport. In countries like Japan and South Korea, their leagues are just as popular and known like they are here in the US. They also have their own version of a baseball video game called Power Pros (Jikkyō Powerful Pro Yakyū). The game is designed specifically in Japan and for the NPL; however it includes the teams of leagues from KBO so that Korean baseball fans can play with their favorite teams as well. This game is designed perfectly for the Asian-baseball market, but it is not like any other sports game. In parody, the game is designed to be more of a child’s game that uses avatars that are deformed versions of the players in real life. In a game that is not taken so seriously, it is far more difficult to make eSport competition from this game series. Even more of a bigger conflict, the Asian eSport gaming community has the largest population of players that compete.


MLB: The Show, Power Pros, and RBI Baseball would be popular titles to start an eSports league for baseball.

Virtual reality has always been a dream of video game companies, and they would like it to be in almost every home like their consoles over the decades. It is only a matter of time where they are in every home and gamers all over are living life like the film Ready Player One. Even at visits to ballparks, virtual reality has made its way in some sections that feature the idea of a simulation where patrons can swing for the fences. This concept can be sold to virtual reality enhancers like for Sony’s PlayStation to improve The Show or the new competing feature of the Oculus Rift and actually make a baseball game that puts you in the same scenarios as most players. If the future of gaming is to get more interaction from players, perhaps eSports will drive the direction to include full body simulation for players to feature themselves on actual teams of playing on a simulated baseball field for competitive play. This, in a way, would eventually give players the ability to play an actual baseball game with their features to be enhanced to play as any professional athlete. This in turn could be a breaking point of actually bringing more attention to baseball, or harm it if it becomes more competitive than any professional baseball league. Of course, baseball would not be the only sport that will suffer; this concept would be possible for any professional sport that would be offered in virtual reality. Talk about an episode straight out of Black Mirror.


The popularity of the hit film Ready Player One has led video game companies to be more assertive in virtual reality.

A concept that would be able to take advantage of this situation is the Olympic Summer games that are being held in Tokyo in 2020. It will also be the return of baseball in the summer games since the sport was removed in 2008, and because Japan recognizes it as a national sport. It would be more in gracious recognition that eSports be recognized at the coming games as well. However, the International Olympic Committee due to certain regulations did not pass it in time. Instead, there will be an international gaming tournament being held in Tokyo during the same time as the Olympics. It would be more than superb if those international gamers coming to participate played the games designed for Japan. It would be more than extraordinary to have both sports collide and have the eSports christen the first international competition for a baseball videogame. In this circumstance, the tournament held would have to honor both MLB The Show and Power Pros so that there is no segregated completion restrictions on any of the players looking to compete. If this were a competition that would be a success, it would take a gaming company such as Sony to take more affirmative action to make the future of baseball gaming more diverse.

Since Sony Interactive Entertainment is responsible for making MLB The Show, it would be even more critical if they staged a model like EA’s FIFA series. If there were a better partnership between the International Baseball Federation and MLB with its player association, there would be fewer restrictions on allowing more teams to be used by a video game company in a single program. The more teams to be used would be unlimited from not only the leagues domestically, but internationally as well. What would be the grand incentive behind that would be the access to the international teams that play baseball for the World Baseball Classic. As an international pool recognizes the wider range of baseball fan ship, the chances of online and interactive gaming would also grow. If the chain of events all lead to success, the chances of making an eSports league would be structured like the 2K League and international influence of the FIFA competitions that are held in other countries. Restrictions should be broken down if this comes to a different studio to make the game. RBI Baseball is a video game fully supported by the MLB and has no limit to the amount of platforms that are accessible for gamers, it would be in their advantage to actually start on this project than Sony would have.


The sponsors behind the WBC could create a video game that would rival MLB: The Show and grow in more popularity with an eSports league internationally.

Surely, the influence of an eSports league for baseball would push the boundaries for baseball to grow even further. The benefit of learning about the variety of different leagues and players would expand the diplomacy of the game. The potential of the WBC still has a great period of time before it becomes at an even level with the popularity that is the FIFA World Cup. However, with some inspiration, an eSport competition could bring more players of nationality to represent their countries and become ambassadors of baseball on their own terms. Another opportunity that this would drive due to the idea that baseball is a game of strategy of statistics is the inspiration that would build towards fantasy baseball. The idea to build teams to win in the best statistical fashion is strategy that would go hand-in-hand with someone who is competing heavily in a baseball video game. Surely, the adaptation of multiple fantasy baseball formats for leagues domestically and internationally would build more of an international audience of baseball. The collective of everything in competition would help influence the future of baseball fans and individuals who seek to find professional work in baseball as a potential career.


With the rising popularity of eSports, it is time for a league to represent baseball in video games.

Essentially, the idea of eSport in baseball is an idea that would not only bring more fans into the sport, but is a concept that would “save baseball.” It is critical not only for the MLB to drive for a new audience outside the current one they are already catering towards, but to finding new consumers of the game on a yearly basis. Video games have always been an interaction that the younger generation are always been attracted to, and handful of big major companies have always pushed major franchises to make their product even more entertaining with interactive play. The idea of an eSport league for baseball could possibly break down obstacles that MLB and other leagues seem to be having a hard time struggling with in the current era. If the success from eSports in other league continues to gain more momentum, it would be in baseball’s favor to highly get behind immediately. The future has always been now when it comes to technology and video games has always been right beside that movement when it comes to entertainment. It is time for baseball to make that partnership with the video game world and eSports competitive play, for the love of the game.

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E3 2019 was a wild time. We got some amazing announcements and new games on the horizon. But, have you ever felt overwhelmed by newly announced games? Maybe you just want to know what is good, before it’s even out. Don’t worry, I got you.

I have done you a kindness. I’ve reviewed nearly every game from E3 in five words or less. This means that you are ready when your friends ask you about the games they should play. I’ve also linked to the best trailer I could find for each game.

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