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The issue isn’t you, per say. I’m not the rude anon from earlier, but I am a multi shipper who is active on both sides of this “ship war”, and I will say this: the bee community is good at policing their own. The racists were called out, the people drawing underaged NSFW were chased off of tumblr, and they make an effort to cut off those people from the rest. (1/2) As a queer individual, the most sad thing about the BS fandom is the willingness to interact with trump supporters

I genuinely do not know how to respond to that but let me just say to those who follow me and those in the the community if you do support Trump, homophobes, fascist, pedophiles and any artist that drew pedophilia in the past/present or anything else that is not up to code with human decency allow me to be the first to announce that you have no place on this blog or in this community and from now on we WILL be on the lookout and we WILL call you out if we see you breaking the rules this community. I don’t care if this ask is bait I will not let anything like this stand.

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November in England was full of heavy gloom. Everything was washed of their colours, everything was damp. Artemis dressed in her sheepskin-lined coats and fleece leggings beneath her jeans and still shivered her way through the forest. What she wouldn’t give to be a squirrel, curled up warm in their nests, or a bear, slumbering in their cave.

She was not built for the cold. Artemis liked the sun, the spray of an ocean, the temperature warm and clinging to her skin. 

At least, this year, she was better prepared. Knowing already what the winter would entail. It was not often that they were in one place for long enough to get to know the seasons, but they had been in Swynlake a year now. Even Artemis was growing to like it in a way that she knew she shouldn’t. Hatter always remembered her order, which meant that she did not need to speak when things were intensely crowded and she would rather not do so. Still, she found new pathways, put in place by Swynlake when it was feeling playful. She liked her desk in the Parks and Recreation office, which had a string of lights on it and a smooth velvet cover laid over it, with a picture frame of her mother, brother, and father, when they were all still alive and together in Nigeria. It was at Chen’s insistence that she had finally done this, with Apollo’s help.

She liked her room which faced out into the back garden, where they grew their flowers and vegetables and tended to their chickens and their goats–all of which she’d grown fond of. 

There was Calliope too, whom Artemis saw sometimes. The girl popped up unexpectedly in the forest, and once or twice, in Artemis’ office, with tea for her. There was Lena too, and the little girl Mirium she had met. The mermaids too, whom she was fond of. 

It was all dangerous, but Artemis did not think, on the day to day, about this danger. She slipped into sleepy Swynlake life and she had not thought much about it.

That was, until right now. 

Niobe lifted her head from where she had been dozing in front of the fireplace, which crackled and popped and filled their house with the scent of the holly and rosemary that they were burning on the logs. Artemis and Apollo were sitting on the couch in their pajamas and socks, Apollo having just braided Artemis’ hair, their empty stew bowls in the sink. Rain pitter-pattered against the window pane.

“What is it, mother-wolf?” Artemis asked, noticing their guardian moving towards the door.

“Claudius is here.” Niobe’s tail wagged as she scratched once. 

“Father?” Artemis’ eyebrows raise and she felt her stomach twist as she turned to look at her brother. 

They had not been expecting him.

“Come get the door,” Niobe said in a clipped tone. 

Artemis untangled her legs and stood, moving towards the door quickly and quietly. She pulled it open without hesitation.


“Hello, my daughter,” Claudius smiled, just briefly, at Artemis before his face fell once more into a serious expression. “Aren’t you going to let your poor father in from out of the cold?”

Artemis stepped wordlessly out of the way.

“Hello, my son,” Claudius repeated, with the same small smile, at Apollo when he spotted him. 

Artemis curled her toes in her socks.

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Jacob and Bella have a date. The bikes are finally fixed, wrapped up in big blue ribbons, and ready for a test ride. Bella hasn’t lost focus on her original plan, but spending so much time with Jacob has more perks than just a potential he-who-must-not-be-mentioned hallucination. They’re becoming the very best of friends.

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It’s explained early on that when transformed, vampires become the perfect version of their human self. They have perfect hair, perfect teeth and the perfect body. Well to go with the perfect body do their genitals become the “perfect size”? For example, if someone had a regular sized dick would the transformation cause their dick to grow to the perfect size. Then depending on what is judged as being a perfect size, would some people’s dicks shrink during the transformation as well. This also goes for females, do their boobs grow or shrink to become the “perfect size”. Or do we truly believe that whatever overseer of the world that caused the vampires to transform in such a way believed that every body was perfect. So possibly body shape and size stays the same while looks get changed to draw in humans? 

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Jacob “kiss me or I’ll kill myself” Black deserves nothing from Bella or Edward; that’s that on that. (But I’ll still read all the JacobxReneesme fan fiction bc ppl are so creative)

jacob “kiss me or i’ll kill myself” black is a product of a white writer trying to make the white man in the love triangle the obvious and superior choice by making the brown man horrible and predatory and creepy and just as horrible and predatory and creepy as sexual assault is the unadulterated pedophilia that comes with shipping an infant with a grown man and if you’re willing to be complicit in that then i don’t wanna hear any complaints about the rest of his behavior because obviously you’re willing to overlook a whole lot and you’re being hypersensitive to his wrongdoings because he’s a brown man

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