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23.02.2020 ll companion

This little guys is always by my side when I’m studying or just hanging out. It’s always comforting to hear him purring away as I have late nights studying.

Two midterms tomorrow and a meeting with my program chair about my honours thesis and another outreach project for my program! It exciting to see things coming together. These last two years are going to be the best - I’ll make it so.

🎶 gotten - slash ft. adam levine

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25 feb 2020

Did my first exams as a double major in financial accounting and in leadership and organization. It went well but im unsure if I’ll pass.

Current courses: Marketing and leadership in political organizations.

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中国経済崩壊。海航集団倒産。負債16兆円、破綻、地銀、預金封鎖、デリバティブ、GDPマイナス、金融資産課税 - YouTube










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Mfw the economic teacher isn’t here but he gave us a project where we have to get into groups of 3:


me, seeing all of the other people immediately form in groups in the front of the room, leaving me with no one to work with:


me, looking at the project and seeing it’s 4 activities and we have to research opportunity costs and college shit, but I’m the only one here who isn’t going to college or military so I have no shit what to fucking do:


Me, when it’s been literally 3 school days and I’ve been sitting in class, struggling to bullshit everything and have no clue how to compile the bs I compiled into powerpoint form:


Me, on this Sunday night, knowing in just a few hours, I will fail this project because of my confusion, lack of motivation/interest about college (which is what the project is on), and complete incompetence and inability of being able to work solo:

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Why does pharma cost so much? Price fixing. The BigPharma corps got together, probably at a fundraiser for a Senator, smoking their cigars, dealing out cards and was like: you get exclusive rights to this market, we are splitting this one 50-50, this market we are splitting three ways, this market is a free-for-all but dont drop prices below x, this market.. etc. It’s the unintended result of drug trials and regulations around pharmaceuticals including abuse of the patent system. It became pay-to-play, making it more expensive for new competition to enter the market and those already in the market, want to keep new competition out and have spent money lobbying politicians to make it harder. It’s one of the main reasons health insurance premiums are so high. What are insurance companies suppose to do, take on BigPharma? if you can’t beat them, join them, buy some of their stock and raise premiums. One solution would be to open up the market to foreign competition, consider the EU, like Germany, France, England and Canada’s drug trial programs to be interchangeable. Then price fixing collapses and its a lot harder to corrupt a bigger group. There are some drugs, that are marked up as high as 50000%. It’s ridiculous. BigPharma also bribes hospitals, doctors, etc. They even do propaganda campaigns in the healthcare industry. Doctors are busy people, they don’t have time to do their own drug trials, some just take stupid pamphlets at their word. Medicare/Medicaid are already big customers of BigPharma and have a lot of negotiating power but they aren’t allowed to because Congress is already corrupted.

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Today 2020/02/20, 1:22 AM


Originally posted by danks-gif

It’s the 6th day of my blogging journey. I didn’t write fiction today because I had tuition plus I was more excited to start learning maths. By maths I mean like I want to learn pre-calculus so I can learn calculus and stuff that’ll be required in economics, finance, IT, etc. I will study at home and try to take the SAT exam. I haven’t been reading any book recently but I plan on reading a book to learn how to write fiction or creative writing. The post is again boring but I’ll try to make them better.

Thank you ^^

Take Care^^

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