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Alex Rossi for @klauseconfessions‘s Jamison:

Alex Rossi

  • Alex is a 19 year old student at San Myshuno University. 
  • They have a very fluid gender identity. They don’t really mind any pronouns, but tend to introduce themselves as a they/them.
  • As a side job, Alex is a tattoo artist. Alex and their best friend/coworker, Fiona, tattoo each other as practice. They have a ton of tattoos, all done by Fiona.
  • Alex is majoring in Biochemistry with the hope of someday becoming a doctor. Diseases and injuries have always fascinated them.
  • Alex is a Sophomore in college and during their freshman year, they dated their roommate. Big mistake. Did not end well.
  • They are super buff. Alex has a solid six pack and never skips leg day.
  • Alex works out a lot. They love being able to feel capable of defending themself and those who they care about.
  • Alex’s parents did not like that Alex wasn’t a girl like they were assigned at birth. They were kicked out of the houses at 16 and lived with Fiona until they moved into the college dorms.
  • They are super hard working. Alex has big aspirations and will never stop fighting to achieve them.
  • For some insane reason, Alex got all of their piercings in one go. That includes about six ear piercings, four lip piercings, and three nose piercings. They won’t admit how stupid it was to get all of them done at once even though it hurt so badly they missed a week of school.
  • Even though Alex seems really tough and hard, they are super goofy once they realize you are not a threat. They have a super childish sense of humor and loves puns.
  • Alex has been playing blicbloc for ten years. Blicbloc is their favorite game ever and they still love it after all these years.
  • Even though they’re young, Alex really wants to find someone special to be with. They are super protective and just want someone to take care of.
  • Alex is very excited about the bachelor and really hopes to meet Jamison!

Aspiration: Bodybuilder


  • High Metabolism
  • Bro
  • Geek
  • Goofball
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