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hii!! could you write something about the reader being hopper’s teenage daughter, her relationship with el like a big sister, babysitting the kids and liking steve?? i know i’m asking too much but its just an idea!!! love your writing so much 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

i love this and im writing it rn <3 stay tuned

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Jonathan and Nancy dancing with other people at a wedding

Another fic for you, o mighty anon




He knows he’s swaying a bit awkwardly and that he’s come dangerously close to stepping on El’s toes multiple times, but she had insisted on dragging him out to the dance floor.

His sister looks beautiful in her white wedding gown, and the big grin that she’s had on her face the entire day makes him happy.

“You look great, El.”

She smiles at him and pinches his cheek affectionately, a habit she’s picked up from their mother and has pulled on him and Will countless times. He can feel the cool metal of her newly placed wedding band against his jaw, reminding him of the ring he has on his own finger.

“Thank you, Jonathan. You look nice too.”

“Thank you.”

“Nancy definitely agrees with me. This is the first time she’s taken her eyes off you all night.” She says, gesturing with her head to their right.

He turns his head and finds Nancy dancing with Mike. She looks stunning in her baby blue dress, and even after all this time together and all they’ve been through, monsters and parallel dimensions and government conspiracies and eloping a few years ago and a baby on the way (which they’ll wait to announce to their families for a few weeks, it’s El and Mike’s day after all) his heart still flutters at the sight of her.

Nancy brushes something off of Mike’s wedding tux and although he can’t hear them, he can tell by their expressions that the Wheeler siblings are giving each other a hard time like they always do. But the smiles on both their faces don’t leave.

El, also watching the interaction, laughs.

“Do you think it’ll always be this…happy?”

He pulls her into a hug as the song ends.

“I sure hope so.”

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Imagine El getting billy to wear suspenders like her. She loves them and thinks billy will look great in them too.

She takes him shopping to get his spirits up and she makes him try on all these different colorful shirts and suspenders. Billy thinks he looks like a dork, but he can’t deny he’s having fun the most fun in weeks and because of el, starts to wear suspenders sometimes.

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So I finished season one of Stranger Things awhile ago but I just started season two today and I’ve been reading so many Steve Harrington fics, I love them and want to write my own!! eek XD it’d be really cute and fluffy 

I want so badly to get to season 3 so I will be binge watching aggressively, which one would you rather see a series or a long one shot? Or both?

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Hopper’s letter to Eleven.

Stranger Things season 3

I don’t want things to change. So I think maybe that’s why I came in here, to try and make stop that change. To turn back the clock. To make things go back to how they were. But I know that’s naive. It’s just not how life works. It’s moving, always moving, whether you like it or not. And yeah, sometimes it’s painful. Sometimes it’s sad. And sometimes, it’s surprising. Happy.聽

So you know what? Make mistakes, learn from ‘em. When life hurts you, because it will, remember the hurt. The hurt is good. It means you’re out of that cave.

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a/n; this title is gRoSs but i couldn’t think of anything else. also, i wasn’t sure what setting you had in mind, so i just winged it lol. enjoy!

summary; steve x henderson!reader where they’re making out or something and the party walks in and dustin is grossed out

word count; 819

“Bye, Robin!” You waved goodbye, watching the wavy-haired girl get smaller and smaller as she walked out of the mall.
It was closing time, and Steve had just about finished closing up the individual cans of ice cream. You had stuck around to take all of your kids home without them having to squish together in Steve’s car. You sighed, turning to face Steve. “Ready?” You ask, alluding to having to actually find your kids before taking them home. 

“Actually,” Steve said slyly, a mischievous glint in his eye, “I think we have some time to spare.“


"Where are they?” Dustin asked impatiently, scanning the empty mall for any signs of his sister and her boyfriend. “Maybe they’re sucking face in a storage room.” Mike jokes, nudging Dustin and earning chuckles from the rest of the party.

“Yeah, just like you and El. Oh, El! I love you so much, I just wanna make out with you for the rest of my life! Muah!” Lucas made kissy noises in Mike and El’s direction. Mike glared back, while Eleven tried to force the blush creeping up her face away. Everyone else laughed, but Dustin just focused on the words that left Mike’s mouth.

“Don’t say that.”

“Why not? They’re dating. What’s stopping them from kissing?” Mike questioned. 

“I said, don’t SAY that!” Dustin said, louder this time. Even if his babysitter was smooching his sister, he didn’t wanna know. It was hard to imagine them together, even if they technically were. Dustin would always turn to them when he had trouble, needed advice, or if everyone else was ignoring him. He could always count on his two role models, but now that they were together, would they forget about him? Would they be too involved in each other to notice him? Though Steve’s and Y/N’s relationship was fairly new, Dustin was certain that one day he would truly be left alone.

“Dude, chill out, I was just messing around. They’re probably still closing up.” Mike backtracked, seeing the anger in Dustin’s features. “Whatever, let’s just go find those two assholes. I wanna go home.”


“Steve!” You yelped as Steve pushed you into the back room and placed you on the counter.

“What?” He grinned before attacking your lips with his. You kissed back, of course, not being able to resist your boyfriend. You pulled your lips away, but that didn’t stop Steve from showing affection. He left kisses all over your face and down to your collarbone peeking over your shirt.

“We shouldn’t be doing this! Our kids will come looking for us soon!” You gasped as Steve kissed a sensitive spot under your jaw. Steve’s heart might have melted when you said “our kids,” but he pushed the comment away to overthink later.

“Really? Because according to my calculations, we have at least 10 minutes before they get sick of waiting and come looking for us.” 

“Is that so? And how did you come to that conclusion?” You giggled in response, knowing Steve’s “calculations” were probably way off.

Steve pulled his lips away from your neck, making you squirm from lack of contact. “I would explain… but I’d much rather just kiss you.” 

Steve placed his lips on yours again, cupping your face in his hands. The kiss was gentle but filled with passion, summing up your relationship with the beautiful dork in a sailor’s uniform. Running your hands through his soft hair, you wrapped your legs around Steve’s waist, forgetting everything you said before. Right now, you just wanted to be as close to Steve as possible.


The party trudged toward the Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlor in uncomfortable silence, everyone thinking back to Dustin’s outburst. No one could figure out what was up. It wasn’t like Dustin hated Steve for dating his older sister. He was always trying to set them up together. Max wondered if Dustin was still upset at the group for abandoning him with Cerebro on top of that hill, indirectly leading to Dustin getting stuck in a top-secret Russian base. Maybe he was still upset when Steve and Y/N forgot to pick him up from the mall last week because they were too busy with each other. Whatever it was, Dustin was sick of it. 

Hearing movement in the backroom, Dustin motioned for everyone else to follow him. Mike was right, he thought to himself, they are just cleaning up! They didn’t forget!

He was proved wrong when he opened the door and turned on the light, only to find Steve all over his sister, lips swollen. His hair was messier than usual, and Y/N’s clothes were crooked. 

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME, HARRINGTON?” Dustin screamed, catching the attention of everyone else. As everyone entered the room, a chorus of “ugh,” “my eyes!” and “seriously?” erupted.

“WHY IS THERE A MARK ON HER NECK? Gross, dude! Seriously!” Dustin roared, stomping out.

part 2? maybe where steve and reader assure him they’ll never abandon him? let me know what you think!

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