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Hi all! After a hiatus I am now back on tumblr. I’ve completely revamped my blog, this included my following list so now my feed is a bit dead. So I’m looking for new blogs to follow that post

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Chapter 1 - The Beginning

This is the story of Steve Harrington, of his family, his 7 children; very clever, and all very, very naughty.

The most recent nanny, Nanny Byers, ran out of the house screaming. Nanny no.17 this one is. They managed to scare this one off quicker than the last.

The strictest, most fearless nanny at the local organisation.

As he went to work the same morning at Scoops Ahoy, he was confident that there was absolutely nothing his kids could do to scare her off.

“They’ve eaten the baby!” She screamed as she ran into Scoops Ahoy.

“I-I gotta go Robin.”

As he drove home, he was mentally cursing at his children.

Michael, the eldest of the 7 kids, was sitting at the window smirking to himself as he saw his father pull into the driveway.

Dustin, Lucas, Will, Jane and Max were eating the chicken (which Nanny Byers thought was the baby) and giggling amongst themselves.

Holly was lying in the dish where the chicken was, covered in gravy and cabbage.

Steve opened the door and glared at the 6 older children, Jane the youngest of those 6 and Mike the oldest.

“Where’s Holly?” He asked Mike, Lucas and Dustin.

The three boys just looked amongst one another.

Their father knowing that she was in the dish the entire time, lifted the lid off of it and took Holly out.

“Oh look at you, covered in gravy and cabbage.”

He turned to the 6 elder kids and said, “There are no more nanny’s to look after you. Nanny Byers quit because of your bad behaviour. And you are…to go to bed immediately!”

“Before supper?” Will asked, dumfoundedly.

“Without supper.” Steve corrected.

He walked out of the room carrying Holly.

“Did he say without supper?”

Dustin and Mike walked up to the board where they calculated how fast they got rid of their nannies.

“Ok, this one took 24 hours and 30 minutes. Which is-” Mike started.

“48 hours and 38 minutes quicker than the last.”

“I say that’s a mission well accomplished.” Lucas congragulated themselves.

Jane agreed with her older brothers, as did Max and Will.

Allie walked into the room, placed Jane on her lap and asked Max, “Max, what’s this word?”

“Lovingly,” Max stated. “He took her lovingly by the hand.”

“What’s it about, Allie?” Asked Dustin.

“It’s about the daughter of a nice man who remarries after his wife dies, and the stepmother is horrid to her.” Max explains.

“Why doesn’t the man stop her being horrid?” Allie asks to no one in particular.

“Fathers all turn bad once their wives die. They don’t care anymore.” Mike scowls, looking out the window.

“Michael, yours does.” Allie comforts him.

“No he doesn’t. Does he read to El or play D&D with us like he used to? He doesn’t even sing lullabies to Holly anymore! We hardly see him.”

“He loves you, Michael. You know that. He’s just had a lot on his mind since…”

“Since mother died.” Mike confirmed.

“You two used to be close as anything.” Allie stated.

“Not anymore, all he cares about now is getting himself a nice new wife.”

“Well…I don’t know if that’s true of not, but it might be nice to have a new mother.” Allie tried to convince them.

“Don’t you know anything about the world?” Max asks, “Whoever he marries will be vile and treat us like slaves!”

“You don’t know that.” Allie reassures her.

“Plenty of evidence that states otherwise.” Lucas brings up a book of fairy tales, “there isn’t one stepmother in there who’s even halfway decent. They’re an evil breed. Anyway, who ever likes other people’s children-”

I like you.” Allie states.

“Yeah, but you’re a servant. You’re paid to like us. Doesn’t count.” Dustin corrects her.

Allie walks out the door, closely followed by Will.

“I really am hungry, Allie. Could you maybe get me some secret toast and marmelade?”

He didn’t get an answer.

“Alright! Forget the marmelade! Just some secret toast!”

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Stranger Things - A Nanny McPhee AU

Summary - Steve Harrington, father of 7 kids. Michael, Jane, William, Maxine, Lucas, Dustin and Holly, widower of his late wife Nancy. His children are VERY ill behaved, he needs Nanny Hargrove to help his children become well behaved young people.

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

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I was watching doctor who when I heard this song for the first time. I’m writing this the day it was released (9/25/19), which means it’s gonna be a while before this oneshot is actually out but I had to write for it. The lyrics fit perfectly. (posted nov 18)

Doctor x vampire!reader per usual.

All doctor x vamp will be a continuation of the previous story but you don’t have to read them all in order (this is #3)

Song: high definition by waterparks

I heard the familiar wheezing of the TARDIS and took off down the street towards the sound. I came to a halt as the blue box came into focus and smiled widely to myself. I stepped closer to it but stopped when an unfamiliar man walked out of the box. Surely there couldn’t be another time traveler with a blue box could there? This wasn’t my doctor. I watched him closely, following a distance behind him. The first time the wind blew I got a clear whiff of his scent. It was the same as before, his blood having a particular airiness to it because of the two hearts pumping it through him.

I watched him turn a corner at a quick pace and I sped up a bit. When I turned the corner I couldn’t see him anymore but I knew he had to be close. I could still smell him. I kept walking until the scent got stronger. I looked around but couldn’t find the man anymore. His scent was so powerful now, there was no way he wasn’t close to me. I turned in circles, only stopping when I sneezed.

“Bless you.”

He said in a small voice. I whipped around to face him and he offered me a sad smile.


I said. His smile got a little wider.

“Any time.”

He said, turning to walk away. I reached out to him.


He froze, my hand was inches away from him. He turned back around.

“So it really is you y/n. I thought I was being chased by someone new.”

I smiled at him.

“You look different doctor.”

He stepped closer to me.

“And you haven’t changed one bit y/n.”

I ran my thumb over his cheek and examined his face, running my hand into his hair.

“It’s been too long doctor.”

“How long?”

He asked. The last time I actually saw him we were being chased by ravenous octopi on a blue planet engulfed in purple slime. A one time hitter after another Christmas invasion. It really had been too long, he’s since changed his face.

“It’s been fifty years doctor since I last saw you. You were a different man then.”

I removed my hand from him. He smiled and rolled back on his heels.

“No, same man, new face.”

I laughed.

“That’s good to hear doctor, I’ve missed you. It’s a lonely life here on Earth.”

He sent me a knowing look.

“Well it isn’t much more lively where I’ve been.”

“Doctor, do you maybe want to go on a walk with me? I’d love to talk some more but maybe not here in the middle of the street.”

He nodded and took my hand.

“I’d love to.”

We ran hand in hand down the street, it was a different place for me and I kind of missed having to slow down to run with him. He pulled me around a corner and stopped. We both breathed heavily. He smiled at me and we both laughed.

“God I missed this.”

I said as he whipped out his new, green, sonic. I raised a brow as he scanned the machine he had just stolen from the people we were being chased by. The machine dinged and he made an excited “ha!” Sound. He pocketed his Sonic and took my hand again.


I nodded.

“As I’ll ever be.”

I followed him into the TARDIS and looked around amazed. It was just as different as he was. She was very shinny and blue, but I kind of liked it. I walked to the console with him and leaned against it.

“You’ve redecorated.”

I looked around and then at him, he seemed like he was awaiting approval.

“I like it.”

He smiled at me before flipping a few switches. When he was done he walked over to me and leaned against the console as well.

“So, in the last fifty years I’m sure you’ve done some thinking. Where to?”

I smiled at him and pushed off the console to pace around.

“I don’t know doctor. It’s been so long, I’ve changed a bunch since you last saw me. Fifty years can change a person.”

He sent me a knowing look.

“You say that like I haven’t changed much.”

I laughed.

“Yeah but you have only gotten more clever.”

He smiled a smug smile and straightened his bowtie.

“Alright, well you said yourself before that you would be the perfect companion right? We age alike. You are practically immortal and I, well I regenerate. I grow old and then change. I’ve got plenty of life to live. I’m already over a thousand years old.”

I sent him a sad smile.

“Doctor, even you can’t live forever.”

He looked down at the ground and crossed one ankle over the other. I slowly walked over to him and tilted his chin up so he would look at me.

“It’s a lonely life even with people hanging around. And I don’t want to have to fall in love with you over and over again.”

I dropped my hand.

“Isn’t that what makes it worth it though?”

“It just hurts too bad.”

He looked back down at the ground.

“It’s fifty years of hurting too bad.”

He looked back up at me with his sad eyes. I leaned forward and kissed him gently. When I pulled away I took his hands in mine.

“I’d love to adventure with you, but I need to stay here. I help protect these people, and they keep me alive. I can’t survive on alien blood doctor, it just doesn’t have the same nutrients in it. I think it’s time you leave me behind.”

I let go of his hand and started walking towards the door.

“If you ever change your mind-”

He paused and I turned around. I sent him a small smile.

“I’ll catch you at Christmas doctor. You know where to find me.”

He nodded slowly and looked back at the ground.

“Christmas, right.”

I opened the door slowly and looked back at him.

“Hopefully this time we won’t have to fight off an evil alien race and can just have dinner together.”

I joked lightly and he looked back at me with a sad smile.

“Till Christmas.”

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