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Do you ever think about the fact that Bellamy saw the video from transporting Josephine into that girls mind, he saw how absolutely frightened she was, he heard her screams and he doesn’t know Clarke was paralysed when they did that to her. He thinks she was fighting back. He thinks she was tortured as well.


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Guys this only proves what we’ve known for quite some while: Bob and Eliza both ship Bellakre (at least for a couple of years) and they would be pissed if they won’t end up together. This is not some wishful thinking. This is the two actors who have poured their hearts into their characters and their on-screen relationship as well standing up for what is right for the storyline and for the fandom. So we can at least hope that they will tell JRoth and/or we’ll get a small non-canon bellarke endgame by our very own Mr. & Mrs. Morley.


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ok im sorry but out of the whole cast, it was bob, the only one who has directed an episode this season, who called jroth out on his bullshit. that tells me that not only the cast (the vibe was so romantic that he fucking married eliza in after what they were filming), but the directors were misinterpreting. im sorry, but thats just irresponsible. you inform them of where the story is to go. and if its being directed differently than its being written, then that shows how much you really care about what is put into the final product. thats not misinterpretation. thats misinforming the people who need every detail.

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Okay but does anyone else remember “traitor who you love”?!


What was that

We lost our minds over that

Was that ever addressed?!

Was it just swept under the rug?

Did we ‘misinterpret’ that too?!



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None of are delusional for shipping Bellarke and thinking they are endgame!! It’s writen, directed and acted that way!! If Jason really is implying they are platonic then he has played us fans and the actors and not in a fun way.

None Bellarke shippers, some clexa shipper, people who don’t watch the show but has seen bellarke scenes say that something is between them. Hell even my brother who doesn’t care about shipping said he thought Bellarke would kiss when Bellamy saved Clarke.

And please Bellamy didn’t save Clarke to save his people. Because he saved Clarke to save Clarke. He can’t live without her. It’s shown that they are one of the person they care about the most. Clarke has maddie but then it’s Bell. You don’t add lines like “you only care about Clarke” and “you just care about her more” when Bellamy has a girlfriend!!

If Bellarke is platonic in the end Jason can just fuck the hell off because that’s not good storytelling.

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Can I just say I think it’s really fucked up to make your actors feel as if they’re playing a part wrong, just for the “element of surprise”..!! The surprise isn’t the end result, it’s not the fact that Bellamy and Clarke will finally express their true feelings. It is their journey up until that point, and how it unfolds. Every episode shows us how much they love each other more than the last, and to undermine that in order to create some sort of “unforeseen” twist is not what a dedicated audience wants. We know that they’re in love JRoth!! What we want to see is their relationship ship unfold. From enemies to allies to co leaders to friends to best friends to the most important people in each other’s lives, the ones they’d do anything for, to lovers ! To deny deny deny that this is the story you’re telling, to have the actors doubt their understanding of the story when it’s clear that their views line up with the viewers’ is just plain wrong. Bob and Eliza have worked so hard and have been amazing these past 6 years, showing emotion from one look, from “I trust you” from “I need you”, they’ve played your game and kept quiet, but when it becomes a matter of keeping your plan a “secret” vs. giving the actors the validation they deserve, it should be an easy choice.

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