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w/c: 1.5k+

A/N: Hi, loves! So as promised, I created a part two of this reader insert, and depending on how well this one does, I might make a part 3. Anyways, I’ve been wanting to write some Five x Reader stuff, so if y’all have any ideas, don’t be shy! leave me some Five requests pls,, regardless of whether or not I get any, expect Five content soon. so without further or do, please enjoy! <3

 part one


Originally posted by 7thhargreeves

“Y'know, I’m starting to think that you’re showing up early on purpose, y/n.”  A coughing fit erupted from my throat as I choked on the water I had been previously drinking.  My face grew crimson from both lack of air and embarrassment.  I had been expecting this confrontation from the small brunette, but certainly not at that moment.

W-what?“ I squeaked out, attempting to sound clueless at her more-than-reasonable accusation, but utterly failing nonetheless.

"It’s been a couple of weeks.  Surely you would have learned that your lessons don’t start until 2:30,” She said softly with no sign of unease, which I was internally grateful for.  Vanya never seemed to mind when I showed up early at the theater, hoping to catch a few words with her before my own sessions.  In fact, we typically spent the couple of minutes before Mary arrived getting to know each other or gushing about our shared passion for music.

“I guess, I just like seeing you before my lessons,” I admitted with a weak smile, wanting nothing more but for the theater floor to swallow me whole.  If I had attempted to lie, I knew that it would be plainly obvious.  Lying never was my forte.

As soon as my words reached her ears, a smile stretched across her face, making my heart flutter at the beauty she radiated.  "I like seeing you too.  Why didn’t you just say so?“ She laughed lightly.  I was a little shocked at the reaction gave, for I had been expecting her to grow uncomfortable when she figured out I had purposely been showing up early to the theater.

"I don’t know, if I’m being honest,” I joined in her laughing, feeling quite silly at my foolish behavior.  In reality, I did know, and it was because the thought of her rejecting me in any way was unbearable, so I settled on something easy.  I brought my arm up to scratch the back of my head, trying to regain composure from my sheepish form.  I never was one to act nervously around those I found attractive, but Vanya was on a whole other level.  Her beauty to me was divine, incomparable to any other, and her personality, although indefinitely reserved at times, was intricate and splendid.  From the day I had stumbled upon her playing, I had been hopelessly captivated by her entirely.  

“M-maybe we could see each other, outside of here,” She suggested carefully.  My entire body perked at hearing this, my heart rate increased dangerously, and my palms grew clammier by the second.  The opportunity to see her for more than just a few measly minutes before my sessions was something I had wanted for weeks.  Alas, I cherished the small amount of time I did get to see her and feared ruining it.  Yet, luckily enough, there she was, asking to see me outside of small meetings.

“I would like that a lot, Vanya, ” I said a bit too eagerly and tried to bite down an incoming grin, but soon thoughts of worry and self-doubt flooded my mind.  ‘What if I’m being too forward?  What if she can read on the huge crush I have on her? oh no, oh no’  I thought.  "So glad we can hang out,“ I coughed, "As friends.”  

“Right,” She said slowly, “As friends.”  I might have been mistaken when I caught a tinge of disappointment in her tone and decided to only shrug it off as a misinterpretation.  She wasted no time in pulling out a pen and paper and scribbling down some digits before pressing it into my palm.  "Well, I’ve got to head out, but give me a call and we’ll plan something,“ She smiled, blushing slightly.  She then turned to gather her things and walked out the door, leaving me to my own racing thoughts.


My fingers tapped against the table as I shifted in the booth nervously.  Taking a deep breath, I gave my small watch another glance,  worried that I might be too early, but the sound a bell being rung caused my head to snap towards the direction of the entrance.  In entered Vanya, dressed in a white short-sleeve button-up and a pair of neat dark washed jeans, folded at the bottom.  She gave the dinner a glance over before her eyes met mine. Smiling,  she made herself over to the booth I sat at and slid in the seat opposite of me.

"Hey, you weren’t waiting long were you?” She greeted and furrowed her brows slightly in concern.  After Vanya had given me her phone number that day in the theater, I had called her later in the afternoon.  We ultimately settled to meet at a diner she knew well, 'Griddy’s Doughnuts’.  

I shook my head and let my gaze fall on to another pair of people, who were joking and sipping coffee among themselves.  My nerves had prevented me from admiring the cozy and welcoming aesthetic of the dinner.  

“Hey there! Are you two ready to order?” A perky blonde waitress brought me out of my thoughts.  She wore a pink and white uniform with the name 'Agnes’ embroidered across one side of her chest.

“Uh yeah, I’ll have a glazed doughnut and a hot chocolate please,” Vanya ordered, as the waitress began to scribble it down on a yellow note-pad before turning to me.

“Just a black coffee will do, thank you,” I said and offered a polite smile.  After Agnes returned behind the counter to get our drinks and food, we were left to ourselves and began to converse about any and all things that popped up to the top of our heads.  Things from the weather to new music we had discovered to the indefinite chance of aliens existing.  It was perfect, just Vanya and I talking without having to worry when Mary would arrive for my lessons.  There wasn’t any other person I would rather be having such mindless conversations with.

I found myself sipping the very last drops of my coffee, when Vanya said, “You remind me of my brother.”  She must have noticed the shock on my face because she soon continued, “I mean not really, it’s just,” She sighed and brought a hand up to rub her face, “I had a uh- really big family growing up and they kinda left me out a lot of things.  But my brother, he would sit and watch me play the violin sometimes, and it was the only time I felt special.  And well you’re so insistent on hearing me play and-”

“Vanya,” I cut her off softly, my heart tearing in two at the sound of her voice breaking mid-ramble.

“I’m sorry, that was probably too much,” Tears gathered in the corners of her eyes, as she took a shaky breath.

“Hey,” I said and reached across the table to put my hand over hers, “You don’t have to apologize.  I’m glad you feel comfortable sharing things with me.  And I want you to know, that you’re special Vanya, so incredibly special.”  

She laughed sadly, wiping the nearly formed tears in her eyes, “Thank you.” She then moved her hands so they became interlocked with mine, leaving them like that for the remainder of the night.  I gave her gentle, reassuring squeezes throughout our talks to make her feel at ease, which she returned.    

About an hour passed when finished off our beverages and left a tip as we got up to leave.  It was a shame that we had to go our separate ways, but I had an early audition the next morning and needed to rest.  

“Bye y/n, I had fun today,” She said as we stood on the sidewalk outside of Griddy’s.  I smiled, not wanting her to see the disappointment I felt at us having to call it a night.

“Bye,” I responded, and she simply returned the smile and turned to leave.  I’m not quite sure what came across me, but before I knew it I was jogging to catch up to her and hollering her name to get her attention.  I probably looked insane to any poor bypasser going about their night. Suddenly, she turned, her brows pinched in confusion, when I threw my arms around her, causing her to stumble slightly but not enough to fall.  I pulled back to glance at her face, which was red all over, yet she managed to reciprocate the hug with an equal amount of enthusiasm.  

“See you later, Vanya,” I whispered as I pecked the side of her face quickly,  pulling from the embrace and turning to make my way home.  

Vanya’s POV

My hand shook as I brought it to my cheek, where the lingering feeling of their soft lips took over.  I couldn’t find it in me to move or even say anything, so I just stood, red-faced, in awe and shock as Y/n disappeared into the night.  I yearned for their touch upon my skin once again, almost to the point of whining when they pulled from our hug.  Never in my life had I felt so strongly around someone, and never had I been so confused.  

I was certain about one thing, however; Y/n was going to be the death of me. 

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Request: Can you do some vanya fluff please :)

w/c: 1.1k +

A/N: Sorry,, anon, this took me a bit longer than expected and it’s not v fluffy (but pls dw because i’ve decided to make multiple parts of this and they’ll be fluff-filled). I was inspired by ep.1 with the Phantom of the Opera melody(one of my favorite musicals ahhh I was so excited when first watching tua) it’s not based on ep 1 tho.  anyway I’ll shut up now, please enjoy<3


What were the chances of my planned vocal session interluding with that of this mysterious violinist?  Had I arrived too early? Or perhaps there must have been some misunderstanding in the scheduling process? To be frank, I didn’t care all too much at that moment, for the beautiful sounds flowing from the stringed instrument had been trance-inducing.  The moment I stepped into the theater, goosebumps rose along my arms due to both the eerily peaceful music and the sudden change in temperature, distinct to that of the outer July sun.  

I had no trouble recognizing the tune,  it was an arrangement of  'Angel of Music’ from The Phantom of The Opera.  Having grown up in love with musical theater, I had heard hundreds upon hundreds of renditions of this particular piece, but this was, by far, the most beautiful I had ever heard it.  It might have helped that the musician was equally as gorgeous as her playing.  

Both her dark locks and thin frame swayed with each steady draw of the bow, perfectly in sync with the music.   The serene expression on her face made it clear that she was not only telling a story through the sounds of the violin, but with the entirety of her being.  It couldn’t have been more than a minute of me stumbling upon her session, but time seemed to slow down significantly in her presence.

Unfortunately, the performance reached its end with one final note, making the grand empty theater all the lonelier.  She stood still with her chin pressed against the Violin, the bow still tight in her grasp.  When loud and cheerful claps echoed against the walls of the stage, her head shot up and turned towards the direction of the person accountable, which had been me of course.  I mentally cursed as I realized she had been startled, and she lowered the instrument to her side, her eyes wide and lips slightly parted.  I shot her a small smile, feeling a bit guilty for intruding on her playing.  

“That was really lovely,” I breathed out, finding myself at a loss for words.  My body felt inclined to be closer to her, and I reasoned that it would be okay to do so.  So I did.  "Amazing,“ I stepped closer to her, only a few unbearable feet stood between us after that.

"T-thanks,” She said, sounding unsure of herself.  Her eyes darted back and forth the room, obviously trying to avoid my stare.  She slipped her bottom lip between her teeth to nibble on it and tightened her hold on the violin to the point of her knuckles turning white.  

“I’m sorry for creeping on you like that, I just wasn’t expecting anyone to be in and well, when I saw you playing I couldn’t leave,” I admitted and put up a sheepish smile, feeling both embarrassed and guilty for my actions.

Glancing down at a silver watch wrapped around her wrist, her eyes widened slightly.  "No, it’s my fault.  I guess I lost track of time, I’m sorry,“ She sighed and turned her back to me to kneel on the shiny black floor of the stage.  She set her bow and violin down momentarily, so she could frantically fidget with the gold latches of her leather case.  

Her entire appearance was simplistic, with a dark grey button-up clinging onto her body loosely and beige slacks.  It was minimal compared to my bright yellow sweater and worn-out jeans, but I quite enjoyed the dissimilarity.  

"Hey, wait.  No need to fret, it’s fine really,” I knelt near her and gently placed my hand on her shoulder.  Upon feeling my touch, she tensed noticeably and stared down at my hand nervously.  "Sorry,“ I said, pulling my hand away.   She turned away from me, refocusing her attention to her case,  when I noticed that a small rosy blush had adorned her features.  With a final snap of the latch, her instrument was hidden and secure, leaving us to complete silence.  

"I’m Y/n, Y/n L/n, ” I cleared my throat, hoping to strike up some sort of conversation.  She looked back to me, finally letting me capture her stare, and I realized that under her eyes were dark circles, only recognizable when up close.  

“Vanya Hargreeves,” She responded, pushing herself off of the ground, case in hand.  ’Vanya, that’s pretty’,  I thought, instantly taking a liking to her name.  I soon followed after, dusting my pants down as I stood.  

“Your playing was beautiful, Vanya,” I started, ‘And so are you,’ I thought. “I might not know a lot about violin, but I do know that you made me fall in love with that song all over again,” I basically gushed with heat rising to my face.  I knew that I was making a fool of myself, but I just couldn’t stop myself.  At hearing this, her lips twitched upwards, wanting to give in to a smile, and a beautiful red blush rushed to her pale cheeks.  The contrast between the natural light-tone of her skin and the red stains temporarily scattered across her face could be captured and displayed as art alone.

“You know it?” She inquired.

“Yes,” I laughed lightly, “I know it all too well, I was in a production of Phantom a few years back.”  

“So you’re an actor?” She sounded a bit more comfortable, but her voice still held a bit of shakiness behind it.  Nonetheless, it was soft and soothing to listen to, reminding me of ocean waves and midnight breezes.  

“Yeah, I tr-” I started, however, the sound of a door being opened hastily stole my attention.  I had almost completely forgotten the initial reason I’d shown up to the theater, thanks to Vanya.   Behind her entered my vocal coach, Mary, in a frenzied and disheveled state.

“Y/n, dear. I’m so sorry for being late,” she walked up to me and engulfed me in a hug, essentially ignoring the girl across from me, “Traffic was a bitch today, you know how it is.” I laughed nervously and gave an apologetic glance to Vanya, who stood awkwardly whilst Mary chatted me up.  

“I  uh, should go,” Vanya announced, clearing her throat, “It was nice meeting you, Y/n.”  Seeing her turn to leave, put a damper on my mood.  I didn’t want her to leave yet because I had so many things I wanted to ask her, but I didn’t want to come off as a creep.  So I settled on waving and saying 'Goodbye’ before she headed out of the theater, trying to hide the frown that came as the door shut after her.  

It was difficult to give my full attention to Mary after that, for my thoughts consistently drifted to the pretty violinist for the remainder of the day.  I wondered if I would ever see her again or what she had thought of me.  Little had I known, that day would be the first of many to come with Vanya and from it would stem a beautiful friendship.  

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