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Day Three |2020年1月22日

Heyyo! I’m back to upload all delayed posts when I was in Rancabali.

This is a very late post. I wrote all the posts right at the day, it just that I was too busy to post it all the way.

Another books post ‘cause I do nothing but rearranging the bookshelves on library. It’s sad to see lots of books were getting wet because of the heavy rain at midnight, so we dried it out immediately under the sunlight.

Luckily, all books had been dried out at 12 p.m so we could placed them back on the bookshelves.

That’s it for day three, I know this is a very short update. しょうがないよ。

Will be posting the rest of the delayed posts every each day. Stay tune, hope you enjoy!


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2.15.2020 || i didn’t even need to edit this oml the lighting just Worked Out

anyway it felt super nice to make a creative spread again! i had so much fun doing this and wish i had more time to do it more often! second term has had its ups and downs but it feels like everything is all starting to work out and come together so that’s cool.

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🍄 14.02.20 🍄

sorry for not posting last week! here are some notes i made on direct proportion. also. i just started watching pandemic on netflix, and its really intersting, i would definitely recommend watching it!

studygram: @emili.a.a_is_studying

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[082/100 d. o. p.]

Translated and studied Seneca the Younger’s Epistula 47 from te Epistulae Morales ad Lucilium and some selected passages from his De Brevitate Vitae for an oral test. I thankfully find Seneca quite easy to translate, so it’s been a long but enjoyable study session.

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Sunday, Feb 09th 2020

Ah, the joys of being a history major: multitudes of readings, a plethora of papers, and many discussion posts. I enjoy it though, especially when I can study in the library with friends.
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Studyblr introduction post!

My name is Zann, I’m 18 and from Poland. Currently I’m on my last 90 days before my high school finals (literally “maturity exams”, subtle names rule), so I figured a studyblr may help me get motivated. I’m really excited about getting into this community because I’ve been lurking for a couple of months now and it’s so lovely and full of support 💜
Something more:

  • My classes are biology, chemistry, mathemathics and English & German as foreign languages — a so-called billingual medical class. Not including polish literature on a basic level which we’re all forced to take.
  • Chemistry is the one I’m focusing the most at the moment because I took part in national chemistry olympiad (waiting for results of 2nd stage, though I don’t have great hopes), so I had opportunity to do some qualitative and quantitive analysis exercises at a local uni lab and had to learn a bunch of fun stuff not included in high school curriculum
  • Currently trying to meet conditions of my offer to study Neuroscience at University of Manchester 💜
  • As far as non-scientific hobbies go, I’m a bookworm, mostly fantasy and YA but I try not to disciminate genres, sort-of-a-writer who didn’t write a word for at least a year but hey, I’m planning those epic novels,  and an aspiring artist who wanted to learn how to draw to make art of her characters and now draws more than writes.
  • I have irresistible urge to try every craft possible
  • A so-called “gifted child” who has been at school for gifted children since she was 13  and got ambition issues
  • My school is really bizarre btw, with a tyrant, overambitious headmaster and the worst dress code in the city
  • I have anxiety, sensory processing disorder and possibly ADHD (talked with my therapist and planning to bring that up at a psychiatrist appointment).
  • I’m litterally unable to write anything briefly so get used to my oversharing & chaotic paragraphs
  • I’m super self conscious about my English so sorry for all mistakes I may have made/I’ll make in the future!
  • my main shitposting blog is @koszmarnadama

If anybody wants to get to know each other, hit me up, I’m always ready for new people to talk to 💜

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february 6th, 2020 | #studyblrgetsreal After a full day of classes I got home and cried for an hour. I was having trouble conciliating so many classes, and after a long cry, realized I had to quit cello. Giving up on something I love so much in the name of my education is honestly terrifying, but it has to be done. I want you guys know no ones perfect and senior year is scary for everyone. You’re not alone in this, I promise

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