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Tell me it gets easier

Peter Parker x Stark!reader angst

A/N: this small blurb is inspired by “Easier (feat. Shaed)” by Mansionair

Warnings: Angst, mentions of death


Originally posted by bnsplmn

I’m stuck

I’m stuck here in my skin

Clutching his old jumper in her hand. Y/n was crying, she has been for days.

Peter and Pepper stood at the door not knowing how to comfort the girl sitting on her bed crying.

Tell me it gets easier

Tell me it gets easier

That I’ll figure it out

Tony wore the jumper when he first let her help working on one if his suits.

“You’re doing it wrong, kiddo”, he had laughed when she couldn’t figure out how to connect the two wires going up to the helmet.

He wore the jumper the day Aliens invaded earth. “Stay here with Happy, okay? Daddy will be back. Love you, kiddo” he said before he left her, saving the earth. And he came back, falling from the sky, not stopping till the Hulk got to him.

Face up, untouched

Craving for some healing

“Dad? Dad?!”, never had y/n felt more happiness. Her dad was back, she had last seen him on the planet they fought Thanos.

Peter, her boyfriend was with her, and then, he wasn’t.

“Pete.. Peter?! You’re alive! Dad, he’s alive, you’re alive!” She hugged her dad, hot tears streaming down her cheeks. Tony held his little girl tight. She wasn’t so little anymore, she wore a suit now, like he did.

Next Tony hugged Peter, before they parted he whispered “Be there for her.”

Peter nodded, not knowing what exactly Tony meant. He would find out.

Game’s up, it’s too much

Oh you’re the king of cheating

Now a jumper was all she had left. Of him. Her dad. Earth mightiest hero.

Peter sighed, walking into the room. He sat down on the bed, next to her, still crying. Peter softly pulled her to him, hugging her.

She was clutching onto him now, but Peter didn’t mind, he too needed to feel something.

“Tell me it gets easier, living without him”, she sobbed. How was it fair that the only thing she had left of her dad was his jumper. Sure, his electronics were still there, but the only thing that felt like her dad, was this jumper.

Tell me it gets easier

Tell me it gets easier

“It will get easier.”


“I don’t know”

Tell me it gets easier

Then, both cried, both lost someone. But both had each other. And that had to be enough. Till it got easier.

“I’ll be with there, with you, always.”, Peter said, cradling her, tightening his grip around her,“Till it gets easier.”

“No matter how long”, y/n agreed.

Tell me it gets easier

That I’ll figure it out

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I feel a bit embarrassed asking this since I was the one who wrote those prompts but: Would you mind writing #18 with Tony Stark, please?

Tony Stark x Reader

“Oh you know you love me.”

a/n: Please don’t be embarrassed! I love writing and plus I’m having fun with your prompts! Tysm for writingthem btw!🥰

Summary: After the last battle against Thanos you find your husband laying in the ground.

Warnings: Angst, Endgame spoilers, Death, Tears 😭



You could barely tell what had happened, it all went by to quick. One minute you were at home with Morgan, the next, in your suit defending earth. But time seemed to slow when you heard five deafening words through the coms.

“And I am Iorn Man.”

You couldn’t stop him, you knew that. there was no going back now.

Tears filled your vision as you kneeled I front of your half conscious husband, you shoulders shaking as you scanned over his body. “Oh Tony.” You voice was quiet, but the man heard you anyway.

His lip twitched up slightly in a sad smile, the world around you two seem to go quiet, “Oh, you know you love me.” His tone was teasing but small, as if speaking hurt him.

You moved closer to him as he spoke, your hand resting on his shoulder, “Yeah, yeah I do. That’s why this is so hard.”

Your eyes gazed softly into his, silently saying your goodbyes and I love yous. This wasn’t the end. You knew that, but it was going to be awhile until you would see him again.

His eyes never left yours as the boy named Peter Parker rushes over, urgency in his voice, “Mr. Stark, Mr. Stark, we won. Hey, Mr. Stark?” Every word he spoke the more his voice broke, you grabbed the boys shoulder, letting go of Tony’s to bring him close. Wrapping him in your embrace.

“This wasn’t the end. But it would be awhile till you’d meet again.”

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Who: Steve Rogers/Captain America
What: [Y/N] and Steve plan to return the stones together but [Y/N] has a better idea. 

Part One | Part Two 
**Check out Part One if you haven’t read it first**


He was exhausted

Actually, there wasn’t a word that could accurately describe how Steve felt. All he wanted was to finally be finished with their mission. He was worn out. Worn out from all the fighting, worn out from all grieving, and worn out from just existing. All Steve had left to do was to go back through the quantum tunnel and return the stones with [Y/N]. After that, he could collapse and rest for as long as his body would allow him. Steve needed time to properly grieve for the loss of his friends. 

He needed to adjust to how things were going to be. Even though they had won, he felt like they still lost. He lost. He had lost two important people in his life that had become his family. Steve just needed some time to let it all sink in and go through the motions of adapting. 

Approaching the tunnel with the case filled with the stones, Steve watched curiously as [Y/N] and Bucky whispered among themselves. 

Bucky wore a look of understanding laced with sadness as he pressed a smile and nodded to the words that [Y/N] murmured. Steve couldn’t hear a single word from where he was standing. He tried to read her lips but the gentle breeze of the wind left her hair shielding her mouth, breaking up the words he thought he caught. 

Steve watched as Bucky reached out for her arm before pulling her into a hug. He was curious to know what the two were talking about because Steve didn’t miss the tear that fell from her eye before she wiped it away. They were all still grieving but this encounter between Bucky and [Y/N] seemed different. 

[Y/N] took a deep breath and turned from Bucky, her eyes meeting Steve’s. he could tell something was off, he could see it in her eyes. There was sadness swirling in them. The kind of sadness that wasn’t related to grief or a loss. 

His brow raised, non-verbally asking what was wrong. Her chest rose and fell slowly as she tilted her head towards the lake. Steve nodded, turning towards Bruce who stood by the panel ready to send them off into the quantum realm. 

“Give us a minute, Banner.” Setting down the case, he walked towards [Y/N] who stood by the lake’s edge. “Everything alright?” With everything that had happened, the battle, the loss of their friends, and the silence of the aftermath, Steve hardly had the chance to ask her how she was doing with everything.  

It wasn’t that [Y/N] was choosing to ignore Steve, she just couldn’t find the words. She glanced over at him, still unable to figure out to say what she wanted to say.  

His brows were knitted together as he looked at her. “[Y/N]?” Concern dripped from his mouth as he reached out for her. Matching her in position, his hand pushed back her hair, “What’s wrong?” 

“I can’t go with you.” She blurted, her voice shaking. “I shouldn’t go with you.” 

“I don’t understand?” He pulled her a little closer, he couldn’t read the emotion behind her eyes. He didn’t understand the torn look between fear and sadness. “What do you mean shouldn’t?”

Her jaw clenched as she tried to hold back tears. Pulling away from him, she turned towards the lake. “I think you should do this mission alone…” Her voice quivered as she looked down at her feet,” …and after you return the tesseract to Camp Lehigh…you should stay.” 

Steve’s brows raised, “Stay? Stay in 1970?” 

[Y/N] nodded, sniffling back tears. “Exactly.” Looking up into the sky, she took a deep breath in. “After you and I got back from retrieving the tesseract, I asked Tony if it was possible for someone to stay after traveling through the quantum realm. If staying in a different time would change the outcome of the time they came from.” Glancing over her shoulder at Steve’s astonished but confused expression, she gave a soft smile. “He said theoretically it was possible because the past you had already been frozen.” 

Shaking his head, “[Y/N]…I…” Steve searched her face for any sign that this was all some twisted joke. She couldn’t possibly want him to stay in 1970, did she? Why would she ask Tony that? Could he? Would he? 

Chewing on the inside of her cheek, [Y/N] wiped away a stray tear. “I saw the way you looked at her, Steve. It was that moment that I realized you don’t belong here…not with me.” 

“[Y/N]…” Steve whispered, she couldn’t possibly think that he didn’t love her too, could she? He loved [Y/N] with every fiber in his being. She was everything he needed here. [Y/N] was the one thing that kept him fighting. Steve had no idea what he would have done if she would have vanished along with the rest. He was so thankful for her companionship. 

Shaking her head, she placed a hand over his heart. “You can live the life you were meant to have. The life that got taken from you.” 

Steve held his hand over hers, squeezing it. Closing his eyes, he sighed. “That’s a past life, [Y/N]. This is the present.” 

“Your present could be the past.” She stepped forward, her eyes pleading him to understand the chance he was about to pass up. As much as [Y/N] struggled with letting him go, she didn’t want him to go the rest of his life regretting not going back. “Peggy could be your present.” She dropped her hand from his chest, “All you have to do is stay.”

His breath hitched in his throat at the mention of Peggy. He wasn’t going to lie and say that the idea of going back didn’t sound good because it sounded amazing. The thought of having a second chance at the life he lost out on was a dream come true but how could he walked away [Y/N]? How could he abandon a woman he loved for almost a decade? “[Y/N]…this is a lot to take in…I need time to think.” Steve caressed her face, “I can’t leave you.” 

Jerking from his touch, a few tears fell from her eyes. “Yes, you can. Be selfish for once.” 

“I can’t…I can’t just leave you, [Y/N].” His own jaw was clenched.

“I’ll be fine. I’ll recover.” 

Steve didn’t believe her words, he knew better. “I’ll never see you again…” 

“You deserve to be with the love of you life, Steve. I’m not that and I never will be, I accept that. I always accepted that. But, you have an opportunity to go back in time and be with the one you’ve loved after all this time. Don’t give that up.” 

Steve took a step forward. He was at a loss for words, his heart raced at the thought of actually going to be with Peggy. But, he wasn’t so sure he could just walk away from [Y/N] that easily. “[Y/N]…you and I…we…I…” 

She smiled through her tears, “I know, I know.” Her hand met with his cheek, “I promise you, I’ll be okay. It’ll take time. All I’d ever want for you is for you to be happy and I know this will make you happy.” 

Closing his eyes again, he fell into her touch. “But, I’d be happy with you too.” 

“I know you think that but you’d wonder if you made the right choice.” She dropped her hand and took a deep breath, “Just go and live the life you were supposed to have. Go get married and have children. Don’t come back, not for me, not for Bucky, not for Sam, not for anyone.” 

Steve pulled her into an embrace, holding her tight and kissing the top of her head. He ran his hand through her hair as she broke down into tears. Holding her, he cherished the emotions he had felt with and for her over the years. 

He was so sure of himself that he would marry [Y/N] when things quieted down. Steve found immense comfort in her. She knew exactly what to say and what to do. He truly believed that she was meant to be his in this new lifetime he lived. Steve had found someone that was like a Peggy reincarnate but now he was given the chance to return to the original woman who was made for him. 

What was he supposed to do? He didn’t want [Y/N]’s heart to be broken. The last thing Steve ever wanted to do was hurt her. He’d never wanted her to be hurt. But she was right. How could he pass up this opportunity? 

Holding her tightly for a few more minutes, he whispered in her ear. “I’ll always love you, [Y/N]. I’ll never forget the time we’ve shared.” 

Sniffling, she pulled away first. “I’ll always love you too.” Wiping away her tears, she motioned for him to go back to the quantum tunnel. “Now, go.” 

Steve nodded, still unsure if he really wanted to go. But after she motioned for him to go again, he walked towards the tunnel. Stepping back into the place he stood before, he nodded towards Bruce to go ahead and get it up and running. Bruce nodded and explained that they would see him in five seconds their time but however long it took him, his time. 

Steve shared a look with [Y/N] before being pulled into the quantum realm. There were no words necessary to understand the look he gave her. Goodbye. She gave him a soft, teary eyed, smile and nodded her head. And then, he was gone. Her heart wrenched in her chest as reality set in. Her hand flew to her stomach as she suddenly felt nauseated. In all the years she had spent fighting in hand to hand combat, this feeling was a brand new kind of pain. 

She had, had broken ribs and more but nothing, none of the damage that had been done to her body in the past could compare to what she was feeling at the exact moment. In her heart, she knew she had done the right thing. 

Turning away when the five seconds had come and went, she held back tears at the sound of Sam and Bruce bickering over why their friend wasn’t returning. Closing her eyes, she tried to even out her breathing. All she wanted to do now was crawl into a bed and let the grieving process begin. 

“[Y/N],” Bucky murmured. 

Her eyes snapped open, “Yes, Bucky?” 

He gave her a small smile, “You did the right thing.” 

“I know but it still hurts like hell, you know?”

Bucky nodded. Sighing, he motioned over towards a figure sitting on a bench near the lake. “I think he might be for you.” Her brows knitted together. The figure looked awfully familiar. Her eyes widened as she looked at Bucky, it couldn’t be, could it? As if he read her mind, he gave her a smirk. “Go find out for yourself.” 

[Y/N] approached the man slowly. How did he manage to time it perfectly? It surely couldn’t be him. That wasn’t possible, was it? When she finally reached the man, her chest heaved slightly. “Steve?” She murmured. 

The man turned slightly, a smile forming on his lips. The wrinkles around his eyes creased as he held out a hand, “[Y/N],” gently guiding her to sit next to him, his warm smile brought tears to her eyes. “it’s been so long. But, I’m sure it’s only been a few minutes for you.” 

Even though he had aged, he was still the same Steve underneath it all. “Yeah, just about.” 

Steve chuckled. Still holding her hand, a calming silence fell over them for a moment before he spoke up. “I took your advice.” 

“Is that so?” [Y/N] inquired, “I gave you a lot of advice over the years, Steve. Which one did you take?” She gave him a smile. 

He threw back his head and laughed, “I can’t argue with you there,” looking at her, he spoke softly. “I mean the one about getting married and having kids. You know, living that life you said I deserved.” 

[Y/N] nodded, chewing on the inside of her cheek “And? Was it everything you hoped for?”

He leaned into her, nudging her slightly. “And more.” Sighing, he squeezed her hand. “All thanks to you, [Y/N]. It wasn’t easy, I’ll tell you that. I struggled with not being able to see you again.” Steve frowned as he reminisced the moments where he had tried to adjust. It was hard for him to move on when he knew in his heart that [Y/N] was going to have a hard time adjusting with him. “But, Peggy, she helped me through it. Wished she could have met you so she could properly thank the woman who kept me in line until I returned to her.” 

[Y/N] smiled, “It was my pleasure.”  

Steve nodded, staring out onto the lake, “We had a daughter, by the way. And a son.” 

[Y/N] followed his gaze, “I bet they’re wonderful.” 

“They truly are. Couldn’t be any more proud of them.” Squeezing her hand once more, he continued to stare out into the lake. “We named her after the two women I’ve ever loved, [Y/N] Margaret.”  

Part One | Part Two
**Check out Part One if you haven’t read it first**

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