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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Do you remember when in “Thor: The dark world”, Malekith told him that his planet and family would get extinted because their dimension shouldn’t exist because it was a failure (not textual words)? Now, in our time, after seeing the ends of the films… He wasn’t that wrong but what if he had meet Hela and he said that because she told him her plans. Also, he know who was Thanos in that moment and what was his plan.

My real question is … What if he was just warning about the future of his kind? He could just stop fighting and told him: “Hey dude, there is a purple giant and a lost sister of yours that want to finish your life with all of the others life of your people.”. That could only create so much problem for him so he tried to told him like a threat (is that word in good use?).

We weren’t so unpreprared for that we got case like that.

I am sorry if there is something that you don’t understand, my english isn’t the best 😅

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Peter - do you promise not to tell?

Steve - Hitler promised not to invade Czechoslovakia Peter. Welcome to the real world.

Steve - But yeah sure.

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I watched The Avenger’s: Endgame a few days again & I have to admit, It was amazing!! :D, I enjoyed every second of it, I’m sad we won’t be seeing Black Widow, Captain America or Iron Man in Phrase 4 of the MCU movies, but that was to be expected :3

Honestly it broke my heart when Iron Man & Black Widow died, I honestly thought Hawkeye was the one who was going to sacrifice himself for the soul stone & when Iron Man died stopping Thanos, It surprised me, but I do like how they brought back most the heroes in the final battle & I love how they brought Gamora as kinda a blank slate, So I look forward to see how the Guardians will recruit her again, That’s hopefully if they do, It’s going to be a lot funnier with Thor around XD

Soon I’ll be able to watch Spider Man: Far From Home because I want to see how Spider Man improves after the lose of Iron Man his idol, I also hope to see more of Ant Man, Valkyrie & a few of the other heroes in their own movies (It be nice if they did a Black Widow movie based on her past :D)

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I am actually so done with everyone shitting on the Russo brothers while they weren’t the ones who wrote Endgame

They directed the movie but they did not write the story so don’t blame them for writing something you maybe did not like while they did not write it

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