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#endgame spoilers

ANGST and Infinity War Spoilers and Endgame Spoilers and maybe even a little FFH Spoilers if you squint. When you’re sad, write other people being sad too, and then you’re not as sad. It’s fact.


Peter comes surging up out of the darkness of his dreams to the feeling of tears trailing sticky and wet down his face and neck and into his ears. He looks up at the ceiling for a moment that goes on for several lifetimes and is over by the time he’s done blinking. He doesn’t make a sound; if he starts he won’t stop and nobody wants to overhear him at whatever-time-of-night it is.

His chest feels hollow tonight. He’s so empty sometimes. He goes to bed and when he closes his eyes he remembers the feeling of slipping away. Of losing bits and pieces slowly, creeping up his hands and feet, extremities first; like Peter was the puppy put down at the pound. But at least Thanos had done it humanely, right? Because here’s the thing.

It didn’t hurt to die.

The fear that gripped him when he understood what was going on? That hurt. Seeing Mr. Stark’s eyes when he understood what was going on? Peter wishes sometimes he hadn’t come back so he wouldn’t have to remember the frantic hugging, wouldn’t have to crave having his arms around Mr. Stark just one more time, wouldn’t have to remember that-

That Mr. Stark is-

Peter lifts his hand to his mouth and places his palms flat and heavy across his lips. It doesn’t stop the keen from building at the back of his tongue so he squeezes his eyes shut and digs his nails into his cheeks until there’s pain and salt and crescents of stinging anchors tying him back down. 

It wasn’t painless for Mr. Stark. But it was peaceful. Restful. He chose it. Mr. Stark wasn’t a discarded mutt being euthanized for resource management; he walked his path and made his mistakes and he paid for them in blood but he chose it

He died a hero’s death; painful, bloody, and victorious.

“We won, Mr. Stark.” Peter’s sobbing into his palm as he rolls over and pulls the blankets up over his head. Being in his own room isn’t a comfort when he’s alone with his memories. He’d rather be here, under the blanket, where it was dark and warm and nobody could see just how broken he was inside. 

He remembers Tony’s death more clearly than his own and he thinks it’s funny when he’s not trying to forget it all. Funny in that way you can laugh after wrecking your car; funny like he could just laugh and laugh and laugh and claw his throat open with his own good humor. 

Everyone’s so proud of him. He’s handling things so well. Mr. Stark chose him and if Mr. Stark can be trusted to make decisions like how to save the universe and when to give up his life then that means Peter must be perfect. He can’t let Mr. Stark down.

Mr. Stark who figured out time travel to bring Peter back from the dead but Peter isn’t supposed to (isn’t allowed) to try and bring Mr. Stark back because.


Because he chose to die.

“No, no, no, Mr. Stark, please, I don’t- I don’t feel good, now, right now, Mr. Stark…where are you…why…why did you…” Why did you leave me? Peter can’t say it out loud, not even alone in his room under the blanket. He’s tried; the words snarl up in his throat and he feels like he’s been sewn up with fishing line from the inside out. 

He’s a mess of a person and he’s not getting better and nobody knows because by the time the sun rises the tears will be gone. The shaking and the panic will have receded back into his unconscious. Any lingering redness is so easily hidden behind the shades Mr. Stark gave him.

It’s like Mr. Stark predicated that, too.


I don’t know how to end things sometimes and it comes off really dramatic. Poor Peter; the next thing I write I’ll try to be nicer to you babyboy.

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Endgame was fake and Tony is on a camping trip with his beloved daughter and beautiful wife who needs a brief break from being the best boss of a world-changing tech company and Tony kisses her softly every night in the tent and none of you will ever convince me of otherwise.

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notes: it seems like you guys are starting to like the story! i admit, the beginning is pretty slow and the plotline is obviously predictable, but i really enjoy writing this nonetheless. that being said, i’m starting a taglist, so if you’d like to be added, reply or send me a message/ask!

contains: canon-typical violence, some swearing

pairing: peter parker + fem! o.c.

previous chapter
tempest masterlist


MARIN WAS STILL UNFAMILIAR WITH CITY LIFE, BUT SHE KNEW ENOUGH TO BE SURPRISED THAT MAY OWNED A CAR. It was a dinky old sedan, with a distinctly boxy shape and a stale smell to the interior, but it had a working engine and four wheels, and got the three teenagers to the party with (little to) no problem.

“A house party in the suburbs!” May said excitedly as they approached the designated address. Marin marveled at the architecture of Liz’s house; very slick and modern looking, with lines of cars parked on either side of the road for at least four doors down on both ends. Bodies swarmed in and out of the house, reminding Marin of a beehive. “Oh, I remember these. I’m kind of jealous!”

“It’ll be a night to remember,” Ned leaned forward in his seat swooning very obviously at May.

The two laughed, and May shifted in her seat to face Ned better. “Ned, some hats wear men, but you wear that hat.”

Marin had no idea what that was supposed to mean, but Ned seemed to appreciate the compliment on his fedora. He smiled widely, “Yeah, it gives me confidence!”

Marin looked at Peter in the passenger seat in front of her. He hadn’t taken his eyes off the house since they’d pulled up, and she could feel the tension rolling off of him in waves. Before she could ask him what was wrong, he muttered anxiously, “This is a mistake,” his voice high-pitched and slightly panicky. “Hey, let’s just go home.” He told May.

“Oh, Peter,” she tried to comfort him. “I know; I know it’s really hard, trying to fit in with all the changes your body’s going through…” Peter had nodded along until he cringed at the suddenly awkward turn. Marin held back a snicker. “It’s flowering now.”

“Uh-huh,” Peter nodded sarcastically, chuckling out a pressed laugh.

May turned in her seat again to face Marin and Ned. “He’s so stressed out, lately!” She whispered to them, as if Peter couldn’t hear her.

Marin opened her mouth to defend Peter, but Ned interrupted her. “What helps with stress, is going to a party—we should go to the party.”

Probably fed up with his friend and aunt’s antics, Peter relented. “Yeah, let’s do this.” He hurried to unbuckle his seatbelt and scrambled out of the car. “I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go,” he chanted to himself.

“Thanks for the ride, May!” Marin chirped as she shut the door behind her. May smiled back in response.

“Peter!” May called from inside the car before he could close the door. “Have fun, okay? And don’t leave Marin by herself, okay? You and Ned are the only people she knows. Make sure to look after her.”

Peter nodded, looking quickly at Marin, who smiled at May’s concern. “I will.”

“Bye, May!” Ned waved goodbye as she drove away.

The three walked up the path to the house’s main entrance. “Dude, you have the suit, right?” Ned asked. Peter said nothing, only pulling up one of his flannel’s sleeves to reveal the red fabric of his suit. “This is gonna change our lives!”

Marin stayed silent next to Peter. She had no experience in the ways of public high school, but she knew that being an outcast was universal. From what she’d gathered about Peter’s personality and his descriptions on how his classmates treated him, Marin recognized the signs of unpopularity in him fairly easily. What she didn’t understand, was Ned’s desire to change it. Marin also didn’t understand how Peter’s powers and his connection to Spider-Man would prove anything to his peers, but she chalked it up to being a public-school thing. She’d get the hang of it, soon.

Entering the front door of Liz’s house brought an onslaught of new sounds, sights, and especially strong smells, and Marin fought the urge to either gag or cover her ears. The rooms she could see were packed with sweaty, hormone-raging bodies that moved way too close together to be comfortable, yet everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves. Marin gawked at the sight.

Somewhere in the room came a deep voice announcing “DJ Flash!” that caught Marin’s attention. A boy—short and dark-skinned stood behind what Marin assumed to be a DJ booth, working the electronics. Huh, she thought, so that’s Flash. She was expecting someone more… intimidating.

“Okay,” Ned corralled Peter and Marin’s attentions with the beginnings of his action plan. “We’re gonna have Spider-Man swing in, say you guys are tight, and then I get a fist bump or one of those half bro-hugs, and Marin gets—”

“Can’t believe you guys are at this lame party.” Said a new voice; a girl, looking extremely bored while spreading jam on a piece of toast. Ned looked at her funny.

“But you’re here, too.”

The girl narrowed her eyes conspiratorially. “Am I?” She bit into her bread, the toast crunching as she walked away.

Marin looked at Peter, confused. Opening her mouth to ask who the hell that was, Peter was distracted by a feminine voice calling out, “Oh my gosh!”

Marin huffed, watching as Peter’s eyes widened dramatically. “Hey guys,” a girl approached them. “Cool hat, Ned.”

The girl was beautiful—darkened skin like Lucy’s, and with legs for days. Even in casual wear, Marin felt underdressed compared to this goddess of a girl.

“Hi, Liz!” Ned prompted, nudging Peter.

“Hi Liz,” Peter squeaked, causing Marin to glance at him curiously.

Marin remembered Peter telling her earlier that day, after he came home from school, that Liz, the hostess, allegedly had a crush on Spider-Man. And based on the way his eyes softened and his jaw went slack, it would appear that Spider-Man had a crush on her, too. Marin’s eyes narrowed at the new development. Liz suddenly noticed the third party, and addressed her, “I’m sorry, have we met? I’m Liz.”

Taking her outstretched hand to shake, she responded kindly, “I’m Marin. Lovely home!” She winced at the way her voice broke, in an attempt to sound charming.

“Oh, thanks!” Liz smiled. Luckily, to save her from any further embarrassment, the sound of glass breaking caught Liz’s attention. “Oh, I… my parents will kill me if anything’s broken, I gotta—”

“Yeah,” Peter’s voice cracked again.

“It was nice meeting you, Marin!”

“You too,”

“Bye!” Ned waved.

Once alone again, Ned turned to Peter. “Dude, what are you doing? She’s here; Spider it up!”

Peter choked. “No, no, no—I can’t… I cannot do this. Spider-Man is not a party trick, okay? Look, I’m just gonna… be myself.” Peter resolved with a shrug, glancing at Marin for support. She shrugged back.

Ned sighed. “Peter, no one wants that.”

Peter looked offended. “Dude,” he started to walk away and into the crowd, looking hurt.

He stopped in his tracks when an amplified voice called out, “Penis Parker, what’s up?!” Flash played a weird honking sound over the system. “Yo, where’s your pal Spider-Man? Let me guess—in Canada with your imaginary girlfriend?” Marin had no idea what Canada had to do with any of this but she kept silent. She glared at the short DJ as he played the strange sounds again and everyone in the crowd laughed along. “That’s not Spider-Man, that’s just Ned in a red shirt!” It seemed as though he didn’t notice Marin standing next to them.

Peter walked off with a newly determined slope to his brow, leaving Marin and Ned to endure the riled-up crowd while he changed out of his civilian clothes.

Ned suddenly hurried off to follow him—probably to be his lookout—leaving Marin lingering behind. She floated to a relatively empty corner of the room, wrapping her arms around herself.

“How do you know those losers?” A voice startled Marin, and she turned to see that it was that weird bread girl from earlier.

“Peter and Ned?” She asked, unsure. When the girl nodded, Marin said, “I work with Peter at the Stark internship.”

“So that’s actually real? The internship?” Marin nodded. “Huh, I thought he was lying. I’m Michelle, by the way. Michelle Jones.”

“Marin Frost,” she returned, looking carefully at Michelle. She seemed nice enough, but like Peter, she seemed like an outcast. Marin decided that she liked her.

The party was growing increasingly stuffy, and several minutes had passed with no sign of Spider-Man, so Marin excused herself to get some air. She found her way to the front door and took a couple steps out. As she breathed in the cool air, a flash of movement caught her eye, and she looked up to see Spider-Man swinging across the street—in the opposite direction.

“Peter!” She whispered-yelled, but he didn’t seem to hear her. He disappeared behind a neighboring house, so Marin dashed off to follow him. Luckily, the space between the houses wasn’t fenced, so Marin made it to the other side easily. Climbing through a tall row of hedges, Marin saw Spider-Man sprinting across the open golf turf.

“Spider-Man!” She tried again but tripped over a golf ball. Peter had gained some distance as she scrambled to her feet when suddenly, the sprinklers went off.

He audibly grouched to himself, but Marin was grateful for the boost the water gave her as it soaked into her exposed skin. She eventually caught up to Peter, just in time to hear an explosion and see a burst of neon blue light in the near distance.

“Peter!” She pounced on his back, causing him to fall, sending them both tumbling to the ground. Peter rolled on top of her, pulling her arms and pinning them above her head.

“What the hell, Marin!” His voice was shrill but hushed. “What are you doing?!”

“What are you doing?” She countered, wrestling against his grip. He released her but instantly moved to jump onto what looked like a concrete bridge. Marin clambered off of the dirt and back on her feet. “You were supposed to—!”

“Shh!” He hissed at her, crawling along the concrete so he could hang upside down and watch what was going down on the other side. Huffing in frustration, Marin sneaked below him, making sure to stay out of sight.

Three men huddled around a parked van—a weapons deal, Marin assumed—one man reached into the back of the opened trunk. Once he pulled back, Marin got a clear shot of the contents: it was piled to the windows with all sorts of different weaponry, looking very similar to the designs of the weapons from the robbery two nights ago.

“Okay, I got, uh, black hole grenades, Chitauri railguns…” Marin could hear one of the dealers list off.

Chitauri? Images of the battle of New York flashed across her mind as she remembered the newscasters narrate the fight scenes.

Above her, Peter whispered, “Oh, this must be where the ATM robbers got their stuff.”

Marin narrowed her eyes. If these kinds of weapons were being integrated with alien technology, their capabilities would be completely unknown, and the capacity for damage unprecedented. If they fell into the wrong hands—even worse than petty thieves and criminals—who knew what this could mean for the country’s safety.

A loud yodeling ringtone pierced the air, yanking Marin out of her ruminations and alerting their presence to the criminals.

One of the dealers accused the buyer of setting them up and aimed a weapon at him. Without hesitation, Peter hopped down from the bridge, and Marin darted out from behind the bridge. “Hey, don’t shoot!” He yelled.

“C’mon, if you’re gonna shoot at someone, shoot at me!” Marin hurried in front of Spider-Man, throwing her arms up in an attempt to look surrendered. As much as she knew that Peter might be able to recover from a gunshot, he should have remembered that Marin could stop a bullet even before it could hit him.

“Alright,” the dealer shrugged, and as soon as the gun pointed at her, a spark of panic shot through Marin as she realized that she didn’t have her water bottle with her, and therefore had no way to stop the bullet. But Spider-Man was already ahead of her, as he shot out a web and disarmed the dealer before he could pull the trigger. Peter dodged around Marin, charging at the dealers. Suddenly, one of the men reached out of the van with a large weapon in his hand, using it to punch Spider-Man and send him reeling back as electricity crackled around the outline of his body.

“Spider-Man!” Marin shouted, sprinting toward him. The criminals jumped in the van, and as it was pulling away, Peter attached a web to the door of the vehicle, yanking him along. “Oh, come on, man!” She yelled after him, exasperated.

The van sped off, dragging Spider-Man behind. It turned a corner onto a neighboring street and rammed Peter into a trash can. Marin could tell that the boost from the sprinklers was beginning to wear off, and the distance between her and the van grew exponentially. In the distance, Marin noticed a bright magenta light glowing from inside the van, exploding and knocking off one of the doors Peter had a web attached to.

After a minute of chasing them, Marin saw the light grow brighter again, this time hitting Peter and ripping his grip from the web he’d just reattached. Within seconds, the weapon had recharged, and as the van hit a bump in the road, the weapon misfired and blew a hole in the side of the van. The weapon then tumbled out of the dealer’s hands and out of the back of the van, rolling out of sight.

The van dragged Peter into the side of a parked car, a line of trash cans, and a brick mailbox before finally dislodging him from the van. Marin caught up after a couple of seconds, panting.

“Follow my lead; I’m gonna take a shortcut!” Peter shouted to her before quickly taking off to leap over a tall metal gate.

“Oh hell, Parker!” Marin griped, and made to follow once again. This was beginning to become a running theme with them. It should’ve been harder to keep up since she couldn’t see where he was going, but the crashes and shouts from both Peter and the inhabitants of the neighborhood sounded off one-by-one like a trail of audible breadcrumbs.

Marin dodged pedestrians and oncoming cars as she raced through the streets, following mostly by sidewalk and occasionally cutting perpendicularly between houses when it was necessary. She growled in frustration, however, when she realized that Peter was beginning to sound farther and farther away. But then a distant shriek about three blocks down made her pick up her pace again.

As she reached an open road, Marin saw the mutilated van speed down the pavement four blocks ahead of her. Glancing up at the rooftops, Marin watched Spider-Man leap determinedly towards the van, only to be snatched in midair by what looked to be metal talons.

“No!” Marin cried out in horror, as the metal-winged man flew straight upward with Peter’s leg firmly in its grasp.

Marin dashed off, trying to get directly underneath the flying man. Looking up at the darkened night sky, she could only see the bright red of Peter’s suit as he flailed in his captive’s grip and distant pinpoints of a glowing neon green from above him.

Suddenly, a white parachute erupted from the back of Spider-Man’s suit, and Peter was ripped from the man’s grasp. Marin skidded to a stop as she approached the edge of a lake, watching as Peter fell through the air, entangling himself in the parachute as he plummeted towards the earth. Marin threw her arms out, reaching up with the lake water to catch him.

Her arms felt heavy with the force needed to control so much water at once—it flooded her senses, the power much denser than she was normally used to. It seemed to work in at least cushioning the blow, but Marin still flinched as Peter hit the water with a great clap. The sudden impact knocked the water out of Marin’s control, forcing her to her knees.

Not even bothering to stand and instead shutting her eyes to focus her control, Marin raised her trembling arms frantically as she searched the lake for Peter’s body. Just as she’d found him, a splash caught her attention. She automatically sensed a new presence in the water, this one larger and not as warm. Before she could grab onto it, a figure rocketed out of the lake, carrying Peter’s limp body.

As they flew over her head, she recognized the familiar red and gold titanium alloy suit. She dipped her hands into the lake, siphoning off some energy to replace the amount she’d lost, and raced off.

It took her nearly fifteen minutes to track them down to a nearby playground. Peter sat glumly on top of a jungle gym.

“You know, it’s never too early to start thinking about college. I got some pull at MIT.” Iron Man was saying, his suit hovering over the mulch.

“No, I don’t need to go to col—”

“End call.”

“Mr. Stark—!” Peter protested.

“Mr. Stark is no longer connected.” The suit announced in a feminine voice before flying off.

“That’s awesome,” Peter muttered sarcastically, wringing his mask and hopping off of the climbing structure.

“Pete!” Marin called out to him, hurrying over and helping him steady on his feet. Peter grabbed her by the shoulders.

“Oh, thank god you’re okay,” he sounded genuinely concerned, causing Marin’s heart to stutter. “I wasn’t sure if they’d gotten to you too, and—”

“No—I’m all right, Peter.” She flexed her hand on his corded shoulder. “Why are you so hot?” Her eyes widened, a blush crawling up her neck as she hurried to correct herself. “I mean—like, like temperature-wise, not—not hot like—”

Peter breathed out a laugh. “Apparently Mr. Stark added in some suit-warmers.”

“How did he even find us, anyway?”

Peter shrugged. “Trackers.”

Marin raised an eyebrow but said nothing. Though his suit was warming up, it still felt damp under her hand. “Y’know, I could just…” With the hand pressed to the top of his shoulder, Marin reached with her mind and pulled at all of the water still soaking his suit and hair. After a minute of concentration, Marin peeled back her hand, and with it came a stream of lake water. She flicked the water to the ground as Peter patted down his now completely dried suit and hair with an impressed look etched into his features.

Sick,” he exhaled.

As they were making their way back to Liz’s house, Marin fiddled with Peter’s water-logged phone. Just as she’d finished drawing out all of the water, Peter—now masked again—pointed to something, and jogged over to get a better look.

“Look—this must’ve fallen out of those guys’ van earlier,” he turned the device over with his fingertips.

Marin crouched down next to him, intrigued by the purplish glow emanating from what looked like the device’s energy core. “Whoa,”

Suddenly, Peter’s phone—still in Marin’s hands—buzzed and sounded the yodeling ringtone. It was Ned. Seeing that Peter was still observing the device, Marin accepted the call and held the phone up to her ear.

“Hey, Ned,” she said.

“Marin? Is Peter with you?” Ned shouted over the ruckus in the background. “Where the hell are you guys?!”

“Oh, well I, um…” Marin glanced down at Peter. She didn’t realize that by telling Ned where she was, and what she was doing (chasing bad guys with Spider-Man), she’d now have to tell him about her powers. “It’s hard to explain, but—”

Peter reached for the phone, so Marin handed it to him. “Hey, man. We’re on our way back now, just—”

Marin heard chanting on the other line. She could barely make out the words “penis!” and “Parker!”.

Peter sighed next to her. “We’ll see you tomorrow, then.” He pocketed his phone, and carefully picked up the alien device.

Even with the mask on, Marin could see the stubborn determination set on Peter’s face.

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i was just thinking about that rant i made about avengers infinity war and how i saw avengers endgame a little while ago, well after it got out of theaters because i wasn’t truly willing to give marvel money for that, and now i just wanna go off the hook about the movie because i can  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i’m not even putting it in a read-more for spoiler purposes so much as putting it in a read-more because it might end up being long, but there are spoilers ahead anyway so for those five people who haven’t seen endgame and do care, be wary

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How do you feel about the endgame scene where Sam got Steve's sheild rather than Bucky? Do you think it was good or bad? Justified? Also, do you think they should've also showed more about how Steve and Tony gained trust and made up? Maybe show more of what the characters were going through in the 5 years of loss? I like your opinions and want to know. Thanks ❤🙏

Hi anon! Such interesting questions, let me try to answer them one by one…

1) I rather like that Steve gave the shield to Sam. Sam has a lot of the same values that Steve does: he’s big on loyalty to individuals over organizations, has been disillusioned by bureaucracy, and WILL go so far as to break the rules, if it’s to do what he feels in his heart is right.

Plus, he’s proven his worth as someone who reaches out (running a veterans’ support group) and opens his door (harboring Steve and Nat when they were fugitives from SHIELD) to people in need.

Moreover, there’s the possibility that Steve offered the shield to Bucky first(!) but Bucky refused.

See, I feel like Endgame could have mitigated the disaster that was Steve’s ending (and it WAS a disaster, in my opinion - I feel it was inconsistent with his character development, and didn’t make sense with the “growing old in normal time even with the super serum in his veins” bit, and besides, AREN’T YOU SUPPOSED TO BE IN ANOTHER TIMELINE, SIR? HOW DID YOU JUMP BACK INTO THIS ONE) simply by including ONE SCENE - a scene in which Steve and Bucky speak with each other.

It could take place after Steve sees an incredibly well-preserved Peggy in 1970. Steve suddenly realizes: he really, really wants to go back and stay with Peggy - maybe there’s a way to do so without breaking the current timeline, i.e. creating a new one just for him - but he also acknowledges that the future needs Captain America.

Bucky tells him he deserves to be happy. And the world can get a new Captain America.

Steve tells Bucky: it should be you. Bucky smiles and says no; it should be someone like you. Someone who shares your outlook and purity of heart. Someone who knows how it feels to be the Little Guy who hates bullies and never stays down.

That’s when Steve makes his decision.

I strongly suspect that in the upcoming TFWS series, Sam and Bucky are going to use the shield in turns XD Maybe they’re both going to be Captain America. But Sam being Steve’s official successor by receiving the shield first is awesome to me. I like to think it’s both Steve and Bucky acknowledging that young blood is needed to keep the legend of Captain America going into the uncertain future. And ultimately, both Steve and Bucky are men out of time.

2) As for how Steve and Tony gained trust and made up - I would certainly love to see more scenes of that, but cutting them into the movie was probably not necessary. It could be implied that they repaired their friendship only up to a point where they became functional as a team. I just don’t think there’s any way to get it back to what it might have been, before Civil War.

3) Re: what the characters went through during the five years of loss: you know what, I would love to see a separate story about that, which expounds on the summaries shown to us on Endgame.

So Bruce found a way to merge his identity and the Hulk’s? Clint somehow decided on killing baddies as a life purpose? Steve ran his own support groups, among other activities - but how did he make peace with world governments for his time running rogue, first? Thor descended into depression? What happened to Wakanda? I would really love to see how all of that came about. Plus, what about characters we never saw in Endgame - like Jane Foster, Christine Palmer, Mordo and Wong?

There’s so much potential for those five lost years. I hate thinking that they’ll NEVER be explored. But I’m hoping there’s going to be some sort of tie-in - a comic series, perhaps, or a novelization.

Thank you for the great ask! 💕

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This is entirely random and might have already been said but…


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Warnings: just spoilers


Originally posted by captain-flint

I pulled Steve from the ground, Thanos standing over us. He curled his lip at me and I snarled back, pulling Steve away. You stood in the wreckage, Steve beside you, watching the incoming hoards.

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Also, if possible... for Endgame: Imagine being Tony Stark’s child from a previous relationship, and, after your dad’s funeral, you find something (a letter, a hologram, etc) that points to Tony wanting you to take up the Iron Man mantel, and you kind of contemplating it, maybe getting advice from other surviving Avengers and possibly Nick Fury.

You have no idea the angst you have enabled me to create, friend 👀

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The falcon/ws show better start with sam and bucky going thru time to find Steve, to breaking into his & peggys house just to color his nose red with sharpie since he wanna be a clowning ass

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Budapest (MCU) and The Chest (Steven Universe) both radiate the same “if I die without knowing, I’ll have lived for nothing” energy

  • Credit to @ homeworldcrystal on Instagram for the SU photo
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Credit to the owners of the pics

Summary: Emotions were running high after the fight with Thanos. It was a big win but an even bigger loss. It was perfectly unbalanced, which left you to wonder if things would ever be the same again.

Word count: 802

Pairings: Steve x reader (platonic)

Warnings: Endgame Spoilers!! There are lines/ scenes taken straight from the movie, so if you have not seen it turn away!!!

This will be just a very small five part series regarding the ending of Endgame. I’m still a mixed bag of emotions from this crazy ass ride. This idea popped in to my head and I had to get it out. It’s not intense, just a bit of added dialogue to go along with the movie. 

I feel like I am going to get a massive amount of hate for this, but it is what it is, right? Just remember, I love you guys, so please be gentle.  If you hate it, i’m so sorry. If you like it, great,  throw me a like or reblog!

There was something…

The lake was beautiful. It was quiet, serene as it reflected the images of the surrounding woods off of its calm waters.

You wished the only sound surrounding you would have been the wind through the autumn leaves, or the small stream up the hill trickling over the rocks.

Instead, It was the clicks of small buttons, the hum of electricity, and the mumbling of one large man focused on the many laptop screens around him.

It was all background noise really. Just small jolts to your concentration every now and then as you stared through the windows of Tony and Pepper’s screened off patio.

“Bruce, I’ll be right back.” You say quietly as to not disturb him, undecided on if he had even heard you at all, or noticed you were even next to him.

Bucky and Steve had been speaking to each other for over an hour. Most of it being quiet whispers in between tense looks and tight shoulders.

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Kinda upset with how Steve leaving at the end of Endgame was written in a way where it made it seem like you’re a bad person if you put your needs and wants above other people’s and take care of yourself first. The way it was written just feels like he made the wrong choice when leaving Bucky behind. Like people are rightfully pissed at the choice Steve made but what upsets me most is that it makes it seem like Steve shouldn’t have done the one thing he had done for himself literally ever. Steve was incredibly selfless throughout the franchise and always looked out for others first and then he chose to do one selfish thing and go out on his own terms and it was depicted as him willingly leaving his best friend with no warning and people are attacking him for that as if we all don’t need to take care of ourselves and do what makes us truly happy.

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