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#english lit

We live, as I hope you know, Mr. Worthing… in an age of ideals, and my ideal has always been… to love someone of the name of Ernest. There’s something
in that name… that inspires absolute confidence.

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“Diana!” cried Anne. “Wait, wait for me! I just wanted you to know, that no matter wherever I am or in who’s arm I carry I will be thinking of you.” Diana stares, holding her breath. “You know the feeling is mutual, Anne. I could say it over and over but I don’t want to sound disingenuous.” “Just say it then. I will always listen to you. Always.”

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hi, for the studyblr asks thing: 1, 8, 20? (you dont have to answer if you dont want to!!)

thank you so much for asking! and sorry for the delay

1. what year are you?

I’m a second year student! Next year will be the last year for my B.A

8. what classes are you taking right now?

i can’t decide what I’m taking except for my minor which is Arabic. Apart from that I have to take:

  • Phonetic
  • Linguistic 
  • Translation (english to french and french to english)
  • British Literature (we’re studying Romantic poets)
  • American Literature (this one is a lecture and i think we are studying Protestant Literature?)
  • British Civilisation (with a focus on “English gardens during the 1750s” but now we are focusing on engravings)
  • American Civilisation (i have no idea what we’re doing)
  • Lab (we have headphones to record ourselves talking + we have to do phonetic exercices)
  • XP (basically a class to force us to speak English)
  • PPE (a class to introduce us to job hunting, sort of)

20.  Do you listen to music while you study?

The question should be ‘do I study?’ but yes when I do I don’t mind listening to music

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Nick you should have really just went to the man’s house and introduced yourself, could’ve avoided this

So in regards to my Great Gatsby comic, I plan to illustrate the whole book but that’s gonna take time and I don’t want the momentum to die so here’s an alternative! I’ve been doodling a bunch of these Big Bow! Gatsbys and I can share em with you guys every now and then! What do you think??

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“Does God Get Lonely?” : another question posed by my son following “Does Heaven Have a Nightlight?” Since losing my dad two years ago in an accident, my kids have been asking some interesting (and profound) questions. Audio Copyright 2020, DJ Pon Farr (aka Seth Perkins) : ) Visuals from Goddard Media Studios / NASA (Public Domain) by

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