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I’ve been laughing for 10 minutes at Levi making himself look taller/bigger than Eren while he’s remembering these things… isn’t it nice to live in a dream, heicho? lolol

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Hello! My sister told me about this fanfic, and she can’t find it anymore anywhere:( It’s about merman!Levi and human!Eren, and Eren is working every summer somewhere by the ocean and meets Levi and they only get together in summer. It’s possible that it was deleted by author tho;( Thank you so much in advance, if you’ll be able to find it!


We’re very sorry, we couldn’t find anything that fit exactly what you were looking for :( This is the closest we could find! Maybe it’s the one? If anyone knows the fic, please let us know! <3

Oceans Away by SentientSucculents & YouCisgenderFuckbucket    

(Not Rated, 7 835 words, Multichapter, Complete)

When Eren was younger, all he wanted was to see the ocean. And, at the age of twelve, his wish was granted – but at a price. His mother had been suffering from disease and weak immunity for years, and when she passed away, she left her son in the care of his older sister, Mikasa, who had turned nineteen the same year. Their father, Grisha Jaeger, was rarely at home at the best of times – and it was only in her will did she reveal the beach house her mother had owned. Grisha had never liked being far from the city after all, but Eren was more than happy to move. Life was easy, then.

At that tiny beach, however, he was not the only creature who could not live without water. Their first meeting was that first year; then the strange, dark-haired creature disappeared for the year. At the same time the next year, he came back. Never to talk, never to communicate only to… be. Again, and again, every year… Until the creature spoke his own name.


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Some awesome fics I read this month :)

Wrong Number- Eren gets a wrong number, but ends up with something more than he anticipated.

Love’s a Menace - “Your favorite customer is here!” Hanji continued and damn them, Levi could practically hear their shit-eating grin. That could only mean one thing.

Desire - This is a story about an oblivious Captain and a certain lovesick bright-eyed brunette going after the one thing he desires most in the terrible world they live in.

Burning Inside - Levi’s captain of his school’s football team, and he also just so happens to have a huge crush on the only male cheerleader around that wears a skirt and thigh highs.

Guided Discipline - Eren can’t do anything on his own and needs to be told what to do constantly. In comes a handsome stranger to the bar he works at one evening.

   "Shitty brat, do you need to be told what to do at every turn?“

Allow me to Dirty You - Lance Corporal Levi also known as humanity’s strongest soldier for reasons. He was strong, skilled, composed and emotionless by appearance, handsome, definitely very handsome. Many looked up to him, admired him and a lot craved even more of his short stature.
But that didn’t have to mean that Levi could relate to those kinds of people and their feelings, right? What if he never had? And most likely never planned to?! 

Hizamazuke - Levi is the lead singer of No Name, a particularly popular band with millions of worldwide fans. When he meets one of his fans, Eren Yeager, at an album signing in Trost, he’s rethinking his entire love life, because he’s fairly sure he’s never seen anybody as beautiful. 

be back later with more!

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Hi, I am looking for a fic that eren and Levi I think are about the same age it is in the canon verse, eren was in the underground with Levi and him and eren are romantically involved, um eren i think is faster than Levi and Erwin wants to recruit him, they go looking for him at a alley way when he put hanji against the wall, um he gave a mask to Levi to hold onto, sorry if that doesn’t help at all, I’ve been looking for this fic forever I would love it if you could help but if you can’t it’s ok

Hey, anon!
So this might be the fic you’re looking for but we’re not 100% sure so please let us know if it’s not the one!

The Thug by Dressed_In_Darkness 

(Rated E, 134 432 words, Multichapter, Complete. Graphic depictions of violence.)

Eren Yeager is on an errand when he comes across a girl in the underground city who is being held captive by two men. Putting his life at risk, Eren does anything to save her, relying on nothing but his determination and unwillingness to see her hurt. As they’re backed into a corner, they are suddenly saved by none other than Levi Ackerman, the strongest thug in the underground. Eren can’t help but feel drawn to him, but will his feelings for this famous criminal wind up getting him hurt?

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I love your mermaid eren are! What if zeke find out Eren is missing and we end up with him being “Ill come back one day to save you.” All over again from canon

Thank you!! ^^ I actually have lots of plans for Zeke for the future of the mer!au and tbh I can’t wait to have him on the scene (one day….hopefully XD)

Since I cannot ruin the plot, here’s a funnier version of that moment ;)

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