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I’m going to say this only once, I won’t fix or remove my Ereri tags here. Just because I prefer RiRen does not mean I don’t consider the other. They aren’t bound into these “roles”. 

If you feel the need to lecture me about it, and tell me to stop using a platform just because you’re so narrow minded, I won’t listen to you.

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I haven’t actually ever advertised this on my Tumblr even though it’s why I made a new one to begin with but here is my fic and I’m currently (sort of) working on the next chapter which will hopefully not take another month. I really want to start writing other fics (literally already have another multichapter drafted) and maybe doing Drabbles and interacting with the community some more so here’s my attempt at trying to do so. Side note:sorry if this post and my tumblr in general is shitty I haven’t used this platform seriously since I was probably 12 (which for well over 10 years ago) and really have no idea what I’m doing.

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dyou know that ancient indie horror game called which? i started writing a fanfic about it because that damn game has been on my mind ever since it came out. wht does it all mean? i dunno but im willing to find out. weirdly the characters that came to mind to put in it were levi and eren, even though i will be working with an older eren. god send me away from all the pedophilia. even though im an atheist. whatever. im pretty close to being super drunk so who knows whats gonna come out of it. i said i dont ship them anymore but its just so hard to quit it cold turkey like that. it cant be farlan in that situation, i know it cant. i have plans for farlan. in the future there will be robots

anyway whatever might come out of it i might post it tomorrow/?? if its salvageable?? i think im gonna do like with mercy and just post a standalone chapter first i dunno man this beer is soooo fine

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I wonder who bit his tongue…

I forgot I had this manga I made of him and my oc two years ago. It has about 23 pages. Anyone want to see it?

Oh wait… I haven’t finished the R-18 part

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“If you’ve been waitin’ for fallin’ in love

Babe, you don’t have to wait on me

‘Cause I’ve been aimin’ for Heaven above

But an angel ain’t what I need” ~ Sanctuary, Joji |♡|

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Hey y’all!

This update is totally unrelated to the ongoing Mini Bang event, but due to it overlapping one of our other planned events, we had to do some reshuffling of the schedule moving forward. 

Remember that we don’t expect or require every content creator to partake in every event, and it’s mainly just to keep the blog active, tags clean, and to help encourage the creation of new Eren/Levi content. 

Once the mini bang is complete, the schedule moving forward will look like this (keep in mind that dates are always subject to change):

  • Jul. 27 - Crack Attack
  • Aug. 16 - 18 - Summer Heat Smut Event
  • Sep. 22 - 28 - Eren/Levi Week 2019
  • Oct. 25 - 27 - Halloween Randomizer Event
  • Nov. 17 - Tea Time with Eren & Levi
  • Dec. 20 - 22 - Holiday Cheer Weekend

More detailed announcements will be posted for these events as we get closer to the dates they’ll be run on. Please stay tuned for further details!

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Eren: You’re too worried. You know it’s ok, right?

Levi: *frowns*

Eren: I know that emotionally you’re in no condition for a relationship. I don’t mind waiting.

Levi: You should. Moving on wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Eren: Is that what you want? Are you telling me you don’t feel anything for me?

Levi: I’m not. I’m saying it’s unfair.

Eren: Unfair would be me giving up without trying. I’m not giving up on you.

Levi: Eren-

Eren: *hugs Levi* I told you it’s ok. Please take your time without being so hard on yourself. I hate seeing you like that.

Levi: *pulls Eren closer* Damn you, brat. Thank you.

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