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Play Fighting

Warnings: smut, cursing

Synopsis: What happens when one of you hits too hard.


You had a ritual to wind yourself down before bed. Every step calmed you further and further so by the time you went to bed, sleep came soon after. The steam from the shower relaxed you. The scent of your favorite lotion soothed your body from a long day at work. And the soft velvet cream pajama set felt amazing on your clean skin.

Once you emerged from the bathroom you expected to see Erik sitting on the bed with one hand in his grey sweats and the other behind his head. But when his dark brown eyes didn’t meet yours as you emerged from the bathroom, you craved his attention and set out to find your boyfriend in his very large home.

You slipped on your grey fuzzy slippers and made your way to the kitchen, expecting to find him at the counter making the sandwich he’d been begging you to make since you got home. Instead, you found his French Bulldog puppy lapping at his empty water bowl. Bella looked up at you with the biggest puppy dog eyes and let out a soft whine. You bent down to give her a scratch behind the ears and a kiss on the nose before grabbing her water bowl and straightening up to get her some more water from the fridge.

Erik was very particular about what he fed his babies, you included, so you made sure to get the jug of water that was specifically prepared for Bella. After filling her bowl and putting it back where it belonged you turned to the fridge and made the sandwich that Erik so desperately craved, one for him and one for you.

You wrapped them up and grabbed a bag of chips and grabbed Bella in your other arm and continued to look for your obscure boyfriend.

You checked the den, the gym, and his home office. Each room brought you closer and closer to frustration. You would have called him but with your hands full you didn’t want to put anything down you just wanted to be in his arms and eat this sandwich.

“Eriiiik.” You whined and stomped your feet.

“Ya baby?!” You heard his deep voice coming from down the hallway. Bella yipped and jumped out of your arms racing to Erik’s favorite guest bedroom. You followed the dog silently and stood in amazement as you took in the new appearance of the guest bedroom. Which was now a media center. A giant projector screen had been installed and soft comfy looking recliners had been lined up in two neat rows facing the screen.

Erik sat in one chair leaned back with a hand in his pants and a hand on the remote. He looked back at you and smiled, his gold grill lighting a fire within you. Damn, he looked good.

He beckoned you over. You sat in the recliner next to him and handed him his sandwich and a bag of chips. You leaned back in your chair and faced the screen.

“Are these the chairs from that catalog I said I liked?” You asked. It was a catalog he’d had laying around on the bathroom counter for a month or two. On moments where you forgot your phone, you’d definitely taken a peek at it.

“Yeah, I figured I could get them for us since you liked it so much.” He took a big bite out of his sandwich and glanced at you. You guys sat in silence while watching the screen, finishing up the makeshift dinner you’d made.

“When were you going to tell me about this?” You took the last bite out of your own sandwich and faced the screen. You chewed slowly glancing around the room, taking in the changes that he made. He’d even put in a fridge and a basket of new soft fuzzy blankets.

“You like it? I figured we could use another spot to chill in every once in a while. Besides these seats are much more comfortable than the movie theater seats.” He turned to you after putting Bella on the floor. “And, here you can suck my dick and get that pussy ate without worrying about who’s watching.” Erik’s smile was big and cocky. You pushed his shoulder in annoyance.

“Ouch. I told you about putting your hands on me.” He jokingly rubbed his shoulder in shock. You giggled and shoved his shoulder again. A little harder this time. Erik’s arm reached out quickly and grabbed your wrist. He roughly pulled you out of your seat and hit the back of your legs with one of the plush pillows from his chairs.

“Ouch!” You wrenched your arm out of his grasp and popped the side of his head. Erik chuckles quietly and menacingly stands up from his seat. He towers over you and you swallow loudly. Thinking quickly you jab him in his ticklish side and make a run for the other side of the room.

Erik quickly recovers and pulls you towards him his stance in play slap boxing mode. You grab the pillow he hit you with and smack him upside his head. He stares at you in amazement then returns the hit. “Oh you really want to play this game baby? Bet.” The two of you continue to hit and giggle and run around the newly decorated room. Bella excitedly yipping behind you.

You quickly whirl on Erik, your puppy dog eyes in full effect.

“Okay okay. I give!!” Erik lowered his pillow. His eyes watched you suspiciously. “Mercy Babe.” You lowered your pillow to the ground. You quickly reached out to jab Erik in his ticklish side again. The pillow in his hand coming down on you hard.

“OUCH!!” You shout. You hold your head in pain. Tears well in your eyes. You try to back away from the blurry view of your boyfriend. He quickly wraps his arms around your waist.

“I’m sorry baby. You took me by surprise.” You try to wrench from him.

“No. You know how heavy-handed you are, control that shit!” You rubbed the back of your head leaning away from him.

“You can hit me back.” Erik spread his arms wide in a show of vulnerability, and you took it. Swinging the pillow into his chest.

“Still fuck you.” You murmured trying to walk away from him again.

“Baby come on we were playing!” Erik murmured kissing the tears off your cheeks.

“Well, it still hurt!!” You whine.

“Let me make it feel better.” Erik presses his soft lips into yours repeatedly. You continued to struggle against him until his kisses moved south. His tongue softly flicked against the sensitive skin on your neck. You bit back a moan and melted into his grasp. His hand slid down to grip your ass tightly.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He murmured between kisses. He slowly slid his hands down even further to cup your ass in his hands, using his upper body strength to pick you up and wrap your legs around his.

“You gonna let me make you feel better?” His kisses turn to soft bites, his teeth intent on marking you as his. You whimpered in his hold and squirmed your hips against his. Wrapping your arms around his neck you pull his face out of your neck, your lips search out his for a heated kiss. Your nipples harden in his shirt.

“Fuck.” You moan out, Erik’s hands grip your ass tighter as he makes his way to one of the large chairs. His strong legs force you to stretch to straddle him as he sits down. You grind against him, searching for the friction your clit desperately needs. Erik’s hands grip your hips tightly holding you in place, he chuckles into your neck.

“Chill I’m trying to make up for hitting you.”

“So fuck me then!” You responded quickly trying to put your lips back on his.

“In a minute, damn. I gotta take care of something first.” Erik placed you on the seat squatting in front of your legs. He licked his lips and rubbed your thighs sensually. “You are so fucking sexy.” He murmured after pressing a kiss to your left knee. You squirmed in response. A low whine started up in the back of your throat. Erik quickly swatted at your thigh.

“Stop that I said I was gonna make you feel better.” Erik’s voice was now husky, which was always a promise of good times.

“Then do it then. Instead of talking about it, be about it.” A loud rip came from Erik’s hands. You stared at him, anger flashing through your eyes, a scowl on your lips. Your satin shorts in shreds in his large hands.

“No more talking, or I’ll stuff a piece of these shorts in your mouth.” You clamped your mouth shut and glared at him silently. Watching as he spread your legs open, leaving each one to rest on the armrest. Your glistening pussy on full display for him. Erik groaned inwardly and slowly reached a hand up to gently run one finger through your wetness. He stared in amazement as his finger pulled away, his fingers covered in your essence. Erik smiled wistfully and leaned up to rest one thumb on your clit, gently rubbing, and the other hand’s pointer finger slowly entered you. A light gasp left your lips, you threw your head back on the soft cushion of the chair when he finally began to stimulate you. Your hips whined in response to his expert movements.

Moans left your lips rapidly, your heartbeat accelerated with every thrust of Erik’s fingers. Erik loved watching you like this about as much as he loved you sitting on his dick. You felt like you were going to explode. Until you felt his lips attach to your clit. Your back arching off the recliner chair, Erik’s lips easily followed along with your movements. You bit your bottom lip harshly to keep your noises in. With his fingers and his lips and tongue, you knew you couldn’t handle the stimulation for very long.

And you were right, within seconds Erik had you shaking in his arms. A smile spread across his face as he ate you out through your orgasm. His own eyes closed in bliss as he listened to your harsh breath and helped you ride out the rest of your orgasm. Erik didn’t stop, his fingers and lips continuing their onslaught of your body.

“Fuck!” A cry left your lips when you realized he wasn’t going to stop. Erik reached beside him and stuffed the ripped shorts into your open mouth.

“I said stop talking. I told you I got you.” Erik murmured against your second pair of lips. A wicked smirk formed on his lips. You let out a low whine around your makeshift gag. Your eyes met his, and you realize that although you got the last hit, he won the game.

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So, I’ve completed a draft on my thoughts on the strengths of Prince Nuada as a villain and decided to compare him to Thanos, Loki, and Killmonger. As I’ve spent time working on this, I’m starting to realize some of my problems with the popularity of the “cinematic universe.”

Once I am satisfied, I will be posting a link to my Medium profile where anyone interested can read said thoughts. I’m not quite sure when that will be, though, so stay tuned!

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Erik cuddling with Reader while she is on her period/having sex with Reader while she is on her period.

Warnings: FLUFF, SMUT, mentions of blood, cuddling, College Boy Erik.


Y/N woke up from an hour nap with her books at the foot of her bed. She was in the middle of studying for her Bio Chemistry class that she had to take as a prerequisite for Dental Hygiene. The pain is what woke her up after tossing and turning. Sharp, painful cramps sprang to life out of nowhere causing her to wince in pain while reaching down to rub her lower belly. Y/N pauses, picking up her phone to check her period app.

“Seriously? I thought this devil was coming tomorrow. Screw probation.”

Y/N called it probation because she couldn’t get any dick that she would surely crave since her menstrual days are her horniest days. Y/N groans, lifting out of her bed carefully in the loose fitted grey sweatpants that her boyfriend, Erik, left when he spent the night a few nights ago. That wasn’t the only thing he left. His durags, t-shirts, sneakers, and some hoodies were in her room as well. Y/N stood up with her shoulders slouched forward and her body feeling weak. Sure enough, as she pulled the waistband to Erik’s sweats, fresh crimson blood stained the crotch area of the pants heavily. Y/N then turned to the bed to see a stain in her white sheets. She was used to this. She wore underwear and certain clothes for things like this but this time around she wasn’t prepared. Frustration flowed through her veins as she walked with her knees buckled to the bathroom for another shower.

Y/N reaches under the sink to grab the peroxide so she could soak and scrub the blood from Erik’s sweats. Stripping naked, she felt the fresh blood trickle down her inner thighs since she always had a heavy flow during her menstrual cycle. Rushing so she wouldn’t stain the new white faux fur rug that she purchased for her bathroom, Y/N steps into the shower the blood only splattering on the edge of the tub. She made the water run hot while she lazily stood under it, staring at the wall and hugging her lower belly. All she wanted right now was a rub of Haagen Dasz coffee ice cream, some herbal tea, her favorite long u-shaped plush pillow that Erik purchased for her and watch crap TV. Another thing Y/N craved was her man’s big, strong arms wrapped around her while he rests his chin on her shoulder. Erik’s rubs to her belly always soothes the ache she felt. Then he gave Y/N soft kisses to her cheek and forehead. She was going to text him when she gets out of the shower.


Pain on 1000, Y/N twists painfully from side to side in her freshly made bed. Erik didn’t reply to her cry for help. Where was her big strong boyfriend when she needed him? Then, it dawned on her. He had an evening course for school since he was going back to become an MRI Technologist. His evening hours where from 6PM to 9PM. It was currently 8:45PM. In the fetal position, Y/N whimpers, tears forcing out of the corners of her eyes like a pipe ready to burst because of how hard she squeezed her eyes. All the medicine in the world couldn’t stop her from being in pain.

As if Erik could hear her cries, Y/N’s phone vibrated with an incoming call. She reached out for her phone from its wireless charger on her bed, hitting the green button to accept his call.

“Baby, baby, where are you?” She spoke before he could even say what’s up or what’s wrong.

“I’m driving, class got out early. Everything okay, love?” Erik asks with concern.

“I need you,” She spoke softly with a whimper, “Can you come be with me?”

“I was going to do that anyway,” Erik chuckles, “I haven’t seen you since a few nights ago I need my baby girl.”

“Good, because my period decided to creep up on me and I’m having cramps right now. I need you to cuddle me and rub my belly.”

“Aww, Damn, no loving for me then, huh?”

“Sorry, Erik,” Y/N’s body tenses up from another affliction that made her tear up more.

“It’s okay. Did you need me to bring anything before I come over?”

“Just some ice cream. The coffee kind.”

“Bet, my sweats still over there, right?”

Y/N knew that he would ask about that. She had them in her washer right now. The blood successfully came out but it took a lot of effort.

“Um…about that-“

“You stained them?”

Y/N felt embarrassed. She didn’t want Erik to think that was disgusting.

“I’m so sorry, I’ll buy you another pair-“

“Girl, chill out. I don’t care about all that I just wanted to know if I needed to make a stop at my place before I came to you. Don’t trip, I don’t give a fuck about that shit.”

Y/N giggles while rolling over into her back, “some guys do-“

“Well, I ain’t some guys, I’m Erik, and I don’t think it’s gross.”

Y/N blushes while biting her lip, “Thank you,” she spoke timidly.

“Always, baby, listen, I just pulled up to 7-eleven I’ll let you know when I’m close, okay?”

“Okay, love you,” Y/N smiles.

“Love you too.”

She adored him.


Erik Stevens had a key to his girls apartment. He opened the door, stepping inside of her darkened living room. The chain lock secured, Erik takes off his sneakers by the door, heading into the kitchen to grab a spoon for her ice cream. Erik walked down the narrow hallway leading to her bedroom, finding Y/N on the bed laying on her right side staring at the TV. She was currently watching Family Fued. She had on a long plaid buttoned shirt that Erik remembers her purchasing from Good Will since she loved thrifting. Her big brown eyes went from sad to happy in a millisecond when she saw her man. She hopes up onto her knees, arms out like she was a toddler asking to be picked up. Erik smirked, walking over to his girl, bringing his arms around her waist and picking her up from the bed so she could straddle him. Her lips found his, kissing him gently at first before the taste of his tongue took over her senses, her kisses more forceful. Erik’s hands ran over her ass, palming it and squeezing it. She made sounds of pleasure in his mouth, her eyes closed.

“How is my baby feeling?” Erik looked up at her, “You look like you need all my love right now.”

“I do,” Y/N played with one of the strings of Erik’s hoodie, “I need my big, strong man.”

“Aww, my baby is so needy right now,” Erik kisses her forehead, “Come on, let’s get you on the bed.”

Erik lays Y/N down delicately before walking away towards her closet. He removes his khaki colored hoodie, revealing a loose fitted white tee underneath since he has so much muscle mass. He had on another pair of sweats too, the same design except they were black. His kinky fro was covered in a beanie but he snatches that off, using the tips of his fingers to pull out his curls. Y/N always found watching Erik undress to some degree satisfying. Erik comes back to the bed, bringing the 7-eleven bag with him and the spoon. He grabs the ice cream, removing the seal, and sank the fork directly in the middle for her to have at it. Y/N sits up, Erik wrapping an arm around her waist, pulling her over in one motion so she would lean against him while his arms rubbed her belly. She went limp against him, making sounds of pleasure and relief to finally have her ice cream and her man.

“Are you going to spend the night with me?” Y/N asks in a sweet voice, “I don’t think I would be able to sleep if you weren’t here.”

“Yeah, baby,” Erik looked from her tongue licking the ice cream from the spoon to her angelic brown eyes, “I’ll keep you nice and warm.”

Y/N giggles, scooping some more ice cream, “You treat me like a princess.”

“It’s because you are.”

Y/N wasn’t helping situations. She smelled like coconut oil, touching her belly made him want to rip the buttons on her plaid shirt so he could see her naked body, the way her curly hair tickles his chin and neck from the pineappled fro she had made his body shiver, and loved to bat those pretty brown eyes at him which got her whatever she wanted. He was horny for her. No sex since a few nights ago. That’s always how it was. Erik craved Y/N every second of every day. Now, his dick was hard and tenting the front of his black sweats. This night was about her and making her feel better but every little thing she did made him horny.

“What do you wanna watch,” Y/N looked over into his eyes, “We can watch Blade.”

“Sure,” Erik was always down to watch that it was a favorite of his, “I really just want to feel your ass on my dick while we cuddle.”

“Baby…stop it,” Y/N rolls her eyes. She was already horny just from him rubbing her belly, “You can’t talk like that when I’m on my period.”

“I can’t help that I’m hard right now and that I need some.”

“You are not helping,” Y/N places the ice cream on her side table in her room, “okay, let’s cuddle.”

Erik helps Y/N down on the bed, pulling the comforter over them both before pulling her close with his big arm. The second Y/N’s ass hit his dick, Erik’s nose went into her curls and his jaw tightened. His hand ran up and down her belly, eyes watching her lashes move up and down from her blinking while she puts on the movie. Erik pushes his dick further between her cheeks, eliciting a tiny moan from Y/N.

“Babyyy,” She complains, “Stop.”

Erik kisses his teeth, “Didn’t you tell me that masturbating and sex helps with cramps?”

“I did,” Y/N looks over her shoulder and back at Erik, “what are you suggesting?”

“I want to have sex so I can make you feel better.”

“Baby…that’s gross,” Y/N chuckles, “Plus, I’m not in the mood I just want to cuddle and be near you.”

“You are in the mood,” Erik reaches up to pinch one of her nipples, “That’s reason number one. Reason number two I can’t figure out since you don’t want me down there.”

“I’m wet regardless because I’m bleeding out,” Y/N cold feel it leaking as she spoke, “It’s messy and too much-“

“I don’t care. It’s a natural thing, Y/N. Period blood doesn’t bother me, girl.”

Y/N didn’t respond, she just turned her head back to watch TV. Even if she did say yes how would that feel? She thought about sex during her probation before but then that all ended because she assumed every guy wouldn’t be in to that. Here comes Erik Stevens, a guy who doesn’t give a fuck and who thinks pussy is pussy no matter what.

“Have you done this before, with another girl?” Y/N was curious.

“Nah. This would be my first time if you let me do it.”

Erik turns Y/N around to face him, using his fingers to stroke some hair from her eyes. Y/N knew that staring into those eyes would make her second guess the disgust she felt about having sex on her cycle. His fingers lightly stroked her lower belly directly over the area that hurt.

“The pain is right there,” Y/N spoke with a crease in her brows.

“Right here?” Erik rubs while looking her in her eyes.

“Uh-huh,” She bites her lip, “That feels good.”

“I can make you feel better though,” Erik pulls the waist band of her floral cotton panties, “Can I see?”

“Why?” Y/N felt her heart race.

“I just wanna see what makes you feel so icky. I wanna see why you’re shying away from me having sex with you.”

“Erik…it’s just not sexy,” She laughs nervously, “I’m bleeding-“

“I don’t care.” Erik reassures her.

“You are serious?” She couldn’t believe it for a second.

“YEAH,” He spoke with annoyance.

“I’m sorry it’s just-I just-I’m shocked I guess.”

Erik gave Y/N a soft smile, “I told you, I’m a different breed of man, Y/N. Consider yourself lucky.”

“Trust me, I do. Everyday.”

Erik leans forward to kiss her before trailing those soft kisses down her neck. He left a wet trail behind each time. Y/N’s body arched and she couldn’t tell the difference between wet pussy versus the blood. What she did feel between her legs however was a throb for attention. Her pussy felt neglected in all of this.

“So, what’s up then? Can you show me?”

Y/N looks away from Erik shyly, “Okay.”

Y/N watches as Erik pulls the comforter back from her legs, her panties revealed. His large hand cupped her pussy, rubbing it up and down. That felt amazing too. Y/N always felt a little sore down there during her cycle. Her legs opened further, her hands shaking from how nervous she was.

“Erik, maybe we shouldn’t-“

“STOP.” He ordered her.

“But, baby,” Y/N gasps when she felt Erik’s finger rub between her pussy lips over her panties.

“Shhh, cut it out,” Erik thumbed her clit, “Stop, tripping, okay?”


Erik takes his fingers, pulling her panties down and over her knees. She has a tampon on right now. Her panties weren’t stained. Erik folds them and places them on the bed next to him.

“You okay?” He whispered to her.

“Yeah,” She could feel him using the tips of his fingers to spread her, “Baby, Wait, Wait…I have a tampon on,” She was overly bashful, “Why do you want to do this so much? I don’t feel confident.”

“You shouldn’t feel like that. I love you. All of you. I don’t care about blood, ma. It’s the same pussy I fuck when it’s not bleeding. Relax, baby. I got you, okay? Now, let me see.

“Can I at least remove my tampon first?” Y/N sat up, thighs clenched so blood wouldn’t mess up the bed.

“Go ahead,” Erik helps her from the bed, “I’ll grab a few towels.”

He was dead fucking serious.

Y/N went to her bathroom, closing the door halfway and sitting on her toilet. She removes her tampon, wrapping it, and then throwing it in her trash can. Y/N nibbled on her bottom lip nervously. She wanted to try it and see if she liked it but on the other hand she didn’t want to make a mess and appear disgusting. Even though Erik said he did didn’t care there was still a small part of her that thought he did.

“Baby?” Erik’s voice could be heard calling out to her. He smooth, husky voice, “Do you need my help?”

“No, I’m coming,” Y/N wipes herself before flushing the toilet and washing her hands. Quickly, she made it back to the bedroom, Erik laying out black towels with the sheets pulled from the bed. He was in nothing but his black sweats, shirt off and tempting. She gets onto the bed, laying back on the towels with her thighs tightly shut.

“Are you gonna be difficult?” Erik questions with a raised brow, “Because I told you, I don’t give a fuck. Ain’t gonna stop me.”

“I’ll try not to be,” She spoke truthfully.

“Try really hard for me, okay?” Erik got onto his knees in the bed between her legs, “Now, spread your legs for me.”

With a shake of her thighs, Y/N opens them, her beautiful pussy spread open for Erik to see. She couldn’t look at him while he stared at her pussy. Y/N turned away, eyes closed. His silence is what made her close her thighs.

“Did I tell you to close your thighs?”

“No,” Y/N opened them again, “You just didn’t say anything-“

“It’s because I was admiring that pussy, ma. Stop reading into everything.”

“Ugh, okay,” She opens her thighs again, “Just…day something, anything.”

“It’s beautiful, even with the blood, it’s still beautiful.”

Y/N glances at Erik, “Really?”

“Of course, I wouldn’t lie to you, wouldn’t do you like that,” Erik takes his fingers to spread her more, “Fuck,”

“Huh?” She got up on her elbows, “Is something wrong?”

“No,” Erik didn’t remove his eyes from between her legs, “How could a nigga find this nasty? It ain’t nasty, it’s precious.”

“Erik,” Y/N couldn’t believe that’s how he felt.

“I’m so fucking horny right now,” Erik leans over Y/N while his fingers rubbed her clit, “Damn, baby, you’re so damn pretty down there.”

“Erik,” She couldn’t say much but his name. His free hand unbuttoned her shirt, her breasts with extra hard nipples ready to be sucked on.

“Keep saying my name like that. It’s only gon’ make my dick harder,” Lips sucked on her nipples, “You gon’ let Daddy fuck that pretty pussy to make you feel better?”

“Yes,” Her nipples were electrified from his licking and sucking.

“I just want my baby girl to feel better,” Erik picked up the speed of his fingers on Y/N’s clit.

“Mmm, fuck,” Y/N could feel her hips moving in tandem with his motions, “Erik-“


“Fuck, Erik, that feels so good.”

“Your so messy on my fingers,” His teeth lightly grazed her left nipple, “Cum on my fingers, girl.”

“Please,” She begged him to keep going. Y/N was past the point of caring about her bleeding when Erik deliciously rubbed her hardened clit the way he did.

“Say my name again,” Erik ran his tongue up Y/N’s neck.


“Good girl. That pussy cumming ain’t it?”

“Uh-huh,”Y/N gasps and pants heavily, “Yes, I’m gonna cum, baby.” She bites down on her bottom lip as her release rocked through her. Her thighs closed around Erik’s hand. She could feel herself creaming on the towels.

“Damn,” Erik looks at his fingers covered in her wetness mixed with blood, “Fuck, baby, fuck.”

“Y/N reaches out to feel on Erik’s dick, “Umph, baby, it’s so fucking hard.”

“I know, that’s why I need you. You ain’t even gotta suck it,” Erik whips his fingers on the towel before getting off the bed to take of his sweats. He pulls out his wallet, grabbing one gold wrapped condom before crawling back onto the bed. Y/N watched Erik’s dick bounce up and down as it stood straight from how solid it is. He was fully erect, 100% rigid. All of that because of how much he needed to be inside of Y/N no matter how much she bled. Erik pulls Y/N’s thighs up and over his shoulders to decrease the amount of mess. With his dick in his grip, Erik slips inside, no resistance, just sliding right in because of how messy she is. It was so slippery from the blood and her natural lubricant. The sensation sent tingles from the tip of his dick all the way down to his heavy sack filled with cum. Erik looked down between her legs to see his condom covered dick crimson. He couldn’t stop himself from fucking her fast. That’s how good it felt.

Y/N could feel all of Erik inside her aching pussy. The slippery sex felt so damn good that Y/N couldn’t muster a word or a sound. She wanted to kick herself for not trying this before. She felt the exact same pleasure from when she wasn’t on her period but sloppier and wetter. The noises her pussy made turned her on so much. It was like music.

“Fuck, you feel so damn good, girl,” Erik mumbled in her ear, “oooooo I don’t wanna get out of this pussy.”

Y/N drags her nails down Erik’s back, “You don’t have to stop, Daddy, remember, you’re supposed to make me f-feel better,” Y/N’s eyes rolled shut.

“That pussy feeling better already,” He swiveled his hips deeper, “Mmm, girl, I wanna feel you cum on Daddy’s dick while I beat it up.”

“Yes, yes, Daddy, yes,” Y/N felt the pressure from his dick dragging over her G-spot and pulling on her clit, “Shit-shit, Daddy, that dick is on my G-spot, Umph, ima squirt-“

Y/N felt the rush of liquid fall to the towels and on Erik’s dick. Her hips moved up and down with his strokes because she needed to feel him inside of her.

“Keep still, let Daddy fuck you,” Erik held her hips in place, “Ain’t so disgusted now are you? The way you fucking me back let’s me know you don’t care about that silly shit. Who in this pussy?”


“Daddy a man, baby, Daddy ain’t no little boy. Daddy don’t give a fuck about some blood,” Erik felt her walls hug him, “mmmm, such a greedy little pussy.”

“YES!” Y/N gave herself to him. She couldn’t keep up with his strokes to her walls.

“Damn, you about to make Daddy bust a nut already?” Erik slows down, “This what you do to me, girl, you always get me like this. It don’t matter what you do, you always get Daddy’s dick hard.”

“Fuck, baby, you’re so big,” Y/N could feel her warm wet pussy leaking, “you feel so good inside of me.”

Y/N tightened her walls around Erik’s dick, pulling him further inside until his hips let hers. His groomed pubic hair was warm and wet from her blood mixed with her wetness. The more he tried to pull his dick out all the way to the tip, the more she pulled him back with her greedy pussy.

“You don’t want me to go huh? You like me in this pussy? You don’t care about making a bloody fucking mess on me? Answer me.”

“Fuck! No!” Y/N shook her head from side to side, “No, Daddy, I just want you to keep fucking me!”

Erik’s sweaty face rested on Y/N’s cheek while his fingers squeezed the fat of her thighs to keep her still and for leverage so he could pound her pussy. Slippery and messy, Y/N squeezed her eyes shut, an arm wrapping around Erik’s neck to hold on while he aggressively pounds her pussy.

“Daddy! Slow down! It’s gonna get everywhere!”

Erik completely ignored her.

“Fuck!!!!! Oh my God, oh, oh, shit, baby, fuck!!!” Y/N opened her mouth and her voice went mute. She beat the on Erik’s back weakly with her fist with her powerful release trying unsuccessfully to get him to slow down since she was overworked and sensitive.

“Baby, fuck, this precious little pussy on you got me cumming, “Y/N’s thighs almost choked him, “Stay fucking still.” He spoke through clenched teeth with a barely audible voice. Y/N stomached the deep penetration she felt and the way her walls tingled while Erik’s dick grew to a cum inspiring length. Filled and stretched, Erik grunts in Y/N’s ear as his cum shot into the condom, filling it up and damn sure almost breaking it with how much he exploded. It was like opening a cap on a shaken soda bottle.

“GODDAMN.” He was swimming in her tight pussy, “GODDAMN GIRL.”

Y/N looked towards the ceiling with disbelief.

“OH MY GOD,” Erik pulled his still hard dick out hesitantly. He still wanted to stay inside of her but his girl was whimpering. The condom was so tight around him from his cum stuffed inside. Erik could see Y/N’s cream coating her clit and labia and all of her menstrual blood mixed with her lubricant making her pretty pink pussy shine and glisten. Her outer lips were puffed and engorged from the beating Erik gave her. Watching her pussy convulse and jump, releasing more cream made Erik want to put on another condom, turn her over, and fuck that pussy some more.

“I actually feel better,” Y/N rubbed her sweaty belly, “I don’t feel the cramps anymore.”

“I told you, baby,” Erik leans forward to kiss her, “Now, you know how we can take care of that, right?”

“Yes,” She smiles weakly, “It was exactly what I needed.”

Erik leans over with a flex of his abs to see her fluids that stained his pubic area. The sight of it turned him on so much. Y/N sat up carefully, her thighs trembling. Even though her cramps were gone, her pussy still aches.

“I’ll run a bath,” Erik walked into the bathroom, flicking on the light and removing the condom. It was heavy with his cum. He grabbed some of Y/N’s natural soak with Aloe Vera, coconut oil, and lavender oil, placing it in her bath and spreading it around with his hand. He walks back to the room, spotting Y/N undressing.

“Come on, we’re taking a bath together.”

“How are you going to fit in my small ass tub. You know your much taller and bigger than me, Erik.”

Erik shrugs, “we’ll make it work. How do you feel though, you’re good?”

“I’m better. You just beat my pussy up, that’s all,” Y/N walks towards him with shaky knees, “Nothing I’m not used to from you, Daddy.”

Erik bites his lip at her, watching her walk past him before his hand reached out to lightly tap her but, “Mhm, that’s right. I’ll beat it up no matter what.”

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Erik Killmonger x Reader

Erik runs into his old high school girlfriend and realizes how much love he still has for her.

Please Note: In this series, there was never a fight for the thrown between Erik and T’Challa. It’s all good between them. Erik became a Seal and used his pull to go to Wakanda in the hopes of just finding his family. Together, he and T’Challa founded the Wakandan Outreach Center in Oakland.

Thanks for the feedback and love. :) excuse any mistakes. enjoy.


It had been weeks since you ran into Erik… or since he literally ran into you. Good thing you only went running on the weekends. That made it easier to avoid him if you spotted him again. But luckily, you didn’t. You purposely waited until about 9am to go running and you were sure that was why. If he was an early bird, he wouldn’t catch you.

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SoftBoi! Erik x Reader

Summary: A continuation of ‘Thanksgiving w/ Mr. Stevens’; You and Erik spend Valentine’s Day cooking gumbo and reflecting on the past and your hopes for the future.

Words: 1800

Warnings: SEX. 18+

A/N: Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends! I haven’t written in so long and I wanted to give you guys a taste of desire before I continue Warm Colors with sugar daddy M’Baku. Let me know what you think. Thanks for rocking wit me! - Shanti

‘Up late, again

Head on my chest, 

hand on my ass

Up late again

Back it up on ya

Breathing fast’

You paused the song and added it to the playlist titled ‘Valentine’s Moans’. February 14th had come faster than you anticipated, and in your rush of work, you’d forgotten all about your plans with Erik up until the night before. Although the plans were simple; grocery shopping, gumbo, and movies; you’d forgotten all about them up until you laid down to sleep. 

After being together for so long, none of the theatrics was needed. You never asked for any gifts and neither did he. Both of you just wanted each other’s company. 

But this year, there were actual plans and you were far from prepared; hell, you hadn’t even wrapped his surprise. Here you were, rushing to finish this playlist and hopefully your makeup before meeting Erik at the market in 10 min.

‘You on your way? Don’t be late, cheeks.’ - E

‘I’m leaving now’

You pocketed your phone and headed out into the Wakandan heat. You felt it buzz a couple times but ignored it as you walked to the market; grocery list in hand. After a few minutes of fast walking, you had finally arrived. You sighed with relief as you walked into the bustling market. The smells of fresh fruit and shea butter wafted through the aisles. You looked around for a while before spotting Erik looking fine as usual. The cream and magenta of his outfit beamed against his warm brown skin; the gold rim of his glasses gleaming in unison with his fanged grill. You would never tire of looking at him. He made his way over to you with a grin on his face. 

“Look who’s actually on time!” Your smile dropped as he laughed. 

“All this takes time; I could just go back if you want-“ He pulled you in by your waist and kissed your cheek. 

“Nah, cheeks; you know I’m just playing. Come on.” You giggled quietly as he kissed your neck. 

“I missed you,” Erik said, leading you by the hand,” I feel like I haven’t seen you all week.”

“That’s because you haven’t, E.” You chuckled inwardly; he could be such a softy sometimes. 

“I have half a mind to take you in the car right now, y/n,” he whispered into your ear as you walked hand in hand. 

Your sex twitched at the thought and you had to stop yourself from biting your lip. He grabbed your ass as he kissed your cheek and you moved his hand, laughing. 

“Would you stop?! Prince N’Jadaka should be behaving like a prince amongst his people,” you scolded, half laughing at his expression. 

“I don’t give a flying fuck what I’m supposed to behave like. If I miss you, I’ma act on that shit.” He stopped in his tracks, peppering kisses all over your face and neck. 

You knew he missed you; he always went straight for the neck when he missed you. 

Erik had agreed to the outdated Wakandan tradition of living separately until the wedding day arrived, but that didn’t mean he liked it. You held his face as he pouted. 

“I missed you too, daddy. I know you don’t like this arrangement but it’s only a few more months. Queen-mother personally requested it and we have to respect her wishes. She is your auntie, after all.” He rolled his eyes and you laughed. 

“Yeah, and I should have never said yes,” he muttered.

“Now come on. Let’s get our ingredients, go back to my place, and enjoy this holiday,” you said softly, rubbing his beard. Erik kissed your cheek and sighed.

“All right, come on cheeks.” 


When you arrived back at your place, you immediately began to cut the celery, bell pepper, and onion as Erik got started on the roux. 

“You know, I remember watching my pops cook gumbo. The smell is still the same,” he recalled. 

You stopped chopping the celery when you heard him sniffle. You hugged his waist from behind, kissing his shoulder. 


“I’m good, cheeks. It’s just, all these wedding plans got me thinking and wishing that he could be here for this. I want to be a good husband to you and I can’t even ask my dad how to be that.” 

“Erik, look at me,” you said. 

“The recipe says not to take your eye off the roux, I literally can’t look at you, y/n,” Erik chimed sarcastically, causing you both to laugh. 

“The roux will still be there, boy! Just look at me for half a second,” you demanded. He turned to face you and you cradled his cheeks in your hands. 

“N’Jadaka, your father would be so proud of how far you’ve come. Mentally, spiritually, emotionally. You’ve become your own hero as well as mine. You’re going to be a great husband. Don’t ever doubt it; and even if you do, I got you. I always will,” you sighed, tears running down your face. 

Erik rested his head against yours and held your face in his hands. 

“See, when you say shit like that, I know you’re going to be a great wife. Damn it, y/n. I still can’t believe you’re mine.” Erik’s watery eyes met yours and he kissed you passionately; his fingers navigating through your coiled tresses. 

“I love you so much. You are my entire world, y/n,” he cooed, his gold fangs peeking through his smile.

“I love you more. You may now pay attention to the roux,” you laughed, pecking his lips. 

“Oh, now I can? After you done made a nigga cry before the food’s even ready,” Erik chided, stirring the roux again. You turned back to your station and finished cutting the celery. 

“So, I know we agreed not to do gifts but I made you something,” you said, connecting your phone to the bluetooth speakers.

“Oh yeah? What’s that?” He asked, turning down the fire on the stove. Ari Lennox’s Shea Butter Baby began to blast through the kitchen. 

You walked over to the pot of roux and poured the holy trinity into it. 

“I may or may not have made you a playlist for Valentine’s day; I hope it’s not too corny,” you feared, mixing the contents of the pot. Erik stood beside you and kissed your temple. 

“Maybe I like corny,” he said, scrolling through the playlist. “Damn, Saba, Snoh Alegra, and Mac Ayers? You must be tryna get fucked tonight, y/n.” 

You smiled in response, as you both combined all the ingredients; covering them in chicken stock and topping it off with a lid. The song faded into the next; I Want You Around by Snoh Alegra.

“Well, it’s simmering. What do you wanna do for the next hour?” You inquired, wiping your hands with a towel. 

“I mean, I got some ideas,” Erik trailed off, his hands caressing your thighs as he kissed the back of your neck.

 He turned you around, kissing you fiercely. You struggled to stand on your toes, trying to keep your lips aligned with his; silently cursing him for his height. Erik sensed your frustration and lifted you by your ass, wrapping your thick legs around his waist. 

He carried you to your bedroom and made quick work of discarding your dress. You helped him take off his shirt and added it to the puddle of fabric beneath you. At that moment your eyes found his and it was as if the whole world stopped as you admired God’s work. The man was simply enamoring and looked at you like you were enamoring as well. You were so caught up in the moment that you had barely noticed Erik removing the thin piece of and wires covering your breasts. Your nipples hardened at his touch; knees buckling at the sight of his lustful gaze. 

Erik guided you to lay down; his lips meeting your neck once again, accompanied by his tongue and the too fleeting love bites of his teeth. He pinched and pulled your left nipple as he gave birth to the desires you had kept to yourself over the past few days. He moved down to lay between your thighs, licking his fingers as he gazed at your dripping wet sex. 

“Damn, that pussy nice a wet for daddy,” Erik said, pushing two fingers into you, beginning a steady pace. 

You moaned loudly as his thick lips covered your clit, sucking it madly. He always worked wonders with his tongue and lips, and it always drove you to the point of insanity. The special attention he paid to your clit was unmatched as if he was desperate to please you. In these moments, he worshipped at the temple of your body with every lick, suck, and bite. Scrambling your mind and thought process by the second.

“I missed you so much, baby girl; you know that?” He asked, staring you down. You nodded but he slammed his fingers into you harder, causing your mouth to go agape. 

“You know I need to hear you, y/n. Come on, baby,” Erik cooed, quickening the pace of his fingers. 

“Fuck, okay, daddy, okay! You’re gonna make me cum,” you moaned, throwing your head back. He kneeled over you and used your juices to rub his manhood. 

“Nah, princess; you ain’t cumming on nothing but this dick tonight.” He pushed your knees back and slowly entered you, painstakingly slow. 

“Erik, please stop playing. Please, daddy,” you begged as his hips rolled with every thrust. 

“Oh, you want me to stop playing, huh?” He asked rhetorically, placing your leg over his shoulder. He began to thrust harder, the sounds of clapping skin and moaning overbearing the beats of the playlist. 

“Fuck, daddy; I don’t think I can hold it!” You could feel the orgasm building and you were trying to delay. 

“Nah, you wanted me to stop playing; you better take this dick, y/n,” he grunted, tightening his grip on your thighs as he laid into you. You bit your lip, trying to hold it. 

“Ooooh, fuck; I’m bout to cum, baby. You gone cum with me?” Erik asked; the pace of his thrusts became sloppier with the second. 

“Yes, cum in this pussy, daddy!” you cried, squirting all over his dick as he shot his seed into you. His member pulsating in unison with your sex. He slid out of you and laid next to you; both of you seeing stars on the ceiling as you breathed in tandem.

“Well, Happy Valentine’s day,” he said as he glanced at you; you both chuckled, breathily. 

“I think that gumbo might be done now, E.” 

“Babygirl, I forgot all about that gumbo.” He pulled you into his chest as you both laughed. Y’all could eat gumbo later. 

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hi again, no it was not the right my wrong series 🥺 sorry

That’s okay! I can only remember a few like that so my brain may be a lil rusty😩. (I’m still catching up with everything😫🙈). There was Brother’s Friend series by @imaginewhoever but she’s not longer on here😒.

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IV. Sight



PAIRING: CountryBoy!Erik (feat. Cousin T’Challa) + Ghosts

SUMMARY: Erik comes to terms with his gift and some of the complications that may come along with it. 

SUGGESTED LISTENING: Torrential Rains with Thunder and Lightning

WARNINGS: Language, Death, Spooky Shit

A/N: Hey y’all! Did you miss me? I’m not sure what happened to me at the end of 2019 but your girl was burned out on everything! But it’s 2020 and we’re going to pace ourselves and do better. Also, this is going to be the final chapter for ‘Sight’. I hope you guys have enjoyed it! 





It took no time for the soothing thunderstorm that served as Erik’s lullaby to turn into a violent display of God’s power. The thunder was loud and the lightning made the midnight sky look like day. No one else was on the road. And no one else needed to be.

“Where are we going?” T’Challa tried to work the sleep out of his voice while Erik’s truck bumped down the rural roads. His arms tightened around the pile of items Erik had loaded him down with. Even in his anxious state, Erik had managed to find every lantern and flashlight he owned, along with an old shovel, a tarp, and some extra ponchos. T’Challa wasn’t quite sure what they were prepared to see or do when they reached their destination.

“I…I don’t know right now.” Erik was letting Allen lead him. Although he knew the area like the back of his hand and could navigate it well in the dark, he still had no idea where he was being led. Every few seconds Erik would get a whisper of direction in his ear. 






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currently waiting for someone to pen a fanfic on erik killmonger from ‘black panther’, diego hargreeves from ‘the umbrella academy’ and armando armas from ‘bad boys for life’ 🥴

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