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#erik x t'challa
What do you think T’challa would have to do to get Erik to say he hated him? (Like after they’ve confessed their feelings and shit)

I’ve been thinking about this question. It’s a good one.

T'Challa would have to hit Erik where it hurts most. And that would be not being actually sensitive to all Erik has been through in his life. From his mom being away in jail, his dad’s murder, growing up quickly, and wanting to avenge his dad’s death. T'Challa empathized with him, but if it all turned out to be a lie just to get Erik to not destroy Wakanda, he’d do more than hate T'Challa, he would want to kill him all over again.

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Erik masturbating while t’challa watches from below

T'Challa simply can’t say anything. All he can do is lay on the bed and watch Erik jerk himself off above him, his dick right over his face. There are light groans coming out of Erik’s mouth that T'Challa loves to hear. This is the second time they have done this, but before with Erik watching from below.

Like last time, T'Challa wants to touch Erik, but Erik specifically told him not too unless he tells him too. T'Challa didn’t mind at all. All he can do is lay back and be excited about what’s taking place.

Erik is getting close as pre-cum starts falling onto T'Challa. They both have that same kink, even though Erik will swallow too. T'Challa moans as he feels the substance falling on him, no longer able to keep quiet and soon Erik let'sgo, more cum landing on T'Challa’s face and some on chest.

When Erik is done cumming, he leans down to kiss T'Challa before getting ready for round two.

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T'Challa complimentin Erik on various situations pretty please, smt cute like sayin Erik makes a cute face when he reads, sayin he looks good on wakandan traditional vests or just sayin he's cute n catching Erik by surprise

Late in the evening, T’Challa was already tired from a long day of meeting with the other representatives of different countries. When he got home it felt delightful to lock his door but it felt even better to see Erik’s coat on the floor. His smile couldn’t be held as he crouched to pick it up and threw it on the coat hanger along with the others. His suit ached his body so he removed his blazer and folded it over his forearm as he walked straight to the bedroom, where he found the love of his life sitting peacefully on the bed with his eyes wrapped on a book. It was an asset that Erik loved reading but it was even more rewarding that he wore his glasses when he read – T'Challa loved seeing Erik in his glasses.

“Hey, how was the meeting?” Erik asked gently. Usually, he would smother T’Challa with kisses and appreciation of his return but when it came to reading not much stole his attention. T’Challa chuckled to himself and continued to approach Erik while slowly opening his tie. Once he pulled it over his head there was no more care for it and the king threw it to one side in a familiar fashion to how his boyfriend had left his coat. Erik never broke focus from the book but T’Challa unbuttoned a shirt and exposed a hint of his dark, bare chest that Erik would enjoy resting his face on in hopes that it would make a change.

“Ah…they acted like Wakanda owed the world an apology. I guess they are right, we could have helped so many people-”

Before he could get worked up Erik interrupted him.

“You know they mean their people, right? They don’t care about the slaves or victims of racial injustice. They’re talking about the white dudes who could have had an easier life.”

T’Challa felt better hearing that and gave Erik a kiss on his cheek to show his gratitude for having such a supportive boyfriend. After a few minutes, T’Challa found himself gazing at his man with a smile on his face because of how adorable he looked. When he was interested in a page, he would pierce the tip of his tongue through his pearly white teeth and give a glimpse of his dimples with his expression. When he was focused his eyebrow would erect slightly but it was enough to drive T’Challa crazy. With no words being said and the only sound being the pages turning Erik did not even need to look up to know.


T’Challa would have responded with a confused expression if he didn’t already know he was being obvious. So instead he just grinned with guilt and observed the man next to him.

“You look cute with your glasses on. Especially when you read,” he said and Erik failed at hiding his smile. He’d been called handsome, attractive, sexy and most other words when it came to his appearance but never had he been called cute. 

Cute? Me?”  

His surprise was enough to break him from his book and once he looked at T’Challa he was welcomed by the shiny, big brown eyes staring at him like he was treasure. He closed his book and held it with one hand, wedging his thumb in-between to keep his page. T’Challa rested his head on Erik’s chest and hummed happily.

“Yes, you…” T’Challa chuckled. “Put the book down and I’ll show you how cute I find you.

Erik snorted and wrapped an arm around T’Challa’s shoulder, even if T’Challa wanted all of his attention rather than sharing it with the book.

“I ain’t cute…and it’s getting good. I promise when I finish this chapter you can tell me all about how ‘cute’ I am.”

T’Challa held back a whine and pouted instead, looking at Erik as if he had just told him Santa was not real. He loved the sight of his boyfriend too much to wait and he moved his lips onto Erik’s collarbone. Erik tried to ignore it but T’Challa made sure his attempts were difficult.

“But you make such adorable faces when you read…like when you bite your lip…” T’Challa explained, elevating his lips on Erik’s warm skin. “You smell so good too, I could feast on the scent of you alone for eternity.”

Erik bit his tongue to hide his smile but it was impossible and he turned his face away as his eyes narrowed in a humored response.  

Stop,” Erik insisted. The way his boyfriend talked about him made him want to grin hard but he also really wanted to read his book. Nobody ever talked about Erik the way T’Challa did, and it helped him feel better about himself.

Of course, T’Challa ignored him and smoothly moved his body with his lips glued onto Erik’s neck so he straddled him now. He could feel Erik getting hard underneath him and even the delicate breaths he took made Erik want to give in. If there was one thing he knew about his boyfriend, it was that Erik secretly loved compliments. He had a secret thing for praise, likely due to him not receiving enough of it before he met T’Challa, and it was his weakness.

“Do you really want me to stop?” T’Challa smiled, cupping Erik’s chin and moving his eyes away from the book in his hand. “You can save the book for another day, you’re a good reader. I bet you get through them quickly…I can last much longer…”

Erik bit his lip and chuckled, nodding with approval.  

“Damn…sounds like a challenge,” Erik said and his hand dropped the book. “You know what you do to me when you say that shit…”

His hands rode down from T’Challa’s back down to his ass, and he could not deny that the tight suit pants were a blessing.  

“I do,” T’Challa laughed, kissing the side of Erik’s face. “Now show me what you can do to me.”

The next week Erik was watching a movie on his own and laughed loudly throughout the entire thing. It was a Christmas movie about one cool father and one…not so cool father but Erik found himself laughing at the cool father’s dad even more. T’Challa was icing the Christmas tree cookies he had made on his own but couldn’t concentrate as Erik laughed. When he had met Erik, he was not open about his emotions. He could tell that when they started going out, Erik hadn’t felt that happy in a long time.

T’Challa untied the apron and slung it on the counter with a smile on his face. Now that the cookies were finished, he could let them cool down and spend time with his boyfriend. Erik heard him walking into the room and lowered his laughing to a chuckle so he could greet T’Challa.

“Hey babe, come sit down. This movie is so funny!”

He opened an arm and welcomed T’Challa who was more than happy to rest under his arm. He buried his head into Erik’s chest and began to watch the rest of the movie with him. They both laughed at the funny moments, and Erik’s giggles made T’Challa smile because they sounded so sweet. When Erik stopped T’Challa moved position and laid his head on Erik’s lap so he could look up at him. He observed the reactions and the image was even better than the sound. His eyes narrowed as he laughed, with all of his teeth displayed. Even the dying-down giggles had his chest bouncing lightly and the sighs made T’Challa melt.  

“You have an adorable laugh,” T’Challa smiled. Erik looked down at T’Challa and scrunched his nose as he returned a smile.  

“Huh? Do I?” Erik asked as if he didn’t appreciate the comment. T’Challa nodded and Erik put a palm over T’Challa’s face. “Stop playing…”

T’Challa believed it was because Erik thought he was joking but in reality, Erik didn’t want to show how much he liked the praise. T’Challa knew how to make him feel good about himself. T’Challa licked his hand in an effort to get him to move his hand and it worked.

“You do. Your nose scrunches up when you laugh.”

Erik looked at him and moved his hands over to T’Challa’s head so he could run his fingers through T’Challa’s curls.

“What do you want? Is it sex again, like last week? He asked with a wild smile and raised eyebrows. T’Challa shook his head and gazed into his eyes.

“I just love everything about you.”

Erik found himself speechless and T’Challa smiled.

“I see you’re wearing the Christmas sweater I bought, it really shows off your shoulders. I-”

Erik cut him off with a kiss and they both smiled when they broke from the kiss.

“You’re too good to me, T’Challa.”

“No, Erik. The world wasn’t good enough to you. But now that’s my job.”

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hi! Can I request a trope mash-up of 50. Arranged Marriage and 90. Unexpected Virgin for T'Cherik? Thank you :)

Arranged Marriage + Unexpected Virgin + T’Cherik

T'Challa is not the type of person to address his displeasure publicly, sometimes he blames that factor of himself as to why some members of the tribal council do not show him enough respect. He’s a prince, but he’s still a member of a Royal family after all. Even his own father doesn’t take his thoughts into consideration, so it adds pressure to speak up.

“Baba…I must insist you think this through,” T'Challa whispers to T'Chaka, the King of Wakanda, his father and as of recently, the former Black Panther. T'Challa hopes holding the mantle of protector can assure his father that he is responsible enough to make his own choices but the prince discovers no such luck.

“T'Challa, I understand that becoming the Black Panther has given you the idea that you can be in control of everything, but son it is the most powerful people that need the most restraints. I told you what would happen if you and Nakia did not work out-”

“-so you’re punishing me for not lying to her?”

T'Chaka sighs and stops the two from walking any further. He rests a hand on T'Challa’s shoulder and looks with concern.

“This is not about your sexuality, T'Challa. You and Nakia were destined for great things, so now we must ensure you are engaged to someone who will bring that greatness.”

T'Challa knows exactly who he is referring to and it makes him feel uneasy. His father uses the name a few times before but just the thought plays in T'Challa’s head.

“I just do not think it is a good idea for Erik and I to become husband and husband, the tribal council has already shown their disagreement with it. How will I earn respect as a king if nobody agrees with what I do or have done?”

“You’d be surprised. Now get ready son, you have a proposal to make.”  

Despite not agreeing to it, T'Challa cannot deny that Erik looks stunning. Once the wedding is over, the two walk with slow pace back to T'Challa’s room.

“So…we’re married now, huh?”

T'Challa smirks at Erik and Erik returns the humor with a grin.

“It would seem so.”

Erik looks around and appreciates the sight of gold, the beauty of the garden near them and the patterns of the floor.  

“Is this mine as well now, ‘cos it looks pretty incredible.”

“Erik, you’ve always been welcome here, you chose to live in Oakland-”

“-no I fucking didn’t. Just like you didn’t choose to marry me, I know about you and Nakia fucking up, so now your daddy makes you marry me. It kinda hurts, T.”

Now Erik’s face is warm with anger. T'Challa regrets his wording immediately and glares into Erik’s eyes.

“I apologize, N'Jadaka. I did not mean to say that, I am just confused about all of this.”

Erik chuckles and daps T'Challa, they continue walking after that.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m confused too like I wanna say how but I can’t. I’m in a planned marriage with someone I shouldn’t-”

His silence makes T'Challa’s eyes widen and now he needs to know what Erik is trying to say, it may make him feel better.

“Shouldn’t what?”

Erik looks nervous and moves his head around frantically as if he’s holding back words that burn him.

“Shouldn’t love like that, alright? I have feelings for you, so just drop it alright? I get it, I’m not-”

T'Challa cuts him off by kissing the nervous man and Erik’s shock turns to submission, not fighting against the kiss but instead loosening his body to feel the moment even more.

Maybe this is right after all.

They have to have sex sooner or later but now feels so early. The kiss is one thing, but literally penetrating one another? T'Challa stares into a mirror and notices Erik stroking himself, he seems bored.

“Must you do that here?”

T'Challa knows in his mind the real reason why he dislikes the sight so much is because Erik touching himself beneath his undergarments is beginning to turn him on.

“I haven’t fucked anybody in two weeks, the fuck am I supposed to do?”

Even him talking as he starts to masturbate does evil wonders to T'Challa’s head. He huffs and looks at Erik, noticing that now Erik is looking at him as he pleases himself.

“Do you want to…I don’t know…do something now?”

“That won’t bother you?”

“I don’t think so, I mean I sort of enjoy watching you touch yourself so that must mean something.”

Erik grins and stops stroking, now he stands in front of T'Challa and his erection frightens the prince.

“Let’s do this,” Erik smiles and T'Challa removes all of his clothes. It takes Erik’s breath away. “I ain’t seen an ass like that since I was in America. Think his name was…Dan…Sam?…I don’t know.”

“I must warn you, I have never done this before.”

T'Challa looks embarrassed and Erik comforts him with a smile.

“Hey, don’t worry about it. I wouldn’t take you for the virgin type but it’s all good, we can take it slow. How about you fuck me, we’ll get you adjusted to taking dick after okay?”

T'Challa looks happy and grabs the lube from next to the bed, he also grabs a pack of condoms and puts one on. Erik bends over and prepares himself.

“Okay…first of all, you’re gonna wanna get some lube on those fingers…”

I feel like this needs extending, so I might after I post the next request.

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SoftBoi! Erik x Reader

Summary: A continuation of ‘Thanksgiving w/ Mr. Stevens’; You and Erik spend Valentine’s Day cooking gumbo and reflecting on the past and your hopes for the future.

Words: 1800

Warnings: SEX. 18+

A/N: Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends! I haven’t written in so long and I wanted to give you guys a taste of desire before I continue Warm Colors with sugar daddy M’Baku. Let me know what you think. Thanks for rocking wit me! - Shanti

‘Up late, again

Head on my chest, 

hand on my ass

Up late again

Back it up on ya

Breathing fast’

You paused the song and added it to the playlist titled ‘Valentine’s Moans’. February 14th had come faster than you anticipated, and in your rush of work, you’d forgotten all about your plans with Erik up until the night before. Although the plans were simple; grocery shopping, gumbo, and movies; you’d forgotten all about them up until you laid down to sleep. 

After being together for so long, none of the theatrics was needed. You never asked for any gifts and neither did he. Both of you just wanted each other’s company. 

But this year, there were actual plans and you were far from prepared; hell, you hadn’t even wrapped his surprise. Here you were, rushing to finish this playlist and hopefully your makeup before meeting Erik at the market in 10 min.

‘You on your way? Don’t be late, cheeks.’ - E

‘I’m leaving now’

You pocketed your phone and headed out into the Wakandan heat. You felt it buzz a couple times but ignored it as you walked to the market; grocery list in hand. After a few minutes of fast walking, you had finally arrived. You sighed with relief as you walked into the bustling market. The smells of fresh fruit and shea butter wafted through the aisles. You looked around for a while before spotting Erik looking fine as usual. The cream and magenta of his outfit beamed against his warm brown skin; the gold rim of his glasses gleaming in unison with his fanged grill. You would never tire of looking at him. He made his way over to you with a grin on his face. 

“Look who’s actually on time!” Your smile dropped as he laughed. 

“All this takes time; I could just go back if you want-“ He pulled you in by your waist and kissed your cheek. 

“Nah, cheeks; you know I’m just playing. Come on.” You giggled quietly as he kissed your neck. 

“I missed you,” Erik said, leading you by the hand,” I feel like I haven’t seen you all week.”

“That’s because you haven’t, E.” You chuckled inwardly; he could be such a softy sometimes. 

“I have half a mind to take you in the car right now, y/n,” he whispered into your ear as you walked hand in hand. 

Your sex twitched at the thought and you had to stop yourself from biting your lip. He grabbed your ass as he kissed your cheek and you moved his hand, laughing. 

“Would you stop?! Prince N’Jadaka should be behaving like a prince amongst his people,” you scolded, half laughing at his expression. 

“I don’t give a flying fuck what I’m supposed to behave like. If I miss you, I’ma act on that shit.” He stopped in his tracks, peppering kisses all over your face and neck. 

You knew he missed you; he always went straight for the neck when he missed you. 

Erik had agreed to the outdated Wakandan tradition of living separately until the wedding day arrived, but that didn’t mean he liked it. You held his face as he pouted. 

“I missed you too, daddy. I know you don’t like this arrangement but it’s only a few more months. Queen-mother personally requested it and we have to respect her wishes. She is your auntie, after all.” He rolled his eyes and you laughed. 

“Yeah, and I should have never said yes,” he muttered.

“Now come on. Let’s get our ingredients, go back to my place, and enjoy this holiday,” you said softly, rubbing his beard. Erik kissed your cheek and sighed.

“All right, come on cheeks.” 


When you arrived back at your place, you immediately began to cut the celery, bell pepper, and onion as Erik got started on the roux. 

“You know, I remember watching my pops cook gumbo. The smell is still the same,” he recalled. 

You stopped chopping the celery when you heard him sniffle. You hugged his waist from behind, kissing his shoulder. 


“I’m good, cheeks. It’s just, all these wedding plans got me thinking and wishing that he could be here for this. I want to be a good husband to you and I can’t even ask my dad how to be that.” 

“Erik, look at me,” you said. 

“The recipe says not to take your eye off the roux, I literally can’t look at you, y/n,” Erik chimed sarcastically, causing you both to laugh. 

“The roux will still be there, boy! Just look at me for half a second,” you demanded. He turned to face you and you cradled his cheeks in your hands. 

“N’Jadaka, your father would be so proud of how far you’ve come. Mentally, spiritually, emotionally. You’ve become your own hero as well as mine. You’re going to be a great husband. Don’t ever doubt it; and even if you do, I got you. I always will,” you sighed, tears running down your face. 

Erik rested his head against yours and held your face in his hands. 

“See, when you say shit like that, I know you’re going to be a great wife. Damn it, y/n. I still can’t believe you’re mine.” Erik’s watery eyes met yours and he kissed you passionately; his fingers navigating through your coiled tresses. 

“I love you so much. You are my entire world, y/n,” he cooed, his gold fangs peeking through his smile.

“I love you more. You may now pay attention to the roux,” you laughed, pecking his lips. 

“Oh, now I can? After you done made a nigga cry before the food’s even ready,” Erik chided, stirring the roux again. You turned back to your station and finished cutting the celery. 

“So, I know we agreed not to do gifts but I made you something,” you said, connecting your phone to the bluetooth speakers.

“Oh yeah? What’s that?” He asked, turning down the fire on the stove. Ari Lennox’s Shea Butter Baby began to blast through the kitchen. 

You walked over to the pot of roux and poured the holy trinity into it. 

“I may or may not have made you a playlist for Valentine’s day; I hope it’s not too corny,” you feared, mixing the contents of the pot. Erik stood beside you and kissed your temple. 

“Maybe I like corny,” he said, scrolling through the playlist. “Damn, Saba, Snoh Alegra, and Mac Ayers? You must be tryna get fucked tonight, y/n.” 

You smiled in response, as you both combined all the ingredients; covering them in chicken stock and topping it off with a lid. The song faded into the next; I Want You Around by Snoh Alegra.

“Well, it’s simmering. What do you wanna do for the next hour?” You inquired, wiping your hands with a towel. 

“I mean, I got some ideas,” Erik trailed off, his hands caressing your thighs as he kissed the back of your neck.

 He turned you around, kissing you fiercely. You struggled to stand on your toes, trying to keep your lips aligned with his; silently cursing him for his height. Erik sensed your frustration and lifted you by your ass, wrapping your thick legs around his waist. 

He carried you to your bedroom and made quick work of discarding your dress. You helped him take off his shirt and added it to the puddle of fabric beneath you. At that moment your eyes found his and it was as if the whole world stopped as you admired God’s work. The man was simply enamoring and looked at you like you were enamoring as well. You were so caught up in the moment that you had barely noticed Erik removing the thin piece of and wires covering your breasts. Your nipples hardened at his touch; knees buckling at the sight of his lustful gaze. 

Erik guided you to lay down; his lips meeting your neck once again, accompanied by his tongue and the too fleeting love bites of his teeth. He pinched and pulled your left nipple as he gave birth to the desires you had kept to yourself over the past few days. He moved down to lay between your thighs, licking his fingers as he gazed at your dripping wet sex. 

“Damn, that pussy nice a wet for daddy,” Erik said, pushing two fingers into you, beginning a steady pace. 

You moaned loudly as his thick lips covered your clit, sucking it madly. He always worked wonders with his tongue and lips, and it always drove you to the point of insanity. The special attention he paid to your clit was unmatched as if he was desperate to please you. In these moments, he worshipped at the temple of your body with every lick, suck, and bite. Scrambling your mind and thought process by the second.

“I missed you so much, baby girl; you know that?” He asked, staring you down. You nodded but he slammed his fingers into you harder, causing your mouth to go agape. 

“You know I need to hear you, y/n. Come on, baby,” Erik cooed, quickening the pace of his fingers. 

“Fuck, okay, daddy, okay! You’re gonna make me cum,” you moaned, throwing your head back. He kneeled over you and used your juices to rub his manhood. 

“Nah, princess; you ain’t cumming on nothing but this dick tonight.” He pushed your knees back and slowly entered you, painstakingly slow. 

“Erik, please stop playing. Please, daddy,” you begged as his hips rolled with every thrust. 

“Oh, you want me to stop playing, huh?” He asked rhetorically, placing your leg over his shoulder. He began to thrust harder, the sounds of clapping skin and moaning overbearing the beats of the playlist. 

“Fuck, daddy; I don’t think I can hold it!” You could feel the orgasm building and you were trying to delay. 

“Nah, you wanted me to stop playing; you better take this dick, y/n,” he grunted, tightening his grip on your thighs as he laid into you. You bit your lip, trying to hold it. 

“Ooooh, fuck; I’m bout to cum, baby. You gone cum with me?” Erik asked; the pace of his thrusts became sloppier with the second. 

“Yes, cum in this pussy, daddy!” you cried, squirting all over his dick as he shot his seed into you. His member pulsating in unison with your sex. He slid out of you and laid next to you; both of you seeing stars on the ceiling as you breathed in tandem.

“Well, Happy Valentine’s day,” he said as he glanced at you; you both chuckled, breathily. 

“I think that gumbo might be done now, E.” 

“Babygirl, I forgot all about that gumbo.” He pulled you into his chest as you both laughed. Y’all could eat gumbo later. 

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It's ridiculous how much of a "boyfriend material" Sam Wilson is. The Avengers? Revengers? Guardians of the Galaxy? Black Panther family? Pick literally any of them and they'd be a perfect match (of course some would have more chemistry than others, but you get the point) and I live for that.

My sentiments exactly, Anon! He is the most shippable; he is quintessential boyfriend material. He deserves all of the love, and to be shipped with everyone. He has chemistry with everyone. He is charming, and he is everyone’s type

Right now, as I type this, I am editing a scene with Sam and Erik Stevens. That’s a crackship, right? Well, it effing works in this story because EVERYONE who meets Sam Wilson falls for him. I don’t make the rules, people. It just works out that way with Sam.

Sam and T’Challa? Have you ever seen so much beauty in one ship? Sam and Misty? Badassery personified. Sam and Steve? Textbook ship right there; they are literally perfect for one another. Sam x Okoye? I would like to see it. Sam and Scott? Sexy meets goofy. Sam and Rhodey? Fuckin’ legends only. Sambucky? Soft, supportive boyfriends.

Sam Wilson is the most shippable character ever and I love that for him.

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♥ Valentine’s Day ♥ is slowly approaching and I would love to celebrate it with some new writing prompts prepared for you to choose from! 

💌  💘 🌹 🍫 💌  💘 🌹 🍫 💌  💘 🌹 🍫 💌  💘 🌹 🍫 💌  💘 🌹 🍫 💌  💘 🌹 🍫 💌  💘 

  1. I knew you were the one when you chose chocolates over flowers.
  2. Are you cold?
  3. Why did you save me?
  4. May I have this dance?
  5. Bite me.
  6. Take your clothes off.
  7. Can I kiss you?
  8. I’m pregnant.
  9. It reminds me of you.
  10. Let’s get back to bed.
  11. It’s so lame.
  12. Simple ‘I love you’ would be enough.
  13. Please, don’t propose to me today.
  14. Will you be my Valentine?

💌  💘 🌹 🍫 💌  💘 🌹 🍫 💌  💘 🌹 🍫 💌  💘 🌹 🍫 💌  💘 🌹 🍫 💌  💘 🌹 🍫 💌  💘

Rules: pick your favourite character and pair them with a number from the list. You can add some extra details that you would like me to include, make it fluffy, angsty or smutty - or leave it completely up to me. 

I’ve written for characters from MCU, X-Men, Star Wars, DC, Stranger Things, Alien, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, but you can always send me your own character as an extra challenge!  

Feel free to reblog! 

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